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									                Blow Bubbles 4 Autism 2009

Parents and Educators,

I have attached a proclamation which students or families can present to your
municipality for Autism Awareness Month. April 2nd is World Autism Day, and
April 3rd is Blow Bubbles for Autism Day.

There are many other events going on in the area, if you look at the event
posted on Autism Speaks and Autism NJ websites. April 19th is Blow Bubbles and
the Motorcycle Run in Hammonton. Contact faceshammonton@yahoo.com.
April 29th is the big day at Oakcrest High School. Some other are listed below.

Please ask your school organizations to participate in Blow Bubbles for Autism
Day by either asking them to look at the hand-outs attached, or by donating
bubbles for the elementary schools. Women's Clubs have donated bubbles for
many schools this year!

Volunteer to read books about autism to the classes. Ask your child with
autism's sibling to take part by reading and telling others about their lives. My
daughter wrote a book which she reads each year, and you are welcome to send
me an e-mail for a copy. The kids are welcome to draw pictures to illustrate the

Many schools will be selling awareness ribbon-shaped soft pretzels they have
purchased from Philadelphia Pretzel Factory. There are several locations, so you
can ask them about the school discount. It is a great way for the kids to raise
awareness, raise funds for local families dealing with autism, and we will add the
names of the schools which raise the most money to t-shirts for our annual
FACES Family Fun Day at Cape May Zoo.

Spread the word, and send those bubbles of hope and awareness to the skies
above for autism on April 3rd!
Thank you.

Isabelle Mosca
FACES Autism Support Groups of South Jersey
Autism NJ's Autism Awareness Month Update

Kid Ambassador Kits have arrived:

Our group of 600 Ambassador and Junior Ambassador are gearing up for April. You can
still register to be an ambassador and can also access online tools and resources. Go to
www.AutismNJ.org and to learn more about the activities they have planned. And don’t
forget, World Autism Awareness Day is April 2nd.

WHEREAS, autism is a pervasive developmental disorder affecting the
social, learning and behavioral skills of those affected by it, and,
WHEREAS, autism was once thought to be a relatively rare disorder,
affecting only one in 10,000 people, and,
WHEREAS, as more and more health professionals become proficient in
diagnosing autism, more children are being diagnosed on the autistic
spectrum, resulting in rates as high as one in 94 children in the State of
New Jersey and 1 in 150 nationally, and,
WHEREAS, while there is no cure for autism, it is well-documented that if
individuals with autism receive treatment early in their lives, it often is
possible for those individuals to lead significantly improved lives, and,
WHEREAS, FACES Autism Support Network of South Jersey has made it
their mission to educate parents, professionals and the general public
about autism and its effects,
NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT I,( Legislator), do hereby
proclaim April as AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH in the ( Municipality), and
urge all employees and residents to participate in our municipality's Autism
Awareness Month activities, such as Blow Bubbles for Autism as in the
local school districts in order to become better educated on the subject of
autistic spectrum disorders.

                                    Date (Mayor or Legislator)

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