Breaking the Espresso Habit by sosska


									Breaking the Espresso Habit

There are probably hundreds of thousands of individuals that start off
their day and mornings with a shot of espresso beverages. In addition,
those same people probably also have a shot of espresso in the evening
before they go to bed. If you are one of those espresso drinkers, though,
have you ever considered that you may be fostering an unhealthy habit?
Indeed, there are actually plenty of people throughout the world that
continue drinking shot after shot of espresso only to eventually be an
espresso addict. This is not necessarily the best thing for anyone,
though, as hardly any habits and addictions are good.

If you know that you have an espresso addiction, though, and would like
to try to kick the habit then there are plenty of ways in which you can
successful get unhooked from the beverage that millions across the globe
love! Here are some ways that one can break the espresso habit
successfully, though, without adding too much fuel to the fire:

Try Replacing It

Although if you're an espresso drinker you probably don't even want to
think about the word "replacing" when it comes to your espresso habit,
but replacing espresso with something much healthier is recommended by
all health professionals if one has an unhealthy addiction to the drink!
A couple examples of the beverages that you could replace espresso with
include natural, 100% fruit juices, tomato juice, or even freshly
squeezed orange juice! Fruit juices are just one healthy example of the
way that you can replace espresso, but another suggestion would be to
just replace it with regular black coffee. Even though many people think
that espresso has much more caffeine than regular coffee, this could be
true if you are continually drinking 5 or more shots of espresso in one

Avoid the Situation

Another suggestion to break the espresso habit includes avoiding the
situation altogether that would have you enjoying one or more shots of
espresso! If you are habitually late to the office then cutting back on
your coffee shop stops may be just what you need in order to stop the
espresso addiction. On the other hand if there are other matters of
business that require your attention early in the morning or late at
night then these would be opportune times to get things done rather than
just procrastinate! Perhaps also you could arrive to your normal work-
place earlier than normal to get a head start on the work you already
have on your plate. Nevertheless, though, avoiding the coffee shop that
regularly serves you countless espresso shots is a good idea if you want
to break the habit!

All of these ways are great ideas to use if you realize that your
addiction to espresso is becoming an unhealthy one. All addictions
require adequate care by the person who is trying to stop; espresso is no
different, however, one can easily learn to live without it in order to
enjoy a more healthier life!

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