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					Blue Mountain State

    Jarrod Wilborn
   February 5, 2010
       Period 5
                         Alex Moran
• The freshman backup
  quarterback from Wyoming who
  is struggling to deal with the
  pressures of big time college
• He has a lot talent, and takes
  pride in being the second string
  quarterback, because it enables
  him to do a lot more partying, but
  less work on the field.
• He strives on sleeping with all of
  the attractive women on campus.
• He’s known for being the guy
  that stirs up trouble among his
  teammates, friends, and himself,
  but he never wants to suffer the
                 Alex Moran
• Moran acts off            • He plays the leading role
  anything that attracts      in the show, represents a
                              person who is
  him, or someone that
  will give him pleasure.
                            • He’s the protagonist,
• He slacks and sleeps        although his morals aren't
  with women, usually         always acceptable, the
  results in him getting      audience is almost
  set up.                     always going to be on his
                     Craig Shilo
• Former High School Player
  of the Year, Shilo was an
  elite prospect out of
  Columbus, Ohio.
• He had plans to arrive at
  BMS to have an illustrious
  season, and career.
• He’s the most dedicated
  player among the talent he
  has on the team.
• He’s tied down to the point
  where he can’t drink
  alcohol, or flirt with other
              Craig Shilo
• He acts off his      • He plays a less
                         prominent role than
  conscience.            the leading character,
• He tries to do all     he signifies
  the right things.      dedication.
                       • He’s a static
• But he gets            character, he stays
  slandered by the       motivated, and takes
  rest of his team.      everything seriously.
                    Thad Castle
• Junior Linebacker from
  Connecticut, and captain of the
• His attitude is very fierce and
  aggressive, but his emotion
  somewhat feminine.
• He enjoys picking on
  underclassmen, and forces
  them go through all of his
  ridiculous task.
• He expects everything to go
  his way, or he’ll be enraged
  and feel like he has something
  to prove.
• His teammates dislike him for
  his antics.
                 Thad Castle
•  He acts on adrenaline,     • His role is the
  his character causes him      malicious leader, who
  to act in an extreme way.
                                never allows a perfect
• The outcome of his
  behavior amounts to
  people feeling              • He’s a round
  uncomfortable around          character, his
  him.                          personality makes the
• When takes his actions,       audience put forth the
  he expects everyone to        most effort into
  abide by them.
                                understanding him.
            Sammy Cacciatore
• The man behind the goat,
  an unrepentant drunken
• He’s not afraid to speak
  his mind, or express
  himself in any kind of
• Usually the odd man out,
  who doesn’t have the
  benefits that the rest of
  the team has.
• He’s always determined
  to be in the limelight, and
  has no shame in any of
  his attempts.
          Sammy Cacciatore
• He acts off sudden      • He plays a supporting
  impulses, he does         role, even though his
                            character goes through
  anything he can think
                            various changes, but it’s
  of. Sammy’s behavior      apart of his characters
  causes people to          personality.
  think he’s a nobody.    • He’s a dynamic
                            character, each episode
                            he acts arbitrarily.
          Coach Marty Daniels
• Coach Daniels is the
  most winning coach in
  schools history.
• He’s very hard on his
  players, and straight
  forward. His style of
  coaching is highly
  aggressive, with little
• He has many theories
  and morals for his team,
  and almost always uses
  sexual terms as his
        Coach Marty Daniels
• His anger and          • His role is the
  aggression comes         tough, hot-
  from the acts of his     tempered teacher.
                         • He’s a stock
• He randomly throws
                           character, he
  fits at people.
                           constantly uses foul
• People are               language, and petty
  intimidated by his       mannerisms.
                    Denise Roy
• Craig Shilo’s girlfriend.
• She has big plans for herself
  and her future NFL star
• She’s one of the brightest
  students of BMS, and
  promising girlfriends when
  Craig is around.
• She operates Craig, and
  blinds him with love and
  potential sex, so he can play
  harder, but she stays
  celibate. Only to disguise her
  sluttish ways.
               Denise Roy
• She tries to do         • Her role is the
  everything she can to     devious,
  make sure Craig           manipulative
  makes it through
  college, and into the
  NFL.                    • She is a flat
• She thinks up a plan      character, she has
  that will keep her        a two-dimensional
  together with him.        personality.
             Theme & Moral
The theme of this episode war, war between two
  squads that are determined to be the most
  dominant, and existent among the them. They
  also have a theme of survival, because they
  both needed survival skills to overcome
  obstacles that were placed by the opposing
 I believe the moral of the story is peace resolves
  war, and in the act of fighting a war no really
  wins because the ongoing retaliation of each
    The scene where they have a
flashback of the similar conflict they
       had in their present day
   foreshadowed them taking the
 same approach to make the same
     agreement between them.
            Answer Questions
• Who created this message? The football and lacrosse
• What creative techniques are used to attract my
  attention? Humor, sex appeal, sports, and drama.
• How might different people understand this message
  differently? They may look it as two teams being ignorant
  towards each.
• What values, lifestyles and points of view are
  represented in, or omitted from, this message? The
  lifestyle of only the strongest survive, and the value of
  being the strongest amongst your opponents.
• Why is this message being sent? This message is being
  sent to show that the world is big enough to support
  more than one ascendant, and that we can all coexist in
  our own environment.

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