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					        Aislinn     ALPHABET

By Margaret Land

                    If you wish to hand embroider Margaret’s Aislinn alphabet, print
                    out the template provided in this link and transfer to the blanket
                    fabric as instructed in the article. You may trace the circles if you
                    feel you need them for spacing, or you may trace a simple line if
                    you feel more confident. Stitch a lazy daisy flower within each
                    circle of each letter, or along the traced line. For a different look,
                    try stitching silk ribbon spiderweb roses or floss bullion roses in
                    each circle. Use the floss chart below, or make up your own colors.
                    Remember, you can choose to use the same green for all the leaves
                    or the same yellow for all the yellow petals, or you can use several
                    different shades as listed.
                                                                                FLOSS CHART
                                                                                The lazy daisy flower petals, the French knot
                                                                                centers and the lazy daisy leaves are all small but
                                                                                are done using two strands of floss, which gives
                                                                                the embroidery a wonderful texture. The colors
 Before you transfer the alphabet to your fabric,
                                                                                of the letters begin with a peach and work their
the blanket should be blocked off on the piqué
                                                                                way through the color spectrum twice. There are
by pulling threads. Trace the alphabet around one
                                                                                13 color combinations, and each one is used twice.
corner, centering the template between the pulled
                                                                                Follow the chart. Use similar colors of your choice
thread lines and the marker lines.
                                                                                if using silk ribbon, as we do not provide a silk rib-
                                                                                bon color chart.
                                         44”                                               DMC Six Strand Cotton Embroidery Floss
                            4”                                                  Letters Petals            Centers           Leaves
                                                                                a,n        3825               722                 3348
                                           3-3/4”                               b,o        352                3609                704
                                                     3-3/4”                     c,p        605                745                 772
                                                                                d,q        3608               722                 704
                                     Hemstitch                                  e,r        554                3078                3348
          44”                                                 4”
                                       line                                     f.s        340                3822                368
                                                                                g,t        794                210                 3348
                                                                                h,u        3766               3822                703
                                                                                i,v        913                3326                3348
                                                                                j,w        704                809                 369
                                    Alphabet                                    k,x        3819               760                 368
                                                                                l,y        444                809                 989
                                                                                m,z        742                613                 368


                        French Knot                                                                          Spiderweb Rose

                                            Pull wrap snug against                    Stitch five spokes with floss;   To finish rose, take ribbon
                                            fabric and take needle                    weave ribbon over and under      to back underneath an
                Wrap needle once            to back                                   spokes                           outer petal

 Bullion Rose

  Bring needle up; take          Pull needle and
  short stitch and come          thread through
  out in first hole; wrap        wraps                    Lay stitch in place
  needle with thread                                      and anchor at end

       To form a rose, work                 Leaves or buds can be
       several bullions in a                formed with two bullions
       circular pattern until               sharing a hole at top and
       rose is correcet size;               side by side at bottom
       fill center with French
       knots or tiny bullions
After the embroidery is compete, hemstitch along the marker line. Fold the edges of
the blanket back along the pulled thread line, and miter the corners at the back. Slip-
stitch the folded edge to the hemstitching on the blanket’s back.

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