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                                                   (319) 472-3784                                        July 2012
                                            The Rev. M. C. Urlaub, Pastor
                                            Marlys Crane, Parish Assistant                  www.bethlehemvinton.org

From the Pastor’s Desk…..
         Pastor Peter Marty, writes in The                          God honor and first priority in our lives. We
Lutheran magazine, current issue, about the                         surely do this as we give God’s word our
decision to get up and go to church and some of                     undivided attention from which we do receive
the things that factor into it. He intends it as the                benefit. But we do so also with our songs, our
first in a series of 10, and it highlights what                     recognizing our place among God’s people, and
people may go through on a Sunday morning,                          the devotion of our time. Pastor Marty writes,
including his setting of three alarm clocks to                      “Why would we be casual in deciding to extend
failsafe that he will be there. I always set an                     praise, or dismissive about the privilege of
alarm too, though it is rarely needed. When                         sharing company with brothers and sisters in
church is earlier than usual, such as 6:00 AM on                    Christ?”
Easter, I set add a wind-up Baby Ben just in case                            I write to encourage all to be both
the power goes out. Like Pastor Marty, it is                        regular and frequent in worship. There is
never a question of whether I will go to church                     particular responsibility to instill the habit of
or not. Well, I do face that decision when on                       worship in our children. The Bible says, “Train
vacation, and there is the full disclosure in this:                 a child in the way he should go and when he is
I have to go to church. It is my job. Likely, I                     old he will not depart from it.” If we train them
would not get paid if I did not. If we got paid,                    to play ball, sleep in or camp, or in other ways
perhaps all of us would go.                                         put themselves and other activities before
         Church attendance has declined across                      worship, surely that will be their way for the
denominational (and even non–denominational)                        future. Unlike persons who drifted away later in
lines in recent years.          Seemingly notable                   life, they will not even have a vestigial
exceptions are the mega-churches that draw big                      awareness of God in their life.               And
crowds. But even at those many come from                            congregations we don’t attend may not be there
other congregations and, while lots of folks                        when we need them. Marty writes, “It could be
show up on a given day, those same folks are not                    that our congregation needs us as much as we
necessarily all there each Sunday. Perhaps a                        need it, or the people within in. In fact, this is
good way of understanding it is that Christians                     always true.”
are no less regular in their worship, but “regular”                          Sometimes people have been away so
has been redefined as “once a month.” Or less.                      long they feel they will be conspicuous or
Regular no longer implies frequent.                                 judged if they return. I can’t say they won’t be.
         Diminished attendance causes some                          The Prodigal Son’s got this from his brother.
introspection for pastors. We wonder if people                      But it doesn’t last long. The more we are
are not getting out of it what they want. Well,                     together, the more comfortable we feel being
sometimes neither am I, especially if what I                        here. I know summer is a time to go away.
want is to feel like a good pastor, measured by                     Maybe it can also be a time to come home.
the number of people who come. That is sinful.
There is that also essential question, what do I                              Pastor Urlaub
give in worship? Worship, after all, is to give
The children of Audrey Olson will host an open       at church, drama within ourselves,----the drama.
house in her memory at the community room of         No matter how much drama you have in your
the Vinton Lutheran Home on July 15 from 1:00        life, if you turn toward God, you will find that
to 4:00 PM. They ask that memorials be given         Christ is with you. You are not alone. God
to the family and will be used to purchase books     welcomes all strangers and friends. God’s love
for the Keystone elementary school. Barnes and       is strong and it never ends.
Noble gift cards will be accepted as well as cash
and checks.                                          What does “Christ is with you” mean to you?
                                                     It reminds me of my favorite song by the group
Amanda Jertson was ordained at Bethlehem on          Third Day called “Cry out to Jesus”. The lyric
June 30. She has been called to serve Trinity        that I always come back to when I am struggling
Lutheran Church in Crofton, Nebraska, and            is “he’ll meet you wherever you are”. How
Trinity Lutheran Church in Hartington,               fantastic is it that not only is Christ always with
Nebraska. She will be installed as pastor of         me but that he will meet me on whatever level
these congregations on Sunday, July 8. Pastor        I’m on--when I’m up and when I’m down, when
Urlaub plans to attend this service. We are          I’m struggling and when I’m not. In times of
grateful to all who participated in the ordination   trial, I hope that we can remember that Christ is
service, those who served in any way and those       with us and we can find our strength, peace and
who were simply there as the Church.                 hope when we turn Jesus.

Work is proceeding towards completing the            Grace and peace to you!
purchase of the Laton property. All gifts            Marta Bauer
promised and other gifts as well are needed now      Council President
to fund this purchase. No closing date has been
set, but it is likely to be soon.                                          +++
                                                     Food for Thought Small Group is calling all
Rachel Dickinson has been hired as Coordinator       readers. Would you like food, fun, discussion
of Youth Ministries. She began her work in           and fellowship? We meet the 3rd Thursday (6:30
June and is hired to work an average of ten          p.m.) of each month at local or nearby
hours per week. She will be set up with              restaurants and discuss the book of the month.
voicemail and email at the church. More will be      When dining out of town, most of us carpool
coming about her plans and work. We welcome          from the church parking lot, leaving at 5:45 p.m.
Rachel to the church staff and invite prayers for    Our schedule for the next three months:
her ministry on behalf of children.
                                                     July 19: Twelve Extraordinary Women by
                      +++                                      John MacArthur
        Council President’s Message                            Restaurant:    Okoboji      Grill    in
The theme of the 2012 Southeast Iowa Synod                     Independence
Assembly was “Christ is with you.” Bishop            Aug. 16: Good Grief by Lolly Winston
Michael Burk had a three part report that                      Restaurant: Cedar Ridge Winery in
focused on the different ways that Christ is with              Cedar Rapids
us, including “Prayer”, “Witness” and “Giving”.      Sept. 20: The Red Sea Rules by Robert Morgan
He mentioned the many ways that Christ is with                 Restaurant: The Amanas
us, not just as individuals but as a congregation    We would love to have new members join us. If
and as part of the church wide ELCA. The             you have questions call Linda Wallace at 472-
Reverend Linda Norman, treasurer of the ELCA,        5638.
was the ELCA Representative and the preacher                               +++
on Saturday morning. She was an excellent            Daily devotional booklets are available for July-
preacher and her message was about all the           September in the literature rack in the gathering
drama we have in our lives. You know--the            area along with other reading materials. There
drama…..drama at home, drama at work, drama          are two devotional booklets, Portals of Prayer
and Christ in Our Home. Make time each day to          BETHLEHEM’S CENTENNIAL JUNE 9, 2013
be in communion with God through God’s word            With only a year left before the big Centennial
and prayer.                                            event the Centennial committee is busy making
                      +++                              many plans for the final event on June 9, 2013.
            Flowers for Worship in July                “Save the Date” postcards have been sent out so
                                                       everyone will remember to mark their calendars
            1 Worship committee; Ron & Evelyn          and don’t plan anything else for this special day.
               Bland’s wedding anniversary             If you have relatives or past members who
            8 __________________________               would like to receive one of these reminders,
            15 Zoey McClintock’s birthday given        please contact the church office with their names
                 by her parents                        and addresses so that a “save the date” postcard
            22 Ryan & Sally Jacobs’ wedding            can be sent to them.
            29 Cory & Sharon Vaupel’s wedding                                +++
                 anniversary                                       Team Christian Life
                                                       Benton County Food Bank Donations
                       +++                             Thanks go out to all who contributed during the
               Youth Ministries                        month of May in donating to the Benton County
 Rachel Dickinson, Coordinator of Youth Ministries     Food Shelf. Bethlehem collected 25 packages of
Vacation Bible School kicked off a fun few days        cleaning products, as well as 2 boxes of
this year on Sunday June 10th. The theme this          spaghetti, 2 Rice-a-Ronis and 1 can of chicken.
year was water and our first story was "The            During the month of June we have been
Woman at the Well". We decided to start VBS            collecting healthy cereals and cereal bars. For
during the church service where Pastor would           the month of July we will be collecting healthy
give the lesson. The kids enjoyed looking at           snacks for kids, such as crackers, pretzels,
Pastor's pictures and descriptions about how           granola bars, cheese snacks, peanut butter and
children in Africa get water for cleaning,             other items you feel appropriate. For August,
cooking, and bathing. After the service, VBS           we will be collecting any type of canned goods.
continued with snacks, games, crafts, and a            All may be placed in the container designated
science lesson. Monday and Tuesday night held          for that in the narthex of the church. Thanks to
more fun water activities as we studied the            everyone for their generosity in giving to a good
stories of "Jesus Walking on Water" and "Jonah         cause.
and the Big Fish". We were hoping to wrap-up
VBS with a swim at the pool, but the weather           Global Barnyard Project
didn't cooperate. We are hoping to do a back-to-       Wow! We made our goal of $715 early so
school swim. Look for details on that to come.         Bethlehem has sent in the money to the ELCA
VBS was attended by 18 kids. We collected              Good Gifts project in order to purchase the
enough offering to contribute to the Sunday            Global Barnyard animals and tools. Thank you
School Barnyard Project by buying some water           so much to all who contributed.
jugs. Thanks again to everyone who contributed
items or helping hands to make VBS a fun               Now we are extending another challenge. Arlene
experience for the kids!!!                             Carls has contributed $100 toward the purchase
                                                       of a cow and challenges us to match it
                       +++                             individually or as a group. Arlene grew up on a
            Team Christian Faith                       dairy farm and has a fondness for dairy cows.
                1913 – 99 years ago                    She also has a great way of describing the
Just 99 years ago Bethlehem Lutheran Church began      working parts of a cow. Ask her sometime! As
 Add one year to those 99 and a centennial is in the   soon as we receive $500 we will send the funds
                        plan.                          in to ELCA Good Gifts to purchase a cow. We
    So mark your calendars for a day to celebrate      hope to receive this amount during coffee
     Save June 9, 2013 as the very special date!       fellowship hour during the months of June and
July. If you are able please contribute to this                Women’s Bible Study
cause.                                             Did you know that Bethlehem will soon have
                                                   two Women’s Bible Study groups? Both Bible
Mission of the Month                               Study groups are in conjunction with the
VAMA School Supplies: We will be accepting         Women of the ELCA and the Bible Study
any school supplies and/or monetary donations      published in Gather magazine.
for the 2012-2013 Vinton-Shellsburg school
year. Return all items by July 22 or to First      The first group is currently active and has been
Christian Church by July 23. Please see flyer on   in existence for many years. The Miriam Circle
bulletin board for more details.                   Bible Study group meets on the second Monday
                                                   of the month at Pizza Ranch at 11:30a.m. The
Summer Fellowship Hour                             current Bible Study is entitled “Along the Way”.
We need small groups, teams or families to         In July the study will focus on walking with the
serve and provide refreshments for Fellowship      Israelites and also with the prophet Elijah. In
Hour on Sundays during July and August.            August, the study will focus on Encounters with
Please see the sign up sheet in Augustana Hall.    Christ (the Samaritan woman and Cleopas).

                     +++                           The second group is now forming and will meet
Quilting Group:                                    on the third Monday of each month starting on
The Quilting Group will be meeting on Tuesday,     September 17th, 2012 at 6:30p.m.            More
July 31st in Augustana Hall. Pizza will be         information will be published in future issues of
served for lunch. All are welcome.                 the Star.

                     +++                                                 +++
Prayers:                                           Church Resolutions
Court Garloff and family on the death of his       Those of you who turned in an “Indication of
father on Wednesday, June 20, 2012.                Support” form for the Laton Property and the
For Amanda Jertson and Jo Kinnard as they          Coordinator of Youth Ministries, please begin
begin word and sacrament ministry.                 the monetary gift donations now.        Rachel
For Marva Hanna, Bonnie Poldberg and others        Dickinson has been hired as the Coordinator of
with health concerns.                              Youth Ministries and began as of June 4. When
                                                   making these donations, please be very specific
                     +++                           on your offering envelope what the donation
Thank you’s……..                                    is for.
Bethlehem family,
Thank you for remembering me these last 4          Those of you who indicated you would be
years while I have been at Wartburg College!       willing to loan the church money, which also
Your thoughts, prayers and gift cards throughout   may be given at any time. Please be very
finals weeks have been much appreciated!           specific that this is a loan so that a
Emily Timmermans                                   promissory note may be prepared, signed,
                                                   and mailed or given to the lender.
PICTURE DIRECTORY SAVE THE DATE!                   If anyone has questions, please visit with or call
Bethlehem’s 100th Anniversary directory is in      Tenny Jertson at 472-3580 and leave a message.
the works. Watch for a sign up sheet in the
narthex to reserve your time for family photos                           +++
August 22-25, 2012.                                 Bethlehem in The Lutheran, July Issue
                                                   Pastor Linda Livingston of Ascension Lutheran
                                                   Church in Marion presided with Pastor Urlaub at
                                                   the funeral of Agnes Thompson. At that funeral
                                                   Pastor Urlaub baptized Agnes’ great-
granddaughter. Pastor Livingston thought that      “You can do whatever you want if you just
was a remarkable event and suggested that it       do it.”
was worthy of attention in The Lutheran, the
magazine of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in     She’s an ambitious student, but Andrea knows
                                                   there is one subject you can’t learn in a
                                                   classroom – parenting.
If interested in a copy of the July issue of The   When her daughter Denise was born, the first
Lutheran, please see sign up sheet on the          months of motherhood were a whirlwind.
fellowship table. Cost is $2.50 per issue.
                                                   “She was a surprise,” said Andrea, who was 19
                     +++                           when she learned she was pregnant. “I was a
From Lutheran Services in Iowa………                  young mom, and I stopped college just because
                                                   I was unsure what would happen next.”
Purposeful Parenting
                                                   Andrea read stacks of pregnancy and parenting
July is Purposeful Parenting Month, a great time   books to prepare, but she wanted to know more.
to remember the effort, commitment and love it     Her sister-in-law encouraged her to sign up for
takes to be a positive parent and role model for   LSI’s HOPES home visitation program.
a child. Children look to their parents for        Sylvia, an LSI family support worker, now visits
guidance, care and love and it is important to     the family regularly to provide support,
recognize the role purposeful parenting plays in   resources and information on everything from
the development of a child’s mental, social,       child development to parenting tips.
emotional and physical self.
                                                   “Children don’t come with instruction manuals,”
Lutheran Services in Iowa recognizes that          Andrea said. “Sylvia is a great replacement.”
sometimes parents need assistance in getting
ready to become a parent for the first time or     Gaining confidence, Andrea soon decided to
when struggling to work through difficult family   return to college. Since high school, she’s
situations. LSI’s early childhood and family       dreamed of being a nurse. She’s now finishing
centered services promote positive parenting       her nursing degree while working at a local
through education, counseling, family meetings     hospital.
and support. Through these services, LSI builds
on strengths to enhance the emotional,             “Sylvia got me to go back to school,” Andrea
psychological and physical well being of both      said. “She said ‘You can go,’ and I thought, ‘Yes,
parents and children, preventing child abuse and   I can.’ I love it. I love being with Denise, too, but
neglect and helping to keep families together.     it’s a nice fulfillment to get that A.”

With knowledgeable and loving parents in a safe    Look for Andrea’s motivation, and you’ll find it in
environment, children can go on to reach their     the happy little girl snuggled asleep in her lap,
greatest potential and pass these skills on to     quietly drifting off to dreamland. Thanks to the
their children creating generations of positive    strength of her parents and support of LSI, those
parenting.                                         dreams look bright.

For information on Lutheran Services in Iowa,      “Your situation doesn’t define you,” Andrea said.
visit www.LSIowa.org, or “like” us on Facebook     “You can do whatever you want if you just do it.”
at www.facebook.com/LSI.iowa.
                                                   Read more stories          and     see    video   at
                                    Bethlehem Ev. Lutheran Church
                             Consolidated Fund Activity Report for May 2012

                                Beg.                      Disburse-    Transfers/        End.
           Account Name                      Receipts
                               Balance                     ments          JE’s          Balance
          Building Fund             0.00      5,277.00      1,055.99    (4,221.01)           0.00
          Cap Campaign Fd    (216,867.54)          0.00         0.00      4,221.01    (212,646.53)
          Equip Replace Fd      4,770.90           0.00         0.00        125.00       4,895.90
          General Fund B          830.00      4,542.00          0.00     (4,258.00)      1,114.00
          General Fund A       12,298.90     13,591.64     15,716.46      3,484.00      13,658.08
          LYO Fund             16,420.94        193.70       187.40         115.00      16,542.24
          Memorial Fund         1,424.69           0.00         0.00           0.00      1,424.69
          Property Fund        10,597.90           0.00         0.00        250.00      10,847.90
Sunday, July 1                Mark 11:1-14                     1 Kings 1                      Hosea 4:12-5:4
Monday, July 2                Mark 11:15-33                    1 Kings 2                      Hosea 5:5-15
Tuesday, July 3               Mark 12:1-27                     1 Kings 3                      Hosea 6:1-7:2
Wednesday, July 4             Mark 12:28-44                    1 Kings 4-5                    Hosea 7:3-16
Thursday, July 5              Mark 13:1-13                     1 Kings 6                      Hosea 8
Friday, July 6                Mark 13:14-37                    1 Kings 7                      Hosea 9:1-16
Saturday, July 7              Mark 14:1-31                     1 Kings 8                      Hosea 9:17-10:15
Sunday, July 8                Mark 14:32-72                    1 Kings 9                      Hosea 11:1-11
Monday, July 9                Mark 15:1-20                     1 Kings 10                     Hosea 11:12-12:14
Tuesday, July 10              Mark 15:21-47                    1 Kings 11                     Hosea 13
Wednesday, July 11            Mark 16                          1 Kings 12:1-31                Hosea 14
Thursday, July 12             1 Corinthians 1:1-17             1 Kings 12;32-13:34            Joel 1
Friday, July 13               1 Corinthians 1:18-31            1 Kings 14                     Joel 2:1-11
Saturday, July 14             1 Corinthians 2                  1 Kings 15:1-32                Joel 2:12-32
Sunday, July 15               1 Corinthians 3                  1 Kings 15:33-16:34            Joel 3
Monday, July 16               1 Corinthians 4                  1 Kings 17                     Amos 1
Tuesday, July 17              1 Corinthians 5                  1 Kings 18                     Amos 2:1-3:2
Wednesday, July 18            1 Corinthians 6                  1 Kings 19                     Amos 3:3-4:3
Thursday, July 19             1 Corinthians 7:1-24             1 Kings 20                     Amos 4:4-13
Friday, July 20               1 Corinthians 7:25-40            1 Kings 21                     Amos 5
Saturday, July 21             1 Corinthians 8                  1 Kings 22                     Amos 6
Sunday, July 22               1 Corinthians 9                  2 Kings 1-2                    Amos 7
Monday, July 23               1 Corinthians 10                 2 Kings 3                      Amos 8
Tuesday, July 24              1 Corinthians 11:1-16            2 Kings 4                      Amos 9
Wednesday, July 25            1 Corinthians 11:17-34           2 Kings 5                      Obadiah 1
Thursday, July 26             1 Corinthians 12                 2 Kings 6:1-7:2                Jonah 1
Friday, July 27               1 Corinthians 13                 2 Kings 7:3-20                 Jonah 2
Saturday, July 28             1 Corinthians 14:1-25            2 Kings 8                      Jonah 3
Sunday, July 29               1 Corinthians 14:26-40           2 Kings 9                      Jonah 4
Monday, July 30               1 Corinthians 15:1-34            2 Kings 10                     Micah 1
Tuesday, July 31              1 Corinthians 15:35-58           2 Kings 11                     Micah 2
The                             Bethlehem Star
                                Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church
                                1206 C Avenue
                                Vinton, Iowa 52349

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The Rev. M. C. Urlaub, Pastor
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