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									                             Message Board

1 Foam Board (15”x20”)
1 yd fabric(woven)
½ yard batting
4 yds. ribbon(1/4” or ½ “)
5 buttons
2 thumbtacks
glue gun and glue sticks

Student’s responsibility: fabric, ribbon, buttons

   1. Cut batting 17”x22”
   2. Cut Fabric 19”x24”
   3. Center board over batting over edges of board; and glue down on
      back side of the batting
   4. Carefully trim edges of batting.
   5. Lay fabric on table with right side down and center the board over
      fabric with batting side down.
   6. Wrap excess fabric over edges the back of board and glue fabric
      down using glue gun.
   7. Pin ribbon in place. Make sure to cut the ribbon long enough to be
      covered by the 14 X 19 back fabric. Glue edges of ribbon to back of
   8. Secure button using embroidery thread and needle at the
      intersections (x) of the ribbon. Use double thread and bring thread
      from back of board up and down through; tie knot in back of board
      (use another person to hold thread as you tie knot).
   9. Cut a piece of fabric 14” x 19” Use pinking shears and trim edges to
      prevent fraying. Glue edges to back of board.
   10.Using thumbtacks and yarn, mount tacks and yarn to back for
      hanging the board. Make sure the yarn does not shown when
      hanging board. Secure with glue gun.

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