Basics Of Indian Wedding Decoration

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					Basics Of Indian Wedding Decoration

Written by LoveMaker
Monday, 16 January 2012 02:16

Each soon to be a wedded couple dreams of perfect wedding decoration on their special day
not only to impress the invitees but to also to make their very special day of life more
memorable. But to do that there are so many things that needs to be consider starting from
wedding timings and venue selection, theme and the concept of wedding venue decoration,
choosing a invitation card, deciding on the food and wedding cake, car hire and the list goes on.

Wedding decor planning especially for the Asian wedding is such a deciding factor that can turn
out your ceremony to dull or live. You can have multiple wedding decoration ideas from those
who have handled such family function earlier. And if not then Internet is a good place to get
more of design inspirations for wedding ceremony. You can easily make out what are the best
in trends now for the wedding parties with very little or no amount of cost. Another good option
is to hire a professional wedding planner to get most of your weeding needs done without little
or no hustle. They can give you good suggestion and lots of options for stage decoration, event
decor and other.
There are many things that need to be considering in advance before deciding on any wedding
planning. You need to choose on the mood of the wedding whether you want it to be more of an
official function or a casual party, whether to make it traditional gathering or a contemporary
plus modern gathering.

One thing for sure to be considered while planning on wedding is to plan for the budget and
allocation of amount for each activity. Careful planning of budget helps to get desired decor
without any unexpected costly mistakes. And this is where a professional wedding planner can
be helpful. They can offer you various decorative suggestion based on you budget. The choice
of location also influences a lot to the overall budget. You can choose from closed hall type
location or can go with marquee hire to arrange a marriage ceremony at some open park or
garden. Pool side parties and functions are another good option that people choose these days.
On an all outdoor wedding are more preferred these days; however weather plays an important
role on deciding the venue. Use of attractive lighting can be more creative while decorating
venue for outdoor weddings. It can be done with strings or lights, candles or even with
decorative lantern to give some traditional look.

Probably the most important aspect of choosing wedding decoration is deciding on the color.
Most of the other things can be chosen on the base of the color of the venue decoration. You
can start adding other items like drapes, flowers, lighting, mandap decoration and other things
matching to theme color.

Basics Of Indian Wedding Decoration

Written by LoveMaker
Monday, 16 January 2012 02:16

Choosing a wedding flowers, drapes and furniture are other important things to look out while
deciding on the wedding decor. Particularly flowers are more important as it can give your
venue an exquisite look, freshness and natural feelings. While be selective on drapes, that it
needs to be in match with overall theme. Choose the right size of drapes with attractive
material, design and color.

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