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									                             VMHS Golden Alliance Booster Board
                                           Meeting Minutes
                                           January 28, 2010
                                       Call to order at 6:55 p.m.

         All present: Mr. Wade, Mr. Ewell, Sharon Copening, Cheryl Nogaki, Paul Nogaki, Keith
                      Rowland, Esther Labrador, Ana Lopez, Vicki Lazoff, Rick Hook, Chris
                      Krug, Christine Krug, Craig Lobnow, Kathleen Benner, Zandra Orozco,
                      Lizza Stanton, Josh Rice

          Topic                          Discussion                               Resolution
November Meeting Minutes     Approved 1 motion- Mr. Rowland               Minutes approved
                                      2nd motion-Mr. Nogaki

Student Update               Josh Rice had no comment but had info for    Info will be relayed when Mr.
                             Mr. Cothran.                                 Cothran is present.

                             Mrs. Copening was very pleased that the
                             students cleaned the band room.

Treasurer Report             Mr. Nogaki says: “so far, we are in good

                             Current balance            $73,277.00
                             Outstanding Checks         $ 8726.00
                             Band Dads                  $ 2305.00
                             Scholarship Fund           $ 1000.00
                             Student Accts             $ 15423.00

                             Available Fund             $45,826.00
                             Band Asset Acct            $ 2621.00
                             Total avail fund           $48,568.00

                             There are still remaining expenses such as
                             winter drumline, winter guard, concerts.
                             And there are future income such as
                             carwash, recycling, guard festival.

                             Gift wrapping gross income was $4031.00
                             With expenses of only          $ 350.00
                             The net income                 $3681.00
                             Mrs. Copening was very pleased and
                             exclaimed: GOOD JOB!
Student Accounts               Zandra Orozco gave current accts to Mr.      Mrs. Copening and Mrs. Orozco
                               Nogaki.                                      will get together at another time
                               She mails all the statements to students who to sort out the Student Accounts.
                               owe money and those who have credits can
                               pick up their statements at the band room on
                               Thursdays during Scrips.

                               Total unpaid fees this year is approximately
                               $22,000.00 thus far but it could be more.
                               Mr. Wade wanted to know if these fees will
                               be collected. We need to know how many
                               seniors have outstanding fees so we can
                               collect. Underclassmen outstanding fees
                               will carry over.
                               Mrs. Lazoff asked if anyone had
                               outstanding balances in Winter guard
                               How about those graduating, any chance
                               them donating money still available on their
                               accounts said Mrs. Lopez.
                               Mrs. Copening said that any money left
                               over from any student accounts will be left
                               with the band.

1st Vice Pres Info presented   Result of the grant proposal has been
by Sharon in the absence of    extended to April 1st . It is still pending for
Mr. Cothran                    review.

                               We received $1000.00 donation from Sam’s          We need to send a Thank You
                                                                                 note plus a GA picture to Sam’s
                               Verizon phone collection went well.

                               SONY declined our grant request.

Budget for 2010-2011           After many Executive meetings the 2010-
                               2011 Budget is finally completed and
                               released. (The Budget was handed out to all
                               board members present at this meeting.)
                               Mrs. Copening said that we need to cut cost
                               and have more fundraisers.

                               Students who want to opt out of
                               the total mandatory fundraisers which
                               includes 2 car wash, recycling, charger
                               tickets, and cow chip bingo can write a
                               check to the band for $400.00. This is an
                               option for those who do not want to be
                           bothered by any fundraisers. It is either do
                           all fundraisers which is $525.00 + or just
                           pay $400.00

                           Next year, the winter guard and winter
                           drumline will have additional fees. This
                           year, only the uniform fees were charged.
                           All other cost was absorbed by the Booster.

                           The mandatory recycling is now 25-39 gal
                           bags and will be collected in April, May,
                           June, July, and August. 5 bags for $5.00
                           each. 5 bags each month for 5 months.

                           Supplement cost have been adjusted
                           Mrs. Benner requests to split the              Mrs. Copening and Mrs. Benner
                           supplements for the color guard.               will have to get together to
                                                                          discuss supplement cost for
                                                                          Color guard

                           Vote on Budget: 1st motion-Mrs. Lazoff         2010-2011 Budget was passed as
                                           2nd motion-Mr. Rowland         is.

Updates from Mr. Lobnow:   Mr. Lobnow is now the permanent
                           temporary 2nd Vice President in addition to
                           being the Transportation Coordinator.

   Cow Chip Bingo and      Cow Chip Bingo and Craft Show has been         Cow Chip Bingo and Craft show
     Craft Show            scheduled for May 15th.                        slated for May 15th
                           We need vendors for craft booths. Each         Cow Chip Bingo coordinator is
                           booth will cost $25.00                         Mr. Lobnow
                           We will also open the concession stand.        Craft Show coordinator is Mrs.
                           Jazz concert during this event????             Copening and Mrs. Orozco

   GA Family Night         Mr. Lobnow has scheduled a GA Family
                           fundraiser night at different local eateries
                           every month starting February.
                           In February- Rubio’s
                              March-Ritchie’s Diner
                              April- Pat and Oscar’s
                              May- Chewey’s

                           Must have flyer to get our 25% proceed to
                           the band.
                           We cannot be within 1000 ft of the eatery to
                        give out flyers to people entering the

 Ralph’s community      Albertson’s apparently discontinued their
   program              community program so we will use Ralph’s
                        Besides, Ralphs contributed to our pancake

                        The program will donate 1%-4% of the total
                        bill of each Ralph’s visit to the band if the
                        REWARDS CARD IS REGISTERED.
                        (An instructional form to register rewards
                        card will be distributed to all band
                        Alumni can also participate in this program
                        as their donation to the band. Other schools
                        receive donations from their alumni and use
                        donations towards scholarships etc.

Taste of theValley      Do we want to have Taste of the Valley             Taste of the Valley Fundraiser
                        Fundraiser this year or wait until next year.      will have to wait until NEXT
                        We need at least 4 months to organize.             YEAR.
                        Mr. Wade said that there are too many
                        things going on as it is right now.

Transportation Update   Mr. Lobnow stated that Ebermeyer will
                        provide transportation at the same cost as
                        the district for 220 people or less.

GA Website              Mr. Lobnow said that our Website needs to          Mr. Rowland and Mr. Krug will
                        be updated. Most everyone agreed. We               research the cost to update our
                        need to have up to date infos, forms, fee          website.
                        schedules, links to pertinent sites, links to e-
                        mail addresses of pertinent people, etc.           Publicity is responsible for
                        included in the website.                           maintaining the website.
                        Can we afford to have one build?
                        Do we know people that could make this
                        happen for us at minimal charge or
                        Is it in our budget to afford a website

WBA Championship        Mr. Lobnow is also the Trip Coordinator            WBA Championship in Fresno,
                        this year. He has made all the necessary           California is slated for
                        arrangements for GA to attend the WBA              November 19-22 2010.
                          Championship in Fresno. There will be 72
                          bands competing in two days- Saturday and
                          Sunday. We will leave Murrieta on Friday
                          and come back on Monday.
                          Accommodations at Ramada Inn have been
                          reserved. Meals throughout the trip has
                          been carefully scheduled and reserved as
                          well. Cost is projected to be at $250 per
                          marcher which is separate from all other
                          band fees.

                          GOOD JOB CRAIG!!!!

Next-Step with Uniforms   The uniforms need to be cleaned after they
                          are un-hemmed per Mrs. Krug.
                          Un-hemming party will be on Thursday
                          during flag sewing. Take hems out from
                          boys’ and seniors’ uniforms.
                          We cannot dry clean the vest because the
                          front will wear out and tarnish to green
                          color. They will be washed by hand by the
                          dry cleaners. The cost $2.00/piece.

                          How about a uniform storage that is climate      Someone (Mr. Lobnow) will
                          control? What is the cost?                       look into storage cost and if we
                                                                           can have a storage facility on
                          Mrs. Krug was also very pleased that the         campus.
                          old shako boxes have been removed out of
                          the band area.

Winter Drumline Update    Mrs. Lopez expressed the concern about not       This season, Mr. Lobnow has
                          having a driver to haul the trailer for Winter   agreed to haul the trailer for
                          drum line.                                       Winter drum line however, this
                          Apparently, no one in Drum line has a truck      will need to be addressed at the
                          that can haul the trailer.                       parent meeting next season.
                          Drum line has to make arrangements for a
                          Mr. Lobnow will be the hauler until
                          someone can take over and will be
                          reimbursed for his gas usage and will be
                          awarded free lunch and dinner if needed at
                          each event.
                          Mr. Lobnow will need the itinerary for the
                          Students can drive themselves to Great Oak
                          There is some confusion with regards to
                      who is in charge in Winter Drum Line. The
                      Directors rely on the Chairperson and
                      Instructors to coordinate the events. Since
                      this is the first winter line season, Mr. Wade
                      has requested Mrs. Benner to meet up with
                      Mrs. Lopez and discuss the responsibilities
                      that are expected of them. Since Mrs.
                      Benner has more experience with winter
                      color guard, she can help Mrs. Lopez realize
                      her role.
                      Winter drum line uniforms are done.

Color Guard Update    First Competition will be on February 13th

                      The middle school guard competition will
                      be on March 13th

                      We only have 2 carts and we have 3 groups.       Mr. Lobnow will look into
                      We need another cart. We need to clearly         finding another cart.
                      mark our BAND carts.

                      Our guard show is on April 10.                   Mrs. Benner, Mr. Krug, Mrs.
                                                                       Copening, and Mr. Wade will
                                                                       need to get together to
                                                                       coordinate the show.

Publicity Update      Mr. Krug sent a little blurb to Pony Express
                      and The Californian about our trip to

Directors Update      Mr. Ewell said that the Solo and Ensemble
                      will be on February 27.
                      Concession stand will be open.

                      Mr. Wade said that the gym was not
                      available for 8th grade parent night.

                      All three middle schools have been invited
                      to Scott Lang motivational presentation on
                      February 22nd.
                      Parent meeting is scheduled for Feb 9, 10,
                      and 11.
                      Band registration is scheduled for March
                      23, 24, and 25.

Additional Comments   Thank you to Mrs. Nogaki, Mrs. Benner,
                    Mrs. Lopez, and Mrs. Copening for
                    organizing the Chaperone meeting for
                    Guard and Drum Line. And to Mrs. Nogaki
                    for organizing all the paper work.

Meeting adjourned   Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.            Meeting adjourned

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