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					Business mantras coping with stress and staying focused Gavin Tonks 15/09/2009 Every business person is suffering from stress at the moment and here are some simple exercises to do, to assist in over coming stress. Why mantras you may ask, well a mantra is the making of a sound, or saying a group of words and repeating these words, as it is proven that verbal repetition focuses the mind on creating the underlying faith, to actually make the verbal instruction come true. Like the one I like “I am going to be a millionaire” or “I will succeed” and my other favorite “failure is not an option” The focused state is what you require to be seen as serene, composed and able to perform the job you are focused on like a sales pitch or request for funding and show the confidence to people that have invested in you as being the right choice. Saying words has the influence of making you believe them and accept what you are saying as part of your work ethic. The Japanese have perfected this by even making people stand in public places and scream until they are hoarse and proving that they really believe what they are saying. So the articulation of the verbal command of doing something creates a mental intention and that mental instruction becomes a subliminal influence for you to do the right thing. Sounds crazy but it actually does work. We need every thing in our arsenal to be successful and this is just one of the options and a very necessary one. The ancient Vedic scriptures tell us that “Speech is the essence of our humanity” and how right that is, as we communicate and articulate our dreams, desires and goals through speech. The other tool we have is writing, so anything we want must come into being by our thoughts, by writing them and speaking them, making them real and being able to see them in writing. You see even religion tells you to write a business plan. So nothing can become real before we have actualized the concept in our brains and articulated it to others to be successful. You need to convince people to partner you in your path of success and this is the articulation of words that produce power, commitment and the “BAM” I want to buy from you. So it is unlikely one can succeed in your business without articulating your viewpoint and especially if you do not believe in it yourself. We have a trend when we are stressed to roll into a ball and hope the world goes away. Get organized now, so you manage your time more effectively. Ensure you work place is efficient, allocate time for important people and give yourself time for family and friends it is important.


Plan your diet and meals even if half of Silicon Valley has created billion on 2 minute noodles and coffee. Google introduced healthy food as it creates healthy minds able to perform better. Our bodies are made for exercise, especially the mind and body, go for a walk stagger around the block or up and down some stairs. Not everyone needs eight hours sleep and even if you break your sleep into bits get good sleep. I met a very successful RSA business man who only needed 2 hours sleep a day he was quite legendary. Start a journal and write things down, important things, goals achievements things that are making you stressed. For those that know how or want to learn a little meditation or self hypnosis techniques they really do work. Find a mentor or someone you can talk to about real problems from your business and let them offer advice it can help focus you goals and deliverables in your business. This person can assist in venting frustrations, problem solving and clarifying issues All these exercises of your mind and body it brings us to the real issue of why we are doing these things to combat stress and to eradicate the emotional control certain issues exert negatively on us. The negation of stress is problem solving. The first thing to remember with problem solving is the need to recognize the signs that there is a problem or one coming. By recognizing a problem you learn to be aware of the triggers and as soon as you start to notice the pressure building up a tight band around your head and the signs of how your body induces stress - make a list. Write down everything that is bothering you, everything including your mother in law and real big problems that one always means money and also the nagging doubts. If something has been on your mind write it down and once you have written it down and stared at it for a while it usually looses its menacing quality. So after knowing what is bothering you, you need to be motivated to action. Being motivated is “knowing what you want” and believing in your ability to achieve it. Notice it is all about you and no one else. Motivation in turn requires purpose otherwise you need a strong prescription of Ritalin as it is just hyperactivity or restlessness you are experiencing. Goal setting can be an important part of building motivation and energy but sometimes the first thing you need to do is to start to believe in yourself. Goal setting means writing again. Self Hypnosis can help you to start to develop an inner energy and self-belief. It can also help you to understand and highlight your goals according to your own individual strengths.


The questions you require to set goals for.  What do you want motivation for?  Is it to become better at your job or to be successfully in your business or conclude a deal or a sale?  How badly do you want it?  What will it be like when you become more motivated, would your chance of success be realized? These are significant questions that lead to the kind of information we need in order to become energized. If you can satisfy the following three criteria then you will probably start to notice a huge increase in your personal motivation.    You know what you want and believe you can have it You can imagine clearly, and with all your internal senses, what it will be like to have it There are no counterproductive aspects to achieving your goal, in other words nothing bad will happen as a consequence

1] Learning to relax and use visual imagery, just like top sports men and women and successful people in all areas of life is an enormous step in the right direction. 2] Motivation works well in conjunction with health, confidence, fitness and relaxation. It almost needs to be part of a bigger picture. Whoever felt motivated when sick or ill, and in any case with a calm state you can develop clearly defined goals. 3] As your goals become more real and achievable, you can start to feel the motivation welling up inside you like an unstoppable energy. This positive attitude and feeling will assist in day to day achievements. An Important Health Warning Stress is a medical condition. Many of us function under some amount of pressure most or all of the time, but if you find that you are suffering from regular or chronic stress, then you must see a doctor. A doctor can advise on treatments for alleviating your stress. Anxiety is also a medical condition and if you cannot eradicate it through positive belief and using the techniques then speak to a medical professional for advice. Relaxation techniques for stress management Anyone can learn stress management techniques, which include yoga, selfhypnosis and meditation. You can attend classes, or buy books, CDs and DVDs to learn and develop these kinds of stress management techniques and find hundreds of simple exercises on the net.


You need to choose to approach problems by converting the problem into a goal. Human beings often find it difficult to deal effectively with problems. They are already too emotionally involved in their problem and have often become used to the problem as it is a habit. People, it is proved are good at achieving goals but they need to be specific, so go the beginning write things down create an organized life develop a mantra say it every day and phone start to achieve small success then big success then total success in your life.