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                     • Asimo

    By Erik Brandt
              Robots in General
• P2 from Honda

                  • Are machines
                  that are also

                  •Are especially made for doing
                  jobs too boring, difficult, or
                  dangerous for humans to do
• Few resemble
the human like    • These   are
robots that       called
appear in         humanoid
works of          robots
science fiction
                         Robot History

                          •Term robot was fist used by a
                          Czech man named Karel
                          Capek for his play R.U.R.

• Coco is a test robot

•Comes from the Czech word “robota”
•Other film makers and playwrights used the
term in their own productions
•scientists then created small robots
programmed for very simple tasks
• but scientists still wanted to create humanoid
robots, and succeeded
                  •Scientists then
                  wanted to give
                  these robots
                  emotions, and
                  succeeded again
• Dante II                           • Cog is a highly developed
walking into an                      humanoid robot
active volcano
     Robots in Science Fiction
       • These are a few examples of the
       humanoid robot images of science fiction

• C-3PO and        • Robbiefrom • The
R2-D2 from         The Forbidden Terminator
Star Wars          Planet
             Robot Movement
• When they act, they must first do a three step
process to actually complete the task at hand
• First step is to sense their environment
• The second step is
to think up a plan in
their computer that
somehow gets their
task accomplished
                         • Urbie the urban robot is used to
                         inspect dangerous urban areas
                    • Third step is to execute
                    the plan

• Robot soccer

• Robots must follow the
plan EXACTLY or the
result could be hazardous     • Kismet is an emotional
                              robot, but is never sad
               Robot Sight
• Most   have very poor sight
• Sight comes in two forms: edge detection
and pixel

• Edge  detection
works by the
robot tracing all
edges in its view
on its computer         • Notice Asimo’s large eyes.
                        The reason for this is that it
                        can see in a wider range.
• Pixelvision is when the
robot sees in little squares
called pixels

       are usually to large
• Pixels
to make any details
Robot Hearing

      • To create this, the
      scientists must recreate
      the way the cilia in an
      ear work
      • The problem is that
      they have to use metal
      to do so
• Robots would have to be
able to recognize human
sounds and human languages
                Robot Touch

• Robot needs
                              • Robot
                              needs to
metal to
                              know what
achieve a
                              they have
sense of
        A Robot’s Computer
• Allinformation of
sight, hearing, touch,
and everything else
must be processed
• Computer must be
very intelligent and
able to store lots of
                        Urbie is personally my favorite
                        robot. GO URBIE!!!

                              Platypuses are so awesome.

I’m a total Star Wars freak
too. Yoda is also

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