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					                                                    PADI COURSES
                                         Valid from 01/05/2011 until 30/04/2012

                                                   INTRODUCTORY DIVES
                                For non divers. Equipment is included and there is no licence fee
        Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) from the shore                                                            40.00
        Repeat DSD's from the shore on same holiday                                                           35.00
        DSD from the boat                                                                                     50.00
        Repeat DSD's from the boat on same day                                                                40.00
        Bubblemaker for children 8 - 10 years                                                                 35.00
                                                       DIVING COURSES
                              The following include equipment and licence fee but exclude manual
        Scuba Diver (5 dives)                                                                                225.00
        Referral Open Water course (4 dives)                                                                 225.00
        Scuba Review (Refresher) 2 dives, COMPULSORY if you have not dived for 12 months or over              95.00
        Scuba Diver upgrade to Open Water                                                                    225.00
        Open Water (9 dives)                                                                                 320.00
        Private Open Water (9 dives)                                                                         430.00
        Adventure dive (1 dive) NO CERTIFICATION                                                              50.00
        Adventure diver (3 dives)                                                                            170.00
        Advanced Open Water                                                                                  240.00
        Advanced Open Water (5 dives) following Open Water course on same holiday                            220.00
        EFR (Emergency First Response, 1 day)                                                                115.00
        Rescue Diver (3 days)                                                                                305.00
                                                     SPECIALTY COURSES
                               The following include equipment and licence fee but exclude manual
        Nitrox (1 day no dives)                                                                              110.00
        Nitrox (1 day 2 dives)                                                                               140.00
        Night diver (3 dives)                                                                                180.00
        Deep diver (4 dives)                                                                                 220.00
        UW Navigation (3 dives)                                                                              180.00
        Drift diver (2 dives)                                                                                130.00
        Multilevel diver (2 dives)                                                                           130.00
        Wreck diver (4 dives) ***                                                                            220.00
        Search & Recovery (4 dives)                                                                          220.00
        Boat diver (2 dives)                                                                                 130.00
        Aware Fish ID (2 dives)                                                                              130.00
        PPB (Peak Performancy Buoyancy, 2 dives)                                                             130.00
                                                      Course manual                                           40.00
                                                     *** Supplement applicable
                                 All students are required to have their own set of course materials.
                                             These are NOT included in the course price.
                               Materials can be purchased from our dive centre; please ask for prices.

                                                   DIVEMASTER COURSES
                             The following EXCLUDE equipment, licence fee and dive supplements
                                 Prices include FREE accommodation in View Huts with B&B
        Dive Master Course (2 weeks)                                                                         600.00
        Dive Master Course (4 weeks)                                                                         800.00
                                      DM Course Licence fee is payable direct to PADI

                           Guests completing courses with us will receive 10% discount
                                           on any further daily diving
                                   Excluding dive equipment and supplements

                                              PADI COURSE PAYMENT RULES
                           If a guest leaves a course during the first day then 1/4 of the course fee plus
                                          adminstration costs (manual etc.) will be charged

                                           All prices in EURO unless stated otherwise
                                          Credit card payments subject to 3% surcharge

Sharks Bay Umbi Diving Village                                                                     

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