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Harlem Renaissance


									Harlem Renaissance
Karla Urrutia
Rosa Guevara
Juan Salazar
Artists and Musicians
Jelly Roll Morton

   Jelly Roll Morton: He was the first great
    composer and piano player of Jazz. He was
    a talented arranger who wrote special
    scores that took advantage of the three
    minute limitations of the 78 rpm records.
    But more than just that he was a real
    character whose spirit shines through
    history. He worked as a gambler, pool,
    shark, pimp, comedian, and as a pianist.
Benny Goodman

   Benny was born in a poverty stricken
    family. Benny played the clarinet at a
    early age. By the age of twelve he
    appeared to imitate famous
    bandleader /clarinets'. Even though he
    was young he joined in a band known
    as the Pollack’s band.During his life he
    recorded disks and tours.
Rockwell Kent
   Rockwell Kent was born in New York in
    1882. He studied architecture at Columbia
    University and art the New York School of
    Art (1903-04)where he was influence by
    Robert Henri and was associated with the
    social realist Ash Can group of artists. He
    was involved with the radical journal, The
    Masses, and in 1912 was responsible for
    recruiting Maurice Becker to the staff. He
    wrote a biography which was published in
    1955(It’s Me O Lord).
Georgia O’ Keeffe
   The artistic brilliance of Georgia
    revolutionized modern art in both her time
    and in the present. With her paintings she
    vividly portrayed the power and emotion
    objects of nature. This was first seen in her
    charcoal drawings of bud like forms
    exhibited in 1916 that brought her fame.
    During the 1920’s, she explored this theme
    in her magnified paintings of flowers which
    until this day people still enjoy the smell of
    her flowers.
Sinclair Lewis
   Lewis’s earliest published creative work romantic poetry
    and short sketches appeared in the Yale Courant and
    the Yale Literary Magazine, o which became an editor.
    After his graduation from Yale, Lewis moved from job
    and from place to place in an effort to make ends meet,
    write fiction for publication, and chase away boredom,
    he developed a facility for turning out shallow, popular
    stories that were purchase by a variety of magazines.
    Lewis's first published book was “ Hike and the Aero
    plane. In 1930, Lewis won the Noble Prize in Literature
    in his first year of nomination. After winning the Noble
    prize, he would published nine more novels in his
    lifetime, the best remembered being, It Can’t Happen
    Here, a novel about the election of a fascist U.S
Eugene O’ Neill
   Gladstone O’Neill foremost American
    dramatist and winner of the Noble Prize for
    literature in 1936. Between 1920 and 1943
    he completed 20 long plays several of them
    and triple length and a number of shorter
    ones. He wrote and rewrote many
    manuscripts half a dozen times before he
    was satisfied, and he filled shelves of
    notebooks with research notes, outlines play
    ideas, and other memoranda.

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