Immigration Rights

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					Immigration Rights
            History of Immigration
   Naturalization Act of 1790 restricted citizenship to “free white persons” of residence in the
    country for 2 years
   Fourteenth Amendment in 1868 naturalized all children born in the U.S. regardless of parents
   Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882 limited Chinese immigration to laborers and restricted
    naturalization (repealed in 1943)
   Gentlemen’s Agreement in 1907 was an accordance with Japan to discontinue the issuing of
    passports to those immigrating to the U.S.
   Immigration Act of 1924 dramatically reduced the amount of Southern and Eastern Europeans
    immigrants using a set quota in the National Origins Formula
   Luce-Celler Act of 1946 issued a limit of 100 Indian American and Filipino immigrants per year
   Immigration Reform and Control Act in 1986 made harsh fines for employers hiring illegal
   1990 Immigration Act dramatically increased immigrants to 700,000 and visas by 40%
   Real ID Act of 2005 changed visa limits and removed restrictions on border fences; exclusion of
    suspected terrorists
   The DREAM Act first introduced in 2001 and initiated in ’09 and ’10 provides legal residency
    and citizenship to illegal immigrants who have graduated from high school
    Current State of Immigration
 Limited protection under law  HR 447: House passed bill
 Arizona Immigration Law:       deporting all aliens with any
  any suspected illegal          criminal charge
  immigrant may be asked of  Leniency?
       Opposing Viewpoints
 Allow current aliens citizenship    Arrest illegal immigrants
 Legalize undocumented               Increase border patrol & immigration
  immigration                          regulation
 Permit/release more visas           Prohibit hiring of illegal immigrants
 Allow illegal aliens working        HB-56 the Alabama Anti-Immigrant Law
  eligibility                         Immigrants take job opportunity unfairly
 Immigrants take undesired jobs
   Obama Administration
 Prosecutorial Discretion Memo- issues a demeanor
  to be followed before immigrant containment
 Declare commitment to immigration reform
 Few laws have been passed yet
  Republican Party Position

Want to
 limit immigration
 tighten border control
  for American safety
 and penalize illegal
   Mitt Romney

 Favors increased
  immigration to the U.S.
 But, opposes illegal
 Has openly fluctuated his
  position on the topic
   Herman Cain

 Wants to secure the Mexican border
 Eliminate illegal immigration
   Michele Bachmann

 Stop illegal immigration
 Supporter of Arizona Immigration law
 Increase border control
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