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									                 Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites
Google Adsense is probably the best way for beginners to earn money online. I just want
everyone to know that you are not limited to a few websites that you may use to raise
your Google Adsense earnings. The following inforamtion below shows sites that allows
you to earn revenue, thanks to Google Adsense. The payments vary with each website,
but many of them require that you have your own Google Adsense account.

Sites that Earn Revenue With Adsense

Adsense is a worldwide affiliate program used by thousands of websites on the internet.
If you want to focus solely on your Google Adsense earnings, then you are in the right
place because the sites sharing websites.

Xomba – Sort of like a social bookmarking website. You can earn money by posting
comments, blurbs, and articles on this website. Its also an ideal place for adverising
purposes. The Google Adsense payout rate for this site 50/50. You can 50% of all
Adsesne earnings this website generates and you must have own Google Adsense
account in order to participate in the monet making program offered by Xomba.

Cybersist – Cybersist is a blogging community that places Google Adsense ads on your
profile and blog directory areas so you may earn money through clicks. The ads are
place in 7different locations, rasising the possibility of you earning money from clicks to
your ads. Its mluch easier to earn here because of the number of ads displayed here, but
the traffic is a problem. As of now, this website is not working due to unknown reasons,
so the link here will not work for now.

Airticle Codex – Article Codex is a website that shown your adsense ads in your articles
that you have written. Its a 50/50 situation. Your ads are shown 50 percent of the time,
and Airticle Codex shown their ads 50percent of the time. Article sites are good for
earning click –through rates, and this site is no different. You need to be a good writer
to draw in the clicks though.

IDN Forums – This is said to be the first english forum to be focused on multilingual
domain names. Its the top source for domain sellers and buyers alike. Users earn money
form this powerful forum site using their affiliate codes. Afer 30posts, you may
participate in their revenue sharing program. User ahve a 50percent chance of earning
from their adsense ads.
Blogger Party – Blogger party lets users earn an imcome just by blogging. Guess its kind
of ironic, seeing that the name of the website is called Blogger Party. Anyways, this sites
dysplays yourd ads 50percent of thetime and the other 50percent will belong to them.
They do all the exposure adverising. All you have to do is blog.

Dot Net kicks – Dot Net kicks is a community based news site. You earn money by using
your Google adsense code. You earn 50percent of all page impressions and ad clicks

Senserely – Senserely is actually and adsense based community. Every time you submit
somthing to the website You earn points per post. The more posts that you make, the
more points that you earn and the more exposure that your adsense ads get.

TagTooga – Tagtooga is a free directory that is free to edit by anyone. You can create
links to your site and you earn from Google Adsense. Adsense ads generate income and
you get paid from it.

Info Barrel – This site was refferred by singular investor, a fellow hubber. This site is sort
of like Ehow, but you earn money using Google Adsense.

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