My Soul by cuiliqing


									My Soul, My Heart, My Words
Jasmine Johnson
Table of Contents
My Soul, My Heart, My Words
Moving On…
Set me Free
External Love
Love at first Sight
Sweet Dreams
Moving On…
      As the sun rises
  and says good morning,
      as the moon sets
    and says goodnight.

     The shining lights,
     of yellow and red,
   the mixtures that make
         the sunset.

        As days go by
      and time passes,
       a dawn will rise
    and another will pass.

     Happiness and joy,
      Pain and sorrow,
       Shall fade away
      As the day’s end.

   As sun shall never rise,
   And say good morning
 As the moon shall never set,
     And say goodnight.

   Our lives come to a stop
  to never see another day
   To never see the sunset
         Pass our way

 We move on to our next life.

        Hearts of Love
    Filled with emotions
    Broken or together,
       Kisses or hugs.

    Love is a question
   Meant with no answer,
      To soul mate
      From destiny,

    That waits before us,
      In future or pass
       Present in time
             Love is mysterious

              Love is defined
             Not placed to find
             Not placed steady
               No direct line

           Love is unpredictable
                 A way of life
                So wait in time
          For love can at least wait.

       Define me from smart to dumb
        Define me beauty to beast
              There is no word
               That says it all
              To simple words
             That makes it true
                From words
             That explains it all
                To the words
          That don't explain at all
            So define me at will
         But it never shall be true
            I am more than one
         I am much more unique.
                So try at will
            But I am more than
                  A WORD.

       Set me free
        The sound of the roaring wind,
         As the leaves shake in union,
While running with pounding sounds of drums,
         As my feet touch the ground,
        To the feel of my heart racing,
        Going Thu-Thump Thumb-Thump,
                 Till I come to a halt.
                 To Make a decision,
    To sky dive through the endless blue sky,
Or be taken to where screams and tears are known,
              In all one second I run,
         Taking flight on an endless ride.
           Until plastered on the ground,
         Unable to move unable to breath,
        No longer a use but soon at peace.
                  But was it worth it?
             To stop my beating heart,
                 Was I meant to die,
            In a place that is unknown,
             And nothing but dreams,
                 That kept me going.
                   But it was to late,
                    No going back,
               To just close my eyes,
                  And rest at peace,
                 In a place screams,
                   Are never made.
                   And where tears,
                   Shall never shed.
          A place where only my dreams,
                  Can only take me,
             So if this be just a dream,
             Let me slumber this way,
                 For my eternal life.

        Eternal Love
                As I close my eyes,
                     As I lay down,
              As I think about my day
                 If I could go back,
                     And try again
                Any possible away.
               I remember the one,
               The one I loved today
           The one I should have saved,
        He was perfect in every little way.
            He's what makes me smile,
            He's what makes me laugh,
              He's the sun in my life,
       He's the one who brightens my days,
                 But what can I do?
                The day has ended.
                  The deed is done
                   Now he is gone.
            But if I had another chance,
                  I would try again
         I'd look into his eyes
        And tell him the truth
 Tell him the three simple words
        The words that say all
                "I love you"
              And that is all.
          But now it is to late,
   So I rest my head and dream
             But as I dream,
              I hear a voice
"I love you too & I forgive you so"
  The voice sounded so familiar,
        Its sweet velvet voice
   The one that makes me smile,
  The one that makes me laugh,
            I suddenly knew
             It was my Love,
                So I replied
"You are my eternal love ,sorry".
   As I rest my head and dream,
     I today that I was forgiven
          By my eternal love.

        I'm lost and alone,
      I'm scared and cold,

         I am in the dark,
       I can't find the light.

     Why won't you help me
      It's damp and wet,

     You were once alone,
     You were once scared.

        Won't You help me
     I smell and I'm hungry,
      I want to see my mama,
       I want to see my papa.

          I am lost and cold
         I want to go home,

  I do not care if you don't feed me
    I don't care if you laugh at me,

     All I care is that I go home.
            I did not do this,

     I did not bring myself into,
               The dark

        I was kidnapped,
      Now I want to go home.

          I want my mama
          I want my papa,

         So help me please,
           Find the light.

          Won't you help?

       So what I wear black
      Do I seem Goth to you?
        Should I wear pink
    And Scream "Go Team! Go!"

            I'm myself
  Why the world should you care.
       I'm me myself and I
      And not anyone else.

   Should I hold my head up high
And seem superior to everyone else?
    Walking all high and mighty
 Like I’m better than everyone else,

           But think again
        I'm not anyone else,
          But myself and I.

     Do I look like a doll toy?
   Do you want to dress me up?
Do you want to put make up on me?
 And make me your own little toy,

          Well think again
   I am not your own personal toy
            I am not Goth,
  I am not superior to anyone else,

            I am myself.
         Life is like a step
        You take one a time.

       Life's like the ocean
     That never stops moving.

         Life's like a flower
      As beautiful as it can be.

         Life's like a river
    Flowing in every direction.

          Life's like ants
    A group striving to survive.

    Life's like a surprise party
Never knowing what happens in life.

      Life's like the open road
           keeps on going.

         Life's like a book
  Every person with a story to tell.

    Life's what you and me have
     So enjoy it while you can.
  Love at first sight
             I'm all alone,
          I look at no one,
         But you walk to me,
     Stand near and say "Hello."

            I say "Hello?'
         But do not look up,
        You seem unsatisfied,
        Maybe you were lost?

         But no that wasn't it,
       You asked for my name,
            I say Hannah.
           You say pretty.

          But what did that,
            Matter to you,
      I was just another person,
         That you now knew.

         You still stand there,
        Like a lost little puppy,
        I could feel your eyes,
         Boring into my head.

           I finally give up,
              And give in,
           I look up to you,
         Stare into your eyes.

           As I see fireflies,
       Glinting in your eyes,
     So beautiful and gorgeous,
Knowing I never saw a person like this.

           So standing there,
     Staring into each other eyes,
         We both knew it was,
           Love at first sight.

     Sweet Dreams
           A dream so beautiful,
             A dream where,
              You're at your,

    Your palace,
   where you feel,
  You're floating on,
    A soft cloud.

    Where you fly,
    To your place,
     Where joy,
     Will follow.

  It is a dream place,
      To where you,
        Don't want,
    To be disturbed.

      It's your,
    Sweet dreams.

      What is a,
   Is a Nightmare,
  When you scream,
       In terror?

       Is it when,
 Is trying to kill you?
      Or is it even,
 When its pitch black?

   But a nightmare
     Isn't what it,
       Has in it,
       Its what,
    You think it is.
          A Nightmare,
         Could be the,
        Sweetest dream,
         A place where,
      You're most happiest.

       So the question is,
     What’s your Nightmare?

     New Life

   Darkness and sorrow,
      Pain and tears,
      Break of dawn,
      A end is near.

    For those who wait,
     As life passes by
  You must take a chance,
      Before life dies.

  To make dreams true,
    To make it reality,
Wake up from your fairy tale,
     To live life free.

         So get up,
     And say good bye,
 To the darkness and sorrow,
     To the pain and tears,

       You once knew.
          And say hi,
       To your new life,
      The one that waits,

      To make a new life,
          Come true.

        Have you ever
        Really looked
          At Earth

        Its beauty within
       Its beauty outside
        Its just so unique

        Do we really
     Want to say Goodbye
      To be loved Earth

        Its sweet smells
      Its gorgeous plants
Even its breath taking creatures

     There is no planet
       None like Earth
    Our home sweet home

      To miss the days
    When played on Earth
      To miss the days
        We made memories
             On Earth
         Earth is our home

        Its time to respect it
        If we love our home
        We will show action

     Joining a club is nothing
        Making this poem
          Means nothing

             So get up
      Recycle, reduce, reuse
         Its time to save

              Our home
              And Planet

  We have those who will try to break us
 We have those who try to knock us down
But I know my hatter can't do nothing to me
     They could never trymph over me.

      They can whisper all they want
      They can conspire against me
          They can tell their lies
           But God favors me.

                 I will not fall
               I will not bend
          I will not compromise
          Cuase God favors me
                              kinda a song part

                               Love is patient,
                                Love is kind,
                            Love is felt most when
                                  Its geniun.

                     He favors me
                       I've had my share of love abuse,
                     But aslong as I think about my story,
                          And I know God favors me,
                          Because my enemy's did try
                          But couldn't trimph over me.

                               It was my faith
                                My Integrity
                                 My charater
                               God favors me .

                                I speak life
                              And prosperity
                             And I speak health
                              God favors me.

                          God Favors me! (Yeah!)
                          God Favors me! (Yeah!)
                          God Favors me! (Yeah!)
                          God Favors me! (Yeah!)
                            God Favors me!!!

          She’ll be by your side
                The one who understands the life you live
               The one whose slow to take but quick to give
           Someone who stays around the rough times get thick
Someone whose smile is bright enough to make the projects feel like a mansion
            Having someone who loves you despite your faults
        Having someone who talks the talk but also walks the walk
                       Someone who loves you for sho
               She'll always be by your side still holding on
                 Even when dose twenties stop spinning
      Having someone you can come home to from a long day of work
Having someone one you don't have to show they know exactly where it hurts
            Someone who trust you despite what they've heard
           Someone as mighty a lion but yet gentle as a bluebird
     Having someone you don't have to tell you don't want to be alone
          Having them to grow old with Unitl God calls you home
                               It must be nice
                      She'll be by your side holdin on.

                          As words are spoken.....
                         Somethinng is learned.....
                           Something is lost.......
                           As well as gained......
                     To think about life, you, others.....
                   Find your gift, talent, spark, future.....
                      Live, Love, Life, Happiness.......
                 Radiant, Sunshine, Smile on your faces.....
                         Beauty divine, in, out.........
                       Peace, Serenity, yin, ye.........

                                  Step one
                                One pound
                                       Step two
                                      two bund
                                           Step three
                                Amigos forever more...........
                              To find the path
                               That you seek
                                    To find you heart
                                       That weeps
                                 To the only one
                            Thats offered much more.
                                Time flys by
                            Decisions are made
                                     Hearts shall break
                                       But slowly fade
                                  Bonds once whole
                                     Now broken.
                            Love and happiness
                                In the heart
                                     Sorrow and shame
                                         Shall follow
                  Those who have broken
                     The special bond.
                 No longer able
            To find happiness again
                           No longer able
                   To bring joy onto others again.
                 To wait for life
             To begin once more
                          To wait for life
                  To give you one more chance.

     You think you can leave me this way
       Take me apart and throw around
                  I was once whole
              I was even a kind soul.
                 But once I met you
             That soul started to die.
It was because of you that I no longer smile
Its because of you I no longer have friends
    Its because of you when I come home
                All I ever do is cry.
               Why'd you break me?
             I thought you loved me.
       But it seems all you wanted to do
           Was to play with my heart
              Until you were bored.
         At first I didn't believe in love
         But you showed me the light
          You were to only exception
              But now thats all gone
        As I no longer fall for something
                That dose not exist.
     Another Path
          Right now I'm on stage
         Where I have no diginity
        Where they shout and hoot
            Just to see what I got.
          They don't care for me
              So why am I here
          But to just have a home
       And stay alive another night.
           But I had other planes
       Ones that didn't envolve this
       But the voice that was inside
      That was waiting to be set free.
                I had got a gig
           After my so called job
        I had singed my voice out
        As a man walked my way.
         He seemed like the men
       Who would come to my job
               But I was wrong
Cause he was one who would give me a job.
     They say you only have one path
              But thats not true
            You always have two
           Just pick the right one
     And your dreams will come true.
Just who do you think you are?
                You come around
             With a smile on your face
                Saying I love you
             Much more then seems.

             But in my point of view
          You're nothing but annoyance
            That needs to calm down
              And fly fly, far away.

           But yet you still flutter around
            As if you're the north pole
               And I'm the south pole
             And were just so attrated.

                  But ha what joke
                But I'm begging you
            Please shoo! shoo! little fly
          Just who do you think you are?

        But then one day you weren't here
               I heard you were sick
               And on my way home
            I was about to be attacked.

               Then all of sudden
                My fly was here
                The guys ran off
           And you smiled back at me.

          Just who do you think you are?
                As I was about to say
               But you grab my waist
        And kissed me right then and there.

              Maybe you were right
              Maybe I did love you
            And just who do I think I am
                   To stop love.

             I love you
                 I said I love yoou
                And you said it too
                   And I meant it
           But did You?
        You never called
         We never talked
          But yet we said
    Those three simple words
       So did you mean it?
        I will never know
       As my phone rings
        And hope its you
    But instead you are gone
            So I am left
     Wiht only one memory
            "I love yo."

P.S I love you
    We've only talked online
 Unknowing who each other are
  Except for our inner selvers.
  They say be carefull of those
         Cyber freaks.
      But do we care, No
     Because even though
    Feeling are developing.

         One day you say
      "I'm coming to town."
     And I make the decision
     To meet you at the cafe.
      We talked and laugh
And made memories to remember.
    But when the week ended
   And it was time for ou to go
          I felt so alone.

 But when you got on your flight
       And I sat at home
         I hear a bing
 That comes from my computer
      And it say P.S I Luv U.
    There is nothing wrong
           With a vamp.
     Why bring them down
     From one little movie?
They were leaders of the undead
      Now beneath the Z's.
       It crashed their rep
      Making them weak.
      As the zombies rose
            Once again
        Thanks to Thriller
     There ruling the dead.
      So vamps say thanks
        To twilight freaks.
        Its thanks to them
     You're no longer king.

            Were like a flower
            Once a small seed
          But one day to bloom
     Into a beautiful flower we'll be
      As the things we go through
 Makes us recieve out water and sunshine
       That will make us become
    This strong and beautiful flower.
Love, Girl Power and Hot
               "love is a dark
             And powerful thing
             Love will crush you
           And break your heart
            But at the same time
           It will make your life."

           Girl Power
        "Unleash your power within
 The one that makes you stand from the rest
      You ultimate and indestructable
               Girl power."
      "Her hot skin
     But cold heart
 From her mother side
     Her firey love
 From her fathers side
      An Icy heart
As you can't defined her
  By her red hot skin."

       I loves Harpo
              God knows I do
            But I'll kill him dead
        Before I let him beat me
           I believe these words
      I shall never take this abuse
 I do feel sorry for those who hurt me
   For if they do they were hurt once
       As pain can not be gained
             Unless brong upon
        I love you forever Harpo
      But you shall never hurt me.

Mind over Heart
    They say I'm to young for love
        That it does not exist
      As my mind takes this in
    My heart denies these words.

            I yearn for kiss
       That will make me blush
         I wish for the dates
        That ensure our love.

               But why play
           With such a game
     As the odds are against me
     But I still have God with me.

           So all I can do
         Is hide in secrecy
       As love waits for me
      While my heart searches.

    So let my mind be in the game
           And play with life
         As my heart a friend
    That will complet the game of
    The Three Men
             He broke my heart
               And left it in two
          No care for my sorrow
          Of the tears left behind
              Unable to believe
           To be capable of love
            But to be once again
                 Broken in two
       And nothing but raindrops
       Of salty tears shall appear.
    Then when you finally get there
            And hit rock bottom
                You turn to him
           To give you guidance
              To never give up
            And believe in love
       To know it Truly does exist
       As he'll keep my faith alive
            As I pray ever night
            He'll give me a man
          That'll mend my heart.
              But until I met you
        I was so broken hearted
             Until the day came
            I was mended again
         It was thanks to my faith
             My heart let you in
              And in some ways
               Its thanks to him
  Who broke my heart in the first place
I would have probably never known you
          Who mended my heart
             And loves me now
        As I learned to love again
        Thanks to my three men.
             It’s just Me
 I go through everyday hopping for eternal bliss
          That will touch my heart and soul.
       To maybe fall in love but not even that
                 To even have a crush.
           But as if that would ever happen
        Especially when you're only 1 month
                  Away until you're 15
             So what could I possible do
          With anything involved with love.
     To regard the fact I'm not allowed to date
And be oblivious to my apperance and personality
          For I know I should not be judged
                  For my outter parts
               But as if you'd get a peak
                at the inner me inside.
                 But then again thats a
         Someone you can see yourself with
             Or atleast be yourself with.
               With me though it seems

       The Blame Game
                    Alot of people
              Spend their time in the dark
      We blame them later
       For their sins of life
          But did we play
         The greatest part
     We could have helped
         Or even stopped
        The bloody deaths
        Instead we stayed
    And ignored their ways
 We thought they were joking
      And only pretending
    But when the day came
    And you find them dead
          Do you believe
   You couldn't have helped?
     And don't blame them
  That they didn't come to you
          They were their
          The entire time
          I need therapy
      But you saw as a joke
 And if you didn't notice it then
         Why bother later
   To tell you their problems
  So blame them all you want
     We can play that game
But if you stand on the side line
   And watch them fade away
   You basically helped them
             Fade away
Cause all you needed to do was
         Help them mend
          By truly asking
           Are you okay?

      The sky rips
     And blood falls
We thought we'd make it
     Instead we fall
      We did it all
   For those we love
 We tried to save them
    Instead they fall
 We had hoped to live
 And return back home
     Instead we lay
And watch the blood fall
  And slowly, slowly
         Fade from the light
      As we only have one hope
       As we wait for it to stop
        So we close our eyes
           And try to live
         And maybe one day
       We'll see you all again.

You thought I’d be alright
            When you saw me fall
           You thought I'd get up
           When you saw me cry
            You thought they dry
             When you saw me
           You thought they faded
           But they still remained
      And when you thought I'd be alright
                     I died
             Because when fell
                I could not see
               I could not think
               But only remain
              And so unknown
               I perished away
                 Only because
          You thought I'd be alright.
      By my side
            I close my eyes
           As if I'm dreaming
              And all I see
           Is you by my side

        With that beautiful smile
           And loving eyes
            And as I watch
              All I can see

            Is you with me
      Because you make smile
           When I'm down
           And protect me
     When I'm scared and all alone

              And I know
     You heard these words before
         But believe me honey
           They are so true

            From my heart
            And not a book
            Deep in my soul
             I call for you

            And every word
            Is meant for you
        So when I open my eyes
            Know this is true

   That when I see your beautiful smile
              And loving eyes
              That all I wish for
         Is that you're by my side

Thinking about life….
               I sit here now
          And wonder about life
      From the change that occours
           From teen to grown
             Cause some say
               We'll change
         But to me I'll still remain
                 The same.
           But what do I know?
          I don't have that book
           As you should know
              There are those
            Who have the book
                       To parenthood
                     Or even guy code
                        And girl code
                  But I still remain unsure
                       That any exist.
                     That one day in life
                       We all grow up
                      And life changes.
                      But in my opinion
                    Were all still the same
                    And no major change
                         Has occured
                     Because we are we
                      And you are you
                 Atleast that's what I believe
                         As I sit here
                      And think about .

            Angel of love
                  Listen to these words
                 Know you are not alone
            And when you see my helping hand
                 Don't hesitate to take it.

           Because when a angel is by your side
                      Let them help
                   And hold you tight
          For when they break your fragile heart
                         It'll be I
             Who will help come whole again.

                So when this angel of love
                      Comes again
              Take my hand and let me end
             And we can once again be in love

                 -Sinserly your angel of love

If its better to love one then the second time is unforgettable.
   Present Love
   "Tell me that I ever met anything more
    That you could ever see me and you
                 Another light"
          Is what we all want to ask,
         But do they or us truly know,
   That we mean something to the other,
                 Or they to us?
              Even able to know,
If they see themselves with someone else,
                Or us the same?
          The question is irrelevent,
          For we live in the moment,
         And not in the past or future,
         But only the present in time,
           For love is here and now.

      Fill my life
             Hear my voice,
            Make me laugh,
               See my face,
            Make me smile.
        Let all remain the same,
        So when you're around,
             Its all the same,
            In a natural way.
            So let my friend,
                Be my love,
               And my love,
               As my friend.
          To shape my world,
         With God and family,
            To fill my world,
       With happiness and Joy.
     You are the part of my system,
        That feels me with love,
         And you are the part,
          That helps me live,
               And be alive.
          Don't expect me to do this right,
               I'm just spitting words,
          Not making the next best seller.
          So judge my poems if you want,
           But I write these words for me,
                  And not for a, b, c.
            So correct me in your mind,
                While you do though,
                  Let my words sink,
               And taken to the heart.
               Like now as you judge,
              Remember these words,
               As you judge my work.

Saying No to the devil’s smile
          They tell me I can do it
       And break free from these fall
            Thats posining me
                In and out.

       Do you think its so easy though
           To stop it all right now
        When the ride has just begun
          And you're locked inside
            Unable to be alone.
         But they tell me I can do it
        Since I have God on my side
    With a Husband and daughter
         standing on the other.
          But why should I care
     When I'm having so much fun
       With my smokey mist life
         Made of powdery air.
       They stand by me though
            Family and friends
             Even when those
      Talk like I'm already dead.
            Why should I care
            If they care or not
        Because when my friend
              Takes me high
     Everyone else is out of sight
                 And mind.
Suddenly one day it was put to the test
            When my little girl
        Came to see me at best.
             Breathing my air
     All her life explained to me
          Why she hit the floor
          And I screamed this,
      "She's not breathing right"
            And then I panick
                Calling 911.
         When help has arrived
     With my husband by my side
      I hear the doctor say it was
          That smoke in the air
       That use to be the crystals
         That lived in my eyes.
As soon as I heard she could have died
        I looked at my husband
             Saying this time
          And when he looked
             He saw my truth.
           So I packed my stuff
            And said goodbye
              As mommy left
                To be better
                 Then she is
           In this merciful life.

        Now three years later
  Of struggle and pain
Saying goodbye to smoky
    Saying hi to family
 The new high in my life
     But while health
  I realized it was luck
   For many have died
    And other lost will
     To fight the thrill
    And surrendered
    Their family at will
      But most of all
  Saying bye to the life
        Once lived
   But I lucky to be me
  And finally saying no
      To sales man
   With a devil's smile.

 Take My….
     You can take my,
        You can take,
            My life.
     You can even take,
     My money earned.
       But if you care,
      And have a soul,
    You'll leave the heart,
      That you broke,
          Long a go.
   Daddy’s little girl
             He can get my pony,
               And buy the mall.
             Give me the puppy,
          And matching shoes too.
     With the world on a golden plater,
         Served straight from you,
                     To me.
           But what you don't get,
         Is I want something more,
            For you to stay home,
               Like we use to do,
          Befor money came alive,
         And be Daddy's little girl,
              Just one more time.

Not my imaginary Friend
            Everyone had you
            When I was alone

              Kept you close
              When in tears

           While I found comfort
               On my own

           But now I'm grown up
           No longer searching

            For the love showed
           Others rather then me

               But eveytime
         I hear them mention you

             I feel a sharp pain
                Lost from life

            And think to myself
           Why weren't you their

         When I scraped my knee
           And being teased.

        Why didn't you help me
      When I didn't know the answer

          And when I felt so alone
             Where were you

              Besides with me
              When I need you most

           In a world filled with sarrow
             As other had it filled love

     Because of you... my non imaginary friend

My Soul (Speak soul Speak)
                    You can't see it
               But its here and there.
               Whether you believe it
                     It lies inside.
                  You can't define it
                 Not one is the same.
                    All with voices
             That say different things.
                    Living life right
                   Living life wrong
                  All up to their soul
                  Living life inside.
             So judge me all you want
              From the outside and all
           But going and judging then
         You'll never find one word to say.
                 So as my final words
                  As my soul speaks
                       And I of it
                Remember its words
                 And those of others
                    Which had said
               Through out this book.
                  For it had a voice
             That needed to be heard
                     Just as yours.
                So as I let mine speak
          Don't forget yours is still here.
                  So let it be writing
                 And let it speaking.
               Just let your soul shine
                  As its meant to be.
                      -By My Soul

    My Heart (all around)
               God made my heart big
               He gave me enough love
              So my heart could give love
                    To Family
              Back to him
      My heart always reads endless
            Never running out
           Even when broken
             So remember
             From my Soul
                my Heart
                my Word
            That their will be
            love in My Heart
                All around.

My Words (are endless)
        Even though this book
         Is coming to an end
        My words are endless
         For they shall dwell
        With the love and pain
            I've expressed.

      For you've heard my soul
       You've heard my heart
         And these are now
           My final words
           But know at end
       My words will continue
           Speaking their
         Soul, Heart, Words
          That are endless
          As I continue life.
My life
I saw you once
I saw you twice
I saw my life
Flash before my eyes

At first you were their
Then last you were gone
My heart stopped
The day you were gone

What could've happened
That you are out of my life
In one split second
My life had stopped

Could I bring you back?
Could I start my life agian?
Was it my deeds that made you gone?
Is it to late?

So all I can say is
Hear my pray
And come back
Come back my dear sweet life.

Is it Love?
look into your eyes,
But what do I really see?
Do I see a loving man?
Do I see a smart strong man?
But is it really what I see?
Or is it what you see?
Do you see Happiness?
Do you see your future?

When we hold hands,
Do you think about letting go?
When we talk.
Do you want to say "Goodbye."

When our eyes meet,
Do you think about never looking again?
When you close your eyes,
Do you dream of me?

When you wake up,
Do you think of me?
But the real Question is,
Is it Love?

As the grasshopper quiets,
To show it is night.
As the clock strikes 12,
To show it is late.

As you hear no sound,
To show quietness.
As the world yawns,
To show they are tired.

As the moon rises,
To show it is nighttime.
As I close my eyes,
As I lay down in bed,

To lay my head on my pillow,
To close my eyes and dream,
I know it is time to say goodnight,
"Good night life and Sweet dreams."
You love me,
You hate me,
You want me,
You throw me.

So why do I,
Let you in?
You're nothing,
But a heartbreaker.

You love nothing,
But what makes me.
I deserve better,
They say.

But wait I'm still here,
Here with you,
Loving and more,
But for what?

To wait for you,
To break my heart?
You're nothing but,
A heartbreaker.

You show no love to me,
You give no appreciation
No flowers,
No chocolate nor poem.

When other girls,
Are near I'm no,
Longer your main girl,
I'm just nobody.

They say you,
Treat me like trash,
They say I deserve,
Much better.

But yet I do not listen,
I stand with you still,
But all I can say is,
"I love him."

Do I matter?
Every day I walk into a room
I may get a wave here
And a hi there
But truly do they
Acknowlge my presence?
Am I Invisible to the naked eye?
Do you even care that I’m here?
If I disappeared today
Would you even notice
Or do you wish everyday that I would just fade away?
Dose my presence make you happy
Or do I not matter?
Am I just a nobody
Who doesn’t belong
Who shouldn't even be here
Or are you thankful that I'm here
In my life alone.
Do you wish I would disappear
Or are you glad that I'm here
Only asking again fearing for your answer.
So I ask you this question
With my heart and all
Would you care or
Could you go on
With your merry little Life
While I rot in my grave
With no one to care for me
Or would you be the soul
To never shead a tear?
So do I matter?
Or atleast to you?

Love is a Essence
Love is an essence
That should be cherished
From within your heart
To the radiation of Love

So I may have found love
Others may be afraid
While some were hurt
But still remain

The famous saying
It is better to have love
Than to never love at all
To have your first kiss

To go on your first date
Love is something never forgotten
And never wanting to be forgotten
Love is part of you and me

Love can be family love
Of the joy and happiness you may share
When you're surrounded
By the ones you love

To be loved by friends
To stick together 24/7
As if you were brothers and sisters
For your best friend for life

Or even just the love
That everyone hopes for
To find one day
To make their heart

Feel whole
To be with someone
Who will always be there
Who will always love you

So as if we could run
As if we could say "Goodbye"
Love is what we'll cherish
That is a part of us
In so many ways
So as if you tried to do something
To love or forget the love
You have found

Or the love you search for
But if you must
I ask you this
Can you do it

Can you give up
Family, friends, and relationship love
What is truly your
Essence of love?

There is no perfect Season
To me there is no
Perfect season
All seasons together
Makes it perfect

Spring a time for rain
And flowers to bloom
Of laughter of children
Of the nice cool air

But yet it has no snow
To make a man or snow fight
To have a little fun
In the fluffy white snow

But what is it compared
To the colorful fall
Of the nice breezing
Flowing with colorful leaves

But let us not forget summer
A time when children have fun
Out of school to meet the sun
And its warming rays

So there is no perfect season
Their are one with each other
They are the cycle
They are perfect seasons

We were best friends
Since the age of 10
But you were taken
Never to be seen again

Leaving me heartbroken
Unable to go on
Never seeing you again
Or even hear you again

But now 5 years later
Here you are
At my front door
Wanting to be in my life

I question myself
To let you in
To be loved
Or to be heartbroken
Once again
But guess
I've made up my mind
Because I opened the door

To my heart and let you in
To be once again
Apart of my life
To be my love

Must be nice
The one who understands the life you live
The one whose slow to take but quick to give
Someone who stays around the rough times get thick
Someone whose smile is bright enough to make the projects feel like a mansion
Having someone who loves you despite your faults
Having someone who talks the talk but also walks the walk
Someone who loves you for sho
She'll always be by your side still holding on
Even when dose twenties stop spinning
Having someone you can come home to from a long day of work
Having someone one you don't have to show they know exactly where it hurts
Someone who trust you despite what they've heard
Someone as mighty a lion but yet gentle as a bluebird
Having someone you don't have to tell you don't want to be alone
Having them to grow old with Unitl God calls you home
It must be nice
She'll be by your side holdin on.

A path of secrets
The color red
A road less taken
But still sheading

He hid from the rest of the world.
But now he's apart of mine.
And I never want to let him go.
For he owns my heart.

Upside down
Have you ever seen the world upside down?
Making it look transparent,
As if you were in a fun house,
But somethings remain the same.
As the sun is still round,
And the ground is still under me.
But seeing that I won't
Float away
No need for my upside down world.

One look and you were mine.
One day and we were unseparable.
One month and were in love.
One year and we saw our future.
One kiss, One hug, One touch,
And we were soul mates for life and on.....
A text was all it took
One text was all it took,
For you not to pay attention.
Two texts was all it took,
For you to pass the red light.
Three texts was all it took,
For the truck to smash into you.
Zero texts was all it took,
 For you to be dead.

So why text and drive,
When the First text takes your life and,
The second text ruins others.
Why not wit
So you can live another day.
But i guess its to late.

But you who is still alive,
Heave these words,
Your life is more precious,
Then some little text.
So do yourself a favor,
And don't text and drive.

Weeping Rose
The pounding hearts
 The dripping blood
   And the everlasting screams.
     Why dose such a pretty rose weep
        At such a scene?
          No use for tears made of blood
             If those are already gone.
                By your hands the deed was done
                  In your mind they were gone.
                    In reality they rest in peace.
                      But you my red rose is......
                        The one who weeps.
    The Chubby rosey cheeks
                      With petit little fingers
 As they giggle
                        It makes you smile
                         For their touch
                          It feels like silk
   All around
                They are to be the sun in your life
                  And the diamon in your eye
                    As they are your world
                      Your sweet baby.

She says it eased her pain,
 As the blade dripped of blood,
  She said she no longer felt cold,
    As scars were left.
     She claimed she no longer cried,
       Herself asleep,
        As steches wer made.
          She proclaimed so much,
            But when she took her life,
             Was there a reason?
              Because all I can see is
                My lonely heart.

My Nerdy Prom
We needed a theme             So in their favor       But they dismiss
 And wanted to befair          A Nerdy Greek           Another name
  So as a theme                But offense              But I ignore there claims
   Lets say nerds                 To my dorks             As the day arrives
     But thats revoked            So to honor all           We do the Urkel dance
      Unfair to the geeks          Ner dor Greeks             That stands for all.
"That's what happens when you follow your heart."
"That's what happens when they break it apart."

"That's what happened when they said those words."
"That's what happened when they told you those lies."
"Why follow your heart if it is to be broken?"
"Why belive what they say if its all just a lie?"

"Why follow your heart at a chance of true love?"
        "If it dose not exist."

Guess Who?
They see everyday
They act like they know me
That may be true
But I play along too
But its not their fault
I play my game alone
I refuse to let them see me
The true me lies inside
The one who likes
To play on rides
She rocks at guess who
And loves masqurades
 But until they figure me out
 I'll continue to play my game
 And I'll go along with this masqurade
You can join in and play my game
  Whether it be where is waldo
  Or even clue
  I bet you can't guess who.

Find me
From your heart
I was bound.
In your soul
I was found.
You want me back
But I'm lost.
In the dark
And not the light.
You set me free
Once before.
Do it again
Just once more.
So I'm all alone
And so are you.
If you find me
In your heart
We'll never be
Far apart.

I sit in my own little corner,
Bleak and dry with shadows around,
Casted and Shun away from the world,
Due to the fact I just don't belong.
They tell me things that make me hallow,
In the heart and in my soul,
I'm just a freak weird and all ,
And I need help,
but what the point,
I just don't belong.
I dress way different hair and all,
And the way I walk is just plain wrong,
Everything about me is made to fail.
Unitil one day I saw this thing,
And for some reasons it eased those thoughts,
That casted me aside and ruined my mind,
Just telling me to die because I just don't belong,
But when this thing appeared before me,
It told me these words.
"Don't you ever ever feel like you're nothing,
Less than Perfect to me."
And these words slowly set in my heart and soul,
And now today I recover long side,
The thing that entered my life,
And brought my heart and soul alive.
To let me know with one word in particular,
That I am perfect,
And thats all.
Going toward life
Sitting under a tree
In the dark night sky
Waiting for life
To start tonight
As the leaves tun
From green to brown
I wonder when I
Will turn too.
As they go out
On their own adventure
When I stay at home
On my own venture.
As to go out
And be in life
As to stay home
And ponder life
Its not same
Like touching and hearing
Whether real or not
Its up to me
To move from the tree
Under the dark night sky
And the turn
Straight toward life.
Metaphorically Love
An experiment of love,
metophorically speaking,
Ment to be together,
Life or death.
But different reasons,
Dream or life,
We tested it,
Just for this.
So together joined,
Testing the theories,
Ending the week ,
Unknowing of what others speak.
As feelings are expressed,
Way down deep,
Like the other souls ,
All around town.
From the different reasons,
That vary in life,
For the word love,
Varies in meaning,
As its holiday,
Varies in value.
So come to this conclusion,
Love can not be expressed ,
If not speaking,
Metophorically love.

Scream at me,
Till tear pour down.
Hit me until,
I'm pale with stripes.
You can even choke me,
Til I'm black and blue,
But I swear to you,
You touch my child,
It'll be you,
Who begs to die.
Push<-> Pull
I love you <->I hate you
We kissed <-> You dreamt
I gave you.. <-> I've seen better
We were one <-> You were alone
The way you looked at me <-> Deluded
The way you held me <-> Nothing special
Our future <-> Not real
Together <-> Forget it
You said those words <-> Words lie

You tell me you love me.
You hold me tight.
With a look of care in your eyes,
I feel so safe.
With no harm around,
But smuddered with love,
From the heart I adore.
The only thing though,
Is I can never see your face,
But the soul inside,
That holds me tight.
That looks inside my soul,
With wonderful eyes,
But without the body,
I can memorize.
And then it hits me,
It was all a dream....

I never belived in love
                In my own little world
Where it did not exist
                        But the day I met you
I say a change
          In this world of mind.
At first
            I thought I was content
With Lioness
           And never felt
                  That it was worth
                   Up until now
          Deep in my soul.

                        So when I wake up
                  And see you
      I know you'll leave me
                 With some proof
  This is not dream.

        So I'm on my way
                To believing in you
  Because you the only

Be my man…
Why am I even trying
I wonder when you'll just grow up
Because all I'm hearing is lies
So when will you express
Instead of being wimpy like man
Saying jokes all day crackin or not?
Do you not see these words
Or am I just reminising?
I mean
I love you
No I care for you
Naw maybe I might just "like" you
So how these words can never meet between
I and you
For you I'm making up words
And all I can say is

I’m ready
I'm ready
I've dreamn't all night
I 've been wonder
When the sun would shine
And shine on my life.
So leave behind
Those who look down
When they see me
Because they can't
Slow my plans down
So let those haters
Hate all day
Because it won't effect me
When you can't reach me.
So all those who say I won't make it
I reflect it on to you
Becuae guess what
I'm ready
Take your hand?
Why should I take your hand
I feel like I'm giving more
Then I should.
You hurt me once
Why shouldn't I
Believe you'll do it again.
I heard these quotes once before
So I thought it be cute
If we did it too.
"May you never steal, lie, or cheat
For if you must steal
Then steal my sorrows
And if you must lie
lie with me all nights of my life
And if you must cheat
Then let be death."
But here you are
Standing before me
With your hand straight out
Asking for forgiveness.
For you stole my happiness
And lie in bed with someone else
And you cheat with me before my eyes
So I must ask again
Why should I take your hand?
When I'll be alone again
from your stealing
your cheats
Your lies.
Let me Speak!
I'm sorry.
But it wasn't my fault.
I should know better.
Shouldn't you too?
I'll never do it again.
Because I never did it in the first place.

I move on with life,
No other words to spoken,
Mind inside
And life unknown.

Listen to me!
Hear me!
Let me speak!
I have word to be spoken!

Finding Peace, Love, Serenity….
Let your worries melt

Into the deep blue ocean.

Let your fears die

Underneath the cold deep ground

And let the wind wipe away

Ever tear that has escaped.

Then remember every laughter,

You have had

And ever smile

You have shown

And then you shall find



How do you make it stop?
When life keeps turning
How do you make it stops.
To take a breath
And just scream
All your problems away.
To get away
From everything
And just do you.
How do you do this
With out causing
More issues
When returned.
But to only stop the world for a second
And smell the roses
Before contiunues.

Now you want to hear me
Now you wish to hear me
After all these years
You have silenced me
Leting my voice die
After so many years of silence.

Why hear me now
And what should I say?
When no words can come my way
As I can type, write, read and all
But when it comes to speaking
Its gone and dead.

So now its too late
And the world is almost gone
And I can no longer say
A single thing on my mind.

I can go down the list
I like you
I didn't do it
Okay I have a joke
I sing because I'm happy
Hear me!
At the end though
You can say you can't hear me
And you want me to speak louder
But remember it was you
Who silenced me
To which and why
My voice now R.I.P.

Stopping Love
Forget this!
Make it stop!
Let the butterflies die!
I don't want something
I can never have
Just let the love die.
So what even with his flaws
My heart still flies
But in such of state of mind
I know he'll only crush me with his eyes.
So let this love die!
I don't want it anymore!
When I know at the end
I just fall and cry.

To be with me
You want to be my friend
Then make me smile
Away with words and all.
And if you wanna be more
You'll be need to make
Me open up my heart.
And know it takes two
So I'll bring my helping hand
But I'll need you
To keep going on.
If you wannna be someting more
In this little lif of mine.

Oh how to describe him
His dazzling smile that makes me melt
His eyes that I just fall into
With dimples that brighten his face
For when I see him I can't help but, smile
Some say his greatest trait is his face
When I look though
I know theirs more
For if we were alone
I'd get to know him
And love him more
Sadly my shadow can only describe him from a far
As to think how to describe the one heart longs for.

Falling into..
Where am I going
It feels like I'm falling
Into the clouds I go
But looking in front
There I am
Waving bye
I try to run back
Wishing for help
But I only continue to fall
Into what seems like darkness
As I struggle and wish to fly
Back myself where I safe
But instead I can only scream with no sound
And struggle in the open air
But then I stop
With my eyes closed
Out of fear of death
But when I open my eyes
I look up and he has me
Caught in his arms
Smiling down at me
Saying I will always catch you
I will always be here
And there is no longer you
But us
And thats when I realized
I've fallen into...
Soul mate
There’s only one in the world
Who know how to make me smile
And make me laugh
And protect me
When others beat me down.
He may be tall or short
Skinny or husky
With straight or curly hair
But I know its not the outside
When comes to that special someone
Who knows my heart so well.
For if their soul mate for everyone
I wonder why I’m on my own
But it must take time
But over that time
Our love with grow
For soul mate.

Yen …..Yang
Let yen and yang show their faces

As bad                  and good
rise                  the surface
   or let be men and women
    who showtheir beauty
     As opposites intwine
       From their inner

   A though once pondered

Run Run Run from life
 Run Run Run as fast as you can
       From all your fears.
   Run Run Run as far as you can
     From the sorrow that lurks.
   Run Run Run as quick as you can
     From a past worth forgetting.
    Run Run Run as fast as you can
             From life.

You put your arm around
and that was the first day
I felt whole and protected.
Unfortunately it was the last day
You held me so close
Before you let me fall
Into the great blue sea
Lost and gone forever more.
I had tried to protect myself
Hopping to never open up
And truly love you
But I'm already falling
Because another part
Hoped you see right through my walls
And hope you catch me when I'm already falling.
Know I'll never let our love stray again
So I hope you put your arms around
And home.

If pick just right
Can be something amazing
Like any apple or grape
Let it not be too sweet
Or sour in your mouth.
Are something contanied
With a rosy red cover
And a pink and white center
Making it juicy
Releasing all flavors
As it wears a green leaf hat.

Can be anything in the world
From a healthy snack
To a delicious sweet
Cover in chocolate
Or a little whip cream
Even made an acceceries
To Mr. cake creating
Mrs. Strawberry short cake.

Its just something about them
That makes you say
No matter how you see them
Or any form their in.

M rs. Joker
She be the one,
So evil indeed.
No wonder I call her Mrs. Joker,
With her nonfriendly deeds.

Working for nightmare,
The big evil dog,
But still remain,
A small little child,
Hula hooping all around in time,
      "Want a plane that loops the loop
      Me, I want a hula hoop
       I can hardly stand the wait"
So small and cute,
Until you see the evil grin,
But then again,
You have her hat,
Showing death on all sides.
Summing her up,
As a random talk.
Compared the Joker,
Here's his wife,
But be cafeful,
Harley's a nut.

(heavy breathing)
I can't do it
I can't believe you did
Its to late
Its gone
You didn't ask
Saying you'll protect it
And keep it safe
Knowing well enough
That I've never
But here you are
taking it at will
Telling me to trust
To breath
When you've tooken
But I'll do it for you
Calm down and give you my all
So here it is
And remember your promise
That you won't break my

Where ever it may be
I can feel it in me
That someone's alone
Maybe my heart or soul?
Its like a void
So empty and cold
All alone in a world so cold.
But who can feel the empty whole
When I myself
Feel not where it be.
May it be my heart
I call upon love!
May it be my soul
I call upon the lord!
Where ever my empytness
May exist
May it be filled
With happiness, love and

Their the spiders
That crawl everywhere.
They were the darkness
That crept the night
When small.
It was the loss
Of the ones
I loved the most.
Such a powerful word
Running all through time
With a different face
Wearing death many time.
But now is the present
And the past has faded
So presents the new face
Of who am I
After death arrives?
Never knew I needed
You were always there for me
You were my right hand man.
Someone I can depend on
When I needed a friend.
But not until now
Did I truly open my eyes
To see what I never knew what I needed.
For when you said goodbye
It was not until then did I realize
That you were beginning
And I never wanted us to end.
As I thought we were just friends
But when my heart finally saw
It changed my plans inexpectaly.
Now that you’re here
I can’t let you go
For when you leave
I can not breathe.
So before you go
Believing in no reason to stay,
Remember to me
You’re the best thing
I never knew I needed
So please stay here
With me.

So What!
So what!
Why should I feel bad for you
That I'm the one to break us off
Claiming you're the one
With the broken heart

So what!
People see me
As the heartless one
But between me and you
We know the truth
Of who holds the broken heart.

So what!
No one yet has seen me cry
Or seen my grief from the release
Because those know me
Known my tears only showed
When you were around

So what!
You're spreading your lies
And ruining in all
But remember I remain tall
Because I made it past you
All thanks to you.

So what!
Tell your little stories
Because I know what's right
So in lyrics of pink.

You're weren't there
You never were
You let me fall!
So so what!

were over now...

The Skunk
The skunk has been known to reek
But the skunk I knew had style
When it came to love.
Running after a lovely cat
Believing to be a skunk
With sass.
As they play cat and mouse
With her wanting him
Believing he was cat
And then not wanting
When realizing he was nothing
But a skunk.
I believe at the end of this play
She should give him a chance
Holding her head up high
Aways from the smells
But close enough to his heart.
Dreaming about you and me
Lately I've beening dreaming about you and me,
  And how it would be to hold you close to me,
      Like its suppose to be.
           But then I keep thinking in my head,
             And it brings me back reality.
                But everynight I dream
                   Its only you and me
                      No matter where it be
                       Our hearts are in sync.
                         Sadly when back in reality
                           Listening to pouding of my heart
                             Thinking to myself "help me"
 Because I think I'm falling for you.
  Never thouoght I'd find love like this
     But lately I've been dreaming about you and me,
       And how it would be to hold you close to me,
          Like its suppose to be.

Blame Game
Alot of people
Spend their time in the dark
We blame them later
For their sins of life
But did we play
The greatest part
We could have helped
Or even stopped
The bloody deaths
Instead we stayed
And ignored their ways
We thought they were joking
And only pretending
But when the day came
And you find them dead
Do you believe
You couldn't have helped?
And don't blame them
That they didn't come to you
They were their
The entire time
I need therapy
But you saw as a joke
And if you didn't notice it then
Why bother later
To tell you their problems
So blame them all you want
We can play that game
But if you stand on the side line
And watch them fade away
You basically helped them
Fade away
Cause all you needed to do was
Help them mend
By truly asking
Are you okay?

Ready for love
I don’t mean to get all lovely duvy

But my heart needs to speak

I don’t need an audience

I just need my heart to tell me how it feels

Like its own personal therapy.

I need to know if you can find love

If it knows where it is

Or if it can trust it?

I need to know everything my heart can give

And lose

I need to know its strength

And weakness

I need to know if hearts ready to date

Even though it may be rejected.

As my mind is ready

I Fear my heart finds sorrow way to well.

But then again let’s listen to my heart

I can find love

Some we can’t trust

Some we can try

We may lose a little
And gain a bit

But I’m strong enough

Even when rejected

So I’m telling you

Now I’m ready

For love and date.

Succession over

My life is boring

But boring is peace

And peace is beautiful

As beautiful as life.
How to fix a broken heart
What can truly fix a broken heart?

Do you really just need a thread and needle?

If so can’t one little cut break the heart once again?

Will the heart ever truly be the same?

Or will it always be afraid that with one touch

I’ll break again.

Does anyone truly know how

To fix a broken heart

Because if so

Will you fix mine?

Piece of me
When they told me he was gone

I truly believed the world ended right there

Because in my mind, heart, body, and soul

Their truly was no world without him

So as I sit here now

I wonder how others live on

With this pain of loss
So unbearable

That it feels like I can no longer breathe

For I have surly heard

Of grief and lost

But this is something different

As I truly know the meaning of

A piece of me has died.

It's a beverage
Use to ease the pain.
It's usually alcohol
Creating a fiery wall
From the darkness
Seeping inside the mind.
So many drinks
To run from the darkness
That carries their problems
And fears.
They drink unknowing what it does
To body and mind
But what it does to their heart
Is stopped one time
Because above all
It's just another way to die
And get away from it all
When your mind is in the dark
And a bottle's in your hand.
1 pound
Lost my job.
2 pounds
Car reposed.
3 pounds
The lights are off.
4 pounds
Eviction notice.
5 pounds
I’m on my knee’s praying to God
And that’s when my life turned around
With a better job
At hand.
A better car
In view.
The lights are back
In a better home
When God arrived
With my blessings at hand.

Bf or L.O.V.E
Is it wrong that my feelings have changed
And over time my heart has grown.
Is it bad that I love you more than I should
Since friends all our life.
Is it crazy to crush
On a childhood friend,
Or should I go for it
Despite life?

We've grown bigger
And stronger then ever
Watching each other in life
Side by side
But still in thought of my crush
I've decided to go
And never see you fall
For someone else
Or stay and give you my heart
To no one but, you.

So this all decided now
As I ask you this

"Do you want to stay my B.F or be my L.O.V.E?"
The fear in your eyes,
   The shakes of your lies,
                         The sweat of darkness inside.
  How can such a pretty face,
                        Do me wrong in so many ways?

The 10 things I hate about you
The ten things I hate about you,
Are the way you hold me,
When I'm scared out of my mind,
And the way you wipe my tears away,
When my heart has been broken in a way.
The way you tell me I love you,
Every morning and night,
And the way you make my heart beat
When you're in sight.
Even the way you look me in the eye,
When talking to me staight,
And the way you make me laugh
Brightening my day,
With a smile that,
Stops me in plain sight.
To even say the way you touch my cheek,
Making my face a rosey red,
Showing that smile on my face,
That you make stick around,
When you show your face,
But overall why I hate you most,
Is the way you made me fall for you,
When we first met.

Its what keeps me up at night,
Causing the bags under my eyes,
And the shivers down my spine.
Others try to help my system,
But all I can do is hide,
With the monster by my side.
Until the angel took my hand,
Dragging me by the zombie side,
Where bloodshot eyes ,
Stared into my soul,
As if their waiting,
But waiting for what?
And when it hit me,
I rose from fear,
And cleared my voice,
Of the demon here,
And spoke out loud,
I'm a addict.

"Then beginning the road as an angel again"

Blind Writer
To be able to hold
The roughten wood
Or blacken ink is none the less
A nessesity
As the paper
So thin as the wall beneath
I feel no need for a waste of tools
As a blind writer
I feel from soul
I use the blood in my heart
Writing in air
The words that rise
From deep soul
In the night
Or even day
The words arrive
From the train of life
And not to be remembered
But only be known
To what a writer is
What is not
For just thought
Or a state to express
For a writer is not
Blind to words
Blind to these feeling
And verses
But alive in sight and mind
When it comes to the world
That says I'm alive
So the ink right here
Won't stay for long
Because this is not to be remembered
But, Known
From a blind writer.

He tell, I tell, best friends tell
He tells me when I'm wrong
I tell him to try harder
He tells me when I look bad
I tell him he nedds a breath mint
He tells me when gunks in my teeth
I tell him when he loses his cool
He tells me I can do better
I tell him he'll make it one day
He tells me that I'm the best
I tell him when he's at his worst
He tells me he's got my back
I tell him he's my right hand man
He tells me he'll never leave
I tell him I'll be right here
He tells me you're my best friend
I tell him right back at you.

Leave your anger
Please leave your anger
And your worries to yourself,
When you know I myself
Am not strong to carry your burden
And if I do not,
Don't hurt me with words
Killing my spirts
And the joy I once had.
If you can't burden the anger
Find one who can help
Instead of bringing the weak down
With your sour words
Because everyday
You're breaking my heart
With words as sharp
As thousand knives.

Slave to the sea
Her eyes are the emeralds of the sea
Her lips are the whisper in the wind
And her hair are waves of our world.
She is Sea queen and her words are like echoes in our mind
As her love for a human is define
For such as he she loves the most
But with one touch her joy is gone
And in her world his mind would go.
As for her she must remain home
Until one day mother earth
Says go my child
Your job is done and love may find
Such a gracious daughter as you
To bare a child with the one you love
But as for now you remain the slave
To the great blue sea.

Fiery deaths
All we wanted was to be alone
And this is what we got in return
A fiery death wielded in all
Bringing us to our ash to ash death
But as long as its with you
I guess I'll fine
Knowing I'm not alone
I won't be as scared this time
Of the fiery red flames
Coming for my heart.
Pss… Secret
I have a secret for you
That you never knew.
Its about me
That I'm secretly depressed.
As I wear a fake mask
With a big happy smile
I'm frowning all the time
With my parents spliting
And someones spreading lies
Making me cry.
As I clean myself
With my own blood and knife.
I'm becoming really depressed
And afraid to be alone
Because I'm always thinking
Its time to end this life alone.
Now remember what I said
That this is a secret
So shh..

Describing my day
How the sound waves
Make the lovely blues
Of the daytime skies
How the grass sways
To the movement of the wind
And even the sounds of life
Passing me by
Making a symphony
So lovely allowing
The clouds to cry
On such a hot
With a sun that smiles
And nature that praises life
For an end is near
When a sunset arrives
Reminding of a rose
So sweet as life
But when the day ends
And darkness comes upon
Creating the midnight sky
And sparkly lights
Asking all to quite in voice
And when this ends
Its my way of describing my day.

My Passion
Its the feel of a pencil
Tracing its life
And painting the wall
Of the wonderful colors
Of the lovely skittles
That so many tools
Can be made of
To my life and feels
To let loose
In my own little muse
For my number 1 passion
The everything art.

Prisoner of your love
I try to walk away so many times
But grabbing my gravity
I fall and I stumble
Remaing with your heart
Knowing the feeling I can't hide
Because part of me already knew inside
I could never say goodbye; choking on words
That just materialize
As I think how I feel
And the dreams I have
As just a figment
For when I'm around you
I'm no longer me
But a prisoner of your love.

How can this be?
Weak,              From your words
Ugly,           The names you called me
Fat,            To just let it melt away
Lame,               Is what you say
Idiot,           Just from your point
Loser,               Not a word
Retard,          You're just being rude
Different. Me

Will you bring me back to life
If I drown to night

In the depths of my despair

Lost in the world

Curled in the air.

Will you bring me back to life?

Appreciating it in itself,

As if living was more

Then a pace of work.
Hanging by a thread

Living on your words

Wishing you were their

But when alone, in despair

I think of the words I never said

But where it led me instead,

Because without you next to me

I can't breathe

losing all life

As I turn like the sea

Knowing I'm one big flow

But at the end

Where will I be?
Don’t let me go
So many guys
And each one has touch my heart
And I would like to believe
That I've done the same
But at the end
Its always the same
Releasing their arms
Around my heart
And let me float into the wind
Alone and cold
Until another greets me again
But its getting old
Any I'm starting to feel alone
So won't the one
In this life
Catch my heart
And never don't let go
And never say goodbye
To the one you love the most.

Just that good
I walk in the room
And everything stops
My smile so bright
The sun runs to night.
My clothes rock so bad
That rock and roll
Just became dead
While my hair is so fly
Even Ferrah said "wow"
So no doubt and question of what I say
Becuase guess what
I'm just that good
Becuase you just can't help but say
"Hey!" when I come your way.

That for the practice of the big scream day
Thanks for the practice the big "Boo!"
Now I think its time for Halloween Horrors
I want to say "Muhahaha!" to you
Mother Earth is acting like a 2 year old again
Mother earth is acting like a two year old again
But then again can you blame her
With people hitting her, throwing trash at her and telling her she's a liar
That global warmings just her imaginary friend
But she dosen't want to believe this
So she gets madder
Knocking everything down in her path
With her friends hurricane and tornado
And when she really looses it
She hurts herself cutting
With something called eathquakes
And tsunami's that come
Which come from the tears of her pain
That she's all alone and will die soon.
So mother earth is two again
An she's still all alone
And if we can't pat her and say its alright
She just might end up killing herself.

My Prerogative
Everybody's talking about me
Spreading lies
In the knick of times
As if not owning their own
I wonder why they don't just let me live
And do what I want to do
Because that my prerogative
Since I can make myy own decisions
Just let me live.

Alice and Math
When Alice met math
She had 2+2
Then 2x2
But all of this was fine
Even with words
But when math gave
And x=y+
Alice said "Huh?"
But Alice worked real hard
Getting it all
Until math threw back
A fraction here, a graphing their, and a negative everywhere.
So till that day
Alice left math
Hating it and all
And yes Hate is bad
But so is math.
When Alice couldn't escape
Using fire and guns
Realizing math was involved
She made for a run
But having to face fears
She worked hard again
But at the end
She still crashed and burned
Falling into tears.

Walk away
So why are you still standing here in my face
As if I had something more to say
Because what you said is clear enough
That our love grow no more.
So might as well end it here
Letting our hearts drop on the floor.
So as my reply of what you told me that fatefull day
When others harrased me much and such
You told me just walk away
So why don't you just do the same.

"Just walk away"
Stupid girl
I don't want to be another stupid girl
Acting stupid like that
And sticking my chest out like that
Changing my stlye for him
And the dreams I have
I want to remain ambitious
And the self I made myself to be
I don't need him to call me back
If I don't puke to get my figurine
But remain myself and love it for me
With it flaws and all and maybe one
I'll find him who feels the same.

                       Blissful pink enters the heart
                       Causing it to glow just like a star
                               Making you smile
                            And blush like the rose
                            That makes you laugh
                                 Just like home

Down with us
Can you feel it?
The mist in the air
And the rain in your hair
As concepts become a blurr
And deception is more.
While humming birds destroy
Let the world turn around
Seeing flowers in the sky
And clouds on the ground
And tears all around
That destruction is coming alive.
With no time to say goodbye
But run and cry
Because what you did
Left you unalive
And thats worst of all
Since you hurt us all.
So hello to the end
And goodbye to guilt
For it was your pride
That tipped us all.

       And unique
         All the words
That bring intrigue.
 Strangers in play
I didn’t know him; and he didn’t know me
            But for some reason when he talked to me
                     He made my heart beat
     He was older then me but, not like you’re arrested age
          But just enough that I couldn’t be with him
                Although talking was another thing-

                     His words were all about me
              But when he offended I won’t let him be
              And when I left him alone; He leaves me
              As if without the other and their respect
                 We were nothing more than ants-

         But due to circumstances; we eliminate each other
               Even though the words we have said
                  Are more than what we’ve said to others-

Hi, nice to meet you
And Hello to thee
A new life is coming
so where is thee.
Who wields the shield of righteousness
At the wave of his wicked sword
That I came to plead
Oh woe is me
And Hey babe; Can you help this dance?
To fight the monsters here and there
and slay them everywhere
But if you can't or won't
Don't ever bother to Yo Paulie at me.

Packing away Halloween
Guts and blood
Organs and veins
Gushing and gooing
theirs the pain.
Skin rips and heads remove
Can you hear the cackle beneath the moon?
But that’s the end of the
Harvest moon
as to pack
and gobble gobble
for a turkey dude.

Kiss of Life
Kiss of life gave me bliss
     Your sweet lips were like a gift
           Never turn, Never leave
                 The love I have for you isn't a belief
                     But more than reality; More then we
                           Our love is slowly blinding me
                      So I have you; And you of mine
                  But in the end your kiss gives me life
              So never leave.
Kick you in!
Kick you in the arm
you’re in pain.
Kick you in the knee
you fell beneath.
Kick you in the stomach
Oh you're going to hurl.
But kick your words
Out of my face
with their vicious venom
Oh yeah I'm going to live.

Wonders of the Universe
You would think that space is very empty
If it were not for the stars that shine bright,
The empty sky could bring the world pity
Then there would not be a guide for the night.
The stars are the light of the universe
They are sometime considered as godly,
And are believed to have power to verse
Stares were worshipped day after day timely.
For the use of their power they possessed
In time after time, they have lived through life
As they were here longer, yet never lived
With their shineful light that gave us this life
The galaxy is s an intriguing place
It has been around for many a face.
Raise Our Glass
Gays and Lesbians
Bi and Magicians
Fat and Geeky
Freaks and neat freaks,
Here me when I say
Be yourself every day.
The cat in the Hat never did wrong
When he played his way
So I tell you to kiss
Whoever you want
As long as you know they play that way.
And for Fat and Geeky
You keep doing your thing.
And as for the freaks
Party to the night
And be true by day,
Because when the party arrives
I’ll ask for you all to stand and rise,
Because we are the
The Crazies,
The Freaky,
And just plain outrageous.
As we Raise Our Glass
To Us.

Poison of my Eye
                      Every since I’ve met you
                  It’s like I’m slowly loosing myself
                Because every kiss that we’ve had
                  A fade of light escapes my lips
                 Turning to death a grayish fade
                And for every touch of my cheek
                Evaporates the color from my face
           So that every breathe that you breath into me
                      Is like a toxic poison
            Welcoming my heart into a darken death
                    But even as I slowly die
                    I could never leave you
                      Because you are
                    The poison of my eye.

Dark to Light
He was slowly darkening my heart
                     Taking the light in my eye

                    Carrying me to the way side

              Making the sounds, the feel, and the taste

               Seem like a memory rather then reality
                 Because he was darkening my heart
   Darkening my soul,

                   Darkening the faith I once hold,
                And just as it all seemed to fade away

                     And I was just ash to ash

              A glowing hand appeared on my shoulder
Allowing me to be reborn

   Welcoming the sound, the feel, and the taste that once existed
    And by this hand,

                      I found my heart and found my soul

     And most of all

  My faith in the Lord.

I’m so SORRY

I'm sorry for littering
I'm sorry for lying
I'm sorry for cheating
I'm sorry for throwing
I'm sorry for teasing
                      Sorry for hazing
                      Sorry for speaking
                      Sorry for listening
                      Sorry for believing
                      Sorry for trusting
                      Sorry for being sorry
                  Because at the end of the day
                  I'm sorry to be alive.

Death by Note
Darkness arises
And bodies start to fall
But all for the good
So no guilt is above
But the hand of power
That reins over us all
Because at the end
Morals aren't relevant
But the opinion of what it is
That is only our own
We can only stand
And watch our
Puppet master
Make us fall
And if by chance
See the red drops fall from above
Because we were near
Equally the death we fear
Because with a swift of his hand
He may send a note
To death himself
     " It didn't have to end like this. "

                                            Crashing Down
I sit here at home
Wondering where the time has gone
When all I see is work
No play
But what can I do
Everything’s crashing down
As I try to remember the days
When I use to play
And run in the park
For happy times
When life was no worries
But now sorrow and panic
Crashing me down
But what can do
As it all comes down
Burying me down
With my hopes and dreams
As I watch a artist once me
No longer become in reach
As jobs are predictable
No time for the arts
As life comes crashing down
It makes me wonder
Why bother to write
If no life comes after
With a future told
As I once hoped to marry
And have a family aside
As I do now
But as I see life change
It seems unlikely
So I just stand by
As I watch life crashing down
Where no one can reach
So in this only moment of peace
Looking back on life
When we raced to the car
At the third lap in time
With the thrill and air
It had been the best memory
Of life
But time to face reality
As time passes by
So dose life
And it seems to be
Crashing down.

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