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Girl Scouts of
Eastern Missouri                                 2007-2008
2130 Kratky Rd
St. Louis, MO 63114-1704
(314) 890-9569 xt. 2360
This publication is a combined
listing of an extensive inventory of
equipment and resources available
to the adult membership of the
Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri
(GSEM) through the G.S. EXPRESS
and the Resource Center.

Resources are selected to support
Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA)
and GSEM program and safety
standards to ensure the highest
quality Girl Scout experience
possible for girls.

If you have any suggestions or
comments please let us know by
writing, calling, sending a fax or
Email to:

Girl Scouts of
Eastern Missouri
2130 Kratky Rd
St. Louis, MO 63114-1704
(314) 890-9569 xt. 2360
Resource Center: (314) 592-2360
FAX: (314) 890-0645
Email to Vince Vitale,
Equipment Sales Manager:

Table of

G.S. EXPRESS                          Equipment Pg. 9-12
                                           •   Troop/ Group Use
Services: (E) Pg.         3-5              •   Council-Wide, District, or
     •   Library                               Neighborhood Event Use
     •   Girl Scout Equipment                  Only
     •   Operating Schedule
     •   Free Materials
                                      Kits and Educational Aids
                                                     Pg. 13-17
Resource Center                            •   Archives Traveling Trunks
                                               Pg. 13
Services: (R) Pg. 6-7                      •   Celebration Boxes Pg. 14
     • Library                             •   Culture Kits Pg. 14
     • Badge/Patch Resource Files          •   Diversity Kits Pg. 14
     • Troop Trip Planning
        Reference Files               Table Top Displays Pg. 18
     • PEP Sessions
                                      Games Pg. 18-20
     • Equipment
     • How To Borrow Equipment        Audiovisual Index Pg. 21-43
                                           By TOPIC-
Audiovisual Equipment Pg.8            Audiocassette & CD Index
     •   Troop/ Group Use             Pg. 44-45
     •   Council-Wide, District, or
         Neighborhood Event Use

                                      The following letters are used
                                      through out this publication
                                      to indicate where a resource
                                      is available:
                                           E= G.S. EXPRESS
                                           R= Resource Center

                                       SERVICES of the
G.S. EXPRESS                           G.S.EXPRESS include:
                                           •   Lending Library-
The G. S. EXPRESS is a custom-
                                               offering a variety of
designed bus that operates as a
                                               books, song cassettes,
G.S. Scout Shop and resource
                                               videos and equipment.
lending library. Staff is available
                                               These resources may be
to answer Girl Scout program
                                               borrowed for four weeks
questions, suggest appropriate
                                               with the option of
resources for troop/ group
activities and assist with
                                               Equipment available:
                                                  Jump ropes, juggling
                                               bags, compasses,
EXPRESS is an acronym for
                                               parachutes, lummi sticks
EXciting Program, Resources,
                                               and flags.
Equipment, Sales and Service.
                                               The Mobile Unit
                                               Assistant will check out
The G. S. EXPRESS carries the
                                               materials available on a
complete line of official Girl Scout
                                               first-come, first-served
uniforms, insignia and gift items.
                                               basis. No reservations
                                               are accepted.
From September through May, the
                                               Materials are returned
G.S. EXPRESS makes stops at
                                               to the G. S. EXPRESS or
convenient locations throughout
                                               the Resource Center.
the council jurisdiction, using a
four-week rotating schedule. The
                                           • Girl Scout Equipment
schedule includes morning,                   Sales
afternoon, evening and special                 Its custom-built interior
Saturday hours.                                allows the G.S. EXPRESS
                                               to operate as a self-
An Equipment Sales Assistant and               service shop where Girl
a Mobile Unit Assistant staff the              Scout pins, badges,
G. S. EXPRESS.                                 books, uniforms and gift
                                               items are available for
                                               purchase. Special mail
                                               order service is available
                                               for items not stocked or
                                               temporarily out of stock.

Sales Policies                       Operating Schedule
        1. For security reasons,     The G. S. EXPRESS operates on a
            the G.S. EXPRESS         four-week rotating schedule,
            does not accept          September through May,
            cash.                    coinciding with the program year.
         2. Purchases may be         Please note that a four-week
            made by check, money     rotating schedule means that the
            order, MasterCard,       G.S. EXPRESS will not always be at
            Visa, Discover or        a location during the same week
            American Express.        each month.
         3. Checks must be for
            amount of purchase       For exact dates, times and
            only and include the     locations consult a current copy of
            troop number.            the G. S. EXPRESS schedule. The
                                     schedule is printed in Volunteer
                                     Development Bulletin (spring, fall)
Return and Exchange Policy:          and Neighborhood Announcements
         1. Returns or exchanges     (September through May, except
            can be made on           December). Schedules are also
            current, saleable        available from the Resource
            merchandise only.        Center, the G. S. Shop, the G. S.
         2. The G. S. EXPRESS        EXPRESS and on the Web site at
            does not give cash
         3. Credit slips are given
            for returns totaling     The G.S. EXPRESS will not
            $5 or less.              operate under the following
         4. Refund checks are        conditions:
            issued from the Girl
            Scout Service Center           • Unseasonably cold
            for returns over $5.             temperatures
            Allow 10 business days         • The school district is
            for processing and               closed due to inclement
            mailing.                         weather

Contact the G.S. Shop at
1-800-727-4475 ext.
2378, (314) 890-9569, or
592-2378, to make sure the
G.S.EXPRESS is operating.


The following basic forms most
commonly used by troops are
available in both the Resource
Center and on the G. S.

      •   Camp Maps
      •   Troop Camp Applications
      •   Troop Trip Applications
      •   Parent Permission Forms
          F-56 & F-57
      •   Countdown to Thinking
          Day (requirements for
          Juliette Low World
          Friendship Fund Patch).
      •   Our Own Council’s Try-
          It/ Badge/ Interest
      •   Other seasonal/
          miscellaneous materials

                                       •   Troop Trip Planning
                                           Reference Files: A

Center                                     collection of brochures from
                                           various states to help in
                                           troop/group trip planning.
Resource Center staff is available     •   PEP Sessions: Perfectly
to answer questions, suggest               Effortless Program (PEP)
appropriate resources for troop/           Sessions are offered in the
group, neighborhood/ district or           spring and fall at the G. S.
council-wide activities and                Service Center. Designed for
schedule resources for use by the          the busy Girl Scout adult, these
membership.                                special resource preview
                                           sessions offer an opportunity
The Resource Center is open                to drop-in to preview new and
Monday, Wednesday, Friday from             existing resources; pick-up a
9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday &           PEP packet of activities, games
Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30            and resources; or talk to an
p.m. and the second Saturday of            expert on a specific Girl Scout
the month, September through               program topic.
May, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.           •   PEP Sessions are also offered
Services of the Resource                   in Districts 10, 11, 12, 14 and 17
Center include:                            to accommodate members in
 • Lending Library: A                      rural areas. Check the current
     collection of books, song             issues of Leader Program
     cassettes and CD’s, videos and        Bulletin and Neighborhood
     DVD’s, games and activity kits        Announcements for PEP Session
     may be borrowed for a two or          Schedule.
     four week period with a one       •   Equipment:
     week renewal option. A mail-          Flags, compasses, double dutch
     back envelope is available upon       ropes, play parachutes, lummi
     request. Return postage is the        sticks, culture kits, activity kits
     responsibility of the borrower.       and other equipment is available
•   Badge/Patch Resource                   for troop/ group, district,
                                           neighborhood and council-wide
    Reference Files:
                                           events. Advance reservations
    Information to assist adults
                                           are required.
    working with Junior, Cadette
    and Senior girls on badge or
    interest project requirements.

How To Borrow
                                     4. OR: Call the Resource
Equipment                               Specialist at (314) 592-2360
                                        or 1-800-727-4475, ext. 2360
From the Resource
                                        OR: Email
                                        to reserve equipment.
1. Equipment may be reserved by
   registered adult Girl Scouts.     5. The pink copy of the VP-117
   It is the responsibility of the      application confirms reservation
   person reserving equipment to        of equipment.
   make arrangements for pick-up
   and return to the Resource        6. Equipment may be picked-up or
   Center.                              returned to the Resource
                                        Center during regular business
2. Reserved equipment is available      hours.
   for pick-up two days prior to
   date of use and must be           7. Some types of equipment can
   returned no later than two days      be delivered via UPS. Return
   after date of use. During peak       UPS postage is the
   usage times or off-season the        responsibility of the borrower.
   length of the reservation may        Check with the Resource
   be adjusted at the discretion        Specialist before requesting
   of the Resource Specialist.          equipment to be shipped via
3. To reserve equipment fill out
   Form VP- 117, Resource Center     8. Equipment is set out in the
   Application for Use of Council       Resource Center with the
   Equipment available from your        yellow pick-up copy of the VP-
   neighborhood chair, Resource         117 equipment application
   Center or G.S. EXPRESS Free          attached. Please keep the
   Materials and send to:               yellow copy with equipment.

   Resource Center                   9. The loading dock must be used
   Girl Scouts of                       for large orders of equipment.
   Eastern Missouri                     Loading dock doors are located
   2130 Kratky Rd                       on the north side of the
   St. Louis, MO 63114-1704             Service Center.

Troop / Group Use                   Audiovisual Equipment
    • Audio cassette tape
                                    For Council-Wide,
    •   Portable public address     District, or
        system                      Neighborhood Event Use
    •   Slide projectors
    •   Caramate Slide
                                        • Easels
        Projector- combination
                                        • Combination TV/VCR or
        slide projector and
                                            TV/DVD with 13” screen
        cassette tape recorder
        with 10” viewing screen
                                        •   Overhead projector
        and optional wall               •   Roving Rostrum-
        projection. Features                combination portable
        recording cue pulses for            public address system
        developing original slide           and tabletop rostrum
        programs.                       •   Stereo CD player with
    •   AV screen                           radio/cassette recorder
    •   Extension cords                 •   Two-Way Radios

Troop / Group Use                                   •   Velcro board Candle Lighting
                                                        ceremony for Daisy/ Brownie
Archery Safety Equipment                            •   Battery operated Candles
Arm guards & finger guards
Safety-Wise guidelines do not recommend      Compasses
archery for Daisy or Brownie age Girl               •   Compass Game Cards
Scouts. Check with district equipment               •   Compass Game Rope
manager on availability of bows and                 •   Compass Training
arrows and district regulations concerning              Demonstrator-
use of equipment. The current Adult                     10”x14 1/2” clear Lucite.
Education Calendar in Volunteer
Development Bulletin lists archery
                                             Day Camp or Event
                                             Equipment Bag- includes:
                                                 15 Compasses
Banners                                          1   Compass game rope
(2’x6’) White vinyl banner with “Girl
                                                 1   Set of compass game cards
Scouts Where Girls Grow Strong” in large
                                                 10 Sets of Lummi sticks
block green letters; grommets for hanging
                                                 1    20’ play parachute
or can be hand-held.
                                                 2    Rope makers
                                                 5    Sets Double Dutch ropes
Podium Banners                               Packaged in a canvas equipment bag these
                                             items can be boxed and shipped via UPS
(40”lg x 28” wide), white background
                                             to day camp director; district equipment
        • Contemporary G.S. Logo
                                             manager for use by several day camps; or
        • Traditional G.S. Logo
                                             event planners.
        • GirlSports
        • Bronze Award
                                             Approximate weight, 17-lbs. 11 oz. Return
        • Silver Award
                                             by UPS is the responsibility of the day
        • Gold Award
                                             camp or event. This equipment bag is
                                             available to day camps only during June-
Ceremony Props                               August and for day camp training. Events
       •   Bridge post sets                  & troops may use equipment bag during
       •   Ceremonial logs                   non day camp usage times.
       •   Daisy Petal ceremony
       •   Flag recipe
       •   Magic well
       •   World Association of Girl
           Guides and Girl Scouts Pin
       •   Flower Rededication

Flags (3’x5’)
       •   American                           Leather Working Tools
       •   Contemporary G.S.
                                              (For group of 12)
       •   Missouri
       •   World Association of Girl          Lummi Sticks (R/E)
           Guides and Girl Scouts              Sets of 10-12” long wooden rhythm
           (WAGGGS)                           sticks
                                              Play Parachutes
Flags (2’x3’)                                 Regular size (20’ diameter) (R)
                                              Mini size (6’ diameter) (R/E)
       •   American
       •   Daisy G.S.                         Rope Makers
       •   Brownie G.S.                       (R/E
       •   Contemporary G.S.
       •   World Association of Girl
           Guides and Girl Scouts                •   Double
           (WAGGGS)                                  Dutch (R/E)
                                                 •   Individual jump ropes

Flag Stands                                   Safety Helmets
Flag Pole Belt Carriers                          •   Bicycle
                                                 •   Horseback riding
Sashes & Gloves for color guard
                                              Scrapbooking Tools
                                              (for group of 12)
GirlSports/VERB Activity Kit
Includes-                                     Sewing Machines
GirlSports Basics for Daisy & Brownie Girl    Available from the Program Department.
Scouts- a sports-readiness program for        To reserve call 314-592-2375.
girls ages 5-8; Fit & Fun GirlSports for      Star (Celestial) Seeker
Junior Girl Scouts. Both include Leader       Hold constellations in the palm of your
Guide and Activity cards.                     hand. Includes 20 northern hemisphere
Equipment:                                    constellation cards and hand held
8 mini cones,                                 illuminator with night vision red light.
2 Stop watches,
4 Lacrosse sticks & 2 balls
                                              Table Covers
1 set Double                                  Polyester poplin, 3 sided, 6’ wide by 2’
Dutch ropes,                                  deep x 30” high, imprinted with Girl Scout
2 Individual                                  Logo and Girl Scout Council of Greater St.
jump ropes                                    Louis lettering.
3 Ankle jump                                  Telescope
ropes                                         Terrestrial telescope with tabletop tripod
2 Four foot                                   (included in Sky watch Kit).
pop-up Soccer
                                              Tinikling Poles
1 each- soccer ball, basketball, volleyball
                                                     6 ft. PVC pipes and wooden
Bean Bag Target with 10 beanbags                     knockers

International Flag Collection
representing members of the World
Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

There are 54 international flags. Each
flag is 3’x5’
                                             Germany, Federal
and comes
                                              Republic of
with a two-
piece 8’ pole.
The American,
Girl Scout
logo, World
                                             Ireland, Republic of
and Missouri
Flags are a
part of the international flag collection.
Troops may check out up to 12
international flags, along with the
                                             Korea, (South) Republic of
American, Contemporary Girl Scout logo
and World Association flag, making a total
of 15 flags.
Only district/ neighborhood or council-
wide events may check out the total
                                             New Zealand
collection of international flags. Adult
supervision is recommended to ensure
proper placement and handling of this
unique collection.
Flags available:
Antigua & Barbuda
                                             Sri Lanka
                                             United Arab Emirates
                                             United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Dominican Republic
                                             Northern Ireland

Equipment For
                                                  3. Ceremonies In Girl

                                                  4. People Near & Far
                                                     (Multicultural Resources)

District, or
                                                  5. Be Your Best! (Health &
                                                     Safety Resources)

                                                  6. Creating Change- Helping
                                                     Others (Community Service

Event Use Only:
                                                  7. Around Town (Math,

                                                     Science, and Technology
                                              P.E.P. packets for each of the P.E.P. topics
                                              must be requested at least four weeks in
First-Aid Backpacks                           advance.

Mini-Resource Center
                                              Quick Shade
Display                                       10’x10’ folding canopy, forest green, with
Resource Center tabletop display, 3 ring      carry case
notebook with copy of Resources for Girl
Scout Volunteers, selection of books, song
tapes, and equipment. Notebook of             Snow Cone Machines
sample PEP Packets. 25 each of the            Available from the Camping Services
following handouts: Resources for Girl        Department for Day Camps. Contact
Scout Volunteers, VP-117, Resource            314-592-2346.
Center Application for Use of Council
Equipment, Juliette Low World Friendship      Stop Watches
Fund Patch Requirements.

P.E.P. Session Displays
Perfectly Effortless Program (PEP)
Session displays showcase the many
resources available through the council
resource center. After a P.E.P. Session
has been offered at the council Resource
Center and in the rural areas, display kits
are available for neighborhood meetings,
adult events or training. Topics available
   1. Fun in the Out-of-Doors

   2. Do-Re-Mi and S.W.A.P.S.

KITS &                                        Children of the World
                                              For grades K-3

EDUCATIONAL                                   Includes Children of the World poster
                                              set, 20 posters, 11”x16” comes with

                                              activity guide. Set of Small World Books:
                                              Celebrating, Carrying, Eating, Smiling.
                                              WEE Sing- Around the World cassette
                                              tape and songbook.
Animals Up Close
For Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts 1985,
                                              Computer Discovery Kit
National Wildlife Federation
                                              For Junior and Cadette age level. Mesh
Colorful learning kit with animal cards
                                              backpack includes: The Imaginit video (35
that are big (8 l/2” x 11”) and exciting.
                                              min), Books (Computers For Beginners,
Two beautifully illustrated Story-
                                              Online Kids, Internet Detectives: Net
Starters encourage creativity and verbal
                                              Bandits, Let There Be Life!) and activity
skills and the Activity Guide is full of
ideas like the “Touch and Feel Walk”,
“Animal Snacks”, “Animal Antics” and
other games.                                  Culturegrams
                                              For all age levels.
                                              Four-page briefings on Customs &
ARCHIVES TRAVELING                            Courtesies; the People; Lifestyle; and the
TRUNKS:                                       Nation. Culturegrams may NOT BE
       The   First Decade, 1912               PHOTOCOPIED BECAUSE THEY ARE
                                              COPYRIGHTED by Brigham Young
       The   Fourth Decade, 1940
                                              University. Culturegrams may be checked
       The   Sixth Decade, 1960
                                              out like a book, for 4 weeks.
       The   Seventh Decade, 1970
On-hands activities and props help in
                                              CELEBRATION BOXES:
exploring the history of Girl Scouting.       (R/E)
                                                       •   Chinese New year
Astronomy Discovery Kit                                •   Cinco de Mayo
For Junior age level.                                  •   Hanukkah
Mesh backpack includes: Books- The                     •   Kawanzaa
Young Astronomer, Usbourne Spotter’s
                                                       •   Pow Wow
Guide to the Night Sky, Tales of
                                              Each box features an easy-to-read book,
Shimmering Sky, Astronomy 101 Video,
                                              a colorful banner, props for celebrating
15x35 Telescope, and activity guide.
                                              the event, plus a guide
                                              with activities and craft suggestions.
BARK Dog Bite Prevention
Program Kit
For grades K-6
Includes video, Dogs, Cats & Kids, activity
guide and booklet, Dr. Kind Answers Kids
Questions About Animals. Designed to
keep kids safe around dogs.

CULTURE KITS: (R)                            CULTURE: What Is It?
Africa      India                            Video and Resource Kit (R)
Japan       Mexico                            Video 11:35 minutes
Norway      Sweden                           Books: Comparing Cultures; What I
Switzerland                                  Believe; Discovering World Cultures
                                             Series: Clothing and Jewelry, Food,
United Kingdom of Great Britain
                                             Homes, Music and Dance; Trefoil Round
& Northern Ireland (1980’s or                the World and World Games and Recipes.
1990’s)                                      WEE Sing: Around the World CD,
Zimbabwe                                     Cassette tape and songbook and a Time
Each culture kit contains resources          Zones of the World Map.
(books, artifacts, video, etc.) to explore
the culture and Girl Guiding or Girl
Scouting in that country.
                                             Culture Packets: (R)
                                             For All Ages
        •   Many Languages of the
                                             Items for display, information on Girl
            Girl Scout Promise               Guiding or Girl Scouting, and culture.
A collection of resources on international
friendship with items from Peru, Japan
and Hong Kong.

Check with the following                     DIVERSITY KITS: (R)
COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS                      Age appropriate kits designed to increase
for additional resources:                    awareness, understanding, and promotion
                                             of diversity within the Girl Scout Council
                                             of Greater St. Louis.
Jefferson National Expansion                 Each kit contains one or two videos,
Historical Association                       several books and a special Diversity
111 North Fourth St.                         Activity. Contact Resource Center for
St. Louis, MO 63102                          table of contents and program links for
314- 655-1635                                each kit-
        Traveling Trunk program                      Adult
                                                     Daisy/ Brownie Girl Scouts
                                                     Junior Girl Scouts
Missouri Department of
                                                     Cadette/ Senior Girl Scouts
Conservation Education Discovery             Design Box
Trunks                                       Junior, Cadette, Senior Girl Scouts
Contact St. Louis area offices: Busch        Stephanie Meritt of Troop 3696 put
conservation Area (636) 441-4554;            together this box as part of a service
Powder Valley Nature Center (314) 301-       project for the “Home Improvement”
1500; Rockwoods Reservation (636) 458-       Interest Project, for her Silver Award.
2236                                         Materials and tools are included in this kit
                                             for girls to design a room.

Disability Awareness Kit                     respecting and caring for the Flag.
For all ages.                                Booklets and Pamphlets, 3’x5”
This kit includes nine hands-on activities   American flag to practice folding.
to help promote awareness and
                                             Program links: Wave the Flag Try-
understanding about people’s differing
abilities. Developed by the Girl Scout       It, United We Stand Badge,
Council of Greater St. Louis.                American Patriotism Interest
Drama Discovery Kit                          Friends Who Care
For Junior Girl Scouts                       For grades 1-8
Mesh backpack includes books:                National Easter Seal Society. A disability
James and the Giant Peach play, Regina’s     awareness teaching curriculum that
Dream, Putting On A Play, On Stage, East     includes a 16-page teacher’s guide,
of the Sun & West of the Moon;               activity sheets, posters, a 45-minute
Samantha’s Theater Kit (a play to            videotape and bookmarks with disability
perform), & activity guide.                  etiquette tips. Explore the range of
                                             disabilities within vision, hearing,
Everybody Bakes Bread                        developmental, learning and physical
                                             impairments. Resource for Council
For grades K-4
                                             Brownie Try-It and other GSUSA
Read one of these books and have a bread
                                             badge/patch requirements.
tasting or baking party. Includes-
Multicultural Bread Basket with ten piece
soft, non-toxic, washable vinyl play food.   From Sidewalks to Treetops Kit
Books: Everybody Bakes Bread by Norah        For All Age Levels
Dooley (recipes and story) and Bread,        Discover the wildlife and plants that live
Bread, Bread by Ann Morris.                  in your city. A 14-minute video and
                                             leaders guide walk adults through the
                                             process of preparing girls to participate
Five Senses Discovery Kit
                                             in this special program from GSUSA,
For grades K-3
                                             exploring the out-of-doors in your
Mesh backpack includes books: Fun With
My 5 Senses, My Five Senses, Let’s Read
and Find Out, Touch and Feel ABC Board
                                             The Sidewalks to Treetops Kit is set up to
Book, Soundtracks Audiocassette
                                             accommodate 4 groups of 4-6 people.
Listening Game, Tactile Train Wooden
                                             Materials to help facilitate groups in their
Activity, Activity Guide.
                                             explorations include: magnifying glass,
                                             folding binoculars, bug boxes, ruler,
For Which It Stands: Flag                    crayons, and scissors.
Etiquette Kit
                                             Suggested use is for troops/groups,
For All Ages
                                             district/neighborhood events, day camp,
Includes- DVD- “For Which It
                                             training/ workshops, and neighborhood
Stands” from the American Legion.            meetings.
About history of the Flag of the
United States, significance and
meaning of the Flag, and

Girl Scouts Strong Bones, Strong                 Inventions and Inquiry Traveling
Girls Kit                                        Trunk
For Junior Girl Scouts                           For Brownie, Junior, Cadette and Senior
Materials educate and encourage girls to         Girl Scouts
establish lifelong healthy habits,               Made by twn Cadette and Senior Girl
particularly increased calcium                   Scouts to encourage Brownie and Junior
consumptions and physical activity to build      Girl Scouts to get excited about
and maintain strong bones.                       inventing. Teams of three or four girls
         Project includes 20 activity cards,     work together to design and build a robot
games and activities, a 24-minute video          arm. Materials included are a video:
and leader’s guide. Girls complete               Mothers of Invention (12 min); book: From
activities and view video to receive a           Indian Corn to Outer Space-Women
participatory “Strong Bones, Strong Girls”       Invent in America; 3-ring notebook with
patch, available for purchase from the           Web sites to visit, biographies of women
GS Shop.                                         inventors and journal pages for
Hand Bell Activity Kit                           troop/group input; laminated activity
For grades K-6                                   sheets for each group- “Build Your Own
Set of 8 metal color-coded bells is              Robot Arm”, and resources/materials for
marked with the proper notes to help             teams to build.
learn the musical scale. Simply hang up          Knife Safety Kit
the handy pocket wall chart and choose a         For grades 3-12.
song from 10 favorites like “Old                 Kit includes: 12 Toothpick Jackknives;
MacDonald”. Songs are color coordinated          Wet Stone for sharpening knives; 12
so children just look at the chart and play      “Paper” safety knives for practice and
along!                                           set of laminated instructions.
Horses: Resource Kit                             Knot Tying Kit
For grades 4-12                                  For grades 1-12 and adult
Resources for the following awards:              Kit includes: Basic Knots and Hitches
Junior Badges: Horse Fan & Horse Rider           Video, GSCGSL 1997, 10 minutes, with
Interest Project: Horse Sense                    handout; 12 knot typing ropes for
Includes horse related games, books,             practice; Laminated instruction sheets.
DVD’s and videos. Great for a sleep-over         Juggle-Jar (R) Juggle-Bag (E)
badge night.                                     For all age levels
Introduction to Fossil Collecting                A safe and healthy way to get exercise
For Brownie, Junior, Cadette, and Senior Girl    and build self-confidence. Contents: 36
Scouts.                                          woven nylon Juggling Scarves in bright
Developed as a Gold Award Project by Abby        neon colors; instructional video-
Lee. This kit is designed to introduce the
                                                 Juggletime; Audio-cassette-musical
field of paleontology and the geologic and
                                                 soundtrack to Juggletime; The Joy of
fossil history of Missouri. The written
material is targeted for 2nd grade through       Juggling-The Book; Instructional scarf
high school. Various topics are discussed in a   juggling wall poster; guidelines and plans
binder ranging from how fossils form, to         for leaders/ teachers.
collecting, geologic history, and the field of   Learning About Government & the
paleontology. Samples of fossils and fossil
                                                 U.S.A. Backpack
hunting equipment included.
                                                 Includes books with hands-on activities, I
                                                 Love America JINGO game and photos of
                                                 Nation’s Symbols.

Lewis and Clark/ Mark Twain and                    People: Celebrating Our
Missouri History Traveling Trunk                   Differences
For All ages.                                      For Grades 4-8
Explore the history of Eastern Missouri            Includes video, People: Celebrating Our
with this unique collection of resources.          Differences, runtime 20:26 minutes.
Bring to life the Corps of Discovery, get          Books: People Around the World, What
acquainted with Mark Twain and learn               Would You Do?
about the early history of Missouri.
Trunk includes books, costumes, toy                Puppetry Discovery Kit
characters, games, videos, maps and
                                                   For Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts.
various replica mementos.
                                                   Mesh backpack includes:
Making Cents in the City                           Three Little Pigs Finger Puppet Set, 9”
For Daisy/Brownie, Junior and Cadette/Senior       Clown Marionette, 8” Fish Hand Puppet
Girl Scouts.
                                                   and 3 books: The Most Excellent Book of
Kits support the “Making Cents in the City”
                                                   How To Be A Puppeteer, Simple Puppets
patch program. Kits include: books, games and
play money for the Daisy/Brownie and Junior
                                                   From Everyday Materials, Shadow Games:
Girl Scout kits and for the older girls a 3-ring   A Book of Hand & Puppet Shadows and
notebook with activity sheets and information      activity guide.
to complete the patch activities.
My Body Discovery Kit                              Quilt Activity Kit
For Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts                  For grades K-4
Mesh backpack includes books: Looking              Includes book, The Quilt by Ann Jones,
into My Body, Germs make Me Sick!, I               168 vinyl quilt squares in 6 patterns; guide
Wonder Why I blink and other Questions             with reproducible activities; rattan
About My Body, Anatomy Apron & teacher             storage basket and four colorful work
guide, 2 Stethoscopes and activity guide.          mats.
Optical Illusions Discovery Kit                    Rhythm Kits (multi-cultural
For Junior and Cadette age level. Mesh             resources)
backpack includes: magnifying lens, prism,
                                                   For all age levels
kaleidoscope, Books (101 Amazing Optical
                                                            • EarthKids Rhythm Kit
Illusions, Opt: An Illusionary Tale) and
                                                            • Multi-Cultural Rhythm Kit
activity guide.
                                                            • JamTown Rhythm Kit
PAL Kit (Protect A Life from                       Sky Watch Kit
Food Allergies)                                    For all age levels
Designed to enable girls to better                 Includes 6 planispheres, Earth & Sky
understand food allergies and to know the          telescope and book on Astronomy
importance of helping an allergic individual        Mini Sky Watch Kits
avoid a risky situation. (PAL patch
                                                     No telescope. 6 planispheres and book
program booklet, video: Alexander, the
                                                   on the night sky.
Elephant Who Couldn’t Eat Peanuts,
                                                   Scrapbook Tool Kit
discussion guide, activity book, coloring
                                                   For All ages
book, Alexander and Lenny mini puppets,
                                                   Kit includes: Trimmers (6), Shape Templates
Be a PAL Poster, Food Allergy Awareness            (5), Paper Punches and shapers/scissors; hole
Poster, 7 How to Read a Label Diet Cards,          punch set, small hammer and folding bones (6)
book- “Let’s Party: Themes, Tips, and

Sports Discovery Kit                             and play in more caring and
For Junior and Cadette Girl Scouts               cooperative ways, in today’s culturally
Mesh backpack includes:                          diverse society.
Books- Sports & Games, the Bungalo Boys       Vegetable Friends Kit
III, Pockets Full of Knowledge: Sports        For Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts
Facts, and the Foxtail Book (with Foxtail),   Story book, coloring book and 6 Veggie
Careers For Kids: Sports (cards), After       Dolls introduce girls to healthy eating.
School Sports Brain Quest Game and            Program Links: Try-It, Eat Right, Stay
activity guide.                               Healthy.
Star Gazing Discovery Kit                     Time Zones of the World Wall
For Junior, Cadette and Senior age level.     Map
 Mesh backpack includes: Astronomy 101        18” high x 34” wide, laminated
video (25 min.),
Telescope, 3 books (Eyewitness
                                              5” World Globes
Astronomy, Usborne Spotter’s
Guide to the Night Sky, Tales of the
Shimmering Sky) and activity guide.           TABLE TOP
Studio 2B Preview Kit
For Junior, Cadette and Senior age level.
Includes- Welcome to STUDIO 2B video,                 2-4 panel displays, fold to a
Go For It: The Girl Scout Gold Award          compact 15”x20” size and placed in a
video, Guide for Advisors, Collection         fiberboard carry case for easy
Books, 12 Focus Booklets, Uniquely ME!        transporting. Subjects cover a variety of
booklets and Adult Guide, Go For It!          Girl Scout topics:
Silver Award and Gold Award binder                   •   Bridging Recognitions
                                                     •   Get Connected
Talking With T.J. (R/E)
       Designed for grades 2-4, by
   Hallmark Corporate foundation.                    •   Girl Scout Uniforms and
   Program kit topics:                                   Awards
               TEAMWORK                              •   Girl Scout Uniforms
               SERIES- teaches                           Through the Years
               children how to work and              •   Girl Scout World
               play together.
               CONFLICT                              •   Join the Fun
               RESOLUTION                                (recruitment)
               SERIES- teaches                       •   Juliette Gordon Low and
               children how to resolve
                                                         the Birthplace
               conflicts with peers
               without using violence.               •   Religious Awards
       Support materials include a leader            •   S.W.A.P. Board
   guide, program video, “keep it” comic             •   Wide World of Girl
   books or “take-home” pages, and group                 Scouting and Girl
   posters. The programs help prepare
   children to develop positive
   relationships with peers; and to work

                                                 game cards make this game relevant
GAMES(R)                                         for grades 3-4 and 5-6.
These are games that require adult           •   Careers For Kids
supervision or participation. Please allow       For grades 4 and up
time to look them over before you                Eight sets of career
introduce them to girls. The games were          cards for kids
chosen to support or supplement badge/           to think and
patch recognition requirements and can           talk about.
be best utilized for overnight, lock-in or       Topics
workshop activities.                             include: Art,
•   Animal In Danger Cards                       Construction,
    For ages 7 and up
    Ask n’ Answer learning cards with
    beautiful wildlife illustrations.
                                                 Science, Sports and Technology.
•   Bank Account
                                             •   Constellation Station Game
    For grades 5-12
                                                 For ages 10 and up
    Learn the various processes involved
                                                 Players travel through the night sky
    in writing checks, making deposits and
                                                 to colonize the constellations with
    keeping accurate records.
                                                 this glow-in-the-dark board game.
•   Black History Playing Card
                                             •   Endangered Species Game
    Deck (R/E)
                                                 For ages 9 and up
    52 portraits and biographies of
                                                 Players try to save threatened
    notable African Americans.
                                                 wildlife from extinction by setting up
•   Budget                                       preserves, controlling hunting and
    For grades 4-12                              environmental pollution, raising funds
    The realities of real-life economics         and balancing budgets.
    are experienced as players buy a         •   Finger Alphabet Lotto
    home, pay insurance and make
                                                 All ages, 2-8 players
                                                 An excellent way to learn the manual
•   Building Confidence                          signing alphabet, the basis for all
    For grades 2-5                               signing.
    This board game lays the foundation      •   Fruit & Vegetable Fanfare
    for self-esteem by challenging players
                                                 flip-panel book & Game
    to shed their negative thoughts and
                                                 For ages 5-9
    feelings about themselves and help
                                                 Features colorful illustrations and
    their fellow players do the same.
                                                 nutrition information on over 80
•   Career Challenge
                                                 fruits and vegetables.
    For grades 3-6
    Designed like a quiz show, this          •   Highway To Health
    appealing game helps girls explore           GSUSA (R/E)
    careers that match their talents,            Board game that reinforces basic
    interests, and preferences. Game             principles of good health.
    play reveals the need for continued
    education to achieve the best jobs at
    the highest salaries. Two sets of

    Horse-opoly (R )                         own behavior and talk about the rules in
    For ages 8 and up.                       their own lives. Two levels of play for
    A “horsey” version of Monopoly. Horse    younger and older children.
    trading. As you play learn interesting
    facts about each horse. This game is
    in the Horse Kit.

    Horse Play
    For ages 6 and up
    Five games to play for horse lovers-
    Color Rummy, Classic Rummy, Horse
    Memory, No More Horses! And Find
    the Horses. Playing time: about 10           Lets Go Camping
    minutes per game. This game is in            For ages 9-14
    the Horse Kit.                           Developed as a Bronze Award Project.
                                             Designed specifically with Girl Scout
    Horse Sense
                                             Council of Greater St. Louis camping
    For ages 7 and up
    While playing this clever board game,
    you will learn all about horses- how     •   Mind Your Manners
    they are cared for, how they are             For ages 8-adult
    ridden, how the equine body works and        From “which fork to use” to “how to
    the many different kinds of breeds           make proper introductions,” this game
    there are in the world. This game is         is the first board game of protocol
    in the Horse Kit.                            and etiquette.

    Hot Company                              •   My Two Homes
    For ages 12 to adult                         For ages 6-12
    Players learn how to balance profit-         A unique game to develop coping skills
    making with social responsibility; how       and communication. Developed for
    to balance the demands of company            children whose parents are going
    growth with concern for the                  through a divorce or who are having
    environment. 2-8 players                     difficulty adjusting to a previous
                                                 divorce. For use by counselors and
•   Into The Forest: Nature’s
                                                 teachers/ leaders to help children
    Food Chain Game                              talk about the difficulties that they
    For ages 7 and up                            are experiencing.
    Cards represent animals and plants
                                             •   Nutrition Bingo
    that are found in the forest. Each
                                                 For all ages
    card lists what the animal eats and
                                                 Learn some nutrition information and
    what eats it. The game works just like
                                                 have fun too. NutriBingo was
    the natural food relationships in the
                                                 developed by St. Luke’s Hospital
    forest with players “eating” and being
                                                 Institute for Health Education and
    “eaten” just as they would be in the
                                                 donated to the Girl Scout
                                                 Council of Greater St. Louis. There
•   Kids Day In Court                            are 32 NutriBingo Playing Cards, 50
    For ages 7 to 14                             NutriBingo clues and a supply of bingo
    Teaches kids to see the different            markers.
sides of moral dilemmas, think about their

•   Outdoor Survival                                •   Signs & Symbols
    For ages 10-adult                               For ages 4 and up
    Test your survival skills by recreating         Be safe, be aware! These signs and
    real-life wilderness conditions. Comes          symbols help show the way.
    with wilderness skills primer about             •   Stop, Think & Go
    dealing with natural hazards, first aid,        For grades 4-8
    living off the land; plus a list of basic       Gives players practice in dealing
    supplies needed for a wilderness                positively with drug-related issues.
    adventure.                                      Gives factual information and
•   Outstanding Black Americans                     reinforces decision-making skills.
    For ages 9-adult
    Ask & Answer card game. Celebrate
    America’s African-American heritage!
    Meet twenty outstanding African-            •   Weatherslam
    Americans whose talent, discoveries             For ages 8 to adult
    and dedication have enriched our                Experience the wonderful variety in
    country for more than 300 years.                weather with this fun
•   Pollution Solution Game                         card game.
    For ages 10 and up                              Yummy Fruit and Vegetable
    Presents players with current
    environmental concerns and challenges
                                                    For ages 5 – 9
    them to find solutions.
                                                    A fun and easy way to teach the
•   Purchase                                        variety of fruits and vegetables and
    For grades 1-4                                  the importance of eating 5 A Day.
    Each player receives an amount of               Includes 10 full-color Menu Boards
    play money and a financial record               and 80 cards. Instructions for playing
    sheet. Players move around the                  Lotto and Bingo included.
    gameboard and purchase items such
    as radios, roller skates, skateboards,
    etc. They also have opportunities to
    earn money and make strategy
    decisions. Each player keeps a
    financial record of purchases, income
    and cash balance.
•   Save the
    For ages 5 and up
    ecology game helps
    girls learn about
    animals and the
    environment and
    encourages them to
    respect nature. As
    they follow the path through the
    forest, players collect litter to score

                                 Each listing includes:
                                 • Title (unless indicated otherwise it
                                    is a video)

INDEX                            • Where resource is available-
                                    R= Resource Center
TOPICS INCLUDE:                     E= G.S. EXPRESS
Animals/ Insects                 • Running time of audiovisual
                                 • Copyright date, when available
Arts & Crafts
                                 • Age or grade level , when available
Bullying/ Cliques/ Friendships
                                 ANIMALS/ INSECTS
Citizenship/ Government          Animals of Africa (R)
Community Service                32 min, 1987, Grade: K-6
                                 Concord Children’s video Encyclopedia
                                 program features a special segment on
Dance                            elephants and their behavior in their
Environment                      natural habitats. Also, features the vast
                                 herds of animals in the East African
Fashion                          plains, along with relationships between
Girl Scout History               predators and their prey.
Girl Scouts &WAGGGS              Bring’em Back (R)
                                 17 min, All Ages
Health                           Missouri Department of Conservation
Leadership/ Time                 film. Restoring wildlife species that were
                                 once abundant is one of the many goals of
Management & Organization        MDC. White-tailed deer, wild turkey,
Missouri                         Canada Geese, river otters, beaver,
Multicultural/ Diversity         ruffed grouse, trumpeter swans, and bald
                                 eagles are featured.
Nature                           Horse (R/E)
Outdoor Skills                   35 min, 1994, All Ages
                                 Why does a zebra have stripes? Why is a
                                 horseshoe considered lucky? Enter the
Science/ Technology              equine world through this intriguing
Sign Language                    introduction to both wild and domestic
                                 horses. Look at the ancient links between
Sports                           horse and humankind, Decide for yourself
Substance Abuse                  if we have really conquered the horse- or
                                 if its wild instincts are as strong as ever.
Values/ Character Building/
                                 Narrated by Martin Sheen.
      Self-Esteem                Insect (R/E)
Women/ Girls                     35 min, 1994, All Ages
                                 Eyewitness guide to natural history.
                                 Industrious, sociable and environmentally
                                 useful, insects are safely examined
                                 through macro photography and startling

3-D graphics that reveal the true
importance of these amazing creatures.
                                              ARTS & CRAFTS
Narrated by Martin Sheen.                     Adventures In Leather (R)
Keepers of the Kingdom (R)                    19 min, 1988, Grade: 3-5
30 min, 1994, Grades: All                     Video and instruction manual, cover
KMOV, Channel 4 documentary                   history of leather, how leather is made
celebrates the commitment of the Saint        and used, working with leather and
Louis Zoo to be a world leader in             patterns for various projects. A leather
protecting animals that may have              working kit is also available for
otherwise become extinct. It is also a        troop/group use, see listing equipment
celebration of the evolution of the           page.
Zoo’s development over the years,             Beginning In Leather (R)
including a special focus on the 25th         22 min, 1988, All Ages
anniversary of the Charles H. Yalem           By showing right way/wrong way
Children’s Zoo.                               examples, this program demonstrates
Love, Love and Puppy Chow (R/E)               leather cutting, stamping, coloring,
30 min, 1994, All ages                        finishing, hardware setting and stitching.
The experts at Ralston Purina show how        Also includes history and geography of
to give your puppy the care he needs.         leather and two complete projects made
Video includes: General Puppy Care,           from scratch.
socialization/Training, Nutrition,            Crafts & More (R)
Veterinary Care, Interactive Sections on      60 min, 2000, Grades: 6-Adult
Introductory Training and Problem             Included in this video are how-to-do-it
Solving.                                      demonstrations on Wire Art jewelry,
The Snakes’ Tale (R)                          Painting steeping stones, Soap making,
20 min, 1988, Grades: All Ages                Sock Monkey dolls, Creative candles,
It’s easy to learn tall tales about snakes,   Beading, Ply Clay creation fun characters,
but the truth about how they live is just     Lawn Chairs, Redwork Quilting and Tramp
as intriguing. This video shows how           Art with wavy corrugated cardboard and
snakes mate, give birth and feed; how         much more.
they protect themselves from danger; and      Creating Fun and Easy Toy Projects
how they sense the world around them.         (R/E)
Focuses on Missouri snakes. Produced by        30 min, 1992, Grade: 6-Adult
Missouri Dept. of Conservation.               Pillow case dolls, a foam train and other
What is an Endangered Species (R)             crafts are shared by Dian Thomas.
26 min, 1997, Grade: K-3                      Faith Ringgold: The Last Story
Defines “endangered,” “extinct,”              Quilt (R)
“threatened” and “species.” Documents         28 min, Grades: All Ages, DVD & VHS
on-going efforts to protect one               Share an insider’s look at how one
endangered species, the manatee, as well      African-American woman, through
as the successful steps environmentalists     patience, perseverance and education
and wildlife experts took to save another,    fulfilled her dream of becoming an artist.
the bald eagle. Makes children aware of       Faith Ringgold: Pains Crown Heights
their connection to Earth and to all living   (R)
things.                                       28 min, Grade: All Ages
                                              An inspirational look by Faith Ringgold, an
                                              African-American artist, at twelve

cultures that have settled in Crown
Heights. Through folktales and painting
the documentary shows how these diverse
cultures have contributed to the
American spirit.                              FRIENDSHIPS
Fantastic Rainy Day Video (R/E)
                                              Being a Friend: What does It Mean
41 min, 1996, Grade: 1- Adult
Jam-packed with creative cooking, crafts,
                                              20 min, 1995, Grade: 5-9
nature, music and magic projects, this
                                              Program raises through-provoking issues
video offers inspiration and instructions
                                              connected to building healthy friendships,
for lots of fun, safe and easy activities.
                                              working out conflicts, and recognizing the
Introduction to Weaving (R)
                                              difference between constructive and
57 min, 1986, Grade: 6-Adult
                                              destructive friendships.
Designed to acquaint viewers with the
                                              Bullies & Harassment (Real Life
basics and help them choose a direction in
                                              Teens Series)
which to begin. This video starts with an
                                              30 min, 2001, Grade: 8-12
overview of what hand weaving is and
what can be woven. Plus a look at several     Cliques: Who’s In? Who’s Out? (R)
types of looms and how they work.             24 min, 1996, Grade: 5-9
Become acquainted with a number of small      The pressure to be popular can cause
tools used by weavers, as well as the         teens to do or say anything to stay “in”
vocabulary of weaving terms needed to         with their peers. Using true-to-life
                                              scenarios, program explores the nature of
Kids Crafts (R)
                                              cliques, focusing on the kinds of group
60 min, 2000, Grade: K-Adult
                                              dynamics that cause heartache and
Learn to have fun with foam by creating
                                              anxiety. Teacher’s Guide provides a self-
“balancers”, make Beadie Babies with pony
                                              test by which girls can rate their
beads, be creative with Gel Pen Doodles,
                                              friendship skills.
create with Pom-Poms, make Lucky
Lanyards, have fun with Woodlets, make        Don’t Pick On Me
Hemp Happy bracelets, see the magic of        21 min, Grade: 5-9
Shrinky-Doos, share simple Friendship         Examines the dynamics behind teasing and
Beading, create with Wonderful Wire and       being teased, and models effective
bake Colorful Clay. From camps to             responses to being harassed. Challenges
schools, from groups to home learning.. all   viewers to explore the issue of peer
ages will love these ideas.                   cruelty through thought-provoking
                                              discussion questions. Suggested use with
Let’s Party (R/E)
                                              PAVE program.
30 min, 1992, Grade: 6-Adult
Step-by-step instructions and patterns        Gossiping, Taunting, Bullying: It’s
for unforgettable party ideas, by TV          All Harassment
personality Dian Thomas.                      24 min, 2003, Grade:5-9
                                              With the encouragement of a school
Quick and Easy Holiday Ideas (R/E)            counselor, young teens share their
30 min, 1997, Adult                           experiences coping with bullying, taunting
Holiday craft ideas and instructions by       and teasing. Video and 3-ring binder
Dian Thomas.                                  guide with activity sheets.

Guess What I Just Heard                       of bullying, and shows effective ways to
18 min, 1999, Grade: 5-9                      deal with each. Suggested use with PAVE
Using realistic scenarios, this program       program
details the heartache and frustration
rumors can cause, then follows up each
scenario with thought-provoking questions
to give viewers opportunities to talk about   Cool Careers for Smart Young
a problem so painful to and prevalent         Women: Opportunities In
among middle schoolers. Video and guide.      Engineering (R)
Harassment Hurts: Gossiping,                  18 min, 1998, Grade: 7-10
Taunting and Bullying                         Encourage girls to consider a career in
23 min, 2003, Grade: 3-5                      engineering. Highlights the excitement,
Stem the tide of bullying in your school/     the breadth, and the rewards of a career
group by showing students the                 in engineering. Showcases young female
devastating effects of gossiping, taunting    engineering role models with “cool” jobs
and bullying. This program gives              and interesting lives. This video is in
youngsters the opportunity to consider        “Women in Engineering Career Kit”
and discuss strategies for coping with        Exploring Careers: What’s Right for
this difficult and pervasive problem.         You (R)
Video and 3-ring binder guide with            33 min, 1997, Grade: 7-12
activity sheets.                              Helps girls identify their personality type
No Name-Calling: Creating Safe                using the Holland Hexagon approach to
Environments                                  career planning. Explores careers that
17 min, Grade: 6-8, DVD                       can fit each personality type.
Name-calling can be especially tough on       There Is No Such Thing As Woman’s
younger students whose self-esteem            Work (R)
development is at a critical phase. No        15 or 30 min, All Ages
Name Calling demonstrates the damage           Produced by the Women’s Bureau of the
that can be done when kids are targeted       Department of Labor.
by hurtful words. Viewers follow a            What Would I Be Good At?
classroom of real students as they work       Exploring Careers (R)
on inaugurating a “No Name-Calling” week      23 min, 2001, Grade: 5-9
at their school. DVD and Teacher’s            The career interests of middle schoolers
Resource Book                                 naturally change frequently. Guided by
Peer Pressure (Real Life Teens                two narrators, young teens have the
Series)                                       opportunity to recognize their strengths,
21 min, 2001, Grade: 8-12                     preferences and interests and identify
Discusses peer pressure and its effect on     career categories that showcase their
teens. It is designed to help teens feel      talents.
comfortable discussing issues and the
positive and negative effects of peer
Stop Picking on Me!                           Women In Science (R)
16 min, 2002, Grade: K-2
                                              42 min, 1994, Grades: 8-12
Designed to help less assertive children
                                              An overview of the history of women
learn to deal safely and effectively with
                                              in science and a close up look at six
bullying. Presents four typical instances
                                              contemporary women in science-based

careers.                                      •   Liberty and Justice (2-6)
Women Who Dare (R)                            •   What Is a Democracy? (3-6)
17 min, 1998, Grade: 7-12                     •   How Our Laws Are Made (3-6)
Stories of three unique role models open      •   Becoming an Active Citizen (3—6)
the doors to possibilities of starting a      •   Rights and responsibilities (3-6)
business. Also included with video, a
                                              •   Teaching in a Multicultural
book- “The DollarDiva’s Guide to Life: 20
                                                  Society (adult)
Secrets to Money and Independence”
                                              •   Parents, Teachers and
Work That Makes you Proud:
                                                  Community: Working Together
Careers in Construction (R)
11 min, 1995, Grade: 6-Adult
Produced by PRIDE, the nation’s oldest
construction industry labor-management        Road to the White House: How We
organization, in cooperation with the City    Elect the President
of St. Louis, St. Louis County and the        20 min, 2003, Grade: 3-8
State of Missouri.                            Explains step-by-step how we elect
                                              our president. Students learn how
CITIZENSHIP/                                  the popular vote differs from the
                                              electoral vote, and how the
GOVERNMENT                                    Constitution has been amended to give
My America Series (R)                         the vote to all Americans. Video and
15-20 min/each, 1998, Grade: K-6              worksheets in 3-ring binder.
Twelve video kits help tell the story of      Symbols and Ceremonies:
America- What it means to be an               Celebrating America (R)
American, what democracy means.               23 min, 1999, Grade: 3-8
Featuring children from across the            Kids see historical events in a whole new
country, the videos combine multicultural     way as they learn about the origin and
narratives, famous archival scenes,           meaning of our nation’s most precious
contemporary footage, and colorful            symbols and ceremonies. Includes
illustration and animation to help teach      interesting, fact-filled stories about the
active citizenship. Each kit includes a 15-   Pledge of Allegiance, Uncle Sam, the
20 minute video, a user’s guide and a Mac     fourth of July and more. Teacher’s guide
(My American Series continued)                with 17 worksheets.
and Windows resource disk with more           Teens and The Law (Real Life Teens
than 300 pages of ready-to-customize          Series)
activities on blackline masters, primary      24 min, 2001, Grade: 8-12
source materials and a fully annotated        Discusses the relationship of Teens and
bibliography.                                 the Law. Informs teens of the role of
Series includes the following topics:         School Resource Officers on campus and
•   What Is A Flag? (K-3)                     how the police can be of help. Using
•   A Pledge is a Promise (K-4)               interviews with officers and teens,
•   Neighborhood and Community (K-            students gain a broad understanding of
    4)                                        laws, why they exist and how they are
•   What Is an American? (2-6)                enforced. Learn the common laws teens
•   The Story of the National                 violate, ways to interact with police, what
                                              to do and what not to do and the role of
    Anthem (2-6)
                                              juvenile courts and the justice system.

                                             American Indian Dance Theatre:

COMMUNITY                                    Finding the Circle (R)
                                             58 min, 1995, All Ages
SERVICE                                      Exciting dances performed at pow-wows
                                             by many Indian tribes. Eagle dance, Hoop
Operation Food Search (R)
                                             dance, Plains Snake, Buffalo dance and
Nov, 1999 All Ages
Tour of the Operation Food Search
                                             Be A Hula Girl (R)
facilities in St. Louis.
                                             30 min, 2002, Ages: 3-9
The Promise (R)
                                             Learn simple and graceful hula dance
10 min, 1995, All Ages
The Heifer International children’s video,   movements to two of Hawaii’s favorite
shows how Heifer International animals       songs, “Pearly Shells” and the “Hukilau
are fulfilling a dream- the hope of a life   Song”.
free from hunger and poverty. A great        Christy Lane’s Learn the Dances of
tool for hunger education. Video, Heifer     the 50’s & 60’s (R/E)
International brochure, catalog and Book-    40 min, 1996, All Ages
Beatrice’s Goat.                             Rock and Roll with the 50’s, Swing, Stroll,
 Note: Girl Scouts cannot do fundraising     Madison, Bunny Hop, Conga and Hand Jive.
for other organizations.                     Be “cool” and learn the 60’s, Twist, Jerk,

COOKING                                      Monkey, Pony, Swim, Mashed Potato,
                                             Skate, Hitchhiker, Egyptian, Shimmy,
Basic Outdoor Cooking Skills (R/E)           Temptation Walk and Locomotion.
20 min, 2004, Grade: 4-Adult                 Christy Lane’s Learn the Dances of
Produced by GSCGSL Adult Education.
                                             the 70’s (R)
Introduce troop/ group to outdoor
                                             40 min, 1996, All Ages
cooking skills, increase your own comfort
                                             Christy Lane’s Learn the Dances of
level with outdoor cooking and prepare for
Troop Camping.                               the 80’s (R)
                                             40 min, 1996, All Ages
Dutch Oven Cooking Basics (R/E)
                                             A great collection of dances you can do
 30 min, 1998, Grade: 4 - Adult
                                             anytime, no matter your age or ability
TV personality Dian Thomas, an avid
                                             level, Running Man, Roger Rabbit, Robo
Dutch oven cook, is your guide to learning
                                             Cop, Cabbage Patch, Moonwalk, Funky
everything you need to know about getting
                                             Twist, New Kids Move, Break Dancing!, Pac
started with Dutch oven cooking. She
                                             Man, Poppin, Wavin’, Lockin’, Tickin’ and
walks you step-by-step through the
process as she energetically prepares
delicious recipes and shows unique ways to
use your oven.

                                             Christy Lane’s Line Dancing (R)
DANCE                                        40 min, 1992, All Ages
All-Time Favorite Dances (R)                 Christy Lane demos 5 patterns in both
34 min, 1993, Grade: 1-8                     country and funky style including “Achy
Dances include: the Twist, Bunny Hop,        Breaky”. Appropriate for group use.
Alley Cat, Hokey Pokey, Virginia Reel,       How To Hula (R/E)
Hora, Conga, Chicken, Limbo Rock,            60 min, 1996, All ages
Mexican Hat Dance and more.

A “how to” video, with three of the all-
time favorite songs: “Hukilau”, “Keep Your
Eyes on the Hands” and “Hawaiian             Bottom of the Barrel (R)
Wedding Song”, plus a bonus section which    30 min, Grades 4-6
teaches seven basic steps and over 30        Oil can be used to create plastics, heat
hand motions.                                buildings, give cars their get-up-and-go,
Hula For Health (R)                          and keep industry’s wheels turning.
52 min, 1996, All Ages                       Unfortunately, while using and
Hula For Health blends the graceful          transporting oil, we can cause spills,
movements of hula into a unique fitness      polluted water, and damage to the
program that will improve your strength,     environment. How do we get this “black
flexibility and balance.                     gold” out of the ground, and how can we
Multicultural Folk Dance Video,              clean it up after it spills? Leader’s guide
                                             and video.
Volume 1 (R)
57 min, 1998, All Ages
                                             Down the Drain (R)
Christy Lane shares the excitement and
                                             30 minutes, 1993. Grades 3-7
adventure of authentic dances from
                                             Viewers learn about the water cycle,
around the world: Hora (Israel) Hukilau
                                             pollution, and conservation, and discover
(Hawaii) Savila Se Bela Loza (Serbia)
                                             that the water we drink is the same water
Virginia Reel (United States)
                                             the dinosaurs drank. Teacher's guide and
d’hammerschmiedsgselln (Germany)
Highlife (Ghana) Alunelul (Romania) Yanko
(China) El Jarabe Tapatio (Mexico) Set
                                             The Environment Video Series (R/E)
includes video, audiocassette of music and
                                             20 min/ each 1994, Grade: 1-6
                                             Produced by the Missouri Botanical
Multicultural Folk Dance Video,
Volume 2 (R)
                                             1. The Mystery of the Dead Fish
59 min, 1998, All Ages
                                             2. The Case of the Mysterious
Christy Lane shares the excitement and
adventure of authentic dances from              Neighbor
around the world: Sytos (Greece) Tanko       3. The Mystery of the Statue
Bushi (Japan) Les Saluts (Canada)            4. The Missing Ingredient
Tarantella (Italy) Korobushka (Russia)       5. The Lost Book Report Caper
Gathering Peascods (England) Tinikling       6. The Power Puzzle
(Phillippines) Siege of Ennis (Ireland)
Dunantuli Ugros (Hungary) Set includes       From the Backyard to the
video, audiocassette of music and guide.
                                             Backcountry: Camping Lightly On the
                                             Land (R/E)
Square Dancing Today, Volume 1 (R)           14 min, 1991, slides, Grade: 4-Adult
45 min, 2000, All Ages                       Describes minimal impact camping
Join the old with the new and learn          techniques. Training tool for adults, also
Square Dancing as it is danced today!        for older Juniors, Cadette/ Senior Girl
Follow along as professional square dance    Scouts working on outdoor badges and
caller and his group of dancers teach you    interest projects. Shows progression.
the calls step-by-step and then perform
the movements to five great songs. Set
includes video, Music CD and guide.

In These Ancient Trees (R)                     The Resource Revolution (R)
35 min, 1991, All Ages                         12 min, 1991, All Ages
Takes you to the forests to see their          Presented by the Council for Solid Waste
beauty, their richness and the threats to      Solutions. This film is about the
their survival. You meet the people on         revolution in plastic recycling. Teachers
the front lines in the battle to save          guide accompanies video.
forests. It’s a unique look at what’s really
at stake in the fate of these ancient
trees. A National Wildlife Federation          The Rotten Truth About Garbage (R)
production.                                    30 min, 1990, Grade: 3-6
The Lorax (R)                                  Garbage, it’s forever! In the U.S. we
30 min, 1989, Grade: K-6                       generate about 200,000,000 tons of
It’s hard to believe that this selfless,       garbage a year. Visit the “Museum of
concerned creature could cause such a          Modern Garbage,” see the world’s largest
stir. But somehow the Lorax has become         landfill, meet a garbage magician and go to
a symbol for the effort to save ancient        a plant in Rhode Island to find out what
forests in the pacific Northwest. He           happens to stuff we put out to be picked
speaks for the trees in a beautiful and        up for recycling.
poignant story, which brings home the          Save The Earth (R)
importance of our fragile eco-system.          60 min, 1990, All Ages
This is the tale of one little creature that   Acid rain, ozone depletion, rain forests,
helps us see how vital it is to protect our    water conservation, recycling, toxic
planet.                                        waste, greenhouse effect... Join the
                                               SAVE THE EARTH BRIGADE in combing
Man of the Trees (R)                           the globe exploring solutions to these
25 min, 1989, Grade: 3-adult                   serious environmental problems. Find out
The life of Richard St. Barbe Baker, a         how you can make a difference!
man who has inspired thousands and             Soft Paths (R)
awakened them to their kinship with the        15 min or 31 min DVD, 1991, Grades: 6-
trees. This documentary opens the eyes         Adult. Wilderness professionals from the
of children and adults to what one             National Outdoor Leadership School
dedicated person can do to help us all.        (NOLS) and the U.S. Forest Service show
Scenes of his extraordinary work in            the outdoor enthusiast how to enjoy the
Africa, New Zealand and North America          wilderness without harming it. Follow two
make this an inspirational film, kindling      groups through the Wind River mountains
our hope and motivation to heal the            of Wyoming as they demonstrate the
planet.                                        basics of minimum-impact, or “Leave no
Protecting Our Endangered Species              trace” hiking and camping.
27 min, 1997, Grade: 4-8                       The Water Journey (R)
Calls the earth “a house where we all live”.   13 min, 1996, All Ages
Examines how human beings go about             Produced by the St. Louis County Water
balancing their need for growth and            Company, this video describes the water
development with the needs of the              supply in St. Louis County and how it
millions of plant and animal species on the    provides a reliable supply of safe water
planet.                                        for the community. A variety of
                                               informational material about water is

available free of charge by calling or       Girl Scouts Silver Jubilee (R/E)
writing to the St. Louis County Water        7 l/2 min, 1989, All Ages
Company, 535 North New Ballas Road, St.      GSUSA documentary of the 1937 Silver
Louis, MO 63141. (314) 991-3404 ext.         Jubilee Celebration at what was then
262.                                         Camp Edith Macy. Featuring a newsreel
You Can’t Grow Home Again (R)                of First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt,
60 min, 1990, Grade: 3-6                     addressing the international Girl Scout
Burning of the forest habitat results in     encampment.
endangered or even extinct wildlife          The Golden Eaglet (R/E)
species and adds to global warming. Go on    20 min, 1982, All Ages
location to Costa Rica’s rain forest and     In 1918, Girl Scouts produced what is
get a kid’s-eye-view of this habitat, meet   believed to be the first motion picture by
some of the animals that live there, and     a public service organization, The Golden
find out what’s being done to save rain      Eaglet. This film premiered in New York
forests                                      City’s Fine Arts Theatre on January 16,

FASHION                                      1919, opening day of the fourth Girl Scout
                                             National Council meeting. With the
Color Me Beautiful (R)                       addition of a soundtrack of period music
60 min, 1984, Grade: 4-Adult                 this film was reissued in 1982. Real Girl
Author Carole Jackson and Image              Scouts are used as the cast in this black
Consultant Cindy Howard show how to          and white silent film. It is the story of
discover your natural beauty through the     Margaret Ferris and her friend Dorothy
colors that make you look great and feel     who become Girl Scouts and follows their
fabulous. Video and “Color Me Beautiful”     adventures as they earn the highest
book.                                        honor of that day, The Golden Eaglet,
Faces for Teens (R)                          which is presented to Margaret in the
42 min, 1992, Grade: 4-12                    film by Juliette Low.
A step-by-step guide to healthy skin and     Something For the Girls (R/E)
great makeup. Also comes with a Leader’s     20 min, 1989, All Ages
Guide and Personal Skin Analysis master      Promotional film made in 1962 by GSUSA
to make copies for each girl in troop.       in commemoration of Girl Scouts’ fiftieth
                                             anniversary. Actress Kitty Carlisle hosts

GIRL SCOUT                                   this colorful trip through Girl Scout
                                             history. Edited for re-issue, 1989.
HISTORY                                      Still Singing After All These Years
Edith Macy Conference Center: The
                                             30l min, 1997, All Ages
University in the Woods (R)
                                             Celebrating the 85th Anniversary of Girl
15 min, 1991, Grade: 9-Adult
                                             Scouting, May 31, 1997. Girl Scouts
Produced by GSUSA.
                                             gather and sing at the Mall at the
Focuses not just on Macy’s top quality
                                             Washington Monument.
course offerings but on the effect the
total Macy experience has on visitors.
Archival photographs illustrate the site’s
early days.

GIRL SCOUTS &                                Girl Scouting: Your Gift to Girls
WAGGGS (World Association                    10 min, 2000, Adults
                                             Designed for leaders, council trainers,
of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts)
                                             council volunteer, and anyone who may
                                             benefit from a basic introduction to Girl
Bridging Worlds (R/E)                        Scout program.
17 min, 1994, Adult
Produced by GSUSA. Created for adult
                                             Go For It: Girl Scout Gold Award
training in pluralism and membership
                                             20 min, 2004, Ages: Senior Girl Scouts &
development, directed to administrative
volunteers, also helpful to other adult
                                             This video is not a substitute for the Girl
groups. Video and discussion guide.
                                             Scout Gold Award Workshop, but it is a
Produced by GSUSA.
                                             good overview of the award.

A Girl Can Do Anything (R/E)
                                             Growing Strong Music Video (R)
5 ½ min, 1996, All Ages
                                             3 1/2 min, 2000, All Ages
GSUSA music video.
                                             Music video about the Girl Scout story,
Girl Scout Bakery Tour (R)
                                             set to Melinda Caroll’s “Growing Strong”
7 min, 1989, All Ages
ABC Bakery Company takes girls on a
behind the scenes view of how Girl Scout
                                             Growing Strong Together (R)
cookies are made.
                                             9 min, 2000, All Ages
Girl Scout Ceremonies: Milestones &
                                             Promotional video. An inspiring video
Traditions (R/E)
34 min, 1993, Grades: 4-Adult                featuring girl interviews. Cadette and
Produced by volunteers, staff and girls of   Senior Girl Scouts speak about what
the GSCGSL.                                  being a Girl Scout has meant to them.
Girls and leaders plan and perform various   Participants in Camp CEO, a ropes
Girl Scout ceremonies to celebrate the       course, community service projects,
milestones and traditions of Girl            and wider ops all cite specific
Scouting- Investiture, Rededication,         benefits their Girl Scout experiences
Bridging, Brownie Fly-Up, Flag Ceremony;
                                             have brought them.
and a Scouts Own.
                                             Helping Daisy Girl Scouts Grow
Girl Scout Resident Camp: A
                                             Strong (R/E)
Lifetime of Memories (R/E)
                                             18 min, 2001, Adults, DVD & VHS
10 min, 1997, Grade: 3-6
                                             A good grounding in the basics needed to
Produced by GSCGSL
                                             work with Daisy Girl Scouts. Real-life
For girls who haven’t had the opportunity
                                             scenes of girls and adults demonstrating
to camp. Sometimes the idea of going
                                             the fun-filled ways to hold a Daisy Girl
away to a resident camp can be a little
                                             Scout meeting.
scary. This video helps lay those fears to
rest. It shows where girls will stay at
camp and tells about the fun activities
available. You will also hear from other     Helping Brownie Girl Scouts Grow
girls who have already been to camp.         Strong (R/E)
                                             15 min, 2000, Adults, DVD & VHS

A good grounding in the basics needed to     Be Your Best! Funk Aerobics (R/E)
work with Brownie Girl Scouts. Real-life     32 min, 1993, Ages: 9-14
scenes of girls and adults demonstrating     Produced by Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.,
the fun-filled ways to hold a Brownie Girl   features: Low impact fun aerobics,
Scout meeting.                               abdominals, stretches and time out health
Helping Junior Girl Scouts Grow              tips.
Strong (R/E)                                 Chicken Fat (R)
14 min, 2001, Adults, DVD & VHS              25 min, 1996, Ages: 3-12, DVD
Designed for Junior Girl Scout leaders       Chicken Fat kids, the youth fitness DVD.
and council trainers. Eight segments-        Jumping jacks, pogo springs, marching,
Start-Up, Opening, Business, Activities,     torso twist and more.
Cleanup, Closing, The Trip, and Post-Trip    Dairy Does A Body Good (R)
Meeting- can stimulate thinking and          10 min, 1990, Grade: 4-12
discussion at training events and parent     Created by the National Dairy Board.
gatherings.                                  Program materials include a discussion
Ordinary People, Extraordinary               guide designed to teach young people the
Contributions (R)                            importance of maintaining a calcium-rich
8 l/2 min, 1996, Adult                       diet and conscientious exercise routine
Produced by GSUSA.                           during the crucial growth years of
A video of real-life vignettes that          adolescence.
illustrate the variety of volunteer          Fit to Try (R)
positions in Girl Scouting.                  35 min, 1994, Grade: 3-8
                                             An Aerobic work-out made just for kids.
                                             It takes girls through a safe and
Sisters All – Friends Forever (R/E)          effective aerobic workout in addition to
6 min or 18 min, 1999, All Ages              explaining the valuable fitness principles
Set in the four World Association of Girl    through interesting mini-fitness lessons.
Guides and Girl Scouts’ world centers in     Includes an energizing warm-up, a fun
England, India, Mexico, and Switzerland.     cardiovascular workout, and cool-down
Emphasizes international sisterhood and      activities.
gives the similarities and differences
among Girl guides and Girl Scouts in their   Healthy Me: Nutrition and Fitness
own words.                                   (R)
                                             14 min, 2003, Grade: 3-6
Welcome to Studio 2B (R/E)                   Show kids the ABC’s of good nutrition and
9 min, 2003, Grades: 6-12. Introduction      how exercise contributes to good health.
to the Studio 2B program from Girl           Hip to Be Fit (R)
Scouts of the U.S.A.                         18 min, 1993, Age: 6-12
                                             Through jammin’ music and fast-paced
HEALTH                                       action, Gold Medalist Kristi Yamaguchhi
All Fit: Volume 1 (R)                        and her friends, the California Raisins,
14 min, Ages: 5-10                           show kids that a healthy, well-balanced
Slim Goodbody leads this high energy, fun    diet and plenty of exercise can help make
filled video that helps children develop     them champions in the classroom and on
their physical fitness skills.               the playground.

Just Around The Corner (R)                   school resources, and handling a changing
15 minutes, 2001, Grade: 4-5                 social life. Highlights how to balance
Megan, a self-assured teenager, talks to     schoolwork and extracurricular activities
elementary girls explaining the exciting     through long-range planning. Video and 3-
changes that occur during puberty.           ring binder with leaders’ guide.
Topics covered are when to expect the        Managing Your Time (R)
onset of puberty, anticipated physical and   Grades: 7-Adult
emotional changes, the female                Video, Audio tape and Booklet. Take
reproductive system, menstruation, and       control of your time and your life!
the importance of good hygiene and           Discover basic elements of good time
healthy habits. Includes user’s guide.       management, learn to analyze and test
NOTE: Before presenting any type of          your priorities, increase your ability to
program to girls in your troop/ group on     identify and avoid time wasters and
female development, you must obtain          develop a time management style that fits
written parent permission. When you          you personally.
request this video you will be sent parent
permission forms for each girl in the        Point of Order (R)
troop. ONLY registered Girl Scouts may       31 min, 1993, Grade: 6-Adult
view this film. Parents must be invited to   Produced by the National Association of
preview the film and/or materials            Parliamentarians. Provides an introduction
previous to the showing for girls.           to and an application of Roberts Rules of
Strong Bones, Strong Bodies                  Order. Includes “The A-B-C-‘s of
25 min, 2002, Ages: 9-12                     Parliamentary Procedure” booklet, video
Aimed to spark girls’ interest in how to     guide, and “Basic Parliamentary
build and maintain healthy bones.            Information” pamphlet.
Designed to be used in conjunction with      Practical Money Skill for Life (R)
the Strong Bones, Strong Girls activity      Ages 14 to adult
cards. Patch program, video, Adult Guide     Guide to teaching financial planning,
and Activity Cards.                          budgeting, and decision making from
Supermarket Smarts: The 5 A Day              VISA. Video, teacher guide and CD-
Way (R)                                      ROM’s.
10 minutes, Grades K-4                       Project Management (R)
Pheona 5 A Day takes kids on a               25 min, 1998, video/audio & book, Grade:
supermarket tour and educates on             9-Adult
shopping healthfully and wisely.             Manage any project from initial planning
                                             to finalization with this step-by-step
                                             guide to project management. Leads you
LEADERSHIP/ TIME                             through timelines, schedules and follow-up

MANAGEMENT/                                  exercises so you can conceive, plan,
                                             implement and evaluate with confidence
ORGANIZATION                                 Study Skills I (R)
                                             24 min, Grades: 5-9
                                             Emphasizes the need for students to take
How To Succeed in Middle School
                                             personal responsibility for their learning.
(R)                                          Each of five segments stresses a
21 min, Grade: 5-9                           different skill and helps students
Presents strategies for managing time,       strengthen those abilities that improve
meeting teachers’ expectations, utilizing    learning: how to get organized, manage

their time, listen for meaning, take notes,   Voices of Missouri’s Past: Missouri
and study for tests. Video and guide with     History Through Statehood (R)
36 handouts in 3-ring binder.                 30 min, 1991, All Ages
Study Skills II (R)                           Produced by the Missouri Historical
31 min, Grades: 5-9                           Society. Join storyteller Bobby Norfolk
Follows up Study Skills I by teaching how     in a fast-paced adventure through
to read a textbook, how to take notes         Missouri history and discover how
from a book, and how to tackle a long-        artifacts can be important clues to
term project. Lays groundwork for             understanding the past. Portraits that
success by showing how to develop a           magically speak, animated graphics that
positive attitude, meet obligations to        demonstrate early transportation routes
others when working on group projects,        and panoramic shots of many of Missouri’s
and plan ahead. Video and guide with 29       historic sites combine to make state
handouts in 3-ring binder.                    history appealing for young audiences.
You Can Succeed In School (R)                 The program covers Missouri history
23 min, Grades: 3-5                           through 1820. Video and activity guide.
Easy-to-learn tips for academic success
shows students how to organize
homework, manage time, develop their own      MULTICULTURAL/
best ways to study, and prepare for tests
and quizzes. Video and guide.
                                              American Cultures for Children (R)
MISSOURI                                      25 min/each , 1997, Grade: K-4.
Discover the World: Lewis & Clark             Introduce children to the cultural
Go West (R)                                   diversity of their troop, hometowns and
26 min, 2002, Grade: 3-8                      country. Hosted by actress Phylicia
Focuses on the early 19th century journey     Rashad, this video series outlines the
of two explorers, Meriwether Lewis and        geography and history of native countries,
William Clark, into the unknown territory     tours ethnic markets and festivals,
west of the Mississippi. Video and            presents traditional folk songs and
activity guide can be used to enhance         animated folk tales, and introduces simple
participation in the Lewis & Clark patch      foreign language terms. Twelve cultures
program.                                      presented:
                                              •   Puerto Rican
Lewis & Clark: Corps of Discovery in          •   African American
Missouri (R)                                  •   Arab American
27 min, 2001, All Ages                        •   Central American
Missouri Department of Conservation           •   Chinese American
video. Explore Missouri through the eyes      •   Irish American
of Lewis and Clark.                           •   Japanese American
Missouri 1804: Lewis & Clark                  •   Jewish American
Expedition (R)                                •   Korean American
27 min, 2001, All Ages                        •   Mexican American
Missouri Department of Conservation
                                              •   Native American
video. Explore the Missouri River, not
                                              •   Vietnamese American
only as it is but as it was 200 years ago.

Anansi (R)                                   Sing”; “Did You Ever See A Lassie”;
30 min, 1991, Age: 5 and up                  “Kumbaya”; “Sakura, Sakura”; “Los
Jamaican tale of Anansi the spider who       Pollitos”; “Funiculi, Funicula”; “Frere
wins possession of all the stories in the    Jacques”; “Waltzing Matilda” and “Day-O”
jungle by outsmarting the prideful snake.    Lunch Date, The (R)
                                             10 min, Grades: 10-adult
Behind the Mask (R)                          an Oscar-winning film about a white
8 min, Grades: K-4                           suburban matron who, through a series of
An exploration of the uniqueness of each     events, comes face to face with her own
individual and the similarities that unite   prejudices and stereotypes about Black
us all. This video is in the Diversity Kit   males and homeless people as she
for Daisy & Brownie Girl Scouts.             navigates through a big-city railroad
Breaking Through Stereotypes (R)             station. This short comedy sets the stage
15 min, Grades: 6-12                         for an in-depth discussion about
What makes the perception of “others” as     expectations of behavior that result from
“different”? This video is an excellent      stereotypical thinking. This video is in
discussion starter for multicultural,        the Diversity Kit for Adult Girl Scouts.
conflict resolution and human dynamics       Martin Luther King: I Have A Dream
training. Produced by and for teenagers,     (R/E)
this documentary explores how                25 min, 1986, Grade: 4-adult
stereotypes influence human interaction.     Martin Luther King was the leader and
This video is in the Diversity Kit for       driving force behind America’s civil rights
Junior Girl Scouts.                          movement. His finest moment came on
Holidays for Children (R/E)                  the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on
30 min, 1994, Age: 5-10                      August 28, 1963, when he delivered his “I
Develop an appreciation for cultural         Have A Dream” speech. This speech,
heritage and customs. Videos present         included in full on this tape, is
traditional music, illustrated folktales,    accompanied by scenes of the civil rights
arts & crafts and the significance of        struggle and King’s “I Have Been To the
these celebrations. Holidays presented:      Mountain Top” speech, delivered just days
• Chinese New Year                           before his tragic death.
• Christmas                                  Mini Films On Prejudice (R)
                                             15min, Grades K-Adult
• Cinco de Mayo
                                             A motivational device to start a discussion
• Hanukkah / Passover
                                             on prejudice. The Anti-Defamation
• Kwanzaa
                                             League has produced 14 Public service
• Pow Wow                                    television commercials that will tell what
• Ramadan                                    it is all about. This video is in the Adult,
Kidsongs: I’d Like to Teach the              Junior, Cadette & Senior Girl Scout
World To Sing (R/E)                          Diversity Kits.
25 min, 1986, Grade: 1-6
Join the Kidsongs Kids and their tour        Nobody is Burning Wheelchairs (R)
guide, Mr. World, as they visit different    15 min. 1992, All Ages
countries of the globe, meet the kids of     National Easter Seal Society video
other lands and learn their songs. A         emphasizes the importance of seeing
wonderful musical trip to London, Italy,     people with disabilities as people. This
Paris, Australia and Jamaica. Songs          tape explains the ADA’s provisions for
include: “I’d Like to Teach the World to

equal access to employment,                    Exploring Outdoor Missouri (R)
transportation and telecommunications          26 min, Grades: 4-Adult
through exploring the lives of some people     Explore Missouri’s scenic lands where a
with disabilities and the ways others are      variety of recreational opportunities
learning about them.                           await. See great places to fish, hike,
People of the Plains (R)                       observe nature and more, plus learn what
11 min, 1990, Grade: 3-8                       to bring for an outstanding outdoor
People of the Northwest (R)                    adventure. Missouri Department of
11 min, 1990, Grade: 3-8                       Conservation.
Children learn about different Native
American cultures, past and present and        From Sidewalks to Treetops (R)
how Native Americans once specialized as       14 min, 2003, All Age Levels
hunters, fishers, farmers and gatherers.       Discover the wildlife and plants that live
Shows photographs from the Museum of           in your city. A video and leaders guide
the American Indian in New York, plus          walk adults through the process of
original artwork.                              preparing girls to participate in this
Unbiased Mind, The (R)                         special program from GSUSA, exploring
23 min, Grade: 6-Adult                         the out-of-doors in your community.
Simple everyday habits can lead                Check the KIT description on page 15 for
individuals to act in a biased or prejudiced   the tools available to make this into a
manner. The tape analyzes four items           troop/ group workshop experience.
that can lead to a biased thought process:
Stereotypes, Problems with cause and           Keep the Balance (R)
effect, Seeing only what we expect to          31 min, 1998, Grades 4-8
see, and the invisible self. This video is     Who says science is for geeks? Join
in the Adult Girl Scout Diversity Kit.         Brandy and Gala as they venture into
Valuing Diversity: Multi-cultural              streams, over wetlands and through
Communication (R)                              forests. Wild animals, music videos,
19 min, Grade: 6-Adult                         games and songs help them along as they
The obstacles to cross-cultural                discover ways to keep the balance
understanding do not have to include           between all living things. Missouri
prejudiced motives. They can be as             Department of Conservation
simple as not paying proper attention to
difference. Viewers see stereotyping in        Life Habitat Science Video Series
series of situations. The video and            (R/E)
discussion guide help explain how to            12 min/each, 1990, Grade: 1-6
overcome communication barriers in the         Produced by the Missouri Botanical
classroom, community or workplace. This        Garden and Herb Halpern Productions.
video is in the Cadette & Senior Girl          Each production in this series follows a
Scout Diversity Kit.                           common format with a leader explaining
NATURE                                         terms and relationships in a gentle manner
                                               to a racially mixed group of eight-year
Critter Rock (R)                               olds in a field trip setting. The colorful
20 min, 2000, K-4                              live-action scenes are effectively
Environmentally friendly, toe-tapping          combined with computerized graphic
nature tunes in this swingin’ music video.     frames, which summarize the previous
Song and activity book included.               discussion. Series titles are:

1. The Secret Of the Pond                    nature, yet it still baffles us. Narrated
2. The Puzzle Of The Rotting Log             by Martin Sheen.
3. What’s In Your Backyard
4. The Story of the Woodland                 OUTDOOR SKILLS
                                             ABC’s of Compass and Map (R/E)
5. Life In The City Habitat
                                             25 min, 1989, Grade: 4-Adult
6. Down On the Forest Floor                  An instructional video on importance and
                                             basics of compass and map skills.
Nature’s Systems (R)                         Includes instructional booklet, workbook,
30 min, 1987, Grade: 3-6                     video and compass.
Concord Children’s video Encyclopedia        Basic Knots and Hitches (R/E)
program examines the delicate balance of     10 min, 1997, Grade: 4-Adult
plants and animals within their              Produced by volunteers and staff of
environment. How a pond stays in balance     GSCGSL.
is cleverly explained. The desert and its    Volunteers demonstrate how to tie a
plants and animals are brought together;     square knot, sheet bend, bowline, half
along with the arctic circle, one of the     hitch and double half hitch, taut line hitch
last remaining frontiers.                    and clove hitch. Slow motion and stop
Skywatching: A Video Guide to the            action are used to highlight the steps
Daytime Sky (R)                              necessary to tie each knot or hitch
40 min, 1992, Age: 8 and up.                 successfully. The video is accompanied by
This beautiful video will forever change     a workbook which the viewer can retain
the way you look at and interpret the sky!   for future reference (distribution is
Discussions on the sky, sun, clouds, wind,   limited to one workbook per troop). The
precipitation, lightning, thunder, flash     workbook includes diagrams of the knots
floods, hurricanes and tornadoes.            and information regarding when to use
Weather (R)                                  them.
32 min, 1987, Grade: 3-6                     From The Backyard to the
Concord Children’s Video Encyclopedia        Backcountry: Camping Lightly On the
shows how the forces of nature interact      Land (R/E)
to create our weather. The segment on        14 min, 1991, Slides, Grade: 4-Adult
temperature and wind explains why            Describes minimal impact camping
temperatures vary and how wind changes       techniques. Training tool for adults, also
and temperature are related. Pressure        for older Juniors, Cadette/ Senior Girl
and humidity are easily explained, as are    Scouts working on outdoor badges and
evaporation, frost, cloud formations,        interest projects. Shows progression.
thunder and types of precipitation.
Storms and fronts are also described by
taking a typical storm pattern and tracing   SAFETY
it with subsequent weather changes.          10 tips for Fire Safety (R)
Weather (R/E)                                30 minutes, 1999, All Ages
35 min, 1996, All Ages                       This video presents the 10 “golden rules
Weather takes you on a whirlwind tour of     of fire safety” that everyone can and
earth’s turbulent atmosphere and reveals     should follow to help reduce the risk of
the forces that make the day fair or foul.   death or injury from fire.
From hurricane to heat wave, weather is
the most closely watched wild card in

A Guide for Presenters and fire safety       program and taking part in the activities,
pamphlets are also included with the         girls will: know what items go into a basic
video.                                       first aid kit; be able to assess when a
                                             situation requires the use of first aid;
Be Smart – Stay Safe (R)                     know how to use basic first aid
20 min, 1989, Grade: K-4                     techniques; understand when a situation
Provides children, kindergarten through      requires more than first aid help.
fourth grade, with an important message      How to Save Your Child or Baby (R)
about child safety.                          40 min, 1993, Grade: 8-Adult
                                             Learn the easy-to-follow- CPR, Heimlich
Bicycle Safety Camp (R)                      maneuver and choking rescue instructions
25 min, 1989, Grades: K-4                    on this tape. Developed using the
Wear a helmet. Signal turns. Look both       American heart Association guidelines and
ways before leaving a driveway or stop       recommendations.
sign. Kids who sing along with “Bicycle
Safety Camp”, get all these important        I Can Be Safe! (R)
lessons and more.                            12 min. 1999, Grades: K-3
                                             Viewers learn that paying attention to
Cold, Wet and Alive (R/E)                    one’s surroundings and following safety
23 min, 1989, Grade: 4-Adult                 rules are two of the best ways to avoid
Focuses on the subject of hypothermia.       injury. Program discusses bicycle safety,
Shows a group of canoeists on a              automobile safety, school bus safety,
recreation river trip whom make a series     playground safety, skate and skateboard
of simple mistakes that culminate in a       safety and what to do when a child is
case of hypothermia for one of the           confronted with “stranger danger”. The
participants.                                second part of the video discusses safety
Dogs, Cats & Kids (R)                        at home and how to be safe when you’re
20 minutes, 2002, Grades: K-8                home alone.
This video shows how to handle and play      Kid Safe: The Video (R)
with pets, how to read dog and cat body      30 min, 1988, Grade: K-4
language, the warning signs that say “stay   Earnie the Policeman, Marty the Fireman,
away!”, why to be extra careful with         and Tina the Paramedic show kids how to
neighbor pets, why never to stare into a     deal with emergency and non-emergency
dog’s eyes, how to deal with strays, and     situations. While kids are having fun they
much more. This video is part of the         will be learning some very important
BARK: Dog Bite Prevention Program Kit        things, like: Call 911- the right way to
First Aid: Knowing What To Do (R)            handle a disaster; Emergency first aid for
45 min, 1986, Grade: 4-Adult                 kids- how to stop a nose bleed, how to
Each title runs approximately 10 minutes:    treat a burn, etc.,; Stop, drop, and roll –
      What is First Aid?                     fire safety and prevention; Friend or foe-
      First Aid for Minor Injuries           answering the front door; and much, much
      Life-Threatening Emergencies           more.
      Serious Injuries                       Longfellow Whale Tales (R)
Healthy Me: First Aid (R)                    13 min, 1995, Grade: K-6
11 min, 2003, Grade: 3-6                     Water safety video contains the following
Kids learn basic first-aid skills to help    segments: Swim with a Buddy; Be Cook,
them stay safe. After viewing this           Follow the Rule; Look Before You Leap;
                                             Reach or Throw- Don’t Go!; Don’t Just

Pack It, Wear your Jacket. American Red     Smoke Detectives (R)
Cross.                                      25 min, 1990, Grades: K-6.
Mothers of Invention (R)                    State Farm Insurance Company fire
12 min, 2003, Grade: 5-8                    safety program. Includes video, 3-ring
Highlights a number of significant          notebook guide with hand-out masters.
technical and engineering                   St. Louis Earthquake Survival Guide
accomplishments. It features noteworthy     (R) 28 min, 1990, All Ages
engineers and inventors including women,    Produced by KETC. Simple, easy-to-follow
African-Americans, Native Americans,        advice on earthquake preparedness. You’ll
Latinos and children whose prominent        see what to do when an earthquake
inventions are used in industry and the     strikes, at home, at the office, in a car, at
home.                                       school, in a mall, stadium and theater.
                                            Plus, essential tips on preparing your home
                                            and family for an earthquake.
Movers and Shakers (R)
33 min, 1991, Grade: K-12
An earthquake preparedness program
developed by State Farm insurance.
Comes with video and a three-ring
notebook with safety lesson plans.          Discover The World: All About
Ride Smart: It’s Time to Start              Globes (R)
9 min, 2002, Pre-teens and Teens            16 min, 1998, Grade: 3-5
Bicycle safety video, explains how to       Tracy Jones, the first student to ride the
purchase and fit an approved bicycle        space shuttle, uses views of the earth to
helmet. Discusses rules of the road,        how how to recognize places on the globe
includes “jello brain” and “raw egg drop”   by their shapes or locations.
demonstrations.                             Discover The World: All About Maps
Risk Watch (R)                              (R)
14 min. Introductory video for adults on     18 min, 1998, Grade: 3-5
presenting the Risk Watch program on        Introduces maps and their uses. Assisted
preventing childhood injury. 3-ring         by first-child-in-space Tracey Jones from
notebook with Leader’s Guide, activities    her vantage point in the space shuttle, a
and hand-out masters for the following      host-narrator explains the many different
Safety topics: Motor Vehicle; Fire and      kinds of maps and how they help us to
Burn Prevention; Chocking, Suffocating,     locate places around the world.
and Strangulation Prevention; Poisoning     Familiarizes girls with map language and
Prevention; Falls Prevention; Firearms      map symbols. Accompanying hands-on
Injury Prevention; Bike and Pedestrian      activities serve to reinforce the lively
Safety; Water Safety. Risk Watch            lessons.
Notebooks available: Pre K-K; Grades 1-2;   Mothers of Invention (R)
3-4; 5-6; 7-8.                              12 min, 2003, Grade: 5-8. This video
Small Craft Safety (R)                      highlights a number of significant
52 min, 1997, Grades: 6-Adult               technical and engineering
American Red Cross small craft safety       accomplishments. It features noteworthy
video and workbooks.                        engineers and inventors including women,
                                            African-Americans, Native Americans,
                                            Latinos and children whose prominent

inventions are used in industry and the
                                             SIGN LANGUAGE
Real Broadcast News, The (R/E)               Living Language: Say It By Signing
13 min, 1988, All Ages                       (R)
Produced by KTVI and donated to the          60 min, 1985. Grade: 4-Adult
Resource Center library by Channel 2. A      A video guide to the basics of sign
look at the technology used today in         language. Manual alphabet, phrases,
producing the news and an introduction to    expressions, sentences and questions
the process of news broadcasting.
                                             that occur in everyday conversations.
Space (R/E)
                                             Captioned throughout.
30 min, 1987, Grade:
                                             Sing ‘n Sign For Fun! (R)
Concord Children’s
                                             42 min, 1996, Grade: 3-6
Video Encyclopedia
                                             Songbook and video provide a musical
offers an historical
                                             adventure into the fascinating world of
approach to a better
                                             sign language. Learn your ABC’s and how
understanding of
                                             to fingerspell your name. Read, sing and
space, from early
                                             sign along with open captions.
thirteenth century to modern space
exploration. The program describes the
Chinese invention of rockets and the basic   We Sign: American Patriotic Songs
physics of rocket propulsion, its            (R)
modification for warfare and its             2001, All Ages
application to space vehicles.               Sign and Sing-Along with these classic
Space Works (R)                              favorites: Yankee Doodle, America, Grand
30 min, 1995, All Ages                       Old Flag, America the Beautiful, The Star
To realize the goals of lunar colonies and   Spangled Banner, God Bless America,
space station platforms, man must first      Yankee Doodle Boy and The Battle Hymn
adapt to working in the space                of the Republic.
environment. This video showcases the        We Sign: Christmas Carols (R)
in-orbit work already accomplished by        2002, All Ages
NASA astronauts in the Skylab and Space      Sign and Sing-Along. Learn ASL
Shuttle programs. Work such as testing       vocabulary for hundreds of words while
the Manned Maneuvering unit on a shuttle     signing and singing along with classic
mission, repairing the Solar Max satellite   carols: Silent Night, Joy to the World,
and retrieving two communication             The First Noel, Away in the Manger, and
satellites.                                  many more.
Women In Science (R)
42 min, 1994, Grade: 8-12
A great introduction to science careers
for girls and boys. This positive and        Archery: The Basics (R)
compelling video opens with an overview of   25 min, 1992, Grade: 4-Adult
the factors that have historically kept      Foundation for all bow shooting. 1984
women from playing a major role in           Olympian and coach, Ruth Rowe,
science, and how that story is changing      demonstrates the basics in four
today. Six contemporary women then tell      progressive lessons that can be used by
about their careers as scientists or         individuals or groups to learn basic
technicians using science.                   shooting technique.

Basketball Tips for Kids (R)                  Rhythm In the Rope
35 min, 1992, Grade: 4-Adult                  60 min, 2004, Grades: All
This program demonstrates proper              Double Dutch jump rope video movingly
techniques for balance, passing, dribbling,   conveys the impact the sport has had on
shooting, rebounding and playing defense.     many inner-city children since its
Double Dutch – Double Fun(R)                  inception. Following teams from Brooklyn,
12 min, 1981, All Ages                        Far Rockaway, South Carolina, and Japan
Learn the techniques and rules of jumping     as they prepare for the 2004 Double
rope the Double Dutch way.                    Dutch Holiday Classic at the Apollo
The Magical Parachute (R)                     Theater in New York City, McKelvy
44 min, 1991, Grade: K-3                      captures the struggles, hopes, and
This exciting approach to parachute play      triumphs in their lives, and the true spirit
invites children and leaders to stretch       of the sport. Wonderful and revealing
their imaginations as well as their bodies.   insight into the dedication of coaches,
Contains four themes, which allow             young team members, parents, and the
children to participate with the              National Double Dutch League. Includes
enthusiasm that is needed for true            scenes from the 13th Annual Holiday
learning to take place. Includes four         Classic.
carry-along story cards.
New Games (R)                                 Silver Bullets (R)
60 min, 1990, Grade: 4-Adult                  120 min, 1990, Grade: 9-Adult
Created and presented by Dale N.              An instructional video and guidebook for
LeFerve, includes general game                adventure games and initiatives presented
instructions. Dale presents 30 games in       by Karl Rohnke, Project Adventure, Inc.
this three-part video: Part 1- Ice Breaker
game to get acquainted; Part 2-               Soccer Sports Tips for Kids (R)
Sensitivity & Trust games to promote          25 min, 1992, Grade: 3-12
team building; Part 3- Games with a           Coach Bob Gansler shares his experience
variety of activity levels.                   by demonstrating all of the important
New Games From Around the World               skills needed on the soccer field. Includes
(R/E)                                         lifting and dribbling, shooting, heading,
60 min, 1990, Grade: 4-Adult                  passing and goal tending. This world class
Taped at the Munich Olympic Stadium           coach offers techniques young players can
grounds during the international “Days of     learn to build confidence and a solid
Play” Conference. A Dale LeFerve tape.        soccer foundation.
Parachute Games (R)                           Sport Aerobics (R)
28 min, 1988, Grade: K-6                      56 min, 1995, Grade: K-8
Physical education teacher leads his class    An innovative program using the
through innovative parachute games.           fundamental sport skills of basketball,
                                              baseball, volleyball, soccer and tennis
Parachute on The Ground (R)
                                              transformed into an exciting aerobic
25 min, 1988, Grade: K-6
                                              exercise workout. Includes warm up,
The focus is on total involvement of all
                                              stretch, sport aerobics, strength training,
participants. Activities presented
                                              cool down, stretch and injury prevention.
include: Jaws, Clubhouse, Class Portrait,
Popcorn and many more. Instruction
manual included.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE                              Smoking (Real Life Teens Series)
                                             23 min, 2001, Grade: 8-12
                                             This program discusses the effects and
Alcohol (Real Life Teens Series)             repercussions of smoking on the body. It
20 min, 2001, Grade: 8-12                    talks about the reasons teens smoke and
This program discusses the effects and       why they should not smoke. After
consequences of alcohol use.                 completing the program, girls will have a
                                             better understanding of the reasons
Brainstorm: The Truth                        teens may choose to smoke, what
About Your Brain on Drugs (R)                addiction is and why smoking can lead to
60 min, 1994, Age: 8-12                      major health risks.
This program shows the effects of drugs      Why I Won’t Do Drugs (R)
and alcohol on the brain. The                10 min, 1991, Grade: 2-4
accompanying activity guide is               Designed for earliest drug education.
designed to engage children in hands-on      Helps young viewers make the connection
scientific inquiry through activities that   between understanding and respecting
are both entertaining and educational.       their bodies and how drug use can harm
                                             them. Presents a positive, no-use message
Drugs (Real Life Teens Series)               in terms students can easily relate to.
24 min, 2001, Grade: 8-12                    Includes video, eight student worksheets
This program discusses the effects and       and guide
repercussions of drug use physically and     VALUES/
mentally and educates teens on the
dangers of drug use and addiction.           CHARACTER
Eating Disorders (Real Life Teens
Series)                                      BUILDING/ SELF
22 min, 2002, Grade: 8-12
Viewers will learn the difference between
anorexia and bulimia and why becoming
obsessed with weight can reveal serious      Big Chances, Big Choices: Vol. 1-
underlying issues. Girls will learn some     The Three R’s of Growing Up (R)
causes of eating disorders and the           30 min, 1994, Grade: 5-9
underlying desire for control.               This overview program gives young
                                             viewers a basis for choices and actions as
Let’s Talk About Drugs (R)                   they reach toward adulthood. The three
16 min, 1993, Grade: K-1                     R’s stand for taking responsibility, doing
Shows younger students that the way to       the right thing, and respecting ourselves.
stay healthy and happy lies in caring for
and protecting their bodies. Uses lively     Big Chances, Big Choices: Vol. 3
songs, an appealing scenario, and a          Enhancing Self-Esteem (R)
storyteller to move the action along.        30 min, 1994, Grades: 5-9
Steers viewers away from drugs that can      This program teaches young people that
hurt and toward the correct use of           they are important, that what they do
medicines that help. Includes video,         matters, and that they owe it to
seven student worksheets and guide.          themselves to do and be their very best.

Big Chances, Big Choices: Vol. 10-           Put Yourself in Someone Else’s
Friendship (R)                               Shoes: Building Character (R)
30 min, 1994, Grades: 5-9                    16 min, 2000, Grade: 2-4
In early adolescence, issues of friendship   Empathic kids get along better with peers
become a very big deal. This program         and adults, can see things from differing
looks at good and bad friendships, trouble   points of view, bring sensitivity to their
and change in friendships, cliques, clubs,   interactions with others, and can more
and why it’s hurtful to exclude others.      readily resolve conflicts. Open-ended
                                             scenarios prompt discussion of this
The Congressional Award (R/E)                important issue. Includes teacher’s guide
30 min, 1995, Age: 14-24                     with 10 worksheets, poster and game.
Through the Congressional Award the
U.S. Congress challenges young Americans     Respect Yourself and Others, Too
to challenge themselves, and recognizes      (R)
young people who set and achieve goals in    17 min, 2000, Grade: 2-4
four program areas: volunteer public         Emphasizes the importance of respecting
service, personal development, physical      the rights and needs of others, illustrates
fitness; and expedition/exploration          the problems that result from putdowns,
activities.                                  fighting, or ignoring others’ feelings.
                                             Includes teacher’s guide with 14
                                             worksheets, send-home pages, poster, 36
In Search of Character (R)                   ungame cards and audiocassette of songs.
30 min, Grade: 5-12
Ten videos, trigger lively group
discussions and the kind of deep,            Six Pillars of Character (R)
meaningful reflection that helps girls       23-30 min each, Grades K-5
construct a vision of themselves as people   Kids explore six essential character
of good character.                           virtues with the Popcorn Park Puppets. In
  1. Trustworthiness                         each video puppets become entangled in
  2. Respect                                 problems that require them to sort out
  3. Responsibility                          right from wrong. Fun way to engage girls
  4. Fairness                                in thinking, talking, and writing about the
                                             kinds of people they want to be.
  5. Caring
                                             Teacher’s guide included.
  6. Citizenship
                                                1.   Trustworthiness
  7. Honesty
                                                2.   Respect
  8. Courage
                                                3.   Responsibility
  9. Diligence
                                                4.   Fairness
                                                5.   Caring
Manners Do Matter (R)
                                                6.   Citizenship
15 min, Grades 4-8
Good manners reflect respect for others.
Encourage students to practice politeness    Suppose That Was Me (R)
at the table, in the car, and around town.   25 min, 2000, Grade: 5-6
                                             Middle schoolers are at an age when they
                                             typically judge others harshly, have
                                             rapidly shifting friendships, spread

rumors, and sometimes demonstrate a          contributions to society but also
startling lack of empathy for people         celebrates the fact that today “a woman’s
around them. Program asks viewers to         place” is everywhere!
think about and discuss how they would
feel if they were made a target by other     Americas Youth 1940-1950 (R)
students. Includes teacher’s guide.          90 min, 1987, All Ages
                                             March of Time American Lifestyles, Vol. V
Taking Charge of Your TV (R)                 explores effect of war, the fight for
4 min, no date. All Ages                     better education and what the teenage
The Family and Community Critical            girl of 1945 “went for” in music, clothes
Viewing Project is a partnership of the      and behavior on dates.
National PTA and the cable television
industry, designed to address concerns       Heroes: Growing Up Female &
about television and the impact of           Strong (R/E)
television violence and commercialism on     20 min, 1993, Grade: 4-12
children. In this video, Rosie O’Donnell     Three themes in this video suggest areas
shares the program’s four easy steps to      where we can help girls examine their
help a family begin a dialogue that turns    self-esteem and their future choices:
television viewing into a positive and       General self-esteem; Developing self-
educational experience.                      esteem through physical activity; and
TV Smarts for Kids (R)                       Discovering role models.
25 min, Ages: 5-17
Three short videos created especially for
                                             How We Got the Vote (R)
children and teens that provide a basic
                                             35 min, 1991, Grade: 8-Adult
introduction to media literacy and
                                             Narrated by Jean Stapleton, this lively
encourages kids to ask important
                                             video uses lots of historical footage,
questions about television.
                                             cartoons, songs and reminiscences to show
                                             how women fought for and won the vote.
                                             Focuses on one of the most dramatic
WOMEN/ GIRLS                                 periods in women’s history, 1917-1920, the
A Fine and Long Tradition – Music            last great push for passage of the 19th
                                             Amendment. Both moving and exciting,
Video (R)
                                             the film introduces the personalities and
7 min, 1996, All ages
                                             organizations involved in the suffrage
This lively music video works well to
                                             struggle and gives us a glimpse of the
introduce women’s history. Historical
                                             dedicated efforts of our foremothers.
images are set to an upbeat song that will
touch your heart and linger in your
                                             Shortchanging Girls Shortchanging
                                             America (R)
A Woman’s Place (R)                          18 min, 1991 , Adult
25 min, 1986, All Ages                       Produced by the American Association of
Based partially on the volume of material    University Women study.
gathered for the Life Magazine special
report, Remarkable American Women.
The video not only pays tribute to notable
individuals who have made great

                                          Vol. 3:Brownie Girl Scouts Growing
AC= Audio Cassette                        Strong
                                          68 min, 2000, AC, All Ages
All For Freedom (R)                       Vol. 4: Celebrate Together!
43 min, 1992, AC, Age: 3 – adult          73 min, 2001, (AC & CD), All Ages
A multi-cultural sing-along by Sweet      Vol. 5: Camp Songs of Every Girl,
Honey in the Rock group.                  Everywhere
                                          2002, (AC & CD), All Ages
Contemporary Tinikling (R/E)              Vol. 6: Little Happy Campers
50 min, 1972, AC, All Ages                2003, (AC & CD), Younger Girls
Modified with 4/4 beat and familiar       Vol. 7: We Are Family!
music.                                    2005, (CD), All Ages

Get Ready to Square Dance (R)             Keepers of the Animals (R)
60 min, 1977, (AC and guide), Grade:      106 min, 1992, AC (2), All Ages
K-6                                       Joseph Bruchac reads Native
Cotton-Eyed Joe, Oh Belinda, Turkey       American stories from his book
in the Straw, Shoo Fly, Irish             Keepers of the Animals.
Washerwoman, Comin’ Round the
Mountain, Hinkey Dinkey, Captain          Keepers of Life (R)
Jinks, Boil the Cabbage Down and Tie      103 min, 1995, AC (2), All Ages
A Yellow Ribbon                           Joseph Bruchac reads native plant
                                          stories from his book Keepers of Life.
Girl Scouts Greatest Hits (R/E)
Melinda Carol & Legend Productions        KidsSongs: Jubilee (R/E)
present a series of Girl Scout classics   46 min, 1990, AC and songbook, All
and timeless hits!                        Ages
Vol. 1: We Change the World               Music to climb trees, jump puddles
56 min, 1989, (AC & CD), All Ages         and spill milk by.
Vol. 2: The Wind Beneath Our
Wings                                     Missouri Bird Calls (R)
56 min, 1998, (AC & CD), All Ages         40 min, 1986, All Ages
                                          This tape is designed to help you
                                          identify 192 birds by their calls,

which are arranged in nine categories.
You will learn to discern nocturnal         Sound Hearing Or Hearing What
birds and our feathered friends of          You Miss (R)
the grasslands, grain fields, towns and     25 min, 1989, AC and annotated guide,
yards                                       All Ages
                                            What is hearing loss like? Find out
Multicultural Rhythm Stick Fun              with this tape. Distinguish levels of
(R/E)                                       sound, degrees of hearing loss. Take
40 min, 1991, AC, Age: 3-7 year olds        an impaired spelling test and listen to
This recording offers fresh new             a story that simulates hearing loss.
rhythm stick activities set to music        Still Singing After All These Years
from the following lands: Vietnam,          (R/E)
Russia, Puerto Rico, Japan, West            60 min, 2002, AC & Songbook, All
Africa, China, Greece, India, Israel,       Ages
Brazil, Spain and many, many more.          Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of
                                            Girl Scouting, June 8, 2002. Girl
Say It In Another Language (R/E)            Scouts gather and sing at the mall at
80 min, 1974, AC, All Ages                  the Washington Monument.
Produced by GSUSA. Phrases in               Tapes of the Night Sky: A Guided
Spanish, French, Japenese, Swahili          Tour of the Stars and Constellations
and German. Pamphlet included.              (R)
                                            120 min, 1988, AC (2), All Ages
                                            Two audio cassettes with four 30
St. Louis Sings! (R/E)                      minute tours, one for each season; a
40 min, 1994, AC, All Ages                  rotating planisphere for use in the 35-
 Favorite Girl Scout songs sung with        45 degree latitudes and a 40 page
St. Louis flair by the GSCGSL Sing-         booklet with diagrams of
A-Lums.                                     constellations and star charts for
St. Louis Sings II: Songs for               each season.
Brownie Girl Scouts (R/E)                   Tinikling Dances (R/E)
40 min, 1996, AC, Grade: 1-3                56 min, 1972, AC, All Ages
This tape is fondly dedicated to new        Authentic Philippine music and 56
and experienced Brownie Girl Scout          basic dance steps. Talk-thru and
leaders. GSCGSL Sing A-Lums.                walk-thru instructions.
Singing Insects of Missouri (R)             WEE Sing Series: (R/E)
26 min, 1998, All Ages                      50 min, 1982, AC & Songbook for each
the sounds of insects fill our summer       title, All Ages
days and nights with their music.           All songs in the songbook are also on
Crickets, katydids, grasshoppers and        the audiocassette. Titles include:
cicadas are musical wizards. This                    America
tape can help you identify 20 common                 Around the World
species of “singing insects” that live in            Fun & Folk
Missouri. Singing Insects of Missouri                Sing-A-Long
poster included.


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