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					                               Child Care Research

For this report I decided to do research on the Lipton Corporate Child Care Center, which is located in
White Plains NY. I learned about this center through applying for a teaching position that they had
available and within two weeks I was allowed to work for the center part time. While working this past
week I was able to find out important information for parents who are interested in this Child Care

The Lipton Center is a corporate based company which only allows specific corporate companies to
advertise their child care center through use of that company's human resource office. For example, the
Heineken company advertises

to their workers ( who have children) through e-mails or bulletin boards about the Lipton Center with
permission from the center. If a parent wanted to find out more about the Lipton Center, there are
numbers available for different sites and different states, there are centers all over the Tri State area,
including Philadelphia, New Jersey, Virgina, and Washingtion DC. Usually parents will notify their Human
Resource office about their interest in the center and the office will set up a meeting at the specific
location in which the parent requested. If a parent was interested in the White Plains location, they
would be meeting with Rebecca Rosenberg where she would discuss all the available options that would
accommodation the parents and the child.

If parents wanted to enroll their child into the program, the average cost for children 3-12months at 3
days a week would be $362 dollars, any additional days would be an additional $133 dollars. The older
the child is the less costly it becomes, for example if a child is over 37 months, it is $232 dollars for 3
days a week, the additional cost for extra days would be $0 dollars. Before the parents can have the
center care for their child, they first must pay a one time registration fee and fill out a registration
packet which includes a photo of the child and requires a yearly medical exam form to be filled out by
the child's doctor.

The Lipton child care program includes: drop off at 8 am/ 6 pm pick up, light snacks every 3 hours, nap
time, diaper change every 2 hours, arts and crafts, and out door activities.