Use of Web Online Public Access Catalogue
         (OPAC) named SAFARI

       Brief Introduction by AKU IEDEA Library Team.
                       Apollo Abungu
                    Catherine Wanyingi
          SAFARI- “JOURNEY”
• SAFARI is a Kiswahili word meaning “Journey”.
  Our OPAC is meant to take you on a journey of
  Information discovery complete with a pre-
  prepared itinerary that include all the tools to
  make the journey interesting, interactive and
  informative. This journey starts when you log
  on to SAFARI.
        Brief introduction
• AKU WEB OPAC (SAFARI) contains all resources
  of AKU Library entities globally.
• Users can browse these resources through the
  web but borrowing only through their local
• Libraries in close proximity can however engage
  in print inter-library loaning arrangements.
•   Offers both Basic and Advanced search options
•   Option to review and see my account status
•   Renewal of materials borrowed online
•   Change the PIN
•   Users can requisition additional materials
•   Placing of holds on items under loan to another user
•   User can recommend materials to be ordered
•   Knowledge portal as a gateway to additional e-based
•   Tips on optimum use of the OPAC
•   New arrivals/additions in the collection
•   What others are reading/popular titles per entity
•   Channel for feedback under contact us.
                         Login in
1. Open the AKU OPAC at
2. Type your login details e.g. as shown.
   Ensure you add prefix ID before the patron
number i.e. IDP00021.
a).Your user ID and pin are the same.
b).You must change the pin while user ID remain the
3. To change your PIN, Go to: My Account: on the menu bar.
User PIN change
Other operations under ‘My Account’

• Review my account: To see what you have i.e.
• Change my address; In case you have a new
  address etc
• Renew my materials: If you have borrowed
  and have materials due in your custody. You
  can renew these directly from your PC.
                         I Need Materials
This service allows library users to request the library and the system to serve them
without making a physical visit to the library.

Placing holds: Done on books already borrowed by another user.

Requisition of additional copies: Faculty can use this service to request
addition of copies of a resource they are using in their core programmes.

Recommended to order: Users are able to use this service to
recommend items/resources for possible purchase by the library. Those
could be items found elsewhere during their reading/study sessions or
available in other AKU libraries.

Search services: For searching books and other resources mostly using
the subject matter.
              Knowledge portal
• This portal has useful links that address core areas
  where AKU has focused its programs on.
• Also different online resources of various entities are
  included in this portal.
• This will be a continuously growing tool meant to
  harness and keep users in one spot during resource
  discovery sessions.
                      New Arrivals
• Shows a user at a glance what materials have recently been
  added to the collection.
• Displays materials in categories- Title, Subject, Geographical
New arrivals- displays
               Searching for information
Basic search
Advanced Search
                 Contact Us
• This is a feedback medium to enable users to
  send questions or comments to the library for
  quick action to be taken to remedy their issues.
We wish you all a pleasant Journey as
you discover more of our information

           THE END

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