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					 Ibn Battuta Mall, Egypt Court (Shop 65)
 P O Box 391022, Dubai, UAE
 Phone : 04-3619315
 Web :

                                   BIRTHDAY PARTY BOOKING FORM
                         Contact Details: Tel. No. 04- 3619315        Email:

   Birthday Child’s Full Name: _______________________________Parent's Name:______________________
       D.O.B.:________________ Age:____________________Contact No:                      _____________
       Email:_______________________________________________ Nationality:               _____________
       Event Date:___________________Guest Count:                  _____Age Range:___________________

                                                        PARTY PACKAGES:
            PACKAGE NAME                           WEEK DAYS (SUN-WED)                          WEEKENDS (THUR-SAT)
Arts and Crafts, duration 2 hours:
SPLAT! (AGE 3+)                                AED 85 per child (minimum 8 kids)        AED 100 per child (minimum 8 kids)
SCULPT! (AGE 4+)                               AED 85 per child (minimum 8 kids)        AED 100 per child (minimum 8 kids)
BLING! (AGE 5+)                                AED 100 per child (minimum 8 kids)       AED 120 per child (minimum 8kids)
Sports SWEAT, duration 2 hours:
DUNK! (AGE 4 to 9) 100 per child               AED 85 per child (minimum 10 kids)       AED 100 per child (minimum 10 kids)
GOAL!                                          AED 85 per child (minimum 10 kids)       AED 100 per child (minimum 10 kids)
DODGE!                                         AED 85 per child (minimum 10 kids)       AED 100 per child (minimum 10 kids)
Photography CLICK:
STRUT! (duration 2 hours)                      AED 180 per child (minimum 6 kids)       AED 180 per child (minimum 6 kids)
VOGUE! (duration 3 hours)                      AED 220 per child (minimum 8 kids)       AED 220 per child (minimum 8 kids)
Combination of any packages:
                                                                                AED 110 - 200

                                                PLEASE CHOOSE TIME OF THE EVENT:

                 10am – 12pm                                2pm – 4pm                                   6pm – 8pm

         Please Note:        Kidzventure will remain open to walk-in guests at all times. Booking a birthday party is not
                             Exclusive use of the venue. Should you require the venue to be exclusive, a Buy-Out Fee is

                                      ADDITIONAL OPTIONS INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO:
Kidz Venture Birthday Cake (cupcakes also available)                                    500AED / 250AED – up to 25 persons
Extra Games Options with candies and prizes                                             AED 100
Balloon Molder                                                                          AED 400.00 per hour
Birthday Invitations                                                                    AED 4.00/card
Options of scrapbooking/ jewelry making                                                 AED 65 per child
                                                                                        AED As low as AED 250 per costume (except
Character Appearances (Pirates, Mascots, Princesses)
                                                                                        AED 3500(Sun – Wed)
Exclusive Use of Kidz Venture for 3 hours
                                                                                        AED 6000 (Thurs – Sat)
                                                                                        Package A (AED 15.00/person)
Gift Bags                                                                               Package B (AED 40.00/person)
                                                                                        Package C (AED 60.00/person)
Face Painting                                                                           AED 250.00
Large Personalized Banner                                                               AED 350.00
                                                                                        AED 400 per hour/ see more information at
Professional Photo Options
                                                                                        KV photo studio
Pinata                                                                                  AED 150
                                              ADULTS IN FACILITY DURING PARTY:
  Please note: Maximum of 2 adults will be allowed at the facility during birthday celebration. Adult guests can join for a cake
             cutting only. If more than 2 adults would like to stay trough out the party additional charge will apply.
 Ibn Battuta Mall, Egypt Court (Shop 65)
 P O Box 391022, Dubai, UAE
 Phone : 04-3619315
 Web :

Adult                                                                                                                  AED 20
                                                                        MEAL OPTIONS:
1. Chicken Fingers Meal w/French Fries
2. Pizza Margarita
                                                                                                             Included in package (please note, meals
3. Beef or Chicken Burger Meal w/French Fries (chicken, beef or vegetarian)
                                                                                                             orders should be at least 3 days in advance)
4. Fish and chips
5. Spagetti Pomodoro (in rich tomato souse)

Lime Tree Café Kids Menu Choice                                                                              AED 35 per person


  The Facility and Compliance by Client

  A tour of Kidz Venture will be available for the kids and parents prior to the booking.
  Birthday adults will not be permitted to instruct the Kidz Venture staff, but will rather communicate concerns or wishes to the Birthday Coordinator.
  If the Birthday adults are disrupting the operation of the Kidz Venture and/or the children using the facilities, they may be asked to leave at any time.

  Client shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of the event and the delegates’ behavior and must ensure compliance with local regulations and
  customs. The Company reserve the right to remove any delegate from the Facility or any part thereof, who in its sole opinion, is conducting
  themselves in a manner considered to be unacceptable, dangerous or causing a nuisance to other guests. Should the Company consider, in its sole
  opinion, that the event or any part of it, is in contravention or will adversely affect the safety , security, reputation or general operations of the facility
  , it may terminate the event with immediate effect and it shall be under no liability to Client for any costs or damages whatsoever arising from such

  Lost & Found – Kidz Venture facility will not assume any responsibility for damages or loss of any merchandise or articles left in the venue prior to,
  during or following Client’s function.

  Dam ages – Stapling, sticking, nailing, screwing, adhesive or pinning of material on any part of the physical structure, furnishings, stage, floor, walls,
  ceilings or tress is strictly prohibited. The Client agrees to be responsible for any damages done to Kidz Venture equipment, goods or facilities during
  function caused in w hole or in part by the client, his/her guests, employees, independent contractors or other agents.

  Signs/Decorations –

  In consideration of your acceptance of my child in Kidz Venture, I understand that this is a supervised program, but the continued care and well being
  of my youth is still my sole responsibility. Therefore, I hereby release discharge and hold and save harmless, Kidz Venture Staff, and their respective
  officers, directors, employees and agents, and each of them from and against any and all liability, claims and damage resulting in any way from my
  youth participating in or otherwise being permitted to participate in any part of the program. Kidz Venture.

  I hereby authorize Kidz Venture employees, in event of misconduct, emergency, accident or illness, to take whatever steps they deem necessary or
  appropriate, including the obtaining of medical or emergency treatment of youth.

  I further grant the released parties the right to photograph and/or videotape my youth and further to use my youth's name, face, likeness, voice and
  appearance in connection with exhibitions, publicity, advertising and promotional materials without reservation or limitation. The released parties
  are, however, under no obligation to exercise said rights herein granted.

  I understand that it is my responsibility that my child is signed out from the activities at the end of the scheduled session. If no one arrives to pick up
  my child or they choose to remain inside the club, you are authorized to take whatever action you deem necessary and appropriate including
  additional charges for admission to Kidz Venture.

  To confirm the party, a 50% deposit must be paid within three (3) days of tentative booking.
  All remaining balances must be paid and all final changes must be made 72 hours (3 days) prior to the day of the party and any additional
  charges incurred during party , will be paid on the day of the party .
  Please be advised the deposit is non-refundable in the event a cancellation occurs within one (1) week prior to the party.

  I have read and fully understand the agreed rules/regulations stipulated by

  Deposit Deadline: _______________    Total Number of Children: _________________

  Signature of Parent/Assigned Nanny/Guardian                                                                 Date

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