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					Today at Starbucks I spoke with someone from Edmonton - Canada spent
quality time as a Snowbird in our international city. I asked him if he
was in the oil, because most of the people of Edmonton that I know in the
oil business, working in the sector, or work in a business that people in
this sector support - it is clearly their major industry there. We talked
about the so-called global warming religion, and he laughed because he
truly believed it was a religion.

He noted that there are more players than ever before, and there was a
bit of a hot trend, nothing too big, but the Eskimos are now complaining
that too many polar bears. Apparently the heat to help their populations,
and the global warming alarmists believe that it is CO2 that man puts out
these warmer temperatures, and if they really care about this fierce
polar bears, we need to put more CO2 in the atmosphere to ensure that
they keep people up if they were further south.

Yet it may be an inconvenience research paper recently remarked CO2 in
and of itself is not really the problem, rather sooted CO2, causing most
of the pollution, and thus was responsible for more of the heating
temperature and climate change. You see, there was, is a review by global
warming alarmist insiders at the EPA discussed in an article titled,
"Black carbon position number two climate pollutant by U.S. EPA," which
appeared on April 10, 2012 In TerraDaily. Black carbon is basically soot
from diesel fuel, cooking stoves and other sources of such coking coal
for steel making or coal plants. The article states that;

"EPA concluded that black carbon was probably caused more warming than
any other climate pollutants than CO2, but there was remaining
uncertainty about the effects of black carbon in the clouds, never to be

Of course, the article is not very well explained, is that black carbon
has a shorter life compared to regular CO2, although the article mentions
that in a few decades the effect of black carbon insignificant would be
if we stop it the atmosphere. However, when warmer temperatures, there is
an abundance of life, when there is an abundance of life, there are more
polar bears for food, and believe me they will eat anything. When the
polar bears a lot to eat, they have more offspring, and they eat their
own babies, so more polar bears live another day for further breeding.
This is what happens now.

As more and more climate scientists are willing to put their research
articles published and is not afraid of losing ownership of their
university or their research blacklist, we are working to note that the
issue of global warming and atmospheric CO2 not only not settled, it is
highly controversial, and many believe it is a farce. I hope you consider
this and think about it.

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