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     About Me:
      Goal has been the most inspiring book I’ve
     read for ages, I like it because it is about football
     which I enjoy thoroughly.

By Tom Nichols &
Javin Sydamah
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                 Fun And Games
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 S   A   N   T   I   A   G   O   G
A    V   E   R   T   M   O   G   A
H    J   W   K   N   E   B   D   V    •Santiago
L    L   C   S   E   R   O   Z   I    •Newcastle
O    Y   A   Z   O   I   P   S   N
                                      •Gavin Harris
O    E   S   W   Q   C   H   J   H
P    L   T   M   B   A   N   U   A
R    X   L   Q   X   N   E   F   R
E    I   E   L   A   I   A   Z   R
V    T   H   T   A   T   F   U   I
I    C   K   F   U   O   K   B   S
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L    X   C   N   A   S   G   D   E
                                        Answers to Wordsearch…
          Answers to Wordsearch
  S   A   N   T   I   A   G   O   G     •Santiago
A     V   E   R   T   M   O   G   A
H     J   W   K   N   E   B   D   V     •Gavin Harris
L     L   C   S   E   R   O   Z   I
O     Y   A   Z   O   I   P   S   N     •Liverpool
O     E   S   W   Q   C   H   J   H
P     L   T   M   B   A   N   U   A
R     X   L   Q   X   N   E   F   R
E     I   E   L   A   I   A   Z   R
V     T   H   T   A   T   F   U   I
I     C   K   F   U   O   K   B   S
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L     X   C   N   A   S   G   D   E

Quiz                                Character Profiles,

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   1. What’s the number on Santiago’s t-shirt?
   A: 21
   B: 24
   C: 26
   2. That team did Santiago play for before being signed up for Newcastle?
   A: The Americanos
   B: The Americanitos
   C: The Galacticos
   3. Which country Santiago come from?
   A: Columbia
   B: Mexico
   C:The United States
   4. Who does Newcastle beat on the last game of the season to get them in the
         Champions League with Santiago playing?
   C:Liverpool                                                      Click Here For
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    1: C:26
    2: B:Americanitos
    3: C: The United States
    4: C: Liverpool
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This book is an amazing journey about a poor Mexican
                                                           •Character Profiles,

person becoming an Premier League Superstar!
The protagonist is a boy called Santiago Muñez is a
very talented football player, that plays for his local
team, Americanitos. They are not very good and
Santiago knows he could play for better teams and so
does ex retired Newcastle scout Glen who is visiting his
daughter in Los Angeles. He watches Santiago play and
eventually gets him a trial at Newcastle United.
When he arrives in England, he gets a trial but does
not succeed, Glen, luckily, gets him another chance,
on his second attempt he again, fails. This is when new
transferee Gavin Harris again persuades the manager
to give him yet another chance, Santiago makes the
most of this but after his father passing away, it
seemed to be the end. But the his Grandmother said
not to bother coming back. At the next training
session, he works his very hardest for his dad and the
next day, he makes it into the first team for the last
game of the season, against Liverpool. Who they beat
3-2 with Santiago scoring the equaliser and Gavin
Harris scoring the Winner.
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•Gavin Harris,
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Profiles                                       (TN)

    • Glen is an ex-Newcastle legend, and also an ex scout for the
      club as well (according to the book, he scouted Jermain
    • When he is visiting his daughter in Los Angeles, he
      coincidently sees Santiago play, He likes what he sees and
      eventually gets him a trial at Newcastle
    • When Santiago succeeds, Santiago is very grateful to him that
      on the last game of the season he gave him a executive box to
      watch in.
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    • Roz is the local nurse in Newcastle,
    • When Santiago first came to the country, she gave him a
      medical. Santiago was not truthful to her as he lied of his
    • Santiago was instantly attracted to her in the medical and
      eventually they start going out.
    • She watches him in the big Game when Newcastle find out
      they will be competing in the Champions League next season.
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Profiles.                                             (JS)

                     Santiago Muñez
    • Santiago Muñez is the main character in the book GOAL!
    • He lives in Los Angeles with his father, grandmother and
    • He plays for his local team, when a scout gives him a trial at
      Champions’ League contenders Newcastle.
    • He jumps at the chance but his Dad does not let him go, So he
      runs away.
    • He meets some new friends in England and eventually comes
      an amazing superstar by scoring the equaliser to put them in
      the Champions’ League.
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Profiles                                                 (TN)

                         Gavin Harris
    • Gavin Harris signs for Newcastle the same time Santiago gets
      a trial.
    • He has a very “I’m the best” personality.
    • The first impression Newcastle fans had on him was ‘he was
      going to be a great signing’. It turned out quite the opposite.
      He just wasn’t performing to the best.
    • When Santiago joins, he becomes very close with Gavin and
      eventually they worked together to work together to get to
      the Champions’ League.

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