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Leftover Espresso Don't Waste It_


									Leftover Espresso: Don't Waste It!

If you have ever had espresso then chances are that you know how costly
the beverage can be. Even though many people claim that they are addicted
to the beverage, some people simply avoid it altogether because of how
expensive it is. However, the old saying of "waste not, want not" goes
perfect with the lesson of espresso because there are so many things that
one can do with a leftover espresso beverage if they find that they
simply cannot consume all the espresso that they took for themselves.
Here are some great ideas for the leftover espresso beverage that you
have lying around instead of simply wasting it, which is what a lot of
people do.

Save it for Next Time!

One idea to use is to save the espresso for the next time you're craving
the beverage! This is not to say that you should save your 5-day old
espresso because chances are that the flavor will be drained from the
beverage by then. However, if you know that you probably will be thirsty
for or craving an espresso serving in a few hours or even a day then the
best thing to do would be to save the espresso. Putting it in the
refrigerator for the time that it's not being consumed is just fine
because it definitely won't hurt the beverage at all. When you are ready
to have a sip of that nice, tasty espresso drink all that needs to be
done is to heat up the drink. This doesn't mean that one should put the
espresso in the microwave. On the contrary, perhaps a regular cup of
coffee would do just fine in the microwave, but an espresso must be
reheated through a steamer in order to have the best flavor possible!

Add Flavor to Your Baked Goods!

Even though this is probably one of the most uncommon techniques, many
people actually choose to bake the leftover espresso that they have. Many
people might think that adding leftover espresso to their baked good is a
turnoff, but here's one suggestion where the espresso could be put to
good use: brownies and cakes! Brownie mixes that have a touch of espresso
mixture added to them will taste excellent, and cakes will as well. Of
course the espresso mixture may be better off in a thicker batter like
the brownies just because it may hold the espresso better, but
experimenting with espresso in your baked goods also is a good idea!

Chill Your Drinks!

Another way to use leftover espresso is in the drinks that you'll have
later. One suggestion that many people use is to make ice cubes!
Espresso-flavored ice cubes can be a great addition to iced tea, milk, or
even a cup of black coffee! Just because espresso is typically consumed
as a warm beverage doesn't mean that you're limited to what you can do
with it!

All of these things are just some of the ways in which espresso can be
used as leftovers! However, realizing that espresso is good in many
different ways should shed light on other possible espresso additions as

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