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					                                                     Fixtures List 2012

Day    Date        Month            Competition                                     Venue close 31st March 12. Form:
Sat    7th         April            Basingstoke & Mid Hants Young Athletes Open     Down Grange
Sun    15th        April            Alder Valley Girls League (1)                   Reading
Sat    21st        April            Southern Athletics League Div 2 West (1)        Portsmouth (hosts Havant)
Sun    22nd        April            Wessex Young Athletes League & Quadkids(1)      Winchester (hosts AFD)
Sat    28th        April            Alder Valley Boys League (1)                    Bracknell
Mon    30th        April            SC Veterans T+F League (1)                      Portsmouth (Mountbatten)

Mon    14th        May              SC Veterans T+F League (2)                      Down Grange
Sat    19th        May              Southern Athletics League Div 2 West (2)        Portsmouth(hosts Portsmouth)
Sat    26th        May              British Athletics League - National Div 2 (1)   Down Grange
Sun    27th        May              Alder Valley Girls League                       Bracknell
Wed    30th        May              Evening Open Meeting                            Down Grange

Sat    9th         June             Southern Athletics League Div 2 West (3)        Down Grange (Home)
Sun    10th        June             Alder Valley Boys League (2)                    TVAC, Eton
Mon    11th        June             SC Veterans T+F League (3)                      Winchester
Sun    17th        June             Wessex Young Athletes League & Quadkids (2)     Down Grange (Home)
       28th        June             Twinning Event (Juniors) until 1st July         Euskirchen,Ger (
Sat    30th        June             British Athletics League - National Div 2 (2)   Grangemouth, Scotland

Sun    8th         July             Alder Valley Girls League (3)                   Guildford

Mon    9th         July             SC Veterans T+F League (4)                      Aldershot (to be confirmed)

Sat    14th        July             Southern Athletics League Div 2 West (4)        Salisbury
Sun    15th        July             Wessex Young Athletes League & Quadkids (3)     Oxford
Sat    21st        July             BAL Clubs Super8- Semi final

Sun    22nd        July             Wessex Young Athletes League & Quadkids (4)     Bournemouth

Sat    28th        July             British Athletics League - National Div 2 (3)   Derby

Sat    18th        August           British Athletics League - National Div 2 (4)   Norman Park, Bromley
Sun    19th        August           Alder Valley Boys League (3)                    Hillingdon

Sat    1st         September        Southern Athletics League Div 2 West (5)        Plymouth
Sat    8th         September        BAL Clubs Super8 - Final (if qualified)
Sun    9th         September        Annual Club Championships                       Down Grange
Sat    15th        September        Alder Valley Boys Cup and Plate Match           Down Grange
Sun    16th        September        Alder Valley Girls Cup and Plate Match          TVAC Eton

                                        FIXTURE DATES/VENUES MAY CHANGE
      Always Check Match Details (Date, Venue and Timetable) with the respective Team Manager prior to each fixture
                                   Updated details may also appear on the Club Website

Version 3.0 Final - 7 Mar 12 (CQ)
                                       Basingstoke & Mid Hants Athletic Club

                                                     1921 - 1939 re-formed in July 1948
                              Affiliated to: England Athletics Ltd and Hampshire County Athletic Association

                                                                2012 - 2013

                                                      Life President:      Reg Eade
                                                      Life Vice President: Ian Byett
                                                      Chairman:            Chris Blow


League                                 Gender/Age Group        Team Manager/Contacts                 e-Mail
British Athletics League Div 2 (Men)   Men: Senior,U20 &       Men: Ian Byett              
Clubs Super 8 (Cup)                    selected U17's
Clubs Super 8 (Cup)                    Ladies: Senior, U20 &   Ladies: Dawn Wright         
                                       selected U17's
Southern Athletics League              Ladies: Senior, U20 &   Dawn Wright/Emma Hope       
                                       Men: Senior, U20 & U17 Geoff Butler                 

SC Veterans League                     Male/35yrs +              David Cornes              
                                       Female/35yrs+             Becky Crisp               
Wessex League                          Male/Female U13, U15,     Sue Scouler (Boys)        
                                       U17                       Andy Hoare (Girls)        

Wessex Quadkids                        Male/Female               Elizabeth Flitcroft       
                                       School Yrs 4 and 5        Terry Wegg                
Alder Valley Boys League               Male / U13, U15, U17 +    Steve Ladhams             
Alder Valley Girls League              Female/ U13, U15, U17     Ruth Barker               
                                       + U11n/s

Road Running Secretary                 Male & Female 18 yrs +    Debbie Gregory            

                                                       Other Event Dates
Mon 7th May                            Saucony Hampshire Multi-Events & Quadkids                     Portsmouth
Fri 4th - Mon 7th May                  BUCS Championships                                            Olympic Stadium (OG test event)
Sat 12th & Sun 13th May                Saucony Hampshire T&F County Championships                    Portsmouth
Sun 10th Jun                           BIG 2012                                                      Bedford
Sat 16th Jun 11 am                     Hampshire Schools T&F County Championships                    Aldershot
Tues 19th Jun                        ESAA T&F Cup Region B Final                                     Down Grange
Fri 22nd - Sun 24th Jun              AVIVA OG Trials and UK Championships                            Birmingham
Sat 23rd Jun                         Schools T&F Inter-Counties                                      Kingston
Tues 26th Jun 1 - 4 pm               Yr 5 & 6 Partnership Championships                              Southampton
Sat 30th Jun & Sun 1st Jul           Regional Schools CE Championships                               Hertfordshire
Tues 3rd Jul                         Hampshire Schools U13/U14 T & F Championships                   Southampton
Fri 6th & Sat 7th Jul                English Schools AA Championships                                Gateshead
Sat 14th & Sun 15th Jul              SEAA U15/U17 & U20 Championships
Weds 18th Jul 5 pm                   Saucony Grand Prix                                              Down Grange, Basingstoke
Fri 3rd - 11th August                London 2012 – Olympic Games (Athletics)                         Olympic Stadium
Sat 18th - Sun 19th Aug              National U15/U17 Championships                                  Bedford
Fri 31st Aug - Sunb 9th Sep          London 2012 – Paralympic Games (Athletics)                      Olympic Stadium
Sat 15th - Sun 16th Sep              English Schools Combined Events Finals                          Bedford
                                   Updates to these details are not the responsibility of the Club

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