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					Co-op                          The Career Board and Career Fair

The Career Fair is taking place on May 1st, 2012

In order to plan for the career fair, you will prepare an overview of what your board will look like.

Part 1: Planning Stage / Rough Draft                  Due : Monday March 19th

On an 8 ½ x 11 blank piece of paper, you will draw and label what will appear on your career board. On
the other side of the sheet, you will list any additional items you are planning to include in your career
display, e.g. pamphlets, posters, tools, giveaways, demonstration items, etc. It is a good idea to bring in
items for demonstration in order to attract the audience to your display.

Your Career Board must include the following:
         Company name and address
         Supervisor’s name and position in the organization
         Student’s name and position (position should be in large letters, so visitors can identify the
          career area and your name should be near it, so it is known that it is you at the placement)
         Background information about the company - research you did for your interview and
          additional information you have obtained while at the placement
         Your role within the organization – will be different from job description
         Job description of the career you are exploring ex: electrician – what does a fully licensed
          electrician do?
         Photos of job duties with captions and an explanation of what you are doing in the photo
          (minimum of 6)
         Career Fact Sheet - in bullet format using your own words with information obtained from
          multiple sources such as: various websites and in speaking with your employer (see below)
         Vocabulary used at your workplace (minimum 10 words, with definitions and sentences
          showing meanings)
         Bibliography showing where you sourced your information

Your outline is to be neat, legible and colorful!

Part 2: The Good Copy                                 Due: Monday April 16th

Your Career Board will be marked for the following items:
         Creativity and audience appeal – display has impact and captures attention
         Communicates well for the intended audience
         Layout is logical
         Board is well organized, neat and lettering and items on the board are an appropriate size
         Good use of white space
         Diagrams and photos are appropriately labeled
         Proper spelling and grammar

You must use a three-panel display board to complete this assignment.

Part 3: Class Presentations                           Due: Monday April 30th

You will present your display board to the class:

Part 4: Career Fair                                   Takes Place: May 1st
History of Your Organization

Use MS Word to complete this information. All information must be written in good sentence and
paragraph structure using the following headings:

   1. Name of the Organization

   2. Full address of the business and a brief description of its location (you may want to include a map)

   3. Has the business moved since it was started?

   4. Owner’s Name

   5. Supervisor’s Name

   6. Number of Employees

   7. Size of the Organization
        e.g. is it part of a larger organization? If so, explain.

   8. Unions
        Is there a union or professional affiliation associated with your organization? If so, name it,
         and identify its purpose

   9. Hours of Operation

   10. Type of Organization

   11. When was it started and for what purpose?

   12. Customers
         Who does the organization serve?

   13. Ownership
        Does the business have the same owner as when it started? If not, who runs it today?

   1. Vocabulary sheet
        A minimum of 10 placement-related words with definitions and sentences using the words
                                          Career Fact Sheet

Use MS Word to complete this assignment. All information must be written in sentences using proper
spelling and grammar.

Websites that you may wish to consult for this assignment include:
         Career Cruising

                                        Career Fact Sheet
                                    For: (Name of occupation)

   1. Describe your role (what you do) at your placement

   2. Describe the main duties of this occupation (that you are researching)

   3. What are the general characteristics of this occupation? (e.g. male/female, full or part-time, etc.)

   4. What level of education is necessary? (Describe the educational path in detail)

   5. What are the working conditions like? (e.g. surroundings, individual or team work, people contact,
      regular vs. irregular hours, most satisfying aspect of the job, least satisfying aspect of the job)

   6. What are the job prospects for the future in this occupation? (limited, fair, good, excellent – Give
      reasons to support your answer)

   7. List three potential local employers in this field

   8. What are the benefits? (salary, job satisfaction, group health benefits, holidays, etc.)

   9. Is there a professional organization or union associated with this occupation? If so, name it and
      briefly explain it.

   10. Why should someone enter this occupation?

   11. How can someone find out more about this occupation?

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