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       Helping Hands
          (Lessons 52–86)
Enrichment Words — Context Sentences
                If Everybody Did
                   Lesson 52

1. I need somebody to help me.
2. The hard question made me think.
3. He followed the dog's tracks in the
4. Dad used tacks to fasten the carpet to
   the floor.
5. The bud on the bush will soon be a
   pink flower.
                 Marta's Blessing
                    Lesson 53

1. Doctors and nurses work in a
2. My sister likes to chat on the
3. Our neighbor swept his porch with a
4. Lily giggled when Mom tickled her.
5. Have you ever had a surprise
   birthday party?
                 Marta's Blessing
                    Lesson 54

1. I ate everything on my plate.
2. Rick chose to eat the chocolate
   pudding rather than the vanilla.
3. Share your toys and do not be selfish.
4. Jesus will forgive our sins if we ask
5. Our mailman gave me a large
                At Home in Color
                   Lesson 55

1. Nathan was tired and sat upon a big
   flat rock.
2. A brown otter swam across the lake.
3. Madeline's kitten was lost and alone.
4. Luke dove off the diving board.
5. At camp, my homesick friend missed
   his mom and dad.
                 At Home in Color
                    Lesson 56

1. Jessica likes to read the tale about
2. We should be polite to others and not
3. Crickets were chirping outside my
4. I can't find my lost shoes.
5. Anna needed medicine to cure her
                 At Home in Color
                    Lesson 57

1. Grandma's gemstone is a precious
2. Heaven's city is made of pure gold.
3. Dad gasped with surprise when I
   yelled "boo."
4. Anna painted a watercolor picture.
5. The artist finished his painting with a
   stroke of his brush.
             The Big, Black, Thumping Tadpole
                        Lesson 58

1. The tadpole in the jar had a large
   head and a skinny tail.
2. "Fiddlesticks," Bill said. "I do not
   believe that clown can eat 20
3. Captain Tom flew the helicopter to the
   next town.
4. Jason has 20 dollars in his bike fund.
5. Dad shook his head and said "I can't
   help you.
            The Big, Black, Thumping Tadpole
                       Lesson 59

1. Ben wore his finest suit to the
2. The long walk made Jeff tired.
3. Allison has five dollars in her piggy
4. A helicopter landed at the airport.
5. The hot water shrank the socks and
   made them too small.
              Helicopter Helpers
                   Lesson 60

1. We saw a helicopter flying above us.
2. The traffic on the road was very busy.
3. The fireman will rescue the lady from
   the burning building.
4. The car was stranded on the hill when
   the river flooded.
5. Army soldiers were in combat with the
                 A Brave Father
                   Lesson 61

1. Iraq is a country in the Middle East.
2. John earned the rank of major in the
   Air Force.
3. Soldiers live and work at a military
4. Qatar is a country that is close to Iraq.
5. Susan likes to chat on the telephone.
                  A Brave Father
                    Lesson 62

1. Sand and wind in the desert can
   create a storm.
2. It rained all day.
3. Soldiers use masks to protect
   themselves from dangerous gas in
   the air.
4. Courtney waited for her friend after
5. The car can go when the traffic light
   turns green.
                  Camp Sunrise
                    Lesson 63

1. We slept in a log cabin in the woods.
2. A big smile is called a grin.
3. I threw my crumpled lunch bag in the
4. Take off your shoes and wade in the
5. A frog's babies are called tadpoles.
                  Camp Sunrise
                    Lesson 64

1. Addie goes to the beach every
2. If something is damp, it is only slightly
3. Do you whine when you don't get
   your own way?
4. When we gripe, we complain about
5. Remind me to lock the door if I forget.
                   Stone Soup
                    Lesson 65

1. Chicken soup tastes good on a cold
2. A narrator helps tell the story.
3. A fruit peddler travels to sell his
4. The blacksmith made shoes for the
5. The miller ground the grain into flour.
                  Stone Soup
                   Lesson 66

1. Bill will share his toys with me when
   we play.
2. Carrots are crunchy, orange
3. Our turkey dinner was a feast.
4. Mom sprinkled salt and pepper on the
5. Eric pressed against the fence to see
   the lion better.
                  Stone Soup
               Lesson 66 -continued

6. Mandy likes cream in her coffee.
                  Stone Soup
                   Lesson 67

1. John finished his test before the bell
2. Mother wiped the table with a cloth.
3. Scott had to hunt for his lost book.
4. I fed the hungry dog.
5. Amy was looking at her new Bible.
             A Snowy Day on Green Street
                      Lesson 68

1. What street do you live on?
2. Nate put on his jacket and went
3. A mixture of rain and snow is called
4. The snow looked soft and white.
5. The wind blew a lot of snow into a
             A Snowy Day on Green Street
                      Lesson 69

1. Watch the caterpillar as it creeps up
   the steps.
2. Did you get a lot of birthday cards?
3. I have never seen a tornado.
4. Jonathan has a quarter in his pocket.
5. God wants us to be thankful for what
   He does for us.
                A Christmas Song
                   Lesson 70

1. The carolers sang a Christmas song.
2. The organ sounded louder than the
3. Our family went to church on
   Christmas Eve.
4. Mary held her newborn baby.
5. It is snowy and chilly outside.
                A Christmas Song
                   Lesson 72

1. "Jesus Loves Me" is my favorite song.
2. Mom told us to be silent during the
   church service.
3. Do you look at the moon at night?
4. The queen wears a beautiful crown.
                   My Gift
                  Lesson 73

1. The poor family had no money for
2. A small child played in the sandbox.
3. A shepherd cares for his sheep.
4. A lamb is a baby sheep.
5. Megan had a part in the Christmas
                 Trust in God
                  Lesson 74

1. When I took all the clothes out of my
   dresser, the drawers were empty.
2. Dad oiled the wheel so it wouldn't
3. Let's visit Grandma and Grandpa.
4. The milk was delivered to our house
   by the milkman.
5. The horses pulled the wagon along
   the street.
                    Lesson 75

1. The firefighters put out the fire.
2. Did a red truck turn into the driveway?
3. Nick set the glass upright on the
4. The water sprayed through the nozzle
   at the end of the hose.
5. Lots of water can gush out of a big
                The Best Dog Yet
                   Lesson 76

1. The stray cat begged for food.
2. Ruth was soaked from walking in the
3. The cold kitten shivered.
4. Joe fed his dog scraps after dinner.
5. Mark rolled and tumbled down the hill.
                 The Best Dog Yet
                    Lesson 77

1. The happy puppy frisked around the
2. Amy groaned after she fell.
3. The bottle shattered as it hit the floor.
4. Tom scrambled over the rocks to get
   away from the waves.
5. The sharp stone cut a gash in Sarah's
                 Zoo Camp
                  Lesson 78

1. Many animals live in the zoo.
2. A zookeeper takes care of the
   animals at the zoo.
3. God created lions and tigers and
   many other animals.
                  Zoo Camp
                  Lesson 79

1. Bananas are my favorite kind of fruit.
2. Wheat and oats are kinds of grain.
3. A good name for an animal is Huey.
4. An elephant has a long trunk.
5. I asked Mother what else I could do to
6. The dog jumped over the fence.
                   Zoo Camp
                   Lesson 80

1. A lion is not tame like a pet cat.
2. The zoo has lions, tigers, and even
   an octopus.
3. Rolling over is one of my dog's
   favorite tricks.
4. The teacher's raised hand was a cue
   to stop talking.
                The Eagle and the Ant
                      Lesson 81

1. The little boat will drift back to land.
2. The boys went tromping through the
3. The baby cried for his mother.
4. The hunter aimed and pulled the
   trigger on his gun.
5. The rabbit was able to scramble back
   to his hole.
                  Miriam Helps
                   Lesson 82

1. My aunt's name is Miriam.
2. Reeds are tall grasses that grow by
   the edge of the water.
3. Allison sat with her new friend at
4. Sarah's room is clean and tidy.
5. My cat snuggled up in her cozy bed.
                  Miriam Helps
                   Lesson 83

1. A king's daughter is called a princess.
2. Miriam is a name in the Bible.
3. The red ball on my fishing rod bobbed
   up and down on top of the water.
4. My sister lost her purse.
5. Moses was a man who obeyed God.
                 To Be Great
                  Lesson 84

1. President Lincoln was America's
   sixteenth president.
2. Many soldiers were hurt in the battle.
3. The children that did not obey were
4. A lad is a young boy.
                  To Be Great
                   Lesson 85

1. Ted and I made a deal that I would
   sweep the porch if Ted would take
   out the trash.
2. President Lincoln often wore a tall
   black hat.
3. Mark jumps the highest when we play
4. I went to the hospital to visit my sick
                   To Be Great
                    Lesson 86

1. President Lincoln had four sons.
2. The wounded soldier needed
   someone to help him.
3. Would you help me find my dog, sir?
4. Mike is afraid of alligators.

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