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					The Procedure For FI Bad Debt Configuration
How do you configure bad debts in FI module?
By: Prakash Sharma

The procedure for Bad debt configuration:-
Define Methods: SPRO / Financial Accounting / Accounts Receivables & Payables /
Business transactions / Closing / Valuate / Reserve for bad debts
- OB04
- Double click define methods
- Select New entries button
Prov Period Months Percent1 M              Percent2 M      Percent3 M       Percent4
SAI       1       10        2       20      3      30      4       100
Creation of Bad Debts Account: FS00
Co.code: XXXX
- Select with template button G/L A/c:XXXXXX Co.Code : XXXX
Account group: Administration
- Select P & L Radio button
Short text: Bad debts Long text: Bad debts
- Select control tab button Current currency: INR
- Select only local currency check box
- Select line item check box, Sort key:001 Field status variant:
- Save
Define Accounts for Reserve & Bad Debts:
SPRO / Financial Accounting / Accounts Receivables & Payables / Business transactions
/ Closing / Valuate / Define Accounts for Reserve & Bad debts
Chart of Accounts: XXXX
   XXX XXXXXX             XXX       XXX
Select rules tab button Accounts are determined based on
- Select    Debit/Credit check box 40/50
- Select provision method check box
- Save
Special G/L Account:
Double click Special G/L
Account Type Special G/L Special G/L Indicator          Description
 D       E      Reserve  Reserve for Bad debts
Double click Reserve
- Chart of Accounts: SAI (Enter)
Account Assignment
Reconciliation A/c:XXXXXX (SD) Spl.G/L-XXXXXX                    Save
Receivable Transfer posting (Gross):
- F103
Accounting / Financial Accounting / Accounts Receivable / Periodic processing / Closing
/ Value / Receivable transfer posting (Gross)

Customer A/c:XXXXXX              Provision method: XXXX
Special G/L Indicator for Debit Rec: E (Reserve for bad debts)
- Select create batch input session check box
- Batch input session name: SAPF103
- Posting Key:09 Posting document: DA
- F8
From the menu Select -> System -> Batch Input -> Session
- Select batch input session: SAPF103 Select process
- Select display errors only V
- Select process button
- Exit Batch input
Reserve for bad debts (Gross):
Customer A/c:XXXXXX Co.Code: XXXX G/L Account: XXXXXX Co.code: XXXX
Accounts group: reserves and surplus
- Select balance sheet option button
Short text: Provision for Bad Debts Long text: Provision for bad debts
A/c Currency: INR Rec.Accounts for account type: Customer
- Select line item display check box
Sort key: 031 Field status group: G067
- Save

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