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					Mitel Product Strategy & Roadmap

Tim Kostyniuk
Vice President, Product Management & Solutions Marketing
Cliff Ellement
Director, Product Management UCC Applications

    Key Market Trends and Mitel Strategy
    Enterprise Roadmap Highlights

                     Mitel | Confidential   slide 3
Key Market Trends and Mitel Strategy

      Market Trends                                             Mitel Strategy
Growth of UCC applications                            Invest in UCC applications and
and solutions                                         partner eco-system
Pervasive mobile communication                        Mobile-enabled UCC with
& collaboration – BYOD/Tablets                        Freedom of choice
Data center & desktop                                 Lead in voice virtualization with
virtualization                                        new solutions and partners
Business process integration                          Open architecture and
of UCC and business apps                              applications pre-integration

Managed services and cloud                            Innovative UCaaS and enterprise
computing services growth                             managed UCC service offers

                               Mitel | Confidential   slide 4
Enterprise Business Communications, Evolved

                                                       Hosted Virtual      Software
                               Data Center
             Open Software on
             Industry Standard

      Real-time OS
       to Open OS

  TDM to

           Increasing Convergence of Real Time Communications
                 and Data Center Applications Infrastructure

                                Mitel | Confidential   slide 5
Enterprise Roadmap

                Mitel | Confidential   slide 6
A Single Cloud-Ready Software Stream

An In-Office Experience Anywhere

Freedom From Walled Garden Architectures

Freedom of Commercial Offerings

         Mitel | Confidential   slide 7
Mitel Freedom Architecture



                ERP   eMail          CRM
                                                       Mitel              Services
                                                     Freedom           Infrastructure



                              IN-OFFICE EXPERIENCE, ANYWHERE, ON ANY DEVICE

                                      Mitel | Confidential   slide 8
Mitel Communications Director
Your Preferred Deployment Model

    Mitel 3300        Industry
    Controllers   Standard Servers                  Virtual MCD   MiCD

 3300 Controllers - optimized hardware for TDM and IP access & services
 Industry Standard Servers (ISS) for enhanced data center fit
 Virtual MCD for integration with VMware virtual infrastructure enabled
  data centers
 MiCD for centralized high density service provider or enterprise

Single cloud ready software stream operates across all platforms to
         reduce TCO and deliver the same user experience

                             Mitel | Confidential     slide 9
Mitel Communications Director Roadmap Focus

          Leadership                        Leadership Virtual
            Mobility                            Solutions
          Integration                        (vMCD & MiCD)

          Dramatically                      New Applications
           Simplified                      & Communications
          Management                            Devices

                         Mitel | Confidential   slide 10
Mitel Virtual Solutions

 Virtualized real-time voice & UCC applications
   – vMCD, Feature Rich Call Control                                Global Technology Innovator
   – vMAS, Complete UCC Suite
   – vMBG, SIP & UCC Proxy
   – vCC, Complete Contact Center Suite
 Co-resident with business applications
 Built on industry leading virtualization
  platform: VMware vSphere 4
 Supports vCenter management functions
 Full interoperability with physical appliance
  and appliance server solutions from Mitel

   Fits IT operations, reduces costs and delivers IT services agility

                                  Mitel | Confidential   slide 11
Enterprise Reference Architecture for Mitel UCC Solutions


 Management Bus (SDS)

                                                                                      vMAS      vMAS
                                                                   VMware            NPM
                                                                                      NPM        UCA
        vMAS vMAS vMAS         vMAS      vMAS                      HA
vMCD     vMAS vMAS
        NPM   UCA  AWC         MBG        FMC
         NPM   UCA
             Primary                                                                Virtual Data Center
                                                             VMware SRM
       Virtual Data Center

 Single data center reliability with VMware High Availability (HA)
 Geographically diverse data centers, VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)
 Common management architecture for all vApps

                                      Mitel | Confidential     slide 12
Customer Highlight

                                      Challenge: Required an IPT/UCC solution to align with
                                        their Virtual DC consideration thrust and provide the
                                        necessary business continuity.
                                      Solution Provider: ATCOM Business Technology
                                      Selected Mitel’s Virtual Solutions products:
                                          – Virtual MCD, vMAS, vCC, vMBG, vUCA
                                      Reasons for selecting Mitel:
 Measurement Inc.                         – Only business communications vendor that provided a
 Provider of testing and                    VMware solution enabling them to realize the full value
 certification services for                 of DC Consolidation
                                          – Mitel’s ability to take advantage of HA / Data Recovery
 public and private sector                  tools
 clients                                  – Lowest CapEx and OpEx costs

 Customer Feedback:
   – “the Holy grail is to be able to fold their voice network into their VMWare datacenter”
   – “None of the candidates could take advantage of our High Availability and Data Recovery

                                        Mitel | Confidential   slide 13
Virtual Solutions Roadmap
Increased Scaling & Density, Cloud Enablement,
Mgmt Tools Optimization

                                                                       Hosted VDC
                                                                    Increased UC Application
                                                                   density, vCloud mgmt tools
                                                                      support & public cloud
                                                                    deployment optimization

                             Enterprise VDC
                              Extended Scaling &
                            Application Availability /
                            Business Continuity with
                             VMware Management
          SMB                                                         Virtual Desktop
    Reduced resource
  footprint for small-mid                                            Single Sign-On across
     size businesses                                                 Virtual Desktop and UC

                                 Mitel | Confidential   slide 14
Hosted Virtual Desktops: Modernizing the Desktop

 Drive down the cost of acquiring
  and managing desktops                                                            Centralized
 Secure corporate information back                                                 & Delivery
  into the data center
 Provide ubiquitous access across
  broad range of end points
 Maintain rich user experience
 Enable “bring your own device”
  with corporate profile overlay

                                      – Thick Client –        – Mobile Client –   – Zero Client,
                                       Desktop PC,              Smart Phone,      Thin Client –
                                       MAC, Laptop                Tablets

                            Mitel | Confidential   slide 15
   Hosted Virtual Desktop Day in the Life
                   With Mitel Dynamic                                    to a meeting and continue to
                   Extension, I have 1                                                         collaborate.
          2      number - an incoming                               3          I transfer my call to my mobile phone
                 call rings my devices.                                        with Dynamic Extension & log into my
               I take the call and start a                                      virtual desktop through my tablet to
                 collaboration session.                                          continue my collaboration session.

   Through Mitel &
VMware View, I log in
at my virtual desktop
       and I am
automatically logged
    into my phone
                        In the Office                                               On the go !

                                             Mitel | Confidential   slide 16
Multi-Instance Communications Director (MiCD)
High Density Hosted Solution for Service Providers and Enterprises

                               PSTN / NGN

                                  or     SIP

        Mitel Border Gateway


       Branch or
      Customer 1                   Branch or
                                  Customer 2
                                                                …         Branch or
                                                                         Customer n

     Lowers costs, increases performance and services agility

                                       Mitel | Confidential   slide 17
Unified Communications &
Collaboration Applications

                  Mitel | Confidential   slide 18
Mitel Applications Suite
Unified Communications Server

              Unified                               Leadership in
         Communications                             UCC Mobility
         and Collaboration

            Management and                               Business
              Deployment                               Applications
             Simplification                             Integration

                             Mitel | Confidential   slide 19
Simplicity and Choice: Mitel UCC Freedom


                                                      Mitel’s UCC provides the
                                                       Freedom to choose…
                                                              – Your device
                                                              – Your communication
              Freedom                                         – Your platform
                                                              – Your desired integration
                                                                with other business
                                                              – Your commercial
              Multi-Media                                       preference
                                                              – Freedom to choose your
               Mobility                                         UCC

                            Mitel | Confidential   slide 20
Mitel Applications Suite – UCC Solution – R3.0 / R4.0

                          Collaboration                                            Key Values
                           Advanced        Mitel Unified
                                          Communicator                              Integrated Application suite /
        NuPoint Unified
                          Mitel                                                     IT and End-user value
                       Applications                                                 Simplified Management
   Mitel Speech
  Auto-Attendant          Suite                                                     UCA Integration

                                                      Mitel Border
                                                                                   Directional Focus
      Mitel Business
                                                                                    Scalability
                                                                                    UCC Mobility
                         Mitel        Mitel Unified
                       Customer      Communicator
                                                                                    Continued VMWare
                       Manager                                                       Enhancements

                                                            Mitel | Confidential    slide 21
Unified Communications and Collaboration

UC Advanced Client Portfolio
 UCC Rich Communications Portal
 Contact management / presence / call
 Web and Video Collaboration / Video
 UCC across desktop, mobile devices
Directional Focus
 Enterprise Social Networking constructs
  and interworking
 Video Conferencing Interworking
 Customer relationship integration

           Increases productivity and collaboration control

                               Mitel | Confidential   slide 22
Mobile Client Portfolio
Android™ / BlackBerry® / iPhone® / iPad®

 Unifies UC components into a single,
  easy-to-manage interface
   – Corporate calling from Mobile devices
   – Manage incoming communications based
     on Presence/ location
   – View & listen to voice mail messages

 BlackBerry / Android smartphones and
 UCA Client for iPhone and iPad – 3Q’11

 Directional Focus
   – UCC / Collaboration extended to variety of
     mobile platforms
                  Advanced UC capabilities extended
                         to mobile workers
                                Mitel | Confidential   slide 23
UC Advanced Web and
Mobile Portal

 Key Value
   – Ubiquitous UCC client strategy on
     all devices and platforms
   – Supporting thin client / Hosted
   – Reduce desktop/deice install
   – Provides 90% of UCC value
 Supports mobile access from
  browsers on PC, Mac®,
  BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad,
  Android, Microsoft® Windows®
  Mobile, Nokia

                Truly platform agnostic… Freedom.

                               Mitel | Confidential   slide 24
Mitel Mobility for BlackBerry MVS
Capability and Customer Value

 Key Value
   – Deliver seamless user experience
   – Enable calls from Wi-Fi and cell
   – Security & IT Control
   – VMware Ready: Mitel vMCD and
     BlackBerry MVS
 Directional Focus
   – Tighter integration with RIM / MVS
   – Click to Collaborate
   – Video

                    BlackBerry as an integrated
                          MCD endpoint
                                Mitel | Confidential   slide 25
Customer Highlight
Mitel UCC – Mobility         Why did they choose Mitel?
                               – Improve UC mobility – Office Link
                               – Business continuity
                               – Single identity
                               – Business Application Integration – Outlook®

                             UC deployment scenarios at City of
 City of Riverside           Riverside…
 Background:                  – Call recording and logging from UC
                                 Advanced clients
   – Thriving community
                               – Location-based presence capabilities of UC
   – Technologically             Advanced Mobile for BlackBerry helpful for
     advanced                    presence status updates
   – Unique demand on          – Dynamic Extension provides timely
     public service to           response to incoming “case” calls
     extend “in-office”        – Single identity provided by Office Link –
     experience to mobile        allows mobile users to follow-up on cases
     workers                     without sharing their cell phone numbers

                              Mitel | Confidential   slide 26
 Mitel Collaboration Advanced (formerly AWC)
 Feature Rich Multiparty – Multimedia Collaboration system

Key Values
 Improved Scalability
   – Conference size and control
 Enhanced Collaboration Experience
   – Simplified Collaboration Client
 Multi-device / platform support
   – Collaboration viewer Web Client

Directional Focus
 Mobile UCC
 Video Interop

                  UC Advanced and Collaboration Advanced –
                   Mitel’s Leadership Collaboration Solution

                                Mitel | Confidential   slide 27
 UCC Business Application Integration Flexibility

 Microsoft
   – Click to call from Microsoft
     Internet Explorer®, Word, Outlook
   – Calendar / Contacts
 IBM® Lotus Notes®
   – Contacts / Click to dial / collaborate
 UC Advanced API for business application

 Mitel Solutions Alliance (MSA) Plug-in Partners
   – / Sugar CRM / MS Dynamics
   – Many others

                                      Mitel | Confidential   slide 28
What’s New in Customer Service Manager
Entry level Contact Center & Business Reporting Solution
                                                  Branch Office                                           Headquarters
                                                                                                             3300 Controller     3300 Controller
                                                                                                            (User Controller)   (Media Gateways)


                                                                       3300 CX
                                                   PSTN               Controller

Key Values                                                                               WAN / Internet

 Robust network deployments                      Small Office

 Expand Platform Choice
                                                                       3300 Controller
                                                                      (Media Gateway)

   – vAPP / ISS

Directional Focus
 Cradle to grave reporting &
  refresh - Historical & Real-time
 UCC client integration

                                Mitel | Confidential             slide 29
 Contact Center Business Edition/Enterprise Edition
 Mitel’s Intermediate to Advanced Contact Center Solution

Key Values
 Expand Addressable Market
    – ACD Scalability
 “Any Device” - 3rd party PBX Environments
 Hosted Offer - Virtual Contact Center
 Reduce TCO
    – Simplified Contact Center administration
    – Visual WorkFlow Manager

Directional Focus
 Unified Visual Multi-media
 Social Networking Integration
 UCC Integration – Presence / UCA Client

              Increased value, reduced Total Cost of Ownership

                                         Mitel | Confidential   slide 30
Mitel Solutions Alliance (MSA)

 Partners complete the unified Mitel solution
 MSA provides the vehicle for partnership
   – Tiered interop and partnership levels
   – Serves partners, channel and end-customers
 Selective partnerships with a purpose
   – Minimize portfolio gaps
   – Reduces dependency on system integrators
   – Increases ready-to-use BPI solutions
   – Increase overall customer value
   – Differentiation for channel
 Dedicated Interop Lab and SIP Center of Excellence

                                   Mitel | Confidential   slide 31
Summary Scorecard

      Market Trends                                              Mitel Scorecard
Growth of UCC applications                            Market leading pre-packaged
and solutions                                         UCC applications suite (MAS)
Pervasive mobile communication                        Best-in-class Freedom
& collaboration – BYOD/Tablets                        architecture to support BYOD
Data center & desktop                                 Industry 1st virtualized voice and
virtualization                                        hosted virtual desktop solutions
Business process integration                          Open integration with category
of UCC and business apps                              leader business applications

Managed services and cloud                            Industry 1st virtual PBX managed
computing services growth                             services platform (MiCD & vMCD)

                               Mitel | Confidential   slide 32
Thank you

    The information conveyed in this presentation, including oral comments and written materials, is confidential and proprietary to Mitel® and
              is intended solely for Mitel employees and members of Mitel’s reseller channel. If you are not a Mitel employee or a Mitel
    authorizedPARTNER, you are not the intended recipient of this information and are not invited to the conference, and cannot participate in
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