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2012                                                                                FO OT B A L L CA M PS

Resident and Commuter Camps
These camps are designed to give each individual athlete a solid foundation in the basic football fundamentals needed to excel at his
specific position. These camps are directed by the Michigan State University coaching staff, as well as guest college and high school
coaches from around the country. You will receive the same expert coaching that every Michigan State football player receives.

June 15                                  June 17-19                           June 20-21
7 on 7 Team High School                  Youth Camp                           Rising Stars High School
Passing Camp                             Entering grades 3 - 8*               Position Camp
Registration is 9;00 - 10:00 am          June 17 CHeCk In:                    Entering grades 9 - 12*
Skandalaris Football Complex             Noon - 1:00 pm Munn Arena            June 20 CHeCk In:
10:30 am - 3:00 pm                       June 19 CHeCk OuT: 11:00 am          9:00 - 10:00 am
(28 teams maximum)                       Resident Camper $325.00              Munn Arena
$350.00 per team                         Commuter Camper $250.00              June 21 CHeCk OuT:
                                         *Must be 12 years old to spend       4:00 pm
June 15                                  the night                            Resident Camper       $225.00
Offensive/Defensive Line                                                      Commuter Camper $150.00
Technique Camp                           June 19                              *Must be 12 years old to spend
Entering grades 9 - 11                   kicking Camp                         the night
Registration is 9:00 - 10:00 am          Entering grades 9 - 12
Skandalaris Football Complex             Registration is Noon - 1:00 pm
10:30 am - 2:30 pm                       Skandalaris Football Complex
$65.00 per camper                        1:00 - 4:00 pm
                                         Cost: $65.00 per camper      
Camp Information                                                          Registration Information
FACILITIeS                                                                Register online at or complete
MSU Grass Fields, Duffy Daugherty Football Building (including            the attached application. Full payment by either check,
the indoor football complex and weight room), IM West Pool,               MasterCard, VISA or Discover must accompany the
excellent residence and dining facilities.                                application. Make checks payable to Michigan State University.
                                                                          No applications will be accepted before February 1st. You will
ReFunD POLICY                                                             receive confirmation for receipt of enrollment by mail within
Campers unable to attend camp are entitled to a refund.
                                                                          12–15 business days.
A $55 administrative fee (only $30 if you enrolled online) will
be deducted from all refunds, regardless of the reason. Refund            WALk-In RegISTRATIOn POLICY
requests must be submitted in writing PRIOR to the first day of           Walk-in registration (signing up on the day camp begins) will be
the camp session in which the camper was originally enrolled.             accepted on a space available, first come, first served basis. An
No refunds for any reason (i.e. injury, illness) will be given once       additional $10.00 fee will be charged for walk-in registrations.
a camper is on campus.
                                                                          MSu SPORT CAMP POLICY
Fax: 517-355-6891 email:
                                                                          Persons enrolled in MSU Sport Camps will be required to
equIPMenT                                                                 attend all sessions and to comply with the rules and
Workout gear necessary: football helmet, mouth piece (high                regulations of Michigan State University governing the
school only), football cleats, athletic shoes, shorts, sweats and         conduct of all students on the campus.
towels. You may also want to bring an alarm clock and electrical          COnTACT InFORMATIOn
fan. Helmets are not required for youth camp.                             Sport specific questions:
MeDICAL POLICY                                                            517-355-1647
Each participant should have his or her own medical insurance.            Fax: 517-355-6891
Certified athletic trainers will always be available. Participants are    Email:
automatically enrolled in MSU’s accident insurance plan. Eligible
covered expenses will be paid only if they are in excess of other
valid and collectible insurance. No physicals are required.
To aid us with your roommate preferences, please submit your
written applications in the same envelope or submit online
applications on the same day. All requests for roommate
preferences must be confirmed by email 30 days prior to
camp start date at

SPARTAn FOOTBALL CAMP APPLICATIOn                                                               MeDICAL AuTHORIzATIOn FORM
Register at:
Please print information below or enroll online.                                                Participant’s Name

Name                                                                                            Date of Birth
                                                                                                                                     F ooTBALL
                                                                                                What Sport

                                                                                                Date of Camp
City                                                   State                Zip
                                                                                                Participants are automatically enrolled in mSu’s accident insurance plan. Eligible
                                                                                                covered expenses will be paid only if they are in excess of other valid and
Parent or Guardian                                                                              collectible insurance.
(      )                                           (         )
 Daytime Telephone                                     Evening Telephone                        1. List any medical conditions that camp personnel should be aware of (use
                                                                                                  additional pages if necessary):
Grade in September                                                         Age                    ________________________________________________

Date of Birth                               Height                         Weight                 ________________________________________________
                                                                                                2. List any medications currently taking:
Must be 12 years old to spend the night.
Roommate preference:                                                                              ________________________________________________

1)                                          2)                                                    ________________________________________________
                                                                                                3. List any allergies:
Circle adult t-shirt size:        S    M         L             XL    XXL         XXXL
Circle preferred position:        DB   LB        DL            OL    QB          WR RB     TE
Please enroll me in the following Football Camp:                                                In case of emergency please contact:

CAmP                                         DATE                   RESiDENT        CommuTER    Name
                                                                                                (     )                                             (      )
7 on 7 Team High School Passing Camp         June 15                h $350.00                   Daytime Telephone                                   Evening Telephone

O/D Line Technique                           June 15                h $ 65.00                   Name of medical insurance                            Company Telephone
Youth Camp                                   June 17-19 h $325.00 h $250.00
                                                                                                insurance Policy Numbers
Kicking Camp                                 June 19                h $ 65.00
Rising Stars High School Camp                June 20-21 h $225.00 h $150.00                     ________________________________________________
                                                                                                , as parent or legal guardian of the participant named above, authorizes mSu to
                                                                                                seek medical and/or surgical treatment which is reasonably necessary to care for
u.S. FuNDS oNLY. Please make checks payable to: MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                       the participant. i further authorize the medical facility that treats the participant
                                                                                                to release all information needed to complete insurance claims. i acknowledge
Check one:           h MasterCard      h VISA                  h Discover                       my responsibility to pay all costs associated with the participant’s medical care
                                                                                                and authorize all insurance payments, if any, to be made directly to the medical
Card Number

                                                                                                Signature (parent or guardian)
3 digit code                                                               Exp. Date
                                                                                                          Send Application and Medical Treatment Form
                                                                                                                     with payment in full to:
Amount of Check/Charge enclosed

                                                                                                                           MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY
                                                                                                                               Sports Camp Office
                                                                                                                             402 Jenison Field House

FO OT B A L L S C H e D u L e
AUG. 31    Boise State          OCT. 27   @ Wisconsin
SEPT. 8    @ Central Michigan   NOV. 3    Nebraska
SEPT. 15   Notre DaMe           NOV. 10   Bye
SEPT. 22   eastern Michigan     NOV. 17   Northwestern
SEPT. 29   ohio State           NOV. 24   @ Minnesota
OCT. 6     @ Indiana            DEC. 1    Big ten
OCT. 13    Iowa                           Championship
OCT. 20    @ MIChIgaN                     (Indianapolis)
June 15                    June 17-19   June 19        June 20-21
7 on 7 team Passing Camp   Youth Camp   Kicking Camp   rising Star high School
offensive/Defensive Line                               Position Camp
technique Camp        

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