Dracula-Chapters 15_16_17-Study Guide-Kate O'Rourke by cuiliqing


									                                                                               Kate O’Rourke
                                                                               March 9, 2009

                                Chapters 15 -17 – Study Guide

1. Where is the first place Dr. Seward and Van Helsing go in an attempt to prove Van Helsing’s
theories about Lucy are true?

They go to Cr. Vincent of the North Hospital. (P. 266)

2. What does Dr. Vincent believe made the marks on the children’s throats?

He thinks it might be some type of a violent species of bat. (P. 267)

3. What do Van Helsing and Dr. Seward find when they open Lucy’s coffin?

The coffin was empty. (P. 270)

4. What do Van Helsing and Dr. Seward do after exiting Lucy’s tomb?

They stay in the grave yard and watch. (P. 270-271)

5. What do Van Helsing and Dr. Seward do with the child they find in the cemetery?

They leave it at the Hampstead Heath so the police can find it. (P. 272)

6. What do Dr. Seward and Van Helsing discover when they return to Lucy’s tomb the following

Lucy is in the tomb. (P. 273)

7. Why does Van Helsing hesitate to immediately do what needs to be done to Lucy’s body in
order to bring her soul peace?

Van Helsing wants Arthur to see the truth for himself so he will believe Van Helsing’s
theory. (P. 276)

8. How does Van Helsing intend to keep Lucy inside her tomb at night?

He will place garlic and crucifixes in her tomb. (P. 277)

9. What news does Van Helsing share with Arthur and Quincey Morris?

Van Helsing asks for their permission to do what he has to do for Lucy. (P. 279-280)

10. What does Arthur unwillingly agree to do?
Arthur agrees to go with Van Helsing to the graveyard and wait. (P. 283)

11. Dr. Seward, Van Helsing, Quincey Morris, and Arthur find Lucy’s tomb empty. What do
they see in the cemetery the same night?

They see Lucy bite a child. (P. 287-288)

12. Describe Arthur’s reaction when Lucy speaks to him in the cemetery.

Arthur seemed under a spell and opened his arms to her. (P. 289)

13. How does Van Helsing protect Arthur from Lucy’s temptation?

He held a crucifix in-between them. (P. 289)

14. According to Van Helsing, what do the Eastern Europeans call the Un-Dead?

They call them nosferatu. (P. 293)

15. Who strikes the blow that sets Lucy’s soul free?

Arthur strikes the blow. (P. 294)

16. What happens to Lucy’s body after the stake is driven through her heart?

She writhed in agony and her mouth foamed until finally she laid still and looked like the
true Lucy. (P.295)

17. When the men exit Lucy’s tomb for the last time, what does each strongly swear to do?

They each swear to get rid of the “Creator”, or Count Dracula. (P. 297)

18. What does Van Helsing find waiting for him when he returns to the hotel?

He finds a letter from Mina saying she is coming. (P. 298)

19. What does Van Helsing give to Dr. Seward before he leaves for Amsterdam?

He gives Dr. Seward Mina and Jonathan Harker’s diaries’. (P. 298)

20. Who does Dr. Seward encourage to stay at his home?

Mina Harker is to stay at his home. (P. 298)

21. Dr. Seward keeps his own personal diary on phonograph. What does Mina intend to do with
Dr. Seward’s wax cylinders?

She was going to type them for Dr. Seward, but instead she will listen to them and make
a chronological diary of events. (P. 302)
22. What is ironic about the discovery of the Count’s possible hiding place?

He could possibly be next to Seward’s home. (P. 307)

23. Who does Dr. Seward realize may be strangely linked to Count Dracula?

Renfield might be strangely linked to Count Dracula. (P. 308)

24. In Whitby, Jonathan tracks down the location of the Count’s fifty large boxes. Where are
they located?

They are located in Carfax. (P. 311)

25. What happens that causes Arthur to swear that he would be a life-long brother to Mina

In his time of grief, Mina’s sympathy touches him and helps him get through his sorrow.
(P. 315)

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