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					Board of Medicine
Mission and philosophy                                           General information
                                                                   Carole Shotwell, Executive Secretary
   Responsible for determining the qualifications and fit-
ness of all physicians and physician assistants who apply        Agency contact
for licensure to practice medicine in Wyoming, for investi-         Carole Shotwell, Executive Secretary
gating complaints against its licensees, for appropriately          307/778-7053
disciplining licensees when they have violated the Medical          211 West 19th Street 2nd Floor
Practice Act, for publicizing information regarding the fil-        Cheyenne, WY 82002
ing of complaints and contributing to and participating in
a program assisting licensees who are impaired or who
cannot safely and skillfully practice to return to practice      Year established
after treatment, remediation and monitoring.                        1905

Major accomplishment and                                         Statutory references
                                                                    .S. 33-26-101 et. seq.
    Maintain daily licensing and regulatory services for         Authorized personnel
physicians and physician assistants.                                3 full time employees; 1 contract at will employee; 8
    The board’s goal to help invigorate the state’s economy      board members- 4 M.D.s, 1 D.O., 1 PA and 2 lay members;
was accomplished by the licensing and relicensing of 2341        5 physician assistant advisory council members
physicians, 158 were new licenses and 2269 renewed this
period. The board licensed and relicensed 141 physician          Organizational structure
assistants, 11 were new licenses and 130 renewed their              Eight member Board appointed by Governor for four
licenses.                                                        year terms; PA Advisory council members are appointed
    Due to the continuing paucity of medical care in             by the board
many areas of the state and integration of Wyoming
rural health care needs with rapidly expanding electronic        Clients served
delivery of medical care, the board maintains a contract             Authorized to license and investigate complaints and
with the Federation of State Medical Boards to utilize           impose disciplinary sanctions of physicians and physician
their Credentialing Verification Service (FCVS) to avoid         assistants when appropriate thereby protecting the health
duplication in securing documents, thereby expediting            and welfare of the residents of the state.
licensing and enhancing portability of licenses across
state lines.                                                     Budget information
    The board’s objective to enhance the quality of life in         Earmarked funds $577,357
Wyoming was accomplished by the docketing and investi-
gating of 39 disciplinary actions. The board’s strategy to       Agency to which group reports
continue to improve the quality of professional services            Governor and the Department of Administration and
provided by licensees to the public was accomplished by          Information
the completion of a nonprofit corporation to identify,
monitor and assist to return to productive practice physi-       Number of members
cians and physician assistants who suffer chemical impair-         8 board members; 5 physician assistant advisory council
ment and extensive behavioral problems.                          members
    To achieve public awareness of the board’s existence
and functions, the board advertised in statewide health          Meeting frequency
tabs, maintained a standardized complaint form, main-               Three per year on the first Thursday, Friday and
tained a website that allows access to all statutes and rules,   Saturday in the months of February, June and October,
access to the database of all licensed physicians and physi-     three regularly scheduled contested case hearings and tele-
cian assistants in Wyoming, allows access to downloadable        phone conference calls on an as needed basis. President
application forms, published a directory, maintained a toll-     and Secretary hold monthly conference calls to screen
free 800 number and informed disciplinary data banks,            complaints.

3.226                                                                               Wyoming State Government Annual Report 2004
                                                        Board of Medicine

state boards and other interested individuals of final disci-
plinary orders issued by the board.

Strategic plan changes
   The board’s only goal is to safeguard and promote the
public health, safety and welfare by maintaining consumer
confidence in physicians and physician assistants through
enforcement of high standards for professional licensing.

Wyoming State Government Annual Report 2004                                 3.227

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