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									 Go For No
       Fenton and Waltz
 Yes is the Destination…
No Is How You Get There!!!
                 Go for no

• “I’m just curious, what did the customer say no to?...
  How do you know what they would not buy?” The
  customer was not finished spending… The salesman
  was finished selling!

• The “fear” of hearing “No” is the only thing standing
  between you and greatness!

• You are Two letters from greatness…
  • N and O!!!
               Go for no

Success                  ME                      Failure

  • This is how most people think you move toward
    success… By moving away from failure – Always try to
    avoid failure!
              Go for no

• But in reality “failure” is the half way mark in the road
  to success… Failure is not to be avoided but used as a
  stepping stone toward success!!!

ME                       Failure                       Success
                 Go for no
• Kids know how to take NO in stride as they move towards success…
  •   Billy: Can I have a cookie, mommy?
  •   Mom: No
  •   Billy: I want a cookie.
  •   Mom: No.
  •   Billy: Please?
  •   Mom: I said no!
  •   Billy: Pretty please with sugar on top?
  •   Mom: No, No, No!
  •   Billy: Why can’t I have a cookie?
  •   Mom: Because I said so!
  •   Billy: But why?
  •   Mom: Listen to me young man, I’m not gonna say this again… No!!!
  •   Ten Seconds Later…
  •   Billy: Mommy I want a Cookie!
  •   Mom: Ok, for heavens sake, just one!
              Go for no

• No is the difference between massive success and
  mediocrity or failure!

• “Do something every day that scares you!!!”

• Remember: Your comfort zone is never static – It’s
  always expanding or retracting! Getting bigger or
  smaller – Shrinking or growing!

• Remember: Your willingness to hear and take no got
  you to where you are in life and what type of life you
              Go for no

• Remember: A willingness to fail means you will
  tolerate enough failure to get you what you need from
  life, and no more…
  • A wantingness means you’re not tolerating the No’s in
    life, you are seeking them… Go for No!!!
     Goal Setting and
• Why do most of us relax after hitting or coming close
  to our goals?

• Its really a way of staying within comfort zones and
  avoiding the pain of rejection.

• Most people classify the amount of pain they must
  endure to survive as necessary pain. Anything beyond
  that is unnecessary pain! That’s why we dodge extra
  effort! It’s unnecessary!
     Goal Setting and
• Success breads laziness or more success! It depends on your
  view of no… Get No Get Rich! Get Rejected Get Rich!

• Example of Retail sales: 85% never even ask or are given a
  chance to say No!!! (Pg. 94)

• Don’t take yourself out of the game! When you’re hot, stay
  in the game… To get hot, stay in the game!

• What is your failure quotient? How many time are you
  willing to fail before succeeding? How many times are you
  willing to get knocked down and get back up? (Rocky) (Pg.
     Goal Setting and
• Success requires, demands us to become NUMB to
• Remember: Yes is the destination but No is how you
  get there!!!
• 80% of all salespeople don’t make it through their first
  year for the simple reason that they failed to make
  enough calls… Nothing else! They just did not make
  enough attempts!!!
• Many have enough skills, most never spend enough
  time applying them!
      Goal Setting and
• Remember: To find gold you have to move the dirt…
  Move lots of dirt and move it fast!
• No doesn’t mean never… It means NOT yet… So keep
  •   44% quit after 1st No.
  •   22% quit after 2nd No.
  •   14% quit after 3rd No.
  •   12% quit after 4th No.

• But 60% of all customers say No 4 times before
     Goal Setting and
• Remember 92% of all salesmen never ask for the 5th
  No and that’s when 60% of the clients say yes!

• The final stage to massive success is to learn to get
  No’s exponentially!!!

• Remember: Massive success requires multiplication of
  effort… Massive success requires massive failure…
  Help others learn to go for NO!!!
  Bill on go for no…

• Fear of Rejection
  • A. Others
  • B. Self

• How do you view, see, process “No”?
  •   A.   Fishing
  •   B.   Sports
  •   C.   Date/Dance
  •   D.   Test
  •   E.   Prayer
  Bill on go for no…

• How do failures/losers/victims see failure?

• How do successful/winners/owners see failure?

• All see it as a way of life… The way it is… But the key
  is how they handle it and how they process it and how
  they respond and react to it!!!
  Bill on go for no…

• Learned Helplessness VS. Learned Optimism

• As a Hammer VS. As a Book

• As a chance to quit VS. As a chance to recommit

• As what happens to only them VS. As what happens to

• Everyone learns to expect and accept failure… But
  what is the difference???

• It’s all about Attitude… GO FOR NO!!!

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