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									Fighting Obesity to Live through Healthy Aging

Being over weight will hurt you if you let it and do not do something
about it. It is not good to be over weight, obesity can cause your body

What are something that can happen to me if am overweight?
If you are over weight there is many things that can happen to you.
Obesity is responsible for heart attacks. Obesity is behind sleep apnea,
strokes, diabetes and so on. When a person is overweight, they often hurt
all the time. Sometimes it makes it difficult to breath. Obesity causes
the heart to work harder. You may have a hard time walking across the
floor. Obesity can make you feel depressed and not want to go anywhere or
do anything. Being over weight is bad on your health.

What can I do to help myself?
You have several options, yet the first is to gain willpower to take
control of your body. The next step is to start eating the right foods,
getting some exercise and so on. If you can exercise like you want to
that is great, take it slow and do a little at a time. Do not overdo it.
If you over work your body, the body will let you know. Obesity prevents
many from staying active. A persons emotions and mental state is affected
by obesity, since you start thinking I don’t want to do anything. You
have to do something. Get out of the house and take in a movie. Perhaps
you could visit some friends that you haven’t seen in awhile. The more
active you are, you will start feeling better about you and maybe you
will lose some weight. You need to go see your family doctor to see if
its ok to do this before you start. Your family doctor may give you a
diet to go by and maybe recommend the exercises that will benefit you.

What should I eat?
I cannot tell you what to eat. I can however give you a few pointers.
Instead of frying your food, bake it. Baking meats, veggies, etc will
help cutback grease. Baking will help drain the fat out of the food
rather than if you fried the food. Fried foods mean fat, fat, fat and can
harm your heart. Eat three times a day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eat
plenty of raw vegetables, and salads. If you enjoy chocolates or sweets,
find substitutes. Yogurts may offer you a new taste as well as reduce
your risks, especially if you choose the fat-free groups. Try to stay
away from fast foods. Fast food has obesity written all over its menu.
Heart attacks follow. If you enjoy dining out, then find family owned
restaurants, since the family will serve you healthier dishes. When you
sit down to eat at home, avoid eating in front of the television. You
should avoid seconds as well.

Being over weight is hard on you both mentally and physical. If you have,
will power then try to lose weight? Start out by taking it slow. Don’t go
hog wild since it will only make your heart race. You need to learn your
limits to help you lose weight and take control of your health. If you
find it still too hard to lose weight then maybe you should see if there
is a local support group around so that you can join it and get the
support that you need. You might want to stay away from people that do
not give you support. You will need lifted up not let down.

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