IT In the D - Student Groups and Emails by cuiliqing


									WCCCD Students              WCCCD Email           School      Group
 Thomas Fundaro    WCCCD
Jeff Schwennesen       WCCCD     Compuware
Matthew McLoskey        WCCCD     Compuware
  Mary Genesco       WCCCD     Compuware
 Selina Arthur    WCCCD     Compuware
   John Potts        WCCCD     Compuware
  Corla Scott      WCCCD     Compuware
  Mike Huggler    WCCCD
 Niesha Stanley       WCCCD     Compuware
 William Wachob         WCCCD    QL/MA/GalaxE
  Kyle Goodman
                                                   WCC     QL/MA/GalaxE
     Eric Bloom        WCC     QL/MA/GalaxE
      WD Jeng           WCCCD    QL/MA/GalaxE
   Archana Mani     WCCCD    QL/MA/GalaxE
    Craig Tapling      CTTapling@Comcast.Net      WCCCD    QL/MA/GalaxE
 Rodney Folkening       WCCCD    QL/MA/GalaxE
    Leslie Evans      WCCCD    QL/MA/GalaxE
  Mridula Pandit       WCCCD    QL/MA/GalaxE
  Bruce Bielawa       WCCCD    QL/MA/GalaxE
  Renee O'Neal       WCCCD    QL/MA/GalaxE
  Rodney Brown       WCCCD    QL/MA/GalaxE
 Robert Cogswell      WCCCD    QL/MA/GalaxE
 Michael Giacchetti
                                                   WCC     QL/MA/GalaxE
     Jan Buzard      WCC     QL/MA/GalaxE
    Ikram Fatah       WCC     QL/MA/GalaxE
   Cynthia Rufus         WCCCD    QL/MA/GalaxE
   Kenneth Ford        WCCCD    QL/MA/GalaxE
Declined pilot because of scheduling conflicts and late notice - would like to be contacted for the fall program

Declined as she already has an internship for the summer - would like to be contacted for the fall program

Welcome email will be sent out on 6/15 (alternate)
Welcome email will be sent out on 6/15 (alternate)
    Name                    EMAIL            School    Group
   Cynthia Rufus      WCCCD    Alternate

   Kenneth Ford     WCCCD    Alternate

    Karen Allen   WCCCD    Alternate

  Sharneda Brown   WCCCD    Alternate

Dominique Mckinney       WCCCD    Alternate

  Prudence Byas      WCCCD    Alternate

  Beverly Carter      WCCCD    Alternate

 Rodney Crutcher                             WCCCD    Alternate

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