Top 10 Road Cycling Trips

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					                                    Top 10 Road Cycling Trips

There's nothing quite like cycling an unknown road, to scenic vistas, by the sweat of your own brow and
under yourown power. Whether you're new to biking or have been at it for years, regardless of whether
you consider yourself a beginner or a professional, it can be tough to select the course that's right for you.
Here's a quick sampling of the best opportunities for road (not mountain) cycling tours and adventures
available today!

1. Cycling the San Juan Islands

Washington State's San Juan Islands are a
perfect vacation for the avid biker. After a short
ferry ride from Seattle, riders are treated to some
of the most soothing countryside in North
America: black-tailed deer, great blue herons,
flocks of sheep and fields of tulips. While you ride
to the top of Mt. Constitution, you'll surely enjoy
the fantastic scenery- perhaps you'll want to stop
to pick some wild berries, too. If you're looking
for a laid-back, intermediate-skill level week of
road cycling fun, this is the trip for you.

2. Rocky Mountain High Altitude Cycling
Colorado's Rockies contain an incredible wealth
of cycling opportunities that have gone unnoticed
by most even in the biking world. On this tour,
you'll experience these beautifully untouched
paths: Taylor Canyon, Taylor Park, Poncha Pass,
Slumgullion Pass, Lake City. For the discerning
cyclist, no place other than the Rockies can offer
such a challenging, unique experience. You'll
treasure each moment- even on the uphill!

3. Royal Vermont Cycling

Vermont's scenic vistas are yet another hidden
gem for road bikers, right here in the USA.
Between Burke Hollow, Westmore and Black
River, your cycling expectations are sure to be
met. While you're there, don't hesitate to jump on
the opportunity to kayak down the White
Mountain Stream or hike up to the summit of Mt.
Pisgah. As they say, variety's the spice of life!

4. Alps Pro Bike Tour

If you're looking for a challenge, this Alps tour
de force is right up your alley; or, if I may,
mountain. There's nothing quite like following in
the pedal-strokes of Armstrong and Hinault, on
these courses tailor-made for the experienced
biker.When you summit the Queen's Path, King's
Way and the peak of the Alpe d'Huez, nothing
before will prepare you for the sense of
accomplishment and pride you'll feel upon
touching your foot to solid ground once again.
5. Cycling The Oregon Coast

This week-long, 360-mile trek from Stevens State
Park down to Florence, OR is nothing to be trifled
with. However, while you'll occasionally ride 60
miles in a day, there's plenty of fun to be had on
the way: you'll see Rockaway Beach as your ride
by Tillamook's famous cheese factory, and have
the opportunity to go on a hike to Hart's Cove and
get plenty of surfing done in Pacific City. It's the
perfect blend of relaxation and serious road

6. Biking Prince Edward Island

On the other side of the continent, Canada's
Prince Edward Island offers just as much coastal
riding adventure. From the glassy calm of
Malpeque Bay to the quiet tranquility of
Confederation Trail, this 6-Day journey into some
of Canada's most magnificent examples of
natural beauty offers an opportunity for a
splendid retreat for people of all stripes, into the
bliss of a true cycling odyssey.

7. Mystical Bhutan Cycling Adventure
Now for the exotic! This cycling trip in Asia is
more than a mere chance to stretch your legs. On
your journey, you'll see the monasteries of
Dodina and walk through the National Institute
of Zorig Chusum, ascend to the spiritually-
energized Dochula Pass and pass through deep,
meditative forests. This two-week venture into
such a wild and ancient land is sure to be
genuinely unforgettable.

8.Northern Californian Bike Tour

There are few places that can compare to Santa
Rosa and the rest of San Francisco's northern
neighbors as far as spectacular nature is
concerned. And, as far as cyclists are concerned,
it takes the cake! On this trip you'll have the
chance to feel the wind in your hair as you climb
the oak-thick hills of the Coast Range, smell the
salt of the sea air by Point Arena Lighthouse, not
to mention taste the wines of Sonoma County and
have the opportunity go hiking near the city of

9. Costa Rican Bicycle Tour

On this trip, you'll arrive in San Jose- and quickly
get out of the city, adventuring into the San
Carlos plains. If you're up for it, the mountainous
villages of Monterrey await on high-altitude
trails, where you'll have a spectacular view of
Arenal Volcano. Here, you'll find the best of
Central America on a wonderful week-long
10. Glacier Park/Waterton Lakes Cycling Adventure

And last, but certainly not least, another Canadian adventure! Waterton Lakes is a
beautiful mountain locale, situated just above Montana's Glacier Park, and is just
waiting for you to cycle in its fresh, pure mountain air. On this tour, you'll pedal through
Logan Pass, the Triple Divide and even have time to go on some option hikes near Crypt
Lake and Carthew Alderson. This trip is not for the faint of heart; you'll be traveling 60+
miles a day, not including any additional hiking. Regardless, it's certainly the journey of
a lifetime.

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