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									                                   James Levrette

New type of bomb kills UK soldier James Leverett!
James Leverett, aged just 20, was killed by a new type of
bomb. This happened when two vehicles drove over this
bomb, compressing it as his vehicle went over it. The dread
explosion was the result. It was said that the bomb was
constructed by two plastic palm oil drums that were tied
together! Major Charlie Crowe said, “The problem with IEDs
is they’re hard to detect.”James Leverett had been in
Afghanistan a month before his death in Nahr-e Saraj.
His friends and comrades, such as Coroner Nicola Mundy,
declared: “He was clearly a very brave young man.” My final
verdict: A nasty, unforeseen death.
Yesterday David Cameron warned that Iran was trying to

make a continental missile that would hit Britain. The Prime
minister told all MPs that military action was to be taken
against rogues in the Middle East who continue to produce
illegal nuclear weapons. But he said that Britain’s preferred
policy at the moment was to keep up the pressure on Tehran
through sanctions and diplomatic efforts. “Nothing is off the
table, “said David Cameron
 Obama is also in on it by giving sanctions to Israel PM. Russia
and China accepted an offer from the Iranian nuclear
negotiator, Saeed Jalili, to re-open discussions after the last
round ended in failure in January 2011. The international
powers are demanding Tehran gives up its nuclear
enrichment work - a key step in developing a nuclear bomb.

Iran test missile during the
war games

By Luis

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