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									                                                               Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis                                                     Page     1 of
                                                                          Process FMEA
               Item Vacuum Bakeout Station                                                                                     FMEA Date      April 5, 2000
              Team Taiyoh Afrik, Chad Conner, Lee Groeneweg, Michael Jourden, Colleen Koperski

                                                                   C                          O                       D
                                                                                                                                           Responsibility &     Action Results
                                             Potential         S   l   Potential Cause(s)/    c       Current         e   R
 Process Function/        Potential                                                                                         Recommended        Target
                                            Effect(s) of       e   a    Mechanism(s) of       c       Process         t   P                                             S O D R
   Requirements         Failure Mode                                                                                          Action(s)     Completion        Actions
                                              Failure          v   s        Failure           u       Controls        e   N                                             e c e P
                                                                   s                          r                       c                         Date          Taken
                                                                                                                                                                        v c t N
    Fixture Setup          Binding       Shell doesn't close 3         under/over toleranced 1        build within    3   9
                                                                                                   tolerance & pre-
                        Interference                           3       improper surface finish 1    measurement       2   6
                                         can't set convertor
                                             in position                                                 check
                                                                       contaminants, residue 3     clean surface      2 18
                                                                       change in convertor    1      read spec.       1   3
Turn on components      won't turn on       not starting       5             blackout         1
       CPU                                                                not plugged in      2 precheck connect 1 10
     Heat Gun           power surge          blow fuse         4        overpower system      1 inspect power 2 8
       Pump                                                                                         source
 Thermocouples and      not accurate       set point not       5       bad thermocouples      4                       2 40
pressure gauges read                        achieved                                               Pre-run test in
        data              don't read                                   bad pressure gauges 1          Labview         2 10
                                         change in set point 5
                        disconnected                                      not calibrated      2      calibration      1 10
                        heater not hot     vacuum not          5       under spec. heat gun 2                         2 20
Heat Gun blows heat                                                                                heat transfer
                           enough           achieved
 through converor                                                                                  calculations
                        doesn't blow       heats to fast       6                                                          24
                        fast enough
Cooling ring blows on   blower stops                           7         wrong size ring      2    review spec.       1 14
     Getter area                             Getters
                        doesn't keep       pre-activate                incorrect airflow rate 3     airflow tests     2 42
                        getters cool
                                                                          disconnected        2      precheck         1 14

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