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					        Town Hall Meeting
          12 March 2008

Carmichael Area Aerojet Groundwater
   Remediation Progress Update

          12 March 2008
Presentation Program

 Carmichael Water District – Steve
 Nugent General Manager

 Regional Water Quality Control Board –
 Alex MacDonald

 GenCorp/Aerojet – Mike Girard

 Congressman Dan Lungren

 County Supervisor Susan Peters

 Carmichael Water District Board
   March 2008 Update

Background on Carmichael Water District Involvement

Water Supply Reliability Improvements

Status of Bajamont Groundwater Extraction and
Treatment Plant Construction (GET L-B)

Status of Ancil Hoffman GET L-A Irrigation Reuse

Regional Objectives Going Forward

Questions and Answers
Regional Geology
CWD Service Area Wells and NDMA Plume
Water Supply Reliability

 Expanding Surface Water Treatment
 Plant from 16 MGD to 21 MGD
  New Membrane Treatment Modules
  Additional Treated Water Pumping Capacity
  Additional Chemical Treatment and Air

 Expected Completion Plant Expansion
 May 2008
Water Supply Reliability

 Water Rights Permit Extension Filed
 with Department of Water Resources

 CEQA Process Underway to Support
 Permit Extension Request

 Expected Completion Late 2008
Water Supply Reliability

 Participating in Regional Activities
  Briefings with Congressional Representative
  Briefings with State Government
  Briefings with County and Local
  Sacramento Groundwater Authority
   Contamination Task Force
  ACWA Cap to Cap Outreach
GET “L-A” and “L-B” Remediation

  GET “L-B” – Bajamont Site Operational
 at 600 gpm and Discharging to the
 American River

  GET “L-A” – Design Underway with
 Irrigation Reuse (1MGD) and Wet
 Weather Discharge to American River
   GET Treatment Process Summary
                            Bajamont GET “L-B”      Ancil Hoffman GET “L-A”

Initial Extraction Rate   325 gpm                  600 gpm

Revised Extraction        600 gpm                  800 gpm
Plant Design Capacity 1,000 gpm                    2,000 gpm

Contaminants              NDMA                     NDMA, Perchlorate, TCE
Present Now
Contaminants              NDMA, Perchlorate,       NDMA, Perchlorate, TCE
Expected                  TCE
Treatment Processes       UV, GAC, (F) Ion         UV, Peroxide, (F) Ion
                          Exchange, (F) Peroxide   Exchange, (F) GAC
Bajamont GET “L-B” Update

  Bajamont GET “L-B” Facility
 Construction complete – Startup
 Extraction Well September 7, 2007

  Construction met date set by EPA

  “Operational and Functional”
 Certification by EPA Pending Completion
 GET “L-A”
Bajamont GET “L-B” Facility
Bajamont GET “L-B” Facility
Bajamont GET “L-B” Facility
GET “L-B” Completed
Ancil Hoffman GET “L-A” Update

  Design started at same time as GET L-B
 but separated to allow public outreach
 and siting process in Ancil Hoffman Park
 to proceed at a slower pace

  Milestone Achieved August 8, 2007:
 Ancil Hoffman GET “L-A” Facility
 location approved by County Board of
Ancil Hoffman GET “L-A” Update

  CWD Participation includes Buried
 Reservoir and new Irrigation Pump
 Station for Golf Course
 Reuse of Remediated Groundwater
 offsets surface water and maintains
 beneficial use of groundwater
  Construction Buried Reservoir
 estimated to start Summer 2008
Strategic Goals

 1. Early Detection & Identification of
 Contaminants Near Our Water Supply Wells.

 2. Expansion of the Bajamont Water Treatment

 3. Assist Aerojet in Locating, Permitting
 Remediation Facilities.

 4. Using Treated, Extracted Groundwater at
 Ancil Hoffman Park.
Strategic Goals

 5. Increased Conservation Efforts to
 Reduce Overall Demand.
 6. Identify Potential Funding Sources for
 7. Work Regionally to Enact Legislation
 to Increase Funding to Expedite
 Remediation Efforts.
 8. Legal Representation.
March 2008 Town Hall Meeting


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