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  Choice Board Activity
                         Probability Unit

Directions: Choose three connecting squares and complete the
directions inside each square. Circle, highlight, or X each square
that you complete. Additional paper may be used if space isn’t
sufficient to complete your work.
Explain in a paragraph,                                      Find a use of probability in
using complete sentences,      Describe how probability      a newspaper or magazine.
what independent and             can be used in another      Describe why the article is
dependent events are, and       subject (Social Studies,     using probability.
the difference between          Science, Reading, Etc.).
each.                          Share your ideas with the

                              Go to http://www.coolmath-      Complete a tree diagram
Create two word problems         showing the possible
using probability, and have   and test your knowledge of     outcomes for pulling three
a classmate solve them.       probability with the HiLo      colored marbles in a row at
After they have solved your   game. Did your knowledge           random from a jar.
problems, check their work    of probability help you with
to see if they found the      this website? Explain.             How many different
correct answer.                                                possibilities are there for
                                                              pulling all the marbles out
                                                                         of jar?

                               Play a couple of games of     Find three example of
                               Rock, Paper, Scissors with    probability in your home
Find out if flipping a coin is a classmate. Record the       and share them with the
   truly 50:50. Chart the      results. Find out the         class.
  results of your coin flips   probability of wins and
and present your findings to what was most used to win.
          the class.

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