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									    Cobb County Career Technical Ag. Education Career Pathways Programs of Study
                 SEQUENCE OF COURSE SELECTIONS 2009–2010
                       NOTES:                            *** The following courses serve as optional
1) Single asterisked courses are required for the           advanced related courses for all Marketing
successful completion of a Career Pathway, and              Career Pathways.
are listed in the prerequisite sequence in which         ***08.48000 Marketing Research
they are to be completed.
                                                         ***06.41430   Int’l. Business and Marketing
2) Related courses listed after the three single         ***08.46100   Introduction to Retail Food
asterisked courses within a pathway are available                          Marketing
for advanced supplemental instruction.                   ***08.46200 Principles of Food Marketing, Sales,
                                                                           and Distribution
3) Italicized courses will meet the 4th year science             End of Marketing Concentration
requirement under the new graduation rule for
freshman class students (FY12 and FY13 classes)
                                                              FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCES
                                                               CONCENTRATION PATHWAYS

***11th and 12th graders must take a Marketing Work-     ***This course is available to students without
   based Learning Co-Op/Internship course in                previous FACS Connections coursework
   conjunction with a correlating instructional             (middle feeder school doesn’t offer FACS
   Marketing class for all marketing career pathways.       Connections), as an introduction course to
   For scheduling applications and eligibility              FACS programs, or as a 9th Grade Academy
   requirements, refer to PICASSO’s Work-based              course. It is not a requirement for any FACS
   Programs Course Descriptions.                            pathways’ program completion.
   9th and 10th graders may take Marketing               ***20.40101     Family Consumer Science
   instructional courses without Co-Op correlation.
                                                                            Pathway Essentials
08.49100        Marketing Co-Op/Internship I
                                                           1) Nutrition and Food Science Career Pathway
08.49200        Marketing Co-Op/Internship II
08.49300        Marketing Co-Op/Internship III           20.41610        *Food, Nutrition and Wellness
08.49400        Marketing Co-Op/Internship IV            20.41710        *Food and Nutrition Through the
  1) Marketing & Management Career Pathway
                                                         20.41810        *Food Science
08.47400        *Marketing Principles
                                                                  2) Culinary Arts Career Pathway
08.47500        *Advanced Marketing
08.43600        *Entrepreneurship: Building a            20.53100        *Introduction to Culinary Arts
                   Business                              20.53210        *Culinary Arts I
                                                         20.53310        *Culinary Arts II
      2) Fashion Marketing Career Pathway
                                                         20.03720         FCS Co-Op/Internship I
08.47400        *Marketing Principles                    20.03820         FCS Co-Op/Internship IIY
08.41300        *Introduction to Fashion
                    Marketing                             3) Interior and Fashion Design Career Pathway
08.41400        *Advanced Fashion Marketing              20.44100        *Foundations of Interior Design
  3) Marketing Communications and Promotion              20.44200        *Interior Design Furnishings,
                  Career Pathway                                            Materials and Components
                                                         20.44700        *Textile Science
08.47400        *Marketing Principles
                                                         20.44800         Interior Design Internship
08.47200        *Professional Sales and Promotion
08.47900        *E-Marketing                               4) Family, Community, and Global Leadership
                                                              Career Pathway—
             4) Travel Marketing and                              Will not be implemented for FY10.
      Lodging Management Career Pathway                        The following courses are to be retired—
08.47400        *Marketing Principles                                  DO NOT OFFER THEM.
08.43000        *Discovering Hospitality and
                    Tourism Marketing                      20.40200      Foundations of FACS II
08.43700        *Hospitality and Tourism
                                                           20.46100      Introduction to Family Services
                                                           20.46200      Advanced Family Services
   Sports and Entertainment Marketing Career
08.47400        *Marketing Principles                         5) Consumer Services Career Pathway
08.47800        *Introduction to Sports and
                    Entertainment Marketing              20.45100        *Consumer Awareness
08.48500        *Advanced Sports and Entertainment       20.45200        *Consumer Skills
                    Marketing                            20.43000        *Consumer Finance

As of January 21, 2009                          Page 1              Subject to Possible GaDOE Changes
FY10 Cobb County Career Tech. Ed. Program Pathways of Study                                    Page 2
EDUCATION CONCENTRATION PATHWAYS                          5) Business Work-Based Learning Courses
   1) Teaching As A Profession Career Pathway         07.47500 CBE I and correlated
13.41100       *Examining the Teaching Profession     07.49100 CBE Co-Op/Internship I**
13.41200       *Contemporary Issues in Education      07.47600 CBE II and correlated
13.52100       *Teaching As A Profession              07.49200 CBE Co-Op/Internship II**
                  Internship                          07.49300 CBE Co-Op/Internship III**
13.71140       Education WBL Placement****            07.49400 CBE Co-Op/Internship IV**
               ****(See Page 6 for explanation)       **Students must take a CBE Work-based Learning
                                                      Co-Op/Internship course in conjunction with the
 2) Early Childhood Education Career Pathway**        correlating instructional CBE class. For scheduling
20.52510        *Introduction to Early Childhood      applications and eligibility requirements, refer to
                   Care and Education                 PICASSO’s Work-based Programs Course
20.42320        *Human Growth and Development         Descriptions.
                   for Early Childhood                  6) Campbell HS Int’l. Baccalaureate Program
20.52610        *Health, Safety & Nutrition for the         Business Management Career Pathway
                   Young Child                         06.42000 IB Business and Mgt. SL
20.52710          Early Childhood Education
                   Internship                          06.43000   IB Business and Management HL
**ECE Pathway’s Intro course must be completed
   first. The next two courses must be completed       COMPUTER SCIENCE PROGRAM PATHWAYS
   before moving into Internship. The sequence to
   which the middle two courses are completed can                  1) Computer Networking
   be the reverse of what is listed.                                   Career Pathway
                                                      11.41400      *Information Technology Essentials
        CONCENTRATION PATHWAYS                        11.42000      *Information Technology Support
                                                      11.42200      *Networking Systems
***The Computer Applications course                             2) Computing Career Pathway
    (#07.44110) is available to students without
    previous Middle School Business Connections       11.41300      *Computing in the Modern World
    coursework as an introduction course to           11.41800      *Beginning Programming
    Bus./Computer Science programs to ensure          11.42100      *Intermediate Programming
    students develop touch typing skills and basic    11.42600       Information Systems Mgt.
    Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint document          11.41600       AP Computer Science A**
    processing applications. It is only a             **11.41800 and 11.42100 are not prerequisites for
    requirement for the Business and Computer            the AP Computer Science course.
    Science Concentration’s
    Administrative/Information Career                       3) Interactive Media Career Pathway
    Pathway’s completion.                             11.41300      *Computing in the Modern World
      1) Administrative/Information Support           11.43100      *Fundamentals of Web Design
                  Career Pathway                      11.43200      *Advanced Web Design
07.44110 *Computer Applications I***                  11.42800       Introduction to Animation and 3d
07.44120 *Computer Applications II                                    Design
07.48310 *Business Communication and
                Presentation                                 4) Computer Systems and Support
07.46210 Business Procedures                                         Career Pathway
          2) Accounting Career Pathway                11.41300    *Computing in the Modern World
06.41600 *Business Essentials                         11.41400    *Information Technology Essentials
07.41100 *Principles of Accounting I                  11.42000    *Information Technology Support
07.41200 *Principles of Accounting II                 11.41900    User Support for Information Support
 3) Small Business Development Career Pathway               AGRICULTURE CONCENTRATION
06.41600 *Business Essentials                                             PATHWAY
06.41500 *Legal Environment of Business                 CCSD currently only offers the Plant Science/
06.41700 *Entrepreneurial Ventures                            Horticulture Career Pathway courses.
06.41430      International Business and Marketing
                                                        1) Plant Science/Horticulture Career Pathway
07.48410      Communications for Business
                                                      02.47100     *Basic Ag. Science & Technology
    4) Financial Mgt. Services Career Pathway
                                                      01.46100     *General Horticulture and Plant
06.41600 *Business Essentials                                      Science
07.42110 *Banking and Investing                       01.47000     *Nursery and Landscape
07.42300 *Insurance and Risk Mgt.                     01.46200       Floriculture Production & Mgt.
07.42600      Financial Literacy

As of January 21, 2009                                              Subject to Possible GaDOE Changes
 FY10 Cobb County Career Tech. Ed. Program Pathways of Study                                                Page 3
   **Related advanced courses—supports and               **Work-based Learning Courses Correlated with Health
            supplements courses for Plant                                     Occs. Courses—
           Science/Horticulture Pathway.                Use 25.72300 YAP Health Occupations III with
                                                            Health Occupations III;
02.44100        **Plant Science and Biotechnology       Use 25.72400 YAP Health Occupations IV with
01.46300        **Landscape Design and Mgt.                 Health Occupations IV;
01.46400        **Nursery Production and Mgt.           Use 25.56300 Therapeutic Services Internship with Nursing
01.46500        **Turf Production and Mgt.                  Essentials
01.46600        **Floral Design and Mgt.
01.46800        **Advanced Landscape Design                    2) Health Informatics Career Pathway
01.46900        **Fruit, Vegetable, and Nut             25.52100 *Introduction. To Healthcare Science
                    Production                          25.59100 *Medical Terminology in Healthcare
       2) Veterinary Science Career Pathway                                 Systems
02.47100      *Basic Ag. Science & Technology           25.59200 *Applications of Health Informatics
02.42300      *Small Animal Care                        25.59400        Health Informatics Technology
02.42400      *Veterinary Science                                           Internship
  3) Agribusiness Management Career Pathway                 3) Therapeutic Services – Medical Services
                                                                             Career Pathway
02.47100      *Basic Ag. Science & Technology
01.41200       *Agribusiness Management and             25.52100 *Introduction. To Healthcare Science
                 Leadership                             25.52200 *Applications of Therapeutic Services
01.41300       *Marketing Agricultural Products and     25.52500 *General Medicine
                 Services                               25.52600       Medical Services Internship
    4) Agricultural Mechanics Career Pathway              4) Therapeutic Services – Emergency Services
                                                                             Career Pathway
02.47100       *Basic Ag. Science & Technology
                                                        25.52100 *Introduction To Healthcare Science
01.42100       *Agricultural Mechanics I
                                                        25.56400 *Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
01.42200       *Agricultural Mechanics II
                                                        25.56200 *Concepts of Emergency Medicine
01.42300        Agricultural Mechanics III              25.52700       Emergency Medicine Internship
01.42600        Agricultural Electricity and Electrical
                                                                     5) Public Health Technology
                                                                             Career Pathway
01.42700        Agricultural Construction
01.42400        Agricultural Metal Fabrication          25.52100 Introduction to Healthcare Science
                                                        25.52200 *Applications of Therapeutic Services
01.42500        Agricultural Power and Machinery
                                                        25.43000 *Introduction to Public Health
           5) Agriscience Career Pathway                25.43100 *Advanced Public Health
02.47100       *Basic Ag. Science & Technology          25.43200        Internship in Public Health
02.42100       *Animal Science                                 6) Diagnostic Services Career Pathway
02.44100       * Plant Science and Biotechnology        25.52100 *Introduction To Healthcare Science
02.47500        Biotechnology in Agriculture            25.56500 *Basic Diagnostic Services
         6) Animal Science Career Pathway               25.56600 *Clinical Laboratory Technician
02.47100       *Basic Ag. Science & Technology          25.56700 Clinical Laboratory Technician
02.42100       *Animal Science                                           Internship
                 Technology/Biotechnology                  7) Biotechnology Research and Development
01.43200       *Agricultural Animal Production and                            Career Pathway
                                                        25.52100 *Introduction to Healthcare Science
02.42200        Equine Science
                                                             25.56800     *Introduction to Biotechnology

                                                             25.56900     *Applications of Biotechnology
       CONCENTRATION PATHWAYS                                25.57500     Biotechnology Internship/Independent
    1) Therapeutic Services – Nursing Career                               Research Project
                                                                 GOVERNMENT AND PROTECTIVE
25.52100 *Introduction to Healthcare Science                  SERVICES CONCENTRATION PATHWAYS
25.52200 *Application of Therapeutic Services
25.56100 *Nursing Essentials**                                     1) Law and Justice Career Pathway
25.52300    Health Occupations III**                         43.43000   *Introduction to Law and Justice
25.52400    Health Occupations IV**                          43.43500   *Law, Community Response, and
25.56300    Therapeutic Services Internship                                Policing
                                                             43.43300   * Criminal Investigations and
                                                             43.43400    Law and Justice Internship

As of January 21, 2009                                                     Subject to Possible GaDOE Changes
FY10 Cobb County Career Tech. Ed. Program Pathways of Study                                      Page 4
    Government/Protective Services Pathways
 2) Homeland Security and Emergency Services                For Construction Tech Program Area:**
                  Career Pathway
43.43600    *Homeland Security                            **This program area requires four units for
43.43700    *Emergency Services                              pathway completion as noted below:
43.43800    *First Responder and Emergency                      1) Carpentry Career Pathway
               Leadership                             46.54500     *Occupational Safety and Fundamentals
43.43900    Homeland Security and Emergency           46.54600     *Introduction to Construction
               Services Internship                    46.55000     *Carpentry I
                                                      46.55100     *Carpentry II
                                                      46.55200      Construction Site Layout
                                                      46.55300      Commercial Carpentry
      ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION,                                2) Electrical Career Pathway
                                                      46.54500     *Occupational Safety and Fundamentals
                                                      46.54600     *Introduction to Construction
                                                      46.56000     *Electrical I
     (Formerly known as Trade and Industry)
                                                      46.56100     *Electrical II
      For Drafting Technology Program Area:           46.56200      Commercial Wiring I
  1) Architectural Drawing and Design Pathway         46.56300      Commercial Wiring II
48.54100     *Intro. to Engineering Drawing and                  3) Masonry Career Pathway
                  Design                              46.54500     *Occupational Safety and Fundamentals
48.54500     *Architectural Drawing and               46.54600     *Introduction to Construction
                 Design I
                                                      46.57000     *Masonry I
48.54600     *Architectural Drawing and
                 Design II                            46.57100     *Masonry II
                                                      46.57200      Design Masonry
    2) Engineering Graphics and Design Career
                       Pathway                        46.57300      Commercial Masonry
48.54100    *Introduction to Engineering Drawing                  4) Plumbing Career Pathway
                 and Design                            46.54500    *Occupational Safety and Fundamentals
48.54200    *Engineering Concepts and Drawings         46.54600    *Introduction to Construction
              (Survey of Engineering Graphics)         46.58000    *Plumbing I
48.54300    *Solid Modeling and Design (3D
                                                       46.58100    *Plumbing II
                  Modeling and Analysis)
                                                       46.58200     Commercial Plumbing I
    **Related advanced courses—supports and
       supplements courses for both drafting           46.58300     Commercial Plumbing II
            technology career pathways.                      Correlated Work-based Learning for
48.54400    **Technical Manufacturing Concepts                  Construction Tech Students:
                  and Drawings                         46.54700   Construction Internship
48.54700    **Structural Detailing
48.54800    **Civil Engineering Drawing
                                                              For Personal Services Program Area:
                                                                 Cosmetology Career Pathway
      For Auto Service Tech. Program Area:             12.54500 *Salon Services Core I
1) Transportation Logistical Operations Pathway        12.54600 *Salon Services Core II
47.57100    *Foundations of Transportation and         12.54700 ►*Advanced Styling Principles and
               Logistics                               12.55100      Cosmetology Practicum I
47.57600    *Electrical/Electronic Systems and         12.54800 ►Haircutting and
               Design                                  12.55200    Cosmetology Practicum II
47.57910    * Heating, Ventilation & Air               12.54900 ►Chemical Hair Processing and
               Conditioning                            12.55300    Cosmetology Practicum III
47.57800     Preventative Maintenance Inspection       12.55400 ►Salon Management and
47.57500     Transportation Logistics Internship       12.55600    Cosmetology Practicum IV
                                                       12.55700 ►Cosmetology Practicum V and
2) Transportation Logistical Support Pathway           12.55800    Cosmetology Practicum VI
47.57100 *Foundations of Transportation and            ►These two ½ credit courses are taken together.
47.57600 *Electrical/Electronic Systems and                For Electronic Publishing Communications
              Design                                                     Program Area:
47.57700 *Chassis System & Design                         1) Graphic Communications Career Pathway
47.57900    Engine Performance Concepts                48.56100 *Introduction to Graphics and Design
47.57500    Transportation Logistics Internship        48.56200 *Graphic Design and Production
                                                       48.56900 *Advanced Graphic Output Processes**
As of January 21, 2009                                              Subject to Possible GaDOE Changes
FY10 Cobb County Career Tech. Ed. Program Pathways of Study                                        Page 5
       2) Graphic Design Career Pathway                          3) Air Force Career Pathway
48.56100 *Introduction to Graphics and Design         28.41100 *Aerospace Science: A Journey into
48.56200 *Graphic Design and Production                             Aviation History and Leadership I
48.52800 *Advanced Graphic Design                                   (JROTC Air Force I)
**Supplemental Graphic Communication courses:         28.41200 *Aerospace Science: Science of Flight
48.56300 **Practicum A, Press Operations                            and Leadership II
48.56400 **Practicum B, Digital File Preparation                    (JROTC Air Force II)
48.56500 **Practicum C, Binding and Finishing         28.41300 *Aerospace Science: Global and
48.56600 **Printing Technology Laboratory I                         Cultural Studies I
48.56700 **Printing Technology Laboratory II                        (JROTC Air Force III)
48.56800 **Printing Technology Laboratory III
                                                         Air Force Career Pathway Courses Continued:
    For Video Communications Program Area:            28.41400     Aerospace Science: Astronomy and/or
                                                                    Leadership III (JROTC Air Force IV)
   Broadcast/Video Production Career Pathway          28.41500     Aerospace Science: Exploration of
10.51110 *Broadcast/Video Production 1                              Space and/or Leadership III (JROTC
10.51210 *Broadcast/Video Production 2                              Air Force V)
10.51310 *Broadcast/Video Production 3                28.41600     Aerospace Science: Management of the
10.51410 Broadcast/Video Production Applications                    Cadet Corps and National Endowment
10.51510 Broadcast/Video Production Lab                             for Financial Education (NEFE) and/or
10.51610 Broadcast/Video Production Research                        Leadership IV (JROTC Air Force VI)
10.51710 Broadcast/Video Production                   28.41700     Aerospace Science: Aerospace Science:
             Management                                             Global and Cultural Studies II (JROTC
 Architecture, Construction, Communications and                     Air Force VII)
        Transportation Trade and Industry             28.41800     Aerospace Science: Survival (JROTC
           Work-Based Learning Courses                              Air Force VIII)
47.49100 **Diversified Cooperative Training I and
47.49800        DCT/T&I Co-Op/Internship I
                                                            ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY
47.49200 **Diversified Cooperative Training II and
                                                               CONCENTRATION PATHWAYS
47.49900        DCT/T&I Co-Op/Internship II
47.49300 **Diversified Cooperative Training III               1) Energy Systems Career Pathway
47.49910        and DCT/T&I Co-Op/Internship III      21.42500 *Foundations of Engineering & Tech.
47.49400 **Diversified Cooperative Training IV        21.45100 *Energy and Power Technology
47.49920        and DCT/T&I Co-Op/Internship IV       21.45700 *Appropriate and Alternative Energy
**Students must take a DCT Work-based Learning                       Technologies
  Co-Op/Internship course in conjunction with the     21.44800     Energy Systems Internship
  correlating instructional DCT class. For scheduling
  applications and eligibility requirements, refer to     2) Manufacturing/Production Career Pathway
  PICASSO’s Work-based Programs Course
  Descriptions.                                         21.44100 *Foundations of Manufacturing &
                                                                         Materials Science
                                                        21.44500 *Robotics and Automated Systems
                                                        21.44400 *Production Enterprises
                                                        21.45800      Manufacturing Internship
         JROTC PROGRAMS OF STUDY                                   3) Engineering Career Pathway
                                                        21.42500 *Foundations of Engineering & Tech.
              1) Navy Career Pathway
                                                        21.47100 *Engineering Concepts
28.42100 *JROTC Navy I                                  21.47200 *Engineering Applications
28.42200 *JROTC Navy II                                 21.46100      Research, Design, & Project Mgmt.
28.42300 *JROTC Navy III                                21.47300      Bio-Related Technology
28.42400     JROTC Navy IV
                                                        21.46800      Engineering Internship
28.42500     JROTC Navy V
28.42600     JROTC Navy VI                                        4) Electronics Career Pathway**
28.42700     JROTC Navy VII                             21.45200 *Foundations of Electronics
28.42800     JROTC Navy VIII                            21.45300 *Advanced AC and DC Circuits
                                                        21.45400 *Digital Electronics
             2) Army Career Pathway
                                                        21.47800      Electronics Internship
28.43100 *JROTC Army I
                                                        **The Electronics Pathway’s three required course
28.43200 *JROTC Army II                                 numbers serve as the prerequisite to the
28.43300 *JROTC Army III                                Telecommunications career pathway’s courses,
28.43400     JROTC Army IV                              found on the next page. Students must complete all
28.43500     JROTC Army V                               three Electronics pathway courses before
28.43600     JROTC Army VI                              registering for Telecommunications’ first course.
28.43700     JROTC Army VII
28.43800     JROTC Army VIII
As of January 21, 2009                                              Subject to Possible GaDOE Changes
FY10 Cobb County Career Tech. Ed. Program Pathways of Study                                                  Page 6

    5) Telecommunications Career Pathway **                    Work-Based Learning (WBL) Placement****

10.53100     Fundamentals of Telecommunications           ****For 11th and 12th grade students only, who are
10.53200     Network Concepts                             committed to continuing post-secondary preparation
10.53300     Network Systems                                  in a specific career/technical career field.

                                                               Use the GaDOE’s two-digit Main Subject Number
Electronics and Telecommunications can be taught                for the digits before the decimal of the program
 by either a teacher holding a Trade and Industry               concentration in which the student is enrolled.
Electronics Certificate or Mass Media Certificate.             Use a 7 for the first digit after the decimal.
                                                               Use a 1 for the second digit after the decimal if this
                                                                is the first time the student is participating in
                                                                WBL. Use a 2 for the second digit after the
           INTERVENTION PROGRAMS                                decimal if he/she is participating for the second
                                                                year in WBL.
     Coordinated Career Academic Education**                   Use a 1 for the third digit after the decimal if this is
                 **Formerly CVAE.                               the fall semester. Use a 2 for the third digit after
This program currently is not offered in any CCSD               the decimal if this is the spring semester.
                      high schools.                            Use a 4 for the fourth digit after the decimal if the
32.41400      Coordinated Career Academic Ed. I                 student will earn either a half unit or 1 unit for the
              CCAE I                                            WBL course. Use a 5 for the fourth digit after the
32.41500      Coordinated Career Academic Ed. II                decimal if the student will earn 1.5 units for the
              CCAE II                                           WBL course. Use a 6 for the fourth digit after the
32.41600      Coordinated Career Academic Ed. III               decimal if the student will earn 2 units for the
              CCAE III                                          WBL course.
CCAE is for students from special populations, as              Use a 0 for the fifth digit after the decimal.
identified in the federal Carl D. Perkins legislation.         Begin the title with the Career Tech.
These courses can only be taught by any academic                Concentration Area. Then conclude it with
subject-disciplined or career tech instructor, who              WBL Placement. (See example at top of Page 2
also holds a CCAE Add-On Endorsement.                           under the Education and Teaching Concentration’s
        Career Technical Instruction (CTI)**                    Teaching As A Profession career pathway.)
  (formerly RVI—Related Vocational Instruction)                Conclude with the appropriate 96, 97, 98, or 99
                                                                suffix respectively, as described in PICASSO’s
32.81100     Career Technical Instruction I                     High School Course Description Catalog under
                (CTI I)                                         the Work-based Learning link.
32.81200     Career Technical Instruction II (CTI II)
32.81300     Career Technical Instruction III (CTI III)       ****Please refer to the Teaching As A Profession
32.81400     Career Technical Instruction IV                       Career Pathway under the Education
                (CTI IV)                                          Concentration on Page 2 for an example.
**CTI is currently available in all CCSD high
   schools. Must be taught by a Special Ed. teacher
   who also has a CTI Add-On Endorsement and
                                                                     For Work-based Learning Programs
   can only be taken by Special Education Students
   with Disabilities.                                     A STUDENT’S FINAL TRANSCRIPT MAY SHOW
                                                          PARTICIPATION IN AND EARNED CREDIT FOR
             (Career Tech) Internship*                    WORK-BASED PROGRAM COURSE TAKEN
  *For career exploration on-the-job experience--         DURING DIFFERENT SEMESTERS.
 Cannot be taken simultaneously with a program’s
                                                          STUDENTS CANNOT ENROLL IN TWO DIFFERENT
 specific Co-Op/Internship Work-based Course, a           WORK-BASED LEARNING PROGRAMS, OR IN A
 YAP/WBL Course (see below), or the Mentorship            WORK-BASED PROGRAM AND MINIMUM DAY OR
                        course.                           MENTORSHIP, WITHIN THE SAME SEMESTER.
70.42100     Internship I
70.42200     Internship II                                EXAMPLE: Do not enroll the student in a
70.42300     Internship III                               Co-Op/Internship or YAP/WBL—Youth
70.42400     Internship IV                                Apprenticeship Work-based Learning course, AND
                                                          in an Internship course, or in a Mentorship course.
         (Non-Career Tech) Mentorship***
    ***For a student serving as a school office’s
 administrative assistant only—Not to be used for
         the senior service learning project.
70.01100     Mentorship I
70.01200     Mentorship II
As of January 21, 2009                                                     Subject to Possible GaDOE Changes
FY10 Cobb County Career Tech. Ed. Program Pathways of Study                                               Page 7

    Work-based Learning Scheduling Procedures:                        OTHER CLARIFICATIONS

         FOR 4 X 4 BLOCK SCHEDULES,                             HEALTHCARE SCIENCE PATHWAYS
 the students earn one unit per period off campus for a                CLARIFICATION
             work-based learning program.
                                                           The Therapeutic Medicine (Sports Medicine) career
        Typically, student leaves last period daily,          pathway is no longer available. Please do not
Record the corresponding Co-Op, YAP/WBL, or                confuse this with the fact that the Nursing pathway,
Internship course number in Block 4, ending it in 99.       the Medical Services pathway, and the Emergency
                                                               Services pathway are categorized under the
    FOR TRADITIONAL BELL SCHEDULES,                            umbrella branding of Therapeutic Services.
 the students earn one-half unit per period off campus
   per semester for a work-based learning program.         BANKING AND INVESTING COURSE CREDIT
--Use the corresponding program’s course number.
Typically, the student leaves after Period 5. Record the   This new course earns 1 unit. It is a substitution for
corresponding Co-Op, YAP/WBL, or Internship                the retired ½ unit Banking course and the retired ½
course’s number in Period 6, ending it in 97; and record    unit Finance course. Please do not use the ending
the same course number, ending it in 96 in Period 7.                               98.

the students earn one-half unit per 45-minute period off           Technical Seal Diploma Eligibility
    campus per semester for a work-based learning                For 2010 and 2011 Graduating Classes:
                                                            TO EARN A TECHNICAL SEAL, A STUDENT
If the student leaves campus every other day in both        MUST COMPLETE FOUR UNITS OF CAREER
semesters of a school year to report to the job site,      TECH. ED.; THREE OF THESE CREDITS MUST
--record the corresponding Co-Op, YAP/WBL, or              BE IN THE SAME CONCENTRATION WITHIN
Internship course number in the last period of the           ONE CAREER TECHNICAL EDUCATION
“Cycle 1” day (ending in 96 in the fall semester and        PROGRAM OF STUDY. CAREER TECH. ED.
ending in 97 in the spring semester), and record the            COURSES CAN BE USED FOR FREE
alternate on-campus course number in the last period of                   ELECTIVES.
the “Cycle 2” day.
                                                                     High School Diploma Eligibility
 If the student leaves campus daily the last period to               Regarding Career Tech Electives
         report to the job site in one semester,               For the 2012 Graduating Class and Forward:
--record the corresponding Co-Op, YAP/WBL, or
Internship course number in the last period of the            TO EARN A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA, A
“Cycle 1” day —ending it in 99 for Cycle Day 1 of that          STUDENT SHOULD BE ADVISED TO
semester, and use the check box feature in SchoolMax           COMPLETE THE THREE UNITS OF A
to also mark it for Cycle Day 2.                            SPECIFIC CAREER TECH. ED. PATHWAY IN
                                                            PREPARATION FOR THE POSTSECONDARY
If the student leaves campus the last two periods          STUDIES IN WHICH HE/SHE WILL CONTINUE
daily to report to the job site in one semester,            TO ACQUIRE AT A TECHNICAL COLLEGE’S
--record the corresponding Co-Op, YAP/WBL, or                CERTIFICATION/DEGREE OR FOUR-YEAR
Internship course number in the Block 4 period of the      COLLEGE’S DEGREE IN THAT PARTICULAR
“Cycle 1” day —ending it in 99 for Cycle Day 1 of that       CAREER PATHWAY’S CONCENTRATION.
semester, and use the check box feature in SchoolMax
to also mark it for Cycle Day 2.                           ADDITIONAL CAREER TECH. ED. ELECTIVES
                                                           COMPLETED MAY ALSO BE USED FOR FREE
--record the SAME course number in the same manner                      ELECTIVES.
for the Block 3 period, EXCEPT change the first digit
after the decimal to a 7. Example: 20.03820 FACS            To ensure that students can successfully earn the
Co-Op II for Block 4 and 20.73820 YAP/WBL FACS              three units of a specific career pathway, the first
Co-Op II for Block 3.                                      course within any pathway can be taken during the
                                                                          freshman school year.

As of January 21, 2009                                                   Subject to Possible GaDOE Changes

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