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What? Where? Why, Who?, When?
What is Exchange?
   A system by which students can take one or two
    academic terms in another university around the
   A system in which students from around the world
    come to UW and learn about Canada
   A special privilege which UW extends to students to
    enhance their future

   About 60 different universities/engineering schools
     in Europe, Asia, Australia and Mexico (about 25
Why Exchange?

 Helps you to broaden your knowledge of the world

     Introduces you to different modes of study

  Makes you more marketable in a global economy

     It’s a great, fun, life-changing experience

              No-one ever regrets it
Who can go on exchange?

   All full-time registered students in any UW
    undergraduate degree program may participate
   Open to all engineering disciplines
   Must complete at least 2B
   Must have at least 70% average in the three terms
    prior to the exchange
   Must be in good standing with PDEng & CECS
   International students, or recent immigrants, may not
    go on exchange to home country
When can I go on Exchange?
   3A, 3B, and/or 4A, but very seldom 4B
   Generally difficult in UW Spring term (May –
     Very few of our partners have enough courses
      available during the summer months
   Easiest in UW Winter or Fall term
     Note:  You will almost always have to do some
      adjusting to match our partners’ schedules
International Studies in Engineering
   ISE Option goes on your degree
   Suggests to prospective employers that you have a
    global outlook
   Students spend at least eight months on exchange
    or foreign work terms
   To complete the option you must take 6 courses from
    a prescribed list (or equivalent)
   The option also includes a (satisfactory) report to
    gain credit in GENE 303
Personal Assistance & further
  Peter Roe, Director, Engineering Exchange Programs
          CPH 1320 -

        Cindy Howe, Administrative Coordinator,
             CPH 1320 - cindy@engmail
Details …
         Application form is on the website
          4 pages long – it takes time and tests your resolve

 You have to meet deadlines, both at UW and at the
                   partner school

For almost all exchange programs you pay UW fees

    There is limited financial assistance available

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