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The 1st class is for fitting the muslin shell. You do not need to bring your sewing
machine to the first class.

The remaining 2 classes are for taking the fitted shell and making a garment. Do bring
your sewing machine and basic sewing supplies to these classes.

Fitting Class Date: Tue June 21                      Time: 6:00 - 9:00PM

Sewing Class Dates: Tue June 28 & July 5             Time: 6:00 – 9:00PM

Place: Catheys Sew and Vac, 8700 N. Oracle, Tucson, AZ 85704 Phone: 797-7177
Cost: $75 for all 4 classes + $16 for pattern
Instructor: Rose Skelly       Instructor Phone: 797-7177 or 490-3417 C

Guidelines for Making a Blouse Muslin
**Read carefully. This is a different way for choosing the correct size. It is about what
you like and not what the major pattern companies think you should want!

   1. Measure several favorite blouses you have in your closet and find out the
       blouse’s bust circumference you like. This measurement will include ease.
       Do not measure your bust.
   2. Choose 1 of the following Silhouette patterns: 475, 575, 600, 650, 675, or 700.
   3. Using the blouse circumference you have measured, choose the size on
       the back of the Silhouette pattern. The measurements on the Silhouette
       patterns include ease and are finished garment measurements, not body
   4. Within each size, choose the cup size that corresponds to your bra cup size.
       I highly recommend getting a bra fitting to make sure you are wearing the correct
       size bra. It’s amazing the difference the right bra makes.
   5. You only cut out the fronts, backs, and one sleeve. Add 1” extra at each
       side seam, for a total of 4 extra inches. Remember this does not change the
       stitching lines. There’s just extra fabric for styling purposes.
   6. The seam allowances are 3/8”. Do not read the pattern instructions inside the
       envelope. Do not make any other changes unless you talk to me first.
   7. Lay out the pattern tissue on the muslin and cut out.
   8. Mark the stitching lines at the side seams and shoulders. Mark the center front.
   9. Machine baste (6.0 or longest stitch length) darts. Do not backstitch.
   10. Machine baste on stitching lines, the side seams, and shoulders. Machine baste
       the sleeve seam but do not sew to the blouse. Do not backstitch.
Class Supplies:
The muslin blouse and extra muslin fabric
Swedish Tracing Paper
Scissors and glass head pins
French Curve (Design Styling Ruler)
Tape measure
6” metal seam gauge
Pattern weights
Fabric marking pen
Specialty presser feet – Edge Joining/Narrow Edge, Edge Stitching/Top Stitch, Sew-on
General sewing notions
Sewing machine will probably not be needed for 1st class but will be needed for all other
class times. Sergers are welcome too!

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