2012 DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY _Orange County_ by cuiliqing


									     2012 DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES-ORANGE COUNTY (Incumbents in Bold; Primary in *Italics)
OFFICE                   DEMOCRATS
President                Barack Obama (unopposed for Primary)
4 District Congressman David Price (unopposed for Primary)
6th District Congressman Tony Foriest (unopposed for Primary)

   OFFICE                           DEMOCRATS
* Governor                          Walter Dalton; Bob Etheridge; Bill Faison; Gary Dunn; Gardenia Henley;
                                    Bruce Blackmon
*   Lt. Governor                    Linda D. Coleman; Eric Mansfield
    Secretary of State              Elaine Marshall (unopposed for Primary)
*   Com. of Agriculture             Walter Smith; Scott Bryant
*   Commissioner of Labor           John C. Brooks; Marlowe Foster; Ty Richardson
    Com. of Insurance               Wayne Goodwin (unopposed for Primary)
    Supt. of Public Instruction     June Atkinson (unopposed for Primary)
    Auditor                         Beth A. Wood (unopposed for Primary)
*   Treasurer                       Janet Cowell; Ron Elmer
    Attorney General                Roy Cooper (unopposed for Primary)

Court of Appeals Judge (Bryant seat)       Wanda Bryant (D)          Martin McGee (R)
Court of Appeals Judge (McGee seat)        Linda McGee (D)           David Robinson (R)
Court of Appeals Judge (Thigpen seat)      Cressie Thigpen (D)       Chris Dillon (R)
Supreme Court Justice (Newby seat)         Paul Martin Newby (R)     Sam Ervin, IV (D)

  OFFICE                                            DEMOCRATS
  NC State Senate District 23                       Ellie Kinnaird (unopposed for Primary)
* NC State House District 50                        Valerie Foushee; Travis Phelps
  NC State House District 56                        Verla Insko (unopposed for Primary)
  County Commissioner At-Large (1 seat)             Bernadette Pelissier (unopposed for Primary)
* County Commissioner District 1 (2 seats)          Pam Hemminger; Penny Rich; Mark Dorosin
* County Commissioner District 2 (1 seat)           Steve Yuhasz; Renee Price
  Soil and Water Conservation District              (Filing in June)

* Orange County Board of          Stephen H. Halkiotis (D)          Tony McKnight (D)
  Education (3 seats)             Tommy T. McNeill (D)              Lawrence Sanders (D)
  15-B District Court             James Taylor (Jay) Bryan, III (D) (unopposed)
  Judge (Vernon seat)
  15-B District Court             Beverly A. Scarlett (D)            (unopposed)
  Judge (Scarlett seat)
  15-B District Court             Charles Anderson (D)               (unopposed)
  Judge (Anderson seat)
  15-B District Court             Lunsford Long (D)                  (unopposed)
  Judge (Long seat)
1. Judicial Races:
    When more than two candidates (regardless of party affiliation) have filed in non-partisan judicial races,
    they participate in the primary to narrow the field to two candidates for the general election. The party
    affiliation of the candidates is indicated for information only.

2. Orange County Board of Education:
   The Primary Election serves as THE election for the Orange County Board of Education. The top three vote
   getters will win the election. The party affiliation of the candidates is indicated for information only.

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