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					Getting up one more time Sufferance while we loose 25% of everything we have worked for. 1397 w/count The fact is the pool has shrunk and the big drought is out there, and it is making huge emotional inroads on the minds of especially older people who have thought that they have the „egg” to keep them alive till death and now it is not so. 4 000 small business have closed in the last year in South Africa and almost 500 000 jobs are lost as business downsize. So what do you do as you are facing the credit crunch? You cry throw yourself out of you‟re your bedroom window and get caught on the burglar bars or shocked badly on the electric fence, so that is no good. You cry threaten God, beg God consider suicide and then the next day dawns you are still alive and the death penalty for current business failure –you find – is abolished. So what now, you have to be emotional and asses the situation clear anything you do not need reduce expenditure and leave the emotion of what the neighbours think behind. This cycle was inevitable in South Africa we have lived on credit for far too long and basically every household has used the banks ability to extend our capital requirements through loans credit cards and other financial instruments from access bonds and various other means. Oliver Goldsmith said it – getting up one more time is the only way to eventually be successful. No person lying on the ground defeated is ever going to achieve a dream, and it is a total truism, and another who I am unsure of the author that said it says „many of the great achievement of the world are accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working. I have lost everything and had to start again through dreaded disease West Nile Fever because my incredibly expensive all inclusive insurance had small print which made it a useless piece of expensive paper when I needed it most. I lost 27kg could not work for three months and had to pick up the pieces and do it all over again. I am so much the better for it. I was depressed for a year and at the end of the day I was the only one who could and got up to make a difference, you know what? I tried lying down and staying down eventually lying down gets painful the rocks are a bitch and people keep stepping on you. Recently I was shot for a gas bottle; R300.00 deposit nine casing were collected by the Police, six bullets hit me one deflected off my rib cage plunged through my intestine and was ignominiously removed from my backside under local anesthetic and a scalpel. The others passed through everyone says luck I say Luck would not be shot and the fortune is that I survived. So why can you not? Survive that is


You and you - only have the power to be „the” successful entrepreneur I do not know anybody and that includes Nelson Mandela who I did work for that achieved their goals and dreams without some form of hardship and the feeling that everything is impossible, and when they were at the bottom of the well and that the only way out is up, and that is where the light is. You have to create a Bastion of self, a place you know is strong and the belief that the worst that can happen to you is death, and that from the belief in religion is a good thing so all we are left with is the concept that you will not achieve anything without struggle. Faith seeking is a positive as you need to believe that you will succeed and overcome with out this belief 98% of people fail. You need to believe in yourself, your team and your ability to achieve your goals against all odds and that this is a cycle from which you will eventually emerge, more prepared and more able to make enough to weather and create a new balance that in the next round leaves you standing and the next running and the next jumping for the stars. 25% of the economy is shrinking it is the debt we cannot afford and have lived with for years, this is brush pruning to make a stronger healthier bush that will provide greater fruits and yield in the future. At death we can expect peace but now we must live, from a person who has sat at deaths door living is the greatest gift we have and possessions are a state of mind. To have things you must want things, to want things you need to plan - to make a plan you need to know the landscape and where to plant the seeds for your next bountiful crop. No body can succeed if you have given up. No body can succeed if you are lying down and you can only blame yourself for success. Heighten your perception and look to understand the unknown at this stage, know you are having it difficult because you are not at the coal face - go out and find it, as it is not coming to you. Hidden fears are your greatest weakness; I saw this recession coming and stripped my business to the bones. Many people have questioned why I am driving an old white golf but at least I am not paying thousands of rands to someone to keep an image of what other people expect of me. I am comfortable with who I am and do not need to show status to be recognized why must I work harder because someone believes I am more successful if I have a jaguar owned by the bank? Patience, you need patience, you need to pace yourself and do what needs to be done to survive, you have achieved things before, and in the future your time will come to achieve again, so again if you do not give up you will achieve and still be standing.


Visualization is the key, keep “seeing” yourself wealthy, successful and do something everyday to get closer to your vision, especially by selling something and making a profit. A client of mines father lived an ordinary life but when he retired a friend approached him for his knowledge and they set up a door factory for RDP houses which they eventually sold. He made more money [that stayed in his account] in two years than what he worked for his entire life. It does happen to every person but it does come with understanding, energy hard work, integrity and study it does not fall into your lap unless your surname begins with Hilton or some such ridiculously wealthy family and even they are not guaranteed success. Frightening is the term that I would use for the current economy, however frightening is not life threatening and while you live and breathe you can be successful. I dreamed of a project six years ago that was going to cost R1 million then R10 million now it is R1 billion rand I have the dream and you know what? I heard today that a Minister is asked to do the turning of the ground when the project launches. This will be my dream for South Africa seven years of dreaming sacrificing it all and it is almost there. My dream was a broad vision of change new energy, exciting technology and as I sold my dream I was able to define the steps, details and partnerships that have made key people support it to the ability to begin, I just will not give up on something I know will work. Emotional isolation is the worst thing you can do in this climate, you need to be honest about your situation and live with it. Find people who can support you engage your family and make plans to get through, do not be quiet do not run away from creditors and do not make new debt. Strong and independent - visualize yourself every single morning in the suite of success, take it from me it really does work and cast off this idea of being a victim of recession, and become a victim of your own success.


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