FFA emblem and colors by cuiliqing


What you need to know to become a
successful member!
   Consits of 5 symbols
   These symbols represent
     History

     Goals

     Future

   Each part of the emblem has unique
The Cross Section of the Ear of Corn

   Foundation
   Symbol of unity
The Rising Sun
   Progress
   Holds the promise that tommorow will bring
    a new day glowing with opportunity
The Plow
   Labor
   Tillage of the soil
   Backbone of American agriculture
   Foundation of our country’s strength
   National symbol
   Serves to remind us of our
     Freedom

     Ability   to explore new horizons
The Owl
   Wisdom
   Knowledge required to be successful
The Words
   Agricultural Education
   FFA
   Signify the combination of learning and
    leadership necessary for progressive
The Emblem

   The emblem and letters “FFA” are protected by
    trademark registration in the U.S. Patent
    Office and by Public Law 105-225, 105th
The FFA Motto
                   Learning to Do
                   Doing to Learn
                  Earning to Live
                   Living to Serve
   The motto gives members 12 short words to
    live by as they discover the opportunities
    availabe to them in FFA.
The Creed
   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQ4xaq9T
   Written by E.M. Tiffany
   Adopted at the 3rd National Convention
   Revised
     38th
     63rd

   It is recited by new members to reflect their
    growing belief in agriculture and
    agricultural education.
   Blue
     For   the blue field of our nations flag
   Gold
     Golden   fields of rippened corn that unify our
   These colors give unity to our organization
   The Pledge of Allegiance
Official Dress
   Otherwise referred to as “OD”
   Provides identity and give a distinctive and
    recognizable image to FFA and FFA
   It should be worn with pride just as it has
    been since 1933.
Guys OD
   Black slacks (jeans)
   White collared shirt
   Official FFA tie
   Black dress shoes (boots)
   Black socks
   Official FFA jacket zipped to the top
Girls OD
   Black skirt (or slacks)
       Skirts must be at least knee length, evenly hemmed,
        with a slit no higher than 2” above the knee, excluding
        the kick pleat
   White collared blouse
   Official blue scarf
   Black nylon hosiery
   Black dress shoes with a closed toe and heel
   Official jacket zipped to the top
The Jacket
   Established in 1933
   O.D. standards were created in 1973
     Revised   in 2002
Proper Use of the Jacket
   See the Official FFA manual p. 19-20
Jacket Facts
   More than 66,000 jackets are sold each year
   It takes 1.5 yards of corduroy to make one
       99,000 yds of fabric each year to make all those
   The cotton used to make the corduroy is grown
    in Tennessee.
   The corduroy is woven in North Carolina
   It is dyed in South Carolina
   Now that’s AMERICAN MADE!
Jacket Facts
   Before the blue jacket became Official dress
    FFA members wore a dark blue shirt, blue
    or white trousers, blue cap and yellow tie
   The FFA jacket has appeared in movies such
    as Napoleon Dynamite, Paris Texas and
    Charlotte’s Web
Only Blue Will Do!!
   In 1933 a company that manufactured uniforms
    sent a salesman with a sample of the jacket to
    the national convention and received 1 order.
    That year Ohio FFA Advisor Gus Lintner of
    Van Wert FFA Chapter had the Universal
    Uniform Company make blue corduroy jackets
    with a big emblem on the back. The entire
    chapter wore their jackets to the 1933 National
    Convention. But it wasn’t until 1934 when the
    Utah State FFA band showed up at National
    Convention in the blue jacket and white pants
    that the sales went through the roof.

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