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Excel spreadsheet - craig - Excel


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									Rank    Artist                Song
    1   The Clash             London Calling
    2   Violent Femmes        Blister In The Sun
    3   The Smiths            How Soon Is Now?
    4   Ramones               I Wanna Be Sedated
    5   Joy Division          Love Will Tear Us Apart
    6   Nirvana               Smells Like Teen Spirit
    7   Jane's Addiction      Been Caught Stealing
    8   U2                    Sunday Bloody Sunday
    9   The Sex Pistols       God Save The Queen
   10   Radiohead             Creep
   11   Beck                  Loser
   12   R.E.M.                Radio Free Europe
   13   David Bowie           Space Oddity
   14   Television            Marquee Moon
   15   Talking Heads         Psycho Killer
   16   The Cure              Boys Don't Cry
   17   Depeche Mode          Personal Jesus
   18   Pixies                Monkey Gone To Heaven
   19   The Replacements      Alex Chilton
   20   Elvis Costello        Radio, Radio
   21   The Stone Roses       I Wanna Be Adored
   22   New Order             Blue Monday (12" mix)
   23   The Clash             Train In Vain
   24   Breeders              Cannonball
   25   Fugazi                Waiting Room
   26   Radiohead             Paranoid Android
   27   Pixies                Where Is My Mind?
   28   Sonic Youth           Teenage Riot
   29   The Sex Pistols       Anarchy In The U.K.
   30   Lou Reed              Walk On The Wild Side
   31   The Police            Roxanne
   32   U2                    New Year's Day
   33   Bauhaus               Bela Lugosi's Dead
   34   Nine Inch Nails       Head Like A Hole
   35   R.E.M.                It's The End Of The World...
   36   Nirvana               All Apologies
   37   My Bloody Valentine   Only Shallow
   38   Jane's Addiction      Jane Says
   39   The B-52s             Rock Lobster
   40   Talking Heads         Burning Down The House
   41   Iggy Pop              Lust For Life
   42   Beastie Boys          Fight For Your Right
   43   Hsker D               Makes No Sense At All
   44   U2                    Pride (In The Name Of Love)
   45   Patti Smith           Gloria
   46   Nirvana               Come As You Are
47   Blondie                    Heart Of Glass
48   The Clash                  Rock The Casbah
49   Pearl Jam                  Jeremy
50   Bjork                      Human Behaviour
51   The Jesus And Mary Chain   Just Like Honey
52   XTC                        Dear God
53   New Order                  Bizarre Love Triangle (12")
54   Beck                       Where It's At
55   Pixies                     Here Comes Your Man
56   Jeff Buckley               Last Goodbye
57   Weezer                     Undone - The Sweater Song
58   Pavement                   Cut Your Hair
59   The Cure                   Just Like Heaven
60   Echo & The Bunnymen        Lips Like Sugar
61   Dead Milkmen               Bitchin' Camaro
62   Radiohead                  Fake Plastic Trees
63   Afghan Whigs               Rebirth Of The Cool
64   Beastie Boys               Sabotage
65   Blur                       Song 2
66   Faith No More              Epic
67   James                      Laid
68   Smashing Pumpkins          Today
69   Red Hot Chili Peppers      Under The Bridge
70   David Bowie                Changes
71   Blondie                    Rapture
72   The Clash                  Should I Stay Or Should I Go
73   Bob Marley                 Get Up, Stand Up
74   Elvis Costello             (What's So Funny 'Bout)...
75   Modest Mouse               Float On
76   The Velvet Underground     Sweet Jane
77   The Stooges                I Wanna Be Your Dog
78   Nirvana                    In Bloom
79   Pearl Jam                  Alive
80   R.E.M.                     Losing My Religion
81   The Velvet Underground     Pale Blue Eyes
82   Elvis Costello             Alison
83   Matthew Sweet              Girlfriend
84   Siouxsie & The Banshees    Cities In Dust
85   The White Stripes          Seven Nation Army
86   Ramones                    Blitzkrieg Bop
87   Talking Heads              Life During Wartime
88   The Smiths                 Panic
89   Franz Ferdinand            Take Me Out
90   Pixies                     Gigantic
91   The Cure                   Love Song
92   Depeche Mode               People Are People
93   Kate Bush                  Running Up That Hill
 94   Oasis                      Wonderwall
 95   Boomtown Rats              I Don't Like Mondays
 96   Radiohead                  Just
 97   Camper Van Beethoven       Take The Skinheads Bowling
 98   The Jam                    Town Called Malice
 99   Pulp                       Common People
100   The Postal Service         Such Great Heights
101   Devo                       Whip It
102   Gary Numan                 Cars
103   David Bowie                Suffragette City
104   The Police                 Message In A Bottle
105   Radiohead                  Karma Police
106   Nine Inch Nails            Closer
107   Talking Heads              Take Me To The River
108   Buzzcocks                  Ever Fallen In Love?
109   Cracker                    Low
110   Patti Smith Group          Dancing Barefoot
111   The Jesus And Mary Chain   Head On
112   U2                         I Will Follow
113   Red Hot Chili Peppers      Give It Away
114   Nirvana                    Heart Shaped Box
115   Flaming Lips               Do You Realize??
116   R.E.M.                     Pretty Persuasion
117   Violent Femmes             Kiss Off
118   Lenny Kravitz              Are You Gonna Go My Way
119   Elvis Costello             Pump It Up
120   The Replacements           The Ledge
121   Eurythmics                 Sweet Dreams
122   Squeeze                    Tempted
123   Dead Kennedys              Holiday In Cambodia
124   U2                         With Or Without You
125   The Dandy Warhols          Bohemian Like You
126   Folk Implosion             Natural One
127   Gang OF Four               I Love A Man In A Uniform
128   The White Stripes          Fell In Love With A Girl
129   The Velvet Underground     Rock & Roll
130   XTC                        Senses Working Overtime
131   Joy Division               She's Lost Control
132   Interpol                   PDA
133   The Verve                  Bittersweet Symphony
134   Talking Heads              Once In A Lifetime
135   Devo                       (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
136   The Stone Roses            Fools Gold
137   New Order                  True Faith (12" mix)
138   The Jim Carroll Band       People Who Died
139   The Police                 Every Breath You Take
140   Church                     Under The Milky Way
141   Wilco                   Heavy Metal Drummer
142   Ramones                 Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll
143   R.E.M.                  Orange Crush
144   The Clash               The Magnificent Seven
145   Depeche Mode            Enjoy The Silence
146   Public Image Limited    Rise
147   The Sugarcubes          Birthday
148   Dead Milkmen            Punk Rock Girl
149   Cracker                 Teen Angst
150   The Shins               New Slang
151   Gorillaz                Clint Eastwood
152   DJ Shadow               Midnight In A Perfect World
153   The Cure                Close To Me
154   Portishead              Sour Times
155   Modest Mouse            Polar Opposites
156   Living Colour           Cult Of Personality
157   Elvis Costello          Watching The Detectives
158   Midnight Oil            Beds Are Burning
159   Peter Gabriel           In Your Eyes
160   Tori Amos               Silent All These Years
161   Massive Attack          Safe From Harm
162   Flaming Lips            She Don't Use Jelly
163   Beastie Boys            So What'cha Want
164   David Bowie             Ziggy Stardust
165   Violent Femmes          Gone Daddy Gone
166   Afghan Whigs            Debonair
167   Oasis                   Live Forever
168   U2                      One
169   Bob Marley              Jamming
170   The English Beat        Mirror In The Bathroom
171   Blur                    Girls and Boys
172   XTC                     Making Plans For Nigel
173   Interpol                Obstacle 1
174   Ramones                 Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
175   Guided By Voices        Teenage FBI
176   The Jam                 Going Underground
177   The Shins               Caring Is Creepy
178   The Chemical Brothers   Block Rockin' Beats
179   The Smiths              There Is A Light That Never...
180   Love & Rockets          So Alive
181   The Cure                Pictures Of You (single mix)
182   Mazzy Star              Fade Into You
183   The Psychedelic Furs    Love My Way
184   Pavement                Stereo
185   PJ Harvey               Down By The Water
186   Social Distortion       Ball And Chain
187   R.E.M.                  Stand
188   Screaming Trees             Nearly Lost You
189   Veruca Salt                 Seether
190   Arcade Fire                 Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
191   Happy Mondays               Step On
192   The Replacements            Bastards Of Young
193   Pixies                      Debaser
194   Soul Coughing               Screenwriter's Blues
195   The La's                    There She Goes...
196   Joe Jackson                 Is She Really Going Out With
197   The Charlatans UK           The Only One I Know
198   The Shins                   So Says I
199   Oasis                       Supersonic
200   Urge Overkill               Sister Havana
201   Modern English              I Melt With You
202   Yeah Yeah Yeahs             Maps
203   Bob Mould                   Sunspots / Wishing Well
204   Smashing Pumpkins           Disarm
205   Spoon                       Everything Hits At Once..
206   Arctic Monkeys              I Bet You Look Good ....
207   Sonic Youth                 Kool Thing
208   Wall Of Voodoo              Mexican Radio
209   Frankie Goes To Hollywood   Relax
210   Afghan Whigs                Gentlemen
211   Dramarama                   Anything, Anything
212   The Cult                    She Sells Sanctuary
213   The Jam                     In The City
214   Nirvana                     About A Girl
215   New Order                   Love Vigilantes
216   Oingo Boingo                Dead Man's Party
217   Sonic Youth                 100%
218   Wire                        Strange
219   The Smiths                  Girlfriend In A Coma
220   The Cure                    In-Between Days
221   Concrete Blonde             God Is A Bullet
222   The Replacements            I Will Dare
223   The B-52s                   Private Idaho
224   The Clash                   This Is Radio Clash
225   Gnarls Barkley              Crazy
226   Morphine                    Cure For Pain
227   The English Beat            Save It For Later
228   MC 900 FT Jesus             The City Sleeps
229   Modest Mouse                Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes
230   Romeo Void                  Never Say Never
231   Juliana Hatfield            My Sister
232   Roxy Music                  Love Is The Drug
233   Belle & Sebastian           Your Cover's Blown
234   Beck                        The New Pollution
235   Dinosaur Jr.              Feel The Pain
236   The Clash                 Lost In The Supermarket
237   Elliott Smith             Miss Misery
238   Pavement                  Shady Lane
239   Liz Phair                 Supernova
240   Talking Heads             Crosseyed And Painless
241   Peter Murphy              Cuts You Up
242   Jeff Buckley              So Real
243   Peter Gabriel             Sledgehammer
244   The White Stripes         The Hardest Button To Button
245   Orb                       Little Fluffy Clouds (edit)
246   Beastie Boys              Intergalactic
247   Bob Marley                Could You Be Loved
248   Bjork                     Big Time Sensuality
249   Siouxsie & The Banshees   Peek-A-Boo!
250   Public Enemy              Fight The Power
251   The Rapture               House Of Jealous Lovers
252   The Smiths                Bigmouth Strikes Again
253   Tricky                    Black Steel
254   Muse                      Time Is Running Out...
255   Silversun Pickups         Kissing Families
256   The Smiths                Stop Me If You Think You've ..
257   Simple Minds              Don't You (Forget About Me)
258   Bears                     Fear Is Never Boring
259   Mission Of Burma          That's When I Reach For My Revolver
260   Pretenders                My City Was Gone
261   The Chemical Brothers     Let Forever Be
262   Depeche Mode              Route 66 (Beatmasters mix)
263   Blondie                   One Way Or Another
264   Suede                     Metal Mickey
265   Social Distortion         Bad Luck
266   Bettie Serveert           Tom Boy
267   G. Love & Special Sauce   Cold Beverage
268   Eels                      Mr. E's Beautiful Blues
269   Guided By Voices          I Am A Scientist (single mix)
270   The Strokes               Last Nite
271   Frank Black               Headache
272   Nine Inch Nails           Down In It
273   Faith No More             We Care A Lot
274   XTC                       Mayor Of Simpleton
275   The Police                Can't Stand Losing You
276   The Velvet Underground    What Goes On In The Heart
277   Belly                     Feed The Tree
278   Wilco                     Monday
279   Elastica                  Connection
280   The Psychedelic Furs      Pretty In Pink
281   Dinosaur Jr.              Start Choppin'
282   Fishbone                         Party At Ground Zero
283   Radiohead                        Optimistic
284   The Waterboys                    The Whole Of The Moon
285   Peter Gabriel                    Shock The Monkey
286   Supergrass                       Caught By The Fuzz
287   Tori Amos                        Cornflake Girl
288   Pearl Jam                        Even Flow
289   Smashing Pumpkins                Bullet With Butterfly Wings
290   Meat Puppets                     Backwater
291   The Specials                     A Message To You Rudy
292   Lemonheads                       Into Your Arms
293   They Might Be Giants             Birdhouse In Your Soul
294   U2                               Where The Streets Have No Name
295   Bob Marley & The Wailers         I Shot The Sheriff
296   The Jam                          Start!
297   Jon Spencer Blues Explosion      Talk About The Blues
298   Disposable Heroes / Hiphoprisy   Television, Drug Of A Nation
299   Primal Scream                    Movin' On Up
300   Ministry                         Everyday Is Halloween
301   Nirvana                          Lithium
302   Neutral Milk Hotel               In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
303   Social Distortion                Ring Of Fire
304   Tones On Tail                    Go (Club Mix)
305   Talk Talk                        It's My Life
306   Soul Coughing                    Super Bon Bon
307   !!! (Chk Chk Chk)                Me And Giuliani Down By The...
308   Royal Crescent Mob               Get On The Bus
309   Jane's Addiction                 No One's Leaving
310   The Walkmen                      The Rat
311   The New Pornographers            The Laws Have Changed •
312   Paul Westerberg                  Dyslexic Heart
313   U2                               Bad (Live)
314   The Stone Roses                  Waterfall
315   Built To Spill                   Goin' Against Your Mind
316   Smashing Pumpkins                                                 1979
317   The Sundays                      Here's Where The Story Ends
318   The The                          Uncertain Smile
319   Shriekback                       Nemesis
320   Manic Street Preachers           If You Tolerate This ....
321   Public Enemy                     Bring The Noise
322   Blind Melon                      No Rain
323   Buggles                          Video Killed The Radio Star
324   Sebadoh                          Skull
325   Harvey Danger                    Flagpole Sitta
326   Killing Joke                     Eighties
327   Tom Tom Club                     Genius Of Love
328   David Bowie                      Rebel Rebel
329   Red Hot Chili Peppers      Higher Ground
330   Ned's Atomic Dustbin       Grey Cell Green
331   The Hives                  Hate To Say I Told You So
332   Suicidal Tendencies        Institutionalized
333   The Alarm                  Strength
334   The Cardigans              My Favourite Game
335   The Velvet Underground     White Light / White Heat
336   Robyn Hitchcock            My Wife And My Dead Wife
337   Coldplay                   Yellow
338   Nine Inch Nails            Hurt
339   Weezer                     Buddy Holly
340   Breeders                   Divine Hammer (single version)
341   R.E.M.                     So. Central Rain
342   Arcade Fire                Wake Up
343   The Catherine Wheel        Black Metallic
344   Air                        Sexy Boy
345   Smashing Pumpkins          Tonight, Tonight
346   Clap Your Hands Say Yeah   The Skin Of My Yellow Country
347   The Vapors                 Turning Japanese
348   Hot Chip                   Over And Over
349   Cake                       The Distance
350   Sinead O'Connor            Mandinka
351   Tori Amos                  God
352   Smoking Popes              Need You Around
353   L7                         Pretend We're Dead
354   Ministry                   Stigmata
355   Fatboy Slim                The Rockafeller Skank
356   The White Stripes          My Doorbell
357   Thomas Dolby               She Blinded Me With Science
358   Cowboy Junkies             Sweet Jane
359   Modest Mouse               Ocean Breathes Salty
360   Interpol                   Slow Hands
361   The Cloud Room             Hey Now Now
362   Mclusky                    To Hell With Good Intentions
363   Elliott Smith              Waltz #2
364   Bob Marley                 Redemption Song
365   Doves                      Catch The Sun
366   Wilco                      I'm The Man Who Loves You
367   New York Dolls             Personality Crisis
368   PJ Harvey                  Good Fortune
369   Tears For Fears            Everybody Wants To Rule The
370   Rilo Kiley                 Portions For Foxes
371   The Dandy Warhols          Not If You Were The Last ...
372   R.E.M.                     What's The Frequency, Kenneth?
373   Blur                       There's No Other Way
374   Cake                       Never There
375   They Might Be Giants       Don't Let's Start
376   The Smithereens                  Blood & Roses
377   The B-52s                        Love Shack
378   Pretenders                       Middle Of The Road
379   Forget Cassettes                 Instruments Of Action
380   Black Flag                       T.V. Party
381   TV On The Radio                  Staring At The Sun
382   Radiohead                        Street Spirit (Fade Out)
383   The Pogues                       Fairytale Of New York
384   Lou Reed                         Dirty Blvd.
385   Tegan & Sara                     Walking With A Ghost
386   Echo & The Bunnymen              Bedbugs And Ballyhoo
387   Prodigy                          Fire Starter
388   Superdrag                        Sucked Out
389   The Call                         The Walls Came Down
390   Dada                             Dizz Knee Land
391   Butthole Surfers                 Pepper
392   Pixies                           Alec Eiffel
393   Public Image Limited             Public Image
394   The The                          Infected
395   The Undertones                   Teenage Kicks
396   The Decemberists                 The Bachelor And The Bride
397   The Charlatans UK                Weirdo
398   Porno For Pyros                  Pets
399   Grandaddy                        The Crystal Lake
400   Massive Attack                   Angel
401   Yaz                              Situation (extended mix)
402   Stereo MC's                      Connected
403   The Nails                        88 Lines About 44 Women
404   The Black Keys                   10 A.M. Automatic
405   The Jam                          That's Entertainment
406   Weezer                           Say It Ain't So
407   Spiritualized                    Come Together
408   LCD Soundsystem                  Daft Punk Is Playing...
409   Fatboy Slim                      Praise You
410   Urban Dance Squad                Deeper Shade Of Soul
411   The Streets                      Let's Push Things Forward
412   Blur                             Coffee and TV
413   Flaming Lips                     Yoshimi Battles The Pink...
414   They Might Be Giants             Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
415   Pulp                             Disco 2000
416   Grandmaster Flash                The Message
417   Art Of Noise                     Close (To The Edit)
418   Pixies                           Velouria
419   Sunny Day Real Estate            Pillars
420   Iggy Pop                         Real Wild Child (Wild One)
421   Jonathan Richman/Modern Lovers   Dodge Veg-O-Matic
422   Split Enz                        I Got You
423   World Party               Ship Of Fools
424   Ted Leo / Pharmacists     Where Have ... Rude Boys Gone?
425   Belle & Sebastian         The Boy With The Arab Strap
426   Suzanne Vega              Luka
427   Squeeze                   Pulling Mussels From The Shell
428   Material Issue            Valerie Loves Me
429   R.E.M.                    Driver 8
430   Silversun Pickups         Lazy Eye
431   Papas Fritas              Way You Walk
432   Tears For Fears           Shout
433   Guided By Voices          Glad Girls
434   Cake                      Rock 'N' Roll Lifestyle
435   Joe Jackson               Sunday Papers
436   Yo La Tengo               Autumn Sweater
437   Lo-Fidelity Allstars      Battle Flag
438   Front 242                 Welcome To Paradise
439   Depeche Mode              Blasphemous Rumours
440   The Verve                 Lucky Man
441   Massive Attack            Protection
442   The Postal Service        The District Sleeps Alone Toni
443   Eels                      Novocaine For The Soul
444   Doves                     There Goes The Fear
445   Bjork                     Joga
446   The National              Secret Meeting
447   Firehose                  Flyin' The Flannel
448   The White Stripes         Dead Leaves And The Dirty..
449   Bloc Party                Banquet
450   TV On The Radio           Wolf Like Me
451   Talking Heads             Stay Up Late
452   R.E.M.                    Superman
453   Broken Social Scene       7/4 (Shoreline)
454   Echo & The Bunnymen       Bring On The Dancing Horses
455   Sleater-Kinney            You're No Rock N' Roll Fun
456   The Sugarcubes            Hit
457   X-Ray Spex                Oh Bondage, Up Yours!
458   Ride                      Vapour Trail
459   Bob Mould                 See A Little Light
460   Low                       Dinosaur Act
461   Muse                      New Born
462   Elvis Costello            I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea
463   Dexy's Midnight Runners   Come On Eileen
464   Arrested Development      Tennessee
465   Afrika Bambaataa          Don't Stop...Planet Rock
466   Sugar                     Helpless
467   They Might Be Giants      Ana Ng
468   Stereolab                 Miss Modular
469   Ted Leo / Pharmacists     Me And Mia
470   Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds   Red Right Hand
471   Suzanne Vega                Tom's Diner (DNA mix)
472   X                           4th Of July
473   The Twilight Singers        Teenage Wristband
474   Jesus Jones                 Right Here, Right Now
475   Spoon                       I Turn My Camera On
476   Guided By Voices            My Valuable Hunting Knife
477   Franz Ferdinand             Do You Want To
478   Bow Wow Wow                 I Want Candy
479   Junior Boys                 In The Morning
480   The Housemartins            Happy Hour
481   Concrete Blonde             Joey
482   Placebo                     Pure Morning
483   Love & Rockets              No New Tale To Tell
484   The Wrens                   Hopeless
485   Doves                       Black And White Town
486   Morrissey                   Suedehead
487   The The                     This Is The Day
488   Hoodoo Gurus                I Want You Back
489   Berlin                      Sex (I'm A...)
490   Meryn Cadell                The Sweater
491   Garbage                     Only Happy When It Rains
492   Pet Shop Boys               West End Girls
493   Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper     Elvis Is Everywhere
494   Arcade Fire                 Rebellion (Lies)
495   Matthew Sweet               Sick Of Myself
496   XTC                         Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead
497   Big Country                 In A Big Country
498   Buffalo Tom                 Taillights Fade
499   Joe Jackson                 I'm The Man
500   Band Of Horses              The Funeral

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