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					Scott Bell      Matthew Copeland   Adam Dembski     James Stiegler   Geoffrey Lesinski
Jeff Schieder   Yogesh Patel       Jignaben Patel   Bobby Chima      Scott Berner
Lee Dunham      Wanlaan Hui        Yong Li          George Camann    Juan Campuzano
Alex Medina     Paul Pancho        Mrinal Saha      Dan Shot
       Job Interviews
•   Campus interview and site visit
•   Difficult questions to answer
•   Web search “how to prepare”
•   Prior experiences
Campus Interview
   Site Visit
        Topics of Concern

• Dress Etiquette
  – Do’s and Don'ts
• What to bring
• Preliminary Preparation
• State of Mind
Dress Etiquette
 Conservativism and Conformity
• Don’t go overboard
• Don’t make a fashion statement
• It is better to be too conservative than too
• Don’t dress too casual
• Best bet - wear a suit
•   A two-piece suit will suffice
•   Solid colors and tighter-woven fabrics
•   Bright ties - bring focus to your face
•   Simple pattern ties
•   Wear polished shoes and socks high enough so no
    skin is visible when sitting and crossing legs.
•   A suit with knee-length skirt and tailored blouse
•   Basic pumps
•   Keep accessories simple
•   Pants are acceptable but not recommended
                           Final Check
•   Create a final checklist for yourself
•   Hair should be neatly trimmed
•   Use makeup conservatively
•   No runs in stockings
•   Shoes polished
    – Wear sneakers on the way to the interview and change before you enter

• Guys don’t wear earrings
• No missing buttons, crooked ties or lint
Do’s and Dont’s
Another Don’t
What to Bring
              What to Bring
• Updated copy of your resume
  – Multiple copies
  – Specific to the position
  – Make notes for yourself
• Questions
  – Continuing education, mentoring, etc….
• Transcripts
• Breath mints
        Preliminary Preparation

• Research the company
  – internet, trade magazines, etc…
• Get directions to the site
  – Go the day before if possible
• Career Planing and Placement
  – Practice interviews and resume critique
State of Mind
              State of Mind
• Get a good night’s sleep
• Eat a good breakfast
• Leave yourself enough time
  – Avoid rushing to minimize stress
• Think positive
How To Research A Company
     For An Interview
    Look up Company Web Page
•   Company size
•   Employment
•   Find benefits
•   Location
•   Job type
        Lookup Financial News
•   Wallstreet Journal
•   Stock trend
•   Company rating
•   Profit
              General News
•   Press release
•   Product performance
•   usa today
•   cnn
•   msnbc
       Interview Questions

•   Chima, Bobby
•   Patel, Jigna
•   Patel, Yogesh
•   Schieder, Jeff
               Do’s & Don’ts
• Do’s
  –   Research about Organization
  –   Do look the interviewer in the eye
  –   Take time to answer unexpected questions
  –   Be honest with your answers
  –   Be prepared to ask questions about position
• Don’ts
  –   Don’t even think about lying or embellishing
  –   Don’t argue with interviewer
  –   Don’t emphasize money as your main interest
  –   Don’t take notes during interview
  –   Don’t over-answer questions
  –   Don’t smoke, chew gum, etc., even if offered or
      if the interviewer does so
   Tough Questions to Answer
• “Tell me about yourself ?”
• “What is your greatest weakness?”
• “What qualifications do you have that will make
  you successful?”
• “Which is more important to you, pay or type of
  job held?”
• “How do you feel about your GPA?”
• “Why is your GPA so low?”
• “Where do you want to be in five years?”
• “How do you define or evaluate success?”
• “What have you learned from your mistakes?”
• Illegal Questions
  –   Age
  –   National Origin
  –   Personal
  –   Marital Status
  –   Disabilities

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