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					                                  MILFORD BOARD OF EDUCATION
                                          JUNE 21, 2012
                                      MILFORD, OHIO 45150
                              Regular Board meetings can be viewed on City of Milford cable – Channel 15
                                           Mondays at 4:00 PM – Wednesdays at 10:00 PM
                         Regular Board meetings can be viewed on Union Township cable – Channel 8 or Channel 15
                                   Wednesdays at 4:00 PM, Fridays at 7:00 PM – Saturdays at 7:00 AM
                      Regular Board meetings can be viewed on the Miami Township cable – Channel 8 or Channel 15
                      Sun. 3 PM, Mon. 1 PM, Tues. 8:30 AM, Wed. 2 PM, Thurs. 5 PM, Fri. 2:30 PM, Sat. 10:30 AM

                                                 VISION STATEMENT

                                             MEVSD’S Vision Statement is to
                                      inspire and prepare our students to reach their
                                     fullest potential in a diverse and dynamic world

                                                 STRATEGIC CHOICES

     Professional Development –              We will provide increased PD, with particular attention to new
                                             teachers (0-2 yrs) and for all District initiatives.
     Communications -                        We will maintain and expand two-way, proactive
                                             communications with all stakeholders.
     Staff Structure & Ratios –              We will maintain staffing structures and teacher/student ratios
                                             that improve the performance of all students.
     Funding -                               We will maintain constant financial vigilance and review
                                             benefits/costs for all significant expenditures.
     Technology –                            We will develop and execute plans that consistently move us
                                             toward anywhere/anytime computing for all staff and students.
     Curriculum –                            We will provide curricula and materials to improve elementary
                                             gifted programs, secondary honors & advanced placement
                                             courses, and K-12 math.
     Intervention –                          We will address needs of all students through differentiated
                                             instruction and targeted intervention.

I.        Hearing on the rehiring of a retired employee

          Roll Call

          A. Pledge of Allegiance

          B. Call to order

          C.     Approval of agenda

          Roll Call

          D. Approval of Minutes:
               Regular Meeting:                      May 17, 2012
               Work Session:                 June 14, 2012

       Roll Call

       E.   Public participation

II.    TREASURER’S REPORTS – Mrs. Deborah Caudle
       A. Approval of Financial Reports – for the month ended 5/31/2012
          (1) Appropriation Account Summary (APPSUM)
          (2) Revenue and Expenditures (FNDREVEX)
          (3) Financial Summary Report (FINSUM)
          (4) Investment Report – report of interim funds invested in secured instruments
          (5) Bank Reconciliation
          (6) Adoption of Final Appropriations Resolution for FY2012 (Amended Certificate of
               Estimated Resources attached (Appendix)
          (7) Adoption of Temporary Appropriations for FY2013 (Appendix)

       Roll Call

            (8) Presentation Levy Discussion


       Items for Superintendent

       1.      Approval of Handbooks for the 2012-2013 school year: (Appendix)

               Athletic & Extracurricular
               Success Academy
               Milford High School
               Milford Junior High School
               Elementary Schools

       2.      Approval of Food Service Agreement between the Milford Exempted Village School District and
               Wyoming School District. (Appendix)

       Roll Call

       Informational item: (Appendix)

       Evaluation of Support Staff AFD/GDN
       Specialized Staff Vacations and Holidays GDBE
       Admission of Open Enrollment Students JECBB-R (2)
       Student Absences and Excuses JED
       RSDT Random Student Drug Testing Regulation JFCH-R-1
       RSDT Random Student Drug Testing Exhibit JFCH-E

Items for Curriculum & Instructions

1.     Approval to pay the following teachers no more than 20 hours for English Language Arts
       curriculum revision: Alison Mendralski, Rebecca Edwards, Pam Moore, Nicole Ward,
       Lindy DeMaria, Erin Vore, Joe Claus, Allison Willson and Betsy Woods

2.     Approval to pay the following elementary teachers no more than 20 hours for English
       Language Arts curriculum revision: Chris Fisher, Christa Borchers, Marci Taylor,
       Jennifer Weiler, Suzy Murray, Tammy Patrice, Rachel Sontag, Samantha Gallimore,
       Stephanie Jones, Jennifer Sauer, Pete Parnin, Jennifer Brueck, Lauren Eigher,
       Teresa Essex, Jason Fitzhugh

3.     Approval to pay the following teachers no more than 20 hours for development of Social Studies
       pacing guides and short cycle assessments: Ryan Hanna, Bridget Moore, Kate Clarisey, Leslie
       Butcher, Jason Fitzhugh, Joseph Westendorf, Jennifer Sauer, Beth Wanamaker, Kelly Robbe,
       Christy Blankenship, Kari Brandenburg

4.     Approval to pay the following teachers no more than 10 hours for development of Social Studies
       pacing guides: Michelle Holden, Steve Holden, Kristen Gibson, Blaire Schlosser

5.     Approval to pay Jennifer Bruce and Tim Breuer no more than 20 hours for Schoology
       curriculum work.

6.     Approval to pay Lyn Blake for 28 hours for fine arts department chair work.

7.     Approval to pay Samantha Pittenger for 20 hours for foreign language department chair work.

8.     Approval to pay Michelle Dolezal for 14.5 hours for guidance counselor department chair work.

9.     Approval to pay Roxann Schneder for 8 hours for personal development department chair work.

10.    Approval to pay Liza Walsh for 14 hours for science department chair work.

11.    Approval to pay Jen Becker no more than 3 hours at $23.00 per hour for math standards training.

12.    Second reading of Grades 7-10 social studies textbooks.

13.    Second reading of Grades 4-6 social studies textbooks.

14.    First reading of the following textbooks: Government in America, AP Edition, AP Government
       Class and Ways of the World, AP World History Class (Appendix)

15.    Elementary MD student fees (Appendix)

Roll Call


      Certified Items for Human Resources

      1.    Approval of Certified/Administrative retirements/resignations for the 2011-2012 school year:

            Eva Brown - Meadowview Elementary 5th grade teacher resignation effective 8/2/2012
            Ashley Sliter – Mulberry Elementary 4th grade teacher resignation effective 5/31/2012

      2.    Approval of Family Care Leave of Absence:

            Ellyn Kittredge - MDV, 3/28-5/31/2012
            April Lempa-Cooper – BES, 5/7-5/30/2012
            Kate Schwerzler – PTS, 5/1-5/11/2012
            Ashley Scribner – MLB, 5/1-5/31/2012
            Christina Taylor – CLS, 5/11-5/31/2012

      3.    Approval of Certified Contract Recommendations for 2012-2013:

            Jennifer Borchers – Mulberry Elementary 4th grade teacher, BA, years 0
            Yu-Ming Cheng – MHS/MJHS Chinese teacher, MA+50, 0.57, years 0
            Yu-Mind Cheng - District ELL Tutor, 178 days (part-time)
            Joshua Gardner – MJHS Health teacher, BA, years 0
            Jill Helms – MHS Math teacher, MA, years 0
            Jessica Sears – Meadowview 1st grade teacher, MA, years 0
            Therlia Polyana Seguim – MHS Intervention Specialists, BS, years 0
            Kathleen Smedley – District ELL teacher, MA, years 0
            Bree Sprankle – MJHS Music teacher (3/6), MA, years 0
            Kim Williams - Meadowview Elementary 5th grade teacher, MA+15, years 0
            Amanda Zimmerman – Mulberry Elementary 1st grade teacher, BA, years 0

      4.    Approval of Substitute Teacher non-renewals from the 2011-2012 school year:

            Pamela Miller, Zach Morgan, Sherry Rutter, Amanda Zimmerman

      5.    Approval of Extended School Year Services 6/21/2012: (Appendix)

      6.    Approval of District Supplemental Contract Employment Recommendations for 2012-2013:

            Kelly Robbe – LPDC 50% co-chair, 2nd semester
            Tori Bothe – LPDC 50% co-chair, 1st semester

      7.    Approval of Building Supplemental Contract Employment Recommendations for 2012-2013:

            Juliene Haskins – MHS - LPDC building rep
            Jeri Cottone - MJHS – LPDC building rep
            Tori Bothe – BES – LPDC building rep
            Tammy Patrice – CLS – LPDC building rep
            Lisa Williams – MCM – LPDC building rep
            Kari Brandenburg – MDV – LPDC building rep
            Lynn Miller – MLB – LPDC building rep
       Kelly Robbe – PTS – LPDC building rep

8.     Approval of Building Supplemental Contract Employment Recommendations for 2011-2012:

       Tracy Carpenter – Site Supervisor, as needed
       Roxann Schneder – 8 hours for work on the Building Leadership Team
       Roxann Schneder – 8 hours for work on the Secondary Leadership Team
       Class Size Committee – one hour each – Christy Boone, Joan Mell, Barbara Pettit,
       Katie Slusher, Tammie Smith, Betsy Woods

9.     Approval of non-renewal of Para-Professionals: (Appendix)

10.    Approval of Athletic Supplemental recommendations for 2012-2013: (Appendix)

Roll Call

Classified Items for Human Resources

1.     Approval of Classified Employee resignations/retirements for the 2011-2012 school year:

       Cindy Sullivan – Preschool IEP Aide, resignation effective 6/13/2012
       David Tennant – Meadowview Elementary Caregiver, resignation effective 5/30/2012

2.      Approval of Classified Employee recommendation for 2012-2013:

       Angel Sears – Finneytown Sr. High School, Central Kitchen Manager, 188 days, effective
       Bree Sprankle – MJHS Aide, effective 8/23/2012
       Rhonda Tilmes – Central Office Administrative Secretary II, 251 days, effective 7/2/2012

3.     Approval of Classified Hiring recommendations for 2011-2012 school year:

       Maintenance – Carroll Craycraft
       Secretary - Becky Wulfeck

4.     Approval of the following MD Summer Camp recommendations effective 6/21/2012:

5.     Approval of the following MD Summer Camp Food Service recommendations:

       Cindy Corbett – Kitchen Manager effective 6/4/2012
       Pam Wittmer – FSWII Cashier effective 6/4/2012
       Cindy Miller – Kitchen Manager backup effective 6/4/2012
       Sally Hitner – FSWII Cashier backup effective 6/4/2012
       Patty VanPraag – FSWII Cashier backup effective 6/4/2012

6.     Approval of student summer technology workers:

       Ryan Dodds, Charlie Langschwager, Kyle Lea, Brian Murphy

        7.       Approval of Substitutes:

                 Extended Day Camp – Stephanie Hopkins, Elizabeth Johnston, Faleasha Wink
                 Food Service – Joyce Monger, Djahna Taylor
                 Technology – Jim Jung, Will Kefauver

        Roll Call


        A.       Approval of Administrative contract for Deborah Caudle, Treasurer, three year contract, effec-
                 tive August 1, 2012, salary of $105,000.

        B.       Board Policy Committee

        C.       Next Regular Board of Education Meeting July 26, 2012, Milford High School, 1 Eagles Way,
                 Milford, Ohio 45150 at 7:00 P.M.

        D.       Public participation

        E.       Discussion


        A. The appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion or compensation of
           public employees or regulated individuals or the investigation of charges or complaints against a
           public employee or regulated individuals unless such person requests a public hearing.


        Roll Call
                                              Public Involvement at Board Meetings

In order to fulfill its obligation to complete the planned agenda in an effective and efficient fashion, a maximum of thirty minutes
of public participation will be permitted at the beginning of each meeting. Continued public participation will be scheduled after
the business portion of the meeting as needed. In order to anticipate the time needed to manage an effective meeting, those per-
sons who desire to address the Board prior to the business meeting are asked to contact Dr. Robert B. Farrell, Superintendent, at

Individuals will be permitted 3 minutes to present to the Board of Education. Complaints against a school employee are not per-
mitted in public session until the defined lines of communication have been met. Up to ten people will be permitted to address the
Board of Education before the business meeting. Additional persons requesting to address the Board will be scheduled after the
business meeting. Each person addressing the Board will give his/her name and address. The public participation may be ex-
tended by a vote of the majority of the Board.


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