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									Expedition Africa

Mountainbike       Kayak                           Carry on           Medikit              Trekking       Compulsory
Bike               Glowsticks X 6 = 24             Backpack           Wit tape             Hiking poles   per competitor
Helmet             PFD                             Waterproof bag     Pleisters                           Whistle - within reach
Skoene             Bag for PFDs with carabiner     Head torch         Naald                               Headlight
                   Bag numbered with team number                                                          2liter hydration
Gloves             Bungy X 4                       Sunblock           Tweezers                            Food
Mapboard           Whistle                         Whistle            Maagpyn                             Space Blanket
Biketorch                                          Space blanket      Imodium                             Thermal/Fleece - top in backpack
Waterbottel                                        Fleece top         Rekverband                          Waterproof jacket
Rear light                                         short sleeve fleeceSpirits                             Buff/Balaclava/Beanie
                                                   hike shorts        Ductape                             Knife
                                                   Shades                                                 Trekking legs:
Tools                                              Tights                                                 As above
Chainbreaker                                       Waterproof jacket                                      Cycling helmet - Ropework
Draad                                              Buff/Balaclava/Beanie
Spare Tube                                         Knife                                                  Cycling legs:
Patch kit                                          Sleeping bag                                           As above
Masterlink                                         Tent/sheet                                             Lighting system
Multitool                                          compass                                                Rear red light
                                                   book & pencil
                                                   cellphone                                              Kayak legs:
                                                   camera                                                 As above
                                                   matches/lighter                                        PFD
                                                   money                                                  Kayak bag for jackets
                                                   toilet paper                                           Glow stick on PFD
                                                                                                          Glow stick on front of kayak
Gearbox                                            Gearbox            Gearbox                             Glow stick on rear of kayak
Spare Tyre                                         Ziplocks           Muscle rub                          6 Glow sticks per competitor
Sludge                                             9 X AAA battery    Painkillers
Squirt                                             Cableties          Vaseline                            TEAM equipment:
                                                   ruler/string       Anti inflamatories                  Compass
Bikebox                                            cellotape          Anti Histamine                      Cell phone
Packing tape                                       4 X markers                                            First aid kit
R5 coin for brake caliper                          scissors                                               1 Shelter
Masking tape for R5                                                                                       2 Sleeping/Bivvy bags
Pool Noodle for box                                socks                                                  Water purification tablets
                                                   4 langmou shirts                                       Matches/lighter
                                                   Onnies                                                 Money
                                                   Tandeborsel                                            Pencil & notebook
                                                   Deo                                                    Four tie-downs per competitor
                                                   handdoek                                               (2 resupply, 2 bikebox)

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