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					***IMPORTANT – This page is for information only, the deadline for Applications for the
2007/8 Blue Peter Appeal has passed. Information about applying for the 2008/9 (overseas)
Blue Peter Appeal will be posted when it is available)***



Blue Peter seeks to inform, entertain and empower children across the UK with a rich variety
of topical, relevant and adventurous content aimed at the 7 to 12 year-old age-group. Now in
its 49th year, Blue Peter is the longest running children’s television programme in the world,
and is also a fully interactive brand, connecting with its audience on a range of different
platforms with services that extend far beyond the broadcast of “linear content”. We have
always encouraged our viewers to send us their ideas and creative work and technology allows
us to make this the foundation for a thriving online and mobile community.

At the heart of Blue Peter is a set of ideals that remain focused on empowering children to
make a positive difference, and this is nowhere more evident than in the Blue Peter Appeal.
Since the first Appeal in 1962, when viewers were asked to send in toys for other children
who would not receive any Christmas presents, we have aimed to use a simple concept to
connect children with the idea that through Blue Peter, they can help other people. Through
understanding someone else’s need and seeing a simple way to help make a difference, the
Blue Peter audience unite through the appeal to make a real and valuable contribution to
society. It has changed many lives, both in taking part and in feeling the benefit.

This document sets out what the Appeal aims to achieve and how it works, what Blue Peter
expects from our Appeal partner charity and what prospective charities will need to do to
submit a successful application.

BLUE PETER APPEAL PRINCIPLES There have always been three principles behind the
Appeal - and we always stick to them.

   1. Maximising the proceeds is not the main idea
      Education plays a large part in our Appeals. We give children access to information
      about people’s circumstances and experiences beyond their own. The charities we
      work with come to appreciate that perhaps the longest lasting impact of the Blue Peter
      Appeal lies not in the money raised but in the connection that we forge between our
      audience and those that the appeal aims to help.
      The film content that we broadcast in our programmes and make available on our
      website delivers a robust educational message to many millions of children. We have
      never pulled punches in our treatment of the causes for which we work and never
      compromised our commitment to portraying the people we meet as individuals and not
      objects of pity. This sentiment is reinforced by using interactive media to connect our
      online community more deeply to those they will help and to gain a fuller
      understanding of why people come to be in such need and what it will take to change
      The main idea of the Blue Peter appeal is to change hearts and minds as an investment

       in the future, by helping produce a generation that know they have the potential to
       make a difference. The idea of collecting something or raising money to change
       someone’s life is central to the appeal because it offers our audience a simple action to
       bring an idea to life.

   2. You can always help someone worse off than yourself
      We want to give children the opportunity to help others less fortunate than themselves.
      During the Appeal we take great pains to avoid any suggestion of gloating at the
      misfortunes of others. At the heart of this is making a reality of the old maxim that
      “every little helps”. The concept of fairness resounds with our audience who respond
      well to a plea to help make the world a fairer place. The children of today are the
      decision makers of tomorrow and the Blue Peter Appeal is often a child’s first brush
      with some sense of responsibility for the world beyond their bedroom. If we can go
      some way to helping them become active participating adults, it’s worked!

   3. We never directly ask for money
      We want our Appeal to be open to all. A well-off child isn’t necessarily better-off
      when it comes to taking part in our Appeals – everyone can offer something. We
      provide a setting, a system for collecting and recycling a scrap commodity - or a
      framework for Bring and Buy Sales. But all the hard work is done by viewers with
      ingenuity, ideas and energy…and having rich parents is no guarantee of any of those
      qualities. The primary objective is to ensure the maximum participation of our
      audience. We are hoping to stimulate children, whatever their circumstances, to be
      participating, discriminating, critical, active individuals. Behind every participating
      child there is an engaged adult. Blue Peter is one of very few programmes for 8-12
      year olds which actively encourages parental buy-in.


We alternate our cause each year between home and abroad, so for the appeal running from
November 2007 until October 2008 we are looking for a partner working in this country and a
cause that touches every corner of the UK.


We alternate our cause each year between home and abroad, so for the appeal running from
November 2007 until October 2008 we are looking for a partner working in this country and a
cause that touches every corner of the UK.


The Appeal traditionally launches on the programme and online at the beginning of November
and runs as a regular feature until the beginning of the following February. The fundraising
usually continues beyond this window until the official end of the appeal, exactly one year
after launch, but this is due to impetus created during the 3-month broadcast window and
peripheral media activity.
After the wind-down in February, when we traditionally blow up our Blue Peter Appeal
Totaliser, there will be no new content generated in either the linear broadcasts (TV) or online
until the end of the appeal.
At the end of the appeal, Blue Peter will make a film showing the achievements of this
Appeal, in time to launch the next Appeal.

This description is not a guarantee that the 2007/08 Appeal will happen in exactly the same
way. Times change and our evolving audience demand that we continue to look at new ways
to keep our connection with them fresh and adventurous. For example, it amy be that the
Appeal launches online during the film-making trip to offer “live” insight into the process,
before the TV launch. All of these are intended to be questioned for the 06/07 Appeal, but are
included to illustrate the kind of media exposure we give our appeal and new technology will
enable us to find new ways to bring the Appeal closer to our audience.
Before launch, educational and fundraising materials produced by the partner charity should
land in schools for the beginning of the Winter term, in September, to give teachers the chance
of time-tabling their involvement.


Production times for different platforms obviously vary hugely and the Appeal website has to
go into pre-production soon after appointment at the end of April. Offering our audience a
fantastic online experience is key to the Appeal's success and proposals that recognise the
power of the internet in generating and growing a community of like-minded children have an
The site will need to deliver these functions:

      home for the community of children taking part

      space for them to share experiences, ideas and information

      somewhere to watch fantastic audio-visual content about the Appeal

      interactive games to deepen the experience

      logistics for any supervising adults

      regular updates on Appeal progress

      e-commerce functionality for paying in by teachers/organising adults

      teaching resources

      fundraising branded resources (posters etc)
The TV content will include studio-based fundraising information and inspiration (especially
using celebrities as role-models to drive participation) and Appeal films - depicting "the
need". Production of these main Appeal films will take place during September and these will
feature on the site and in the linear broadcasts. Supplementary films are also likely be made
showing how the fund-raising is going, and the charity's resources may be required to secure
the requisite access.
The mobile platform has not been used extensively by our Appeals as yet, but the continued
rise in children using mobiles makes it an important consideration for us.


Blue Peter currently reaches an average audience of 1,100,000 for our TV broadcasts with
about 1,000,000 unique users visiting the web-site each week. The target audience is children
aged between six and twelve years old, though children outside this range also get involved.
Blue Peter brings a parent audience by proxy, due to the high degree of trust in our brand and

an audience of education professionals who see the educational nature of some of our content
as working well with their own curriculum-based objectives - particularly around Citizenship
and PSHE.


Specific targets for fundraising or collecting/recycling will be agreed prior to Appeal launch,
but it is important to reiterate the first Appeal principle that the main objective of the Appeal
is NOT to raise as much money as possible. Targets are an important incentive to the audience
and offer individuals a measure of success, but Blue Peter will not relinquish its commitment
to the educational nature of the Appeal in order to bolster response to reach a financial target.

The measure of progress towards the target is always a Totaliser, specially commissioned by
Blue Peter for the studio and updated in each programme. Each stage completed lights up a
new flashing marker and the achievement of the final total results in the Totaliser exploding.
The total is updated daily online via a virtual Totaliser.

The Appeal relies on an incredibly close relationship between Blue Peter and the incumbent
charity's team. This requires the allocation of a dedicated account manager to act as liaison
with the Deputy Editor as the main point of contact for Blue Peter and all related external
contacts. This account manager should have authority to make decisions on behalf of the

There will be a letter of agreement drafted, agreed and signed by both parties, accompanied by
a document outline agreed roles and responsibilities. This may be re-visited during the
campaign but acts as a useful point of reference for both sides at the outset.
This is what we expect our partner to do:
Audio-Visual Content

      To work in an advisory capacity on all aspects of filming at the projects and provide
       full support for the duration of the partnership

      To source written case studies for the Appeal films and associated web content and
       assist the film makers in the telling of these stories

      To assist programme makers with key messages

      To provide the web platform for all of the web content to engage a UK audience with
       where money from the Appeal is going and the difference it will make
Fundraising-related & Educational Content
      To work in an advisory capacity on all aspects of producing fundraising-related
       content and provide full support for the duration of the partnership

      To source all factual material regarding the fundraising mechanism as required by Blue
       Peter's content production teams

      To develop and produce all the fundraising content required by the Appeal campaign
       both in print and online (both screen-based and downloadable)

       To develop and host all of the online fundraising functionality required by the Appeal:
        which may include collection-ordering functionality, collection-point location
        functionality, a donation e-commerce application for paying in schools' fundraising
        proceeds, etc

       To develop and produce all the educational content required by the Appeal for teachers
        supporting it in schools: both in print and online

       To advise on delivering the campaign in schools and youth groups and contact teachers
        using a contact database, to maximise the impact of the Appeal - both in terms of
        fundraising and formal education
Press & PR
       To allocate dedicated resource to the promotion of the campaign and the production of
        PR materials for this, in liaison with BBC Children's Press & Publicity team
Design & Branding
       To consult Blue Peter and produce briefing documents for joint campaign logo, print
        and web design and then produce a finished and agreed design

       To ensure that Blue Peter's approval is obtained for any piece of material, copy or
        design produced to support the Appeal
Third Parties
       To be responsible for the management of relevant third parties involved in the Appeal:
        Recycling partner, Banks, High street "collection point" retailers etc
Fundraising Logistics
       To be responsible for the administration and management of the fundraising aspects of
        the Appeal including:
        Liaising with high street partners, schools and youth groups etc
        Dealing with individual enquiries
        All pick-ups and deliveries of any recycled objects
Finances and reporting processes
       To spend the funds appropriately (as agreed with Blue Peter before launch) and as
        soon as possible

       To continue to report back on spending of funds until all the money has been spent
        (frequency and format tbc)

       To report to Blue Peter the progress of the appeal on a daily basis

       To minimise administration costs
       At the end of each Appeal the charity concerned submits its accounts to the BBC's
        Appeals Advisory Committee. Blue Peter also submits a report on the overall impact
        of the Appeal to that Committee


Once you're read this document, and assuming you wish to submit an application, there are
three stages to the process before Blue Peter appoints its Appeal partner.

   1. Informal Meeting
      You are more than welcome to arrange an informal chat with the Deputy Editor of
      Blue Peter, either at the Blue Peter offices at Television Centre, in London or over the
      This is optional and the function of this would be to find answers to any questions you
      may have regarding the process or the responsibilities of the partner during the appeal
      or to get feedback on any radical or contentious suggestions you may be considering.
      This may be arranged for any time from Monday 10 January 2007 until the
      submission deadline for the written proposal, which will be Friday 9 March 2007.
      Emily Butcher 020 8225 8403
      PA to Richard Marson, Editor Blue Peter

   2. Written Proposal
      Every charity wishing to be considered for appointment as Appeal partner must submit
      a written document detailing their proposal. There are some suggestions for things you
      should think about including in your application below, but beyond that, the content
      and format are up to you.
      CD ROMs with presentations or DVDs of relevant film content are always helpful.
      We're happy to have applications submitted as electronic documents (MS Word,
      PowerPoint or PDF etc), but if you send in hard copies, please supply us with four
      The proposals are then read and "long-listed" by the Editor, the Deputy Editor and the
      Series Producer of Blue Peter. This long-list is then considered by the Head of News,
      Factual & Learning for BBC Children's, the Chief Advisor on Editorial Policy for the
      BBC and the Chair of the BBC Appeal Advisory Committee to arrive at a short-list of
      no more than five possible candidates.
      The short-list will be finalised and the successful applicants informed by Friday 30
      March 2007. Unsuccessful applicants will be informed in due course as quickly as
      possible with top-line feedback.

   3. Live Pitch
      Short-listed charities will be invited to attend a live pitching session at Television
      Centre on one day (tbc) during the week commencing Monday 16 April 2007. Each
      pitch will last no longer than 50 minutes, including questions. The panel assessing will
      include the Editor, the Deputy Editor and the Series Producer of Blue Peter together
      with the Head of News, Factual & Learning for BBC Children's, the Chief Advisor on
      Editorial Policy for the BBC and the Chair of the BBC Appeal Advisory Committee.
      The content of your live pitch is at your discretion, though if it were a departure from
      the proposal outlined in your written application, that would jeopardise your success.
      The use of audio-visual presentation content is encouraged - we work in sound and
      pictures, so it's easier for us to relate to ideas with rich presentation. Technology will
      be available for presentation including a projector, DVD player, laptop and audio
      The panel will deliberate immediately after the live pitches and aim to come to a
      decision on the same day, but the charity chosen to be our partner for the Appeal will

       be informed by Monday 23 April 2007. The unsuccessful short-listed candidates will
       be informed on that Monday.


There is no set way to apply for this role or to pitch to us but the most obvious is to be brief
and to-the-point. Prepare a short and accessible document which sets out each aspect of your
suggested Appeal. You should aim to answer the following questions:

      What is the need?

      Is it important enough?
       By that, we simply mean that it should have the potential to cut through and make
       news. There are many deserving causes, but we want to add our weight to one that can
       capture the nation's imagination.

      Why would our audience respond?

      What is the project that we'll be funding?
       It needs to be clear what difference the project makes. It need not deliver material aid,
       but its effectiveness should be something that will lend itself to television.

      How can our audience help?
       If you have a great idea for raising the money tell us. Blue Peter promoted the idea of
       cans for cash, now everyone does it…have you got a new idea…one that will make
       money? It is becoming increasingly difficult to get any sort of value out of recycling,
       but we have decided to give Bring and Buy Sales a rest for the next couple of years so
       we will expect a pitch to include a fundraising mechanism idea.

      How will they see the impact of their inevitably small individual contribution?
       The programme is not interested in huge schemes in which a million pounds is itself
       but a drop in the ocean.

      What will we see on television?

      Will the timing be right?
Don't bother to suggest building schools in India - we built them in Africa in 1998! Below is a
list of projects funded since 1985 - we won't consider applications for similar ideas. Things to
We won't pay for administration, computer systems or PR advisers. We can't save the world
on Blue Peter. Sometimes people think we can and write heartbreaking appeals that we can't
entertain. What we can do is make a difference. We can have a lasting impact on hearts and
2006 SHOE BIZ           Shoes                UNICEF

2005 TREASURE           Shoes                ChildLine                144,212 extra calls
2004 WELCOME            Used clothing        Red Cross: Angola –      102,537 bags = starter kits
     HOME                                    reuniting families

2003 GET              Bring & Buy Sales Mencap                    after school clubs
2002 WATER            Bring & Buy Sales WaterAid: Tanzania &      78,000 people given fresh
     WORKS                              Uganda                    water supply
2001 WHEEL HELP       Bring & Buy Sales Help the Aged:            minibuses + scooters
2000 STAMP AID        Stamps            Health Unlimited in       187m stamps = 21
                                        Peruvian Andes            community bikes & 1
1999 NEW LIFE     Bring & Buy Sales BLISS: incubators &           51 hospitals with new kit
                                      neo-natal                   = 3 ambulances
1998 NEW FUTURE Aluminium             Oxfam: Schools in           500 Tonnes = 3 schools
1997 CYSTIC       Bring & Buy Sales CF Trust                 4 Day care centres, 7
     FIBROSIS                                                Nurses & kit
1996 GBP B&B SALE Bring & Buy Sales LEPRA Leprosy: Brazil 15 mobile treatment units
                                      & India
1995 PAPERCHAIN Junk mail             Whizzkids: wheelchairs 8,500 tonnes = 385
1994 WELL WATER Bring & Buy Sales Wateraid: India,           185 wells, 400 pumps,
                                      Pakistan & Bangladesh loos etc
1993 PIECES OF    Jewellery, badges, RNLI                    6 replacements + 1 new
     EIGHT        postcards, watches,                        lifeboat
1992 I-CARE       Bring & Buy Sales River Blindness in       £1.2m
                                      Africa - IVERMECTIN
1991 GOLDEN AGE Aluminium Cans Help the Aged                 19,000,000 cans = alarm
                                                             buttons in NE, Alarm call
                                                             system, laundry etc
1990 GBP B&B SALE Bring & Buy Sales Romanian Orphanage 25 Orphanages
                                      Trust - Peintrii Copii
1989 BABYLIFE     Aluminium cans BLISS: Hospitals            40,000,000 cans = 16
                                      across UK              Special Baby Care Units
1988 GBP B&B SALE Bring & Buy Sales Kampuchea                200 Irrigation pumps &
                                                             Ferry repairs
1987 RAGS         Old clothes, wool Riding for the Disabled 1,000 tons, Jet + 10
                  & cotton            Association            ponies
1987 SOS T-SHIRT T-shirts             Mozambique             1,000,000 T-shirts
1986 SIGHTSAVER Bring & Buy Sales Commonwealth Africa Eye Units

If you have any queries, please contact Sarah Courtice on 0208 225 8403


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