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					                                                                      Blank Card Reader Cards

                                                                       Models 1100BC (single sided)
                                                                        and 1200BC (double sided)

1.       Single-sided cards (1100BC)
2.       Double-sided cards (1200BV)
•        Vocal mirroring capability with additional card programs                                              2
         and teacher created lessons with single/ double-sided
         blank cards.
•        Provides vocal mirroring capabilities when used with a
         CardMaster Card Reader. A card is selected and played
         through the CardMaster. The student listens to the pre-
         corded sound, records a response, compares the two
         recordings and repeats as many times as necessary.
•        Optional blank cards allow creation of additional teacher
         created lessons and a permanent record of student progress
•        Reading and writing skills develop in a variety of ways,
         this program enables students to link visible letters with
         the sounds they hear. This repeated, multi-modal, kines-
         thetic, visual and auditory reinforcement helps solidify
         mental connections between written and spoken words

CardMaster Card Readers can enhance
classroom curriculum, speech-language                                                        Specifications
therapies, foreign language acquisition
and ELD/ ESL applications. Recording onto                               Cards per package:     100 cards
these blank magnetic cards (single or
double-sided) when using a CardReader                                   Dimensions:            3.5”W x 9”L
creates a permanent record of progress.                                 Warranty               One year from date of purchase
In addition to using prerecorded programs,
                                                                        Weight                 1 pound, 2 lbs shipping weight
teachers can create their own lesson plans.

“Project Intercept"
Please contact us immediately if you experience any difficulties
with your Blank Cards. Our “Project Intercept" customer service
program will quickly repair or replace items under warranty.
Simply contact us via phone or email

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